Caught by Wife


It will always get out. Don’t even try to keep a secret sexual need hidden from your wife for any reason. If your fetish is strong enough to try and hide it from your wife, you either need to stop doing it, thereby depriving yourself of total satisfaction or you may as well tell her because she will eventually find out. It may happen because you get careless while thinking with your other head or maybe deep down you really wanted to get caught. It doesn’t matter, she will find out.

My wife, Beth, and I (Ben) are in our early thirties and have been married for 8 years. We met in college and got married immediately after lining up careers following graduation. We were both in great shape in university and competed actively in intramural sports. I measure 6′ 2″ tall, and by keeping active since school, I have maintained my 195 pound weight with a 32′ waist. We go to the gym together and are active on the weekends here in the Florida sunshine. My wife maintains her beach creds at 5’5″ with a 34C chest and a tiny 24″ waist. She still elicits leering and ogling from other men when we are out. To this day I still get a rocket in my pants just looking at her in tight or suggestive clothes.

We have, what I would consider, a great sex life, especially considering how long we have been married. We have done it in every room in the house and often go at it out by the pool in the evenings. I was active before I met her and had never received as explosive blow jobs as I regularly get from her. In bed, we get downright tantric at times with sessions lasting for hours. Her flexibility allows me to penetrate her from almost any position. But, one thing she has never allowed is ass play. Not only does she not allow me to touch her forbidden hole but she also refuses to approach mine.

Prior to meeting Beth, I had a girlfriend who loved sliding a finger in my ass while giving me head. She would massage my prostate and sometimes just coax the cum out of my balls so it would ooze out my stiff cock. She wouldn’t even be touching my cock and the cum would flow steadily out my cock. She would often position herself so her face was below my oozing cock while she would massage my prostate and let the cum just flow from gravity into her eagerly salivating open mouth. I didn’t know how much I was going to miss that.

Years later, after Beth and I had been married for a while, we were going at it with force when I moved, unexpectedly to Beth, into a position that, as I had hoped it would, caused her fingers to touch my cubbyhole. She immediately jerked her whole body away and screamed as though she had gotten burned by something hot. She started apologizing immediately and I started to tell her it was ok, that I like it, when she all of sudden shuddered and with a horrified look on her face spat out “arrrrggh! That was disgusting!” I played it off and tried to calm her down, but the moment was gone and she was not going to get over the trauma anytime soon. It was then I realized I was never going to be anally penetrated by the love of my life.

I thought I was fine with that, after all our sex life is robust and fantastic. So what if she won’t finger me, with our love for each other and great forte to be in synch during our lovemaking, we were having some of the greatest sex of our lives. I thought I wouldn’t even think about assplay. I could easily do without.

Time went by and little by little, I began to think about how nice it feels to have someone rub my prostate. My resistance to temptation finally failed about a year ago. Beth was out of town for work and I was horny so I set down to watching some porn and get myself off. The porn was hot and this hung stud was destroying a buxom blonde’s pussy when he pulled back too far and slammed his 10-inch steel rod into her backdoor. The woman let out a blood curdling scream, and the guy, already being buried to the hilt, just stopped moving. The woman was cursing up a storm “Get it out! Get it out! You bastard! Get it out!”, but the guy did not move. Her eyes were watering and every muscle in her body contracted making her as immovable as a rock, unable to adjust and make the pain go away. The stud told her to relax; he was going to pull it out slowly once her body began to relax.

Her eyes were red and watering and she was pissed but you could see her evaluate her choices and decide that she definitely needed to loosen up so he could remove his phallus from her overstretched bunghole. Next, I swear you could see the dawning of understanding her need to physically accept her position and begin to relax to allow the extraction of his member from her violated hole. It was as if you could actually see her accepting that the greatest pain was over and with a far-away look in her eyes she began to relax allowing him to slowly extricate his schlong from her bunghole.

