Center of Attention


You lounge on the pile of large embroidered pillows. There is a woman who holds you in her arms slowly caressing your belly and occasionally running her hand through your pubic hair gently tugging them. She has large full breast and you rub your cheek against them feeling their warm and enjoying their softness. This BBW(big beautiful woman) has been plying you with a wonderful wine and you both have been doing poppers as the afternoon wore on. The woman knows how stressed you have been and has planned for you a surprise. So after finishing the first bottle of wine she announces that she has a treat in store for you. You smile wondering just what is in store.

She arises to get another bottle, changes the music to a subtle middle eastern style and returns to the bed side. You watched her with growing interest. The full buttocks, meaty thighs and strong legs are very arousing. She is a hairy woman. Her pubic hair grows to a point just below her navel and spreads down her inner thighs and up the crack of her ass. You also are aware of her underarms which are like thick forest. Her breast sway as she moves. “Roll over! ”she commands.

You roll on your belly and then you feel the massage oil being applied to your skin. Her expertise is fantastic in no time you are putty in her hands as your cares and concerns drift away. The light from the candles cast weird shadows on the wall as you continue to relax fortified by the wine, poppers and the soulful massage. The woman leans down to your ear and after a few soft kisses tells you that your show is about to start.

What are you talking about? You roll on your back and look puzzled.

Just wait!

In a few moments I walk in followed by two other men. Naturally we are naked. One man is average height with a small penis. Myself with my six-and-a-half-inch semi-erection. And this smaller man, but he has 8 ½ inches of manmeat.

We start to dance around the bed swaying to and fro. Our penises are Ataşehir Grup Escort waving around. We come together each man holding another’s cock. Spinning around we are laughing and rubbing our cockheads together. After a few more minutes of dance we gather around you. You are the center of our attention. I ask you to lay back so we can massage your front side. Each of us takes a different limb then sets to work rubbing in the oil. Each of the two men have your arms, the women has one leg and I the other. You close your eyes as we begin our work. With great attention to detail you ready to sail away. The touching is having it’s effect on you and you can feel the moisture in your pussy start to flow.

The women rubs your pubis with her nose. Sniffing and smelling you. Now she is licking, kissing you. Warmth and excitement flows. Two penises are at your mouth. You can smell the man smell…not too strong but there in the flesh. They trace the curve of your lips with their erections. Each takes his turn slipping the cockflesh into your inviting mouth. Like the kid in the candy store you suck each in it’s turn greedily. Sloppy plopping noises are made as they leave your mouth.

I sit back content that you are so happy. Watching you get serviced by so many willing people.

The women turns her buttocks towards your face and slowly backs up. You now have a hairy inviting vista to taste and explore. First you kiss her lovely fat ass, kneading the full buttocks. You sniff her deeply before rimming her ass. After a few minutes the wet funk of a horny woman’s pussy calls you on. Her hairy cunt tickles your nose and you laugh out loud. We all join in the laughter. It’s so good to hear you laugh.

Now you can get serious about the cunt lapping.

While you prepare for that treat. I begin to service you taking up where the woman left off.

She now is grinding her cunt in to your eager awaiting mouth.

You’re giving hand Ataşehir Manken Escort jobs to both of the men.

The air is thick with erotic tension. The smell of hot cunts and hard dicks dripping pre-cum fills the room.

The woman starts to buck shouting out loud OH SUCK MYCUNT OHH…OH…UMMMM. YES. . YES. Then she collapses on top of you her woman-cunt perfume filling your nares.

You hug her ass as your first orgasm follows closely behind hers induced by the tongue bath to your clit. Both you and the woman need time to regroup before commencing any further.

As you both get comfortable the men begin kissing one another. Everyone of us has massive hard-ons. The small penis man pushes me on to the bed and gets on his knees to suck my cock. The 81/2 incher is shoved toward my face. I grab his meat and start to suck his tool. I look towards you and you return my lecherous stare.

You get on your hands and knees and kiss me on the mouth as the cock slides in and out of it. Now his cock is being shoved between our lips as we try to touch our tongues together. The woman has picked up a dildo and after a thick dollop of KY gel sticks it in your pussy all the while lying under your hot dripping cunt licking your clitoris.

The small penis guy stops sucking me and changes position to begin licking your ass. After lubing it well he gently inserting his ramrod into your asshole. Slowly and patiently he moves his hips so his cock causes no discomfort.

You are falling under the sway of the sexual intensity. I have backed away and you are receiving the fullness of the rock hard 81/2 inches in your mouth. You revel in it’s pure primal beauty. The head is bulbous and is purplish in color. Veins protrude from the sides engorged with blood. You can taste the dribbles of pre-cum and you are getting hotter and hotter.

The woman’s attention to your sex is adding to this heady mixture. Incrementally you are reaching Ataşehir Masöz Escort towards a climax. I whisper in your ear, ”this is all for you and just for you; relax and let nature take it’s course. ”Go on baby let go…. suck that cock…. let go…let go!

Then it happens. OH GOD. . You try to say it but the mouth fucking stops the words coming out. I FEEL SO FUCKING HOT …OHHHH…I’M GOING TO CUMMMM…UHHHH.

You buck and buck. Your sphincter clamps down on the small penis which causes him to explode in your ass. To catch your breathe you had to let the cock out of your mouth. And you push away the woman who ministered so skillfully to your pussy. And you collapse on the bed. Cum oozing out of your ass.

The woman lays on her back and tells you to lie back and place your head between her breast. You look up to the ceiling and are amazed by what has transpired. She kisses you on the head and ears telling your how absolutely sexy you are. All the men murmur their agreement. Luxuriating in the moment I bring a glass of wine to your lips and you sip the cool fluid. The woman puts her legs around your body and opens your thighs to exposed the swollen, glistening pussy lips. The 81/2 inch cock slowly glides into your pussy and you moan softly. He rhythmically slides in and out as your hips thrush upward to match his stride.

The small penis man steps over to my side of bed, drops to his knees, then begins to suck my erect penis. As he works the cock in and out of his mouth our eyes lock on one another. I inhale deeply the poppers and place the vial under your nose so you can also.

The entire scene takes you away. Your wanton thrust cause the 81/2 inch cock to go deeper in to your saturated pussy. The edge of the abyss is reached and you tumble. OH GOD…. OHHH. . UHH. As the spasm of your orgasm courses through your entire being you are feeling the pent up emotions of the past month’s grind release their poisonous grip on you.

Looking at me you see me convulse with pleasure as I cum into the thirsty throat of the sucking man. I pull my cock out of his mouth and lay down spent next to you resting my head on your belly.

It is entirely quiet now. The only sound is the relaxed breathing of contentment. And the warm afterglow of passion.

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