Caught shop lifting and punished part 2


Caught shop lifting and punished part 2I opened the door to the corner shop and the fresh air hit my cum covered face making the cum feel dry and sticky. I turned to my left and started to walk down the street heading towards home. I noticed an old Asian man sitting on the opposite side of the road, he was on his door step just sitting there looking at the world go by. I tried to look forward hoping he wouldn’t notice my current state. As I got halfway down the road the young assistant from the shop stepped out in front of me and grabbed my shoulders. I looked into his eyes to see what he wanted, but he just shoved me into the entry that is located between the block of terraced houses on this street. The young shop assistant turned me around, pushed me against the wall of the entry, lifted my skirt and started to shove his 8 inch dark paki cock into my once tight virgin pussy, he slipped in easily as I was still full of cum from the large shop keeper. I pushed off against the wall trying to gain some form of control over the situation. All this did was give him access to my perky tits, his hands lifted my top to allow his hands to gain access to my tits. I turned to my right and could see the old man sitting on his door step rubbing his cock through his trouser looking at this young shop assistant fucking my young little white girly body as fast and as hard as he could.I sarıyer escort heard a noise to my left which caused me to turn my head, there only around 10 feet away was Kuldips little brother who was a couple of years younger than me. He was stood there just smiling at me watching the young shop assistant fucking my brains out whilst squeezing and groping my tits. I didn’t know what to do, so I closed my eyes and hoped it would all just go away. suddenly I felt a soft mouth on my left tit, as I opened my eyes I could see Kuldips younger brother sucking on my exposed breast. The young shop assistant moved back a little further to allow him to thrust deeper and deeper into my newly fucked virginal pussy. I screamed out loud as he managed to sink his 9 inch cock fully into my pussy, this made me roll into a earth shattering orgasm which caused me to push my tits out which allowed Kuldips little brother to grab a hold of both of them and stuff his head between them.Just as I was coming down from my orgasm I felt a rough set of hands start to push Kuldips little brothers hands out the way and roughly pull my right tit into the old mans mouth, I then felt Kuldips little brother fight back and pull my left tit into his mouth and clamp his mouth down hard onto my nipple to ensure he didn’t loose it again. This felt esenyurt escort amazing as my pussy was being pounded whilst I had two different mouths fighting for control of my tits.I then felt the young shop assistant throb and start to jerk as he filled my little white pussy with his thick creamy cum. My body started to enter yet another orgasm which caused my mind to swirl again causing me to lose control of my body, before I knew it I could feel a massive cock head trying to enter my newly deflowered pussy. I really was feeling a bit saw now, as it was only a couple of hours ago that I was a virgin, and now here I was having my third paki cock of the day. This cock was nothing like the others, it felt hard, very thick and very long. The old man continued to try to push his massive cock head into my little pink pussy. I begged him to stop as it was hurting me, and offered to suck his cock instead. I managed to turn enough so I could grab his cock and sign to show I would suck it instead. He allowed me to turn around and bend at the waist to take this massive cock into my mouth. I had half of the head inside my mouth when I felt another cock entering into my well worn pussy, it felt a lot smaller than the monster in my mouth so he managed to get all 8 inches of it deep inside me with only a couple of deep thrusts.I tried to push his cock avrupa yakası escort away, but he was too deep inside my pussy by now and pumping away for all he was worth. it felt like only seconds later when I felt him pumping his thick load deep into my little pussy. I felt the tip of the old mans cock pop into my mouth which filled it and made it feel like I would not be able to breathe. he gripped my head and started to fuck my face for all he was worth. I could feel him trying to push his dick further into my mouth so he could get it down my throat. I wanted to pull away and run, but felt another cock being forced into my dripping pussy, this one felt much smaller than all the cocks I had received today and was hitting me in very short very quick strokes, then as soon as it was in, it shot its very small load then was gone before I could see who it was.The old man shot his load down my throat and then just pushed me out of the way and walked back over to his front door step. He sat down and looked me in the eyes then spat on the floor and laughed at me. I tried to pull my clothes together so people I passed in the street wouldn’t know what had happened to me, but I was a total mess, there was cum everywhere and my blouse was ripped and had a couple of buttons missing.I walked the short distance to my house and tried to sneak past my mother without her knowing what had happened to her little innocent daughter. Lucky for me she was hanging the washing out so I managed to get into the house without her seeing me. I ran a bath and jumped in before it was half filled.If I get good comments I will write part 3 Please remember I have only just started writing stories, so I have a lot to learn.

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