Sensing Casibom this, the stud slowly began pulling his monster out of her ass. She winced and tightened back up immediately on his attempted removal. When he had pulled back an inch or so of his cock he reached around to her swollen pussy and grabbed some juice which he rubbed onto the small amount of his tool that was exposed. He explained to her that he needed to lubricate her ass to cut down on the friction to minimize the pain as he pulled his shaft out of her. She agreed so he slowly began pushing his well lubricated cock back in her out stretched asshole to reduce the friction on the sphincter. At first she tensed up but then quickly realized how much it helped to have it sliding in or out rather than grabbing on the way out and she began to welcome minor reinsertions due to the soothing lubrication. Needless to say, you know where this went, more and more of his cock was pulled out and lubricated prior to his reinsertion to lubricate her ass until she was moaning again leading up to him pile driving her ass while she begged for more. She was in one continuous assgasm spasm and when he finally sprayed his load all over her holes (one swollen and the other just gaping wide open) she lay on the bed unconscious and shaking as though in a seizure. He collapsed on the bed beside her and got some well deserved rest while she twitched.

The scene was so hot I just had to feel something up my ass. I looked around the bedroom and spied my wife’s hairbrush on the bathroom sink. I grabbed some Vaseline from the cabinet, liberally coated the brush handle with the lubrication and proceeded to force the handle in myself prompting me to cum in buckets all over the floor. I removed the brush and dropped a towel on the bed and fell back exhausted. It was crystal clear what I had been missing and how I could still get it without letting my wife know. Thus began my secret practice of masturbating with self penetration.

Over the past year the frequency of getting self granted relief increased in frequency and finally, I decided to actual invest in a toy that I would have to hide very securely in our house. I went out and purchased a 7-inch remote control rotation and vibration cock with a rubber suction cup so I could mount it as if it were a real penis. I hid it in a compartment under the bottom drawer in my bureau awaiting the golden opportunity to safely enjoy it. It seemed as though that opportunity presented itself about a week later.

A major client of mine was visiting so I had planned to spend all day entertaining the rep. We were enjoying the links when about 10:00 she (the rep was a woman) received a call that she needed to get home right away as her husband was involved in an accident. We went back to the clubhouse and she jumped in her car to head back up state. Here I was with a clear schedule for the rest of the day and Beth would be at her office until later that evening. What a great opportunity to get home.

I was home by 10:30 and had discarded all my clothes in about a minute. I went to my secret drawer, got out my 7 -inch vibrating rubber cock (with a suction cup), made sure the batteries worked and placed the cock and lube in the bathroom for easy access when needed.

I started off wanking while watching porn on the computer. I found a gang bang tube in which the woman was moaning and cumming hard from all the dicks pounding her pussy and stuffing her mouth. She was laying on her back with three cocks over her face when the guy in her pussy decided to push her ankles up and enter her empty hole. Her eyes immediately flew wide open and she seemed to hold her breath. The cock slowly penetrating her asshole was consuming all her attention. She was completely focused on the stretching of her sphincter and bowels as the cock proceeded deeper. It was like her eyes were open but she didn’t even see the three monster cocks being wanked on her face. Oh my God! I wanted to be her!

I got up from my desk, went into the bathroom, stuck my rubber phallus to the toilet seat cover and proceeded to thoroughly lube both , the fake cock and my ass. In my house the master bathroom is set up where the door opens to the right with the large double sink vanity on the left, followed by the commode against the left wall next to the multi-head shower covering the entire breadth of the bathroom along the far wall. Across from the toilet along the right hand wall near the shower is our étagère where we keep towels, washcloths and knick knacks. I brought in my I-Pad and surfed up a good porn tube site. I found porn of a woman lowering herself down on a man’s cock while a room full of men was standing around offering their cocks for her mouth. I placed my tablet on the étagère shelf where I could easily see it, took the remote control for my vibrating toy on the vanity Casibom Giriş to my side and slowly situated myself so I could lower my but down onto the waiting fake penis.

The master bath is situated off the master bedroom where once you have taken a few steps into the bedroom you can look directly through the door into the bathroom. I nervously lined my asshole up with the tip of the phallus. Being well greased I could feel the tip of the penis head distinctly pressing against the tender sphincter of my anus. Relishing the electrifying touch of the penis I was lost to all else when my bedroom door suddenly shut. “Honey, are you home?”

I immediately lost control of my legs and sat down hard on the toilet seat, impaling myself on the monster. The pain consumed all my attention, my mouth dropped and my eyes shot open as I barely was able to stifle a scream. I suddenly had 7-inches of cock up my ass and in about a second my wife was going to look around the corner into the bathroom. Despite the tears and the overwhelming pain I managed to make some sort of noise which I hoped Beth would interpret as an acknowledgement.

Sure enough, Beth peered around the corner and said what a pleasant surprise; we both got home very early today. She said yearend numbers were announced today and not only did everyone get bonuses but the boss said for them all to take the rest of the day off to reward themselves for all the hard work they put in over the past year. I sat there, impaled on the spike with my eyes watering and sweat across my brow, totally unprepared to respond. She noticed this was off and asked if I was alright, from where she was standing she could only see me from my chest up because the vanity blocked out view of the commode. I nodded assent and forced a guttural groan out that I hoped would pass for a yes. Meanwhile my mind was screaming “There is a fucking baseball bat crammed up my ass!”

Beth responded by asking me why I got home so early and then noticing the I-Pad on the shelf asked why I had that in the bathroom with me. Still, totally consumed with the sensation of having my bowels filled with cock I could not answer. Beth entered the bathroom and saw the woman surrounded by cocks moaning in orgasmic bliss on the I-pad and immediately it dawned on her:

“Oh my God! Did I walk in on you masturbating?” Her hand went to her mouth to stifle the snicker on her lips. She proceeded further into the room looking at the porn and said “Wow! They are really giving it to her!” Then a moment later: “Oh my God! She has a dick in all three of her holes at once!” At this point she looked at me. To her, I was naked, obviously uncomfortable, sitting on the toilet seat sporting an erection about 45 degrees from straight up with precum forming at the tip. She couldn’t see the vibrator because it was buried in me and I was sitting on its base.

I was beginning to come to terms with extreme penetration of my bowels. I wasn’t feeling good, but the pain was waning and my prostate was actually acknowledging the touch. Pointing to the porn she said: “Wow! Does this turn you on? Look at your cock, you’re dripping.”

With that my cock involuntarily twitched, releasing a little more pre-cum. So I played along and said: “yeah, I guess so.” I was still sweating and water was running from my eyes. Then the remote control on the vanity caught her eye. She looked at it and saw the wire running from the remote to, and under, my leg. “What is this?” she asked as she was picking it up. “Are you sitting on a vibrator? Let me see.” I was busted. “Uh, Honey, It’s not what you think. Yes, it is a vibrator and it was under me when you got home but I was startled when I heard you enter the room and I slipped. Oh God! It is no longer under me, I am impaled on it and it is splitting me apart!”

“What? You have a vibrator shoved up your ass?” She paused and thought about then looked up and said “I knew you were a perv ever since that day I touched you there. Is this what you do when I am away?”

“No! No! No! Please give me a minute to extricate myself and I will come into the bedroom and we can discuss it. It really hurts, I need it out.”

“No is right! This I have to see and you are not getting off that thing until it gets you off!”

No, I won’t get off with this thing in me, it hurts too much. Please Baby, go in the other room so I can work my way off this monster, it is ripping me apart.”

She said: “You should see yourself. You are so fucked!” With that she grabbed the I-pad and put it on what I assumed to be selfie picture mode and aimed it so I was looking at an image of me sitting naked, and sweating in obvious pain, with a hard cock oozing pre-cum between my legs onto the seat and a 7-inch fake cock rammed up my ass. I felt totally humiliated and started to get up using my arm on the vanity for leverage.

I was so tender, I could feel the cock sliding back out my ass millimeter by millimeter, steady pain leading to the promise of relief once the tip finally is freed from my screaming sphincter. Beth said: “No!” and threw herself on my lap violently forcing me back down on the cock! This time I did yell. “Ouuuuuwwwww! Shit Beth! It’s so big! I can’t take it! Let me up!”

Her response was to mischievously smile and say “Oh but Sweetie, this is what you wanted. You obviously bought this model vibrator for a reason. It would be a shame to stop prior to finding what these settings do.”

“No Honey, Please don’t! Let me up and we will talk about this as adults. It hurts so badly I can’t even think. Pull it out!”

“Well now Ben” she reasoned “with me now on your lap you are my captive. I am going to see what these buttons do on this remote control.”

“No! No don’t!”

This control says “Gyrate” I wonder what that does. She activated it and I could feel the cock moving around inside me, the action making me involuntarily begin rotating my hips to try and minimize the impact. Of course, I didn’t stand a chance and the penis was widening my bowels and eventually causing them to relax.

I sat there fucking the rotating cock repeating “Please!…Stop!…Please… get it out! Please…don’t do this, stop!” But the pain was receding and I was gradually adjusting to the stretching and became fully aware of the touch of the cock every time it rubbed across my prostate. Beth noticed the change in tension throughout my body and asked if I was enjoying this. I begged her to stop doing it but in my balls I began to fill that electric tingle. My hip rotation changed from trying to avoid the additional penetration to trying to get the most from the penetration. I was fucking the cock.

“Now we know what that does, why don’t we make it vibrate as well?”

“No! No! Please don’t! Stop Beth! Please Beth! Don’t.” She turned on the vibe and instantly a charge was sent from my prostate, through my anus, to my testicles. I heard a moan and realized it was from me. Beth was staring directly at my eyes and grinning like a cat. I had broken down to mumbling ” Oh God… Oh Beth…Oh please …stop…please…don’t” Beth’s smile suddenly warmed up and I realized my mumbling had changed to “Oh Beth …please…don’t…stop…please…don’t stop!”

She looked down at my penis and saw the dripping was now a flow. “I don’t want to soil my nice dress pants, I am going to get off your lap now. Do not get up, sit there and feel that big beautiful cock vibrating deep in your ass.” I replied with an “Oh God Please…” and my cock twitched producing gobs of pre-cum mixed with actual cum. I was a mess.

My wife moved to the side and told me I was to start moving up and down on the cock. I didn’t think I could take much more. Juice was flowing freely from my cock when I began to move up and down on the tool, it was definitely a tool and not a toy, it was masterful the way it was working me. I told her I can’t take this much longer, she said to tell her what I wanted.

“Oh baby, I love having this cock in my ass. I love it. Oh harder…” I was yelling as I was slamming myself down on the rubbery dick, eventually screaming “Oh, Oh, Oh, I love this big hard cock fucking me, I am going to cum, This cock is going to fuck the cum right out of me. Look out baby!…” I slammed back down on the seat and shot a steady stream into the air. Five or six separate shots but there was so much cum it seemed as if I was pissing cum. My body convulsed as I continued to splash onto the floor. The shaking subsided and I blacked out into my baby’s arms. When I awoke she was holding me. She asked if I was ok and I said “I think so, how are you”

She said cleanup and get in bed. I slept through all afternoon and woke up about 9:00 at night. I was alone, Beth was not in bed. I got up, relieved myself, and made my way down the hall and I heard a commotion from our family computer in the common room. As I approached the noise became audible: “Oh baby, I love having this cock in my ass. I love it. Oh harder…” …”Oh, Oh, Oh, I love this big hard cock fucking me, I am going to cum, This cock is going to fuck the cum right out of me. Look out baby!…”

“Oh hi Honey, Did you sleep well?”

“What are you doing?”

Well, your i-pad perfectly filmed your gayboy ass fucking wank job and I was reviewing it on the larger screen of the computer. I thought it would be so nice if I could watch it with other people and then I found this website where people upload sex and others can watch. I put you on there and the watchers just kept growing. There are currently 834 no 835 people anonymously watching you defile yourself. We have no control of who these people are, there could be someone you know, maybe from work, or our neighbors, even your family. Oh look, 837 and growing!”…

So just remember, she will always find out, and when she does it may entirely change your life.

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