Chad The Babysitter Part 9


Chad The Babysitter Part 9I called Trish while the girls were in the bathroom just to update her on recent events and fuck me if I didn’t score another brownie point, the nympho sisters both held me in high esteem for my good Samaritan act, “Have fun” she said and I think she was being sincere and I wondered if our ideas of ‘fun’ were the same especially as her daughter was involved, the bad thing it that they probably WERE the same.There was a lot of giggling coming from the bathroom and I had visions of the two of them showering together which was a damn hot vision and one I had absolutely NO problem with, what hot blooded man would?The girls emerged from the bathroom all bubbly and clean and judging from the wetness of Tams hair my vision was correct, they had showered together, WOW and WOW again.Wow! didn’t Suzy look different, her hair was clean and bouncy and her skin looked clean and fresh but then I saw the bruises, WTF!! I realised straight away why she had to leave, “OMG Suzy” I said softly and sympathetically, “How many of those do you have” I continued pointing down to her thigh, she looked at Tams who nodded for her to tell me, “I don’t know Chad, I lose count” she said with a tear in her eye.“Don’t worry Suzy” I said cheerfully, “I have some cream to clear them up and you won’t be getting any more” I said trying to cheer her up again, Tams offered her support by holding her mates hand while I searched for the tub of cream, I reckoned a few treatments and she will be right as rain.“OK girly” I said cheerfully, “Come lay down on the bed and take your shirt off” I said and again Suzy looked at Tams for her approval, Tams nodded and still holding her hand walked her into the bedroom.When she pulled her shirt up over her head I could see how skinny and bruised she was and even Tams panties hung loose on her, I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to rub cream into the bruises while she chatted away with Tammy to take her mind off what I was doing, Tams was very supportive.I started on her legs and had to widen them in order to reach the bruises on the inside, how the fuck did she get bruises there? I must say that even being so underweight she did have a cute arse and with the loose thong on her cheeks were well displayed and although she didn’t have any bruises on her cheeks I did playfully rub some cream in, just for my own benefit.I think Suzy was enjoying the attention more than the treatment itself and seemed to like her arse being rubbed even if there was no bruises and didn’t complain when I took longer on that part of her body, “Just checking for bruises” I said softly as I pulled her arse cheeks apart and she did have a cute little shaded hole on display, it looked damn tasty but I didn’t want to impose. Tammy repositioned herself at the top of the bed and sat cross legged so that Suzy could rest her head in her lap, Tams then gently massaged her head and we both thought that Suzy could do with some pampering, Suzy responded by letting out a big sigh and putting her arms up around Tams hips.I must say that the time I spent on Suzy’s arse was starting to have an effect and Tams noticed the big bulge appearing in the front, “Daddy, why don’t you get up on the bed, it will be easier for you” she sighed softly and she did at least have a point.I climbed up on the bed and had to widen Suzy’s legs to accommodate me and in doing so could see her sweet pussy lips through her loose pantie gusset, OMG how sweet it looked with a few fair hairs sprouting out. Tams smiled at me but I wasn’t sure if it was that she was pleased for the view I had or the fact that Suzy was moving her head in her lap trying to get comfortable and from where I was kneeling what kaçak iddaa laid before me looked so very inviting.Suzy seemed very relaxed and I was trying to work out exactly where her hands were as they had disappeared under Tammy’s arse and judging by the sighs and the smiles I think Tams was happy. I reached forward and gently massaged Suzy’s arse cheeks softly running my fingers up and down her crack in a very soft and sensual way, it seemed to be relaxing her as I could hear her mumble something but with her head tight into Tammy’s lap I couldn’t make it out however Tams let out a deep sigh and was smiling so it must have been positive.This was so relaxing for everyone and went on for quite a while and I could honestly say that a bit of colour was returning to Suzy’s skin, my slow and light strokes all over her back seemed to be working but I still think she had a pretty sensitive arse. I finally succumbed to temptation as I widened her cheeks, her little brown shaded hole pouted at me and as I bent down to gently flick it with my tongue it was Tams that cried out as Suzy not only squeezed her arse cheeks tighter she enhanced what her head was doing in her lap, “OMG daddy” Tams sighed softly as my tongue continued to flick around her back door, Mmm it tasted so sweet and I could even feel young Suzy pushing back. I strongly believed that the nympho sisters had just become triplets.I think I might have got carried away a bit as my tongue explored right down to her protruding labia lips which soon sent shudders through her little body, this intern sent shudders through Tams body as she leant back against the headboard widening her legs giving her friend better access, the more I ate Suzy the more she seemed to be eating Tams but with the added bonus that her fingers were probably wedged up her back passage, I think I was about to have my first ever ‘non-contact’ ejaculation.I didn’t know what was happening as I had never experienced it before but luckily I had the foresight to reach down and unbutton my shorts and pull my throbbing cock out into the open and raising up on my knees my cock pulsated all on its own shooting a stream of hot creamy cum all over Suzy’s back, even Tammy tried to lean forward to catch some but failed miserably.“OMG daddy” she cried out, “How cool, yummy” she sighed and then reached down and scooped some up with her fingers and seductively licking her lips.Suzy had fallen asleep so we decided to leave her as she obviously needed it, we went out to the lounge and I put a wash on making a note of Suzy’s clothes sizes so I could get her some clothes, Tams gave me a hug, “Thanks daddy for looking after Sue, she is like a sister” she sighed softly, “You’re the best” she continued and I was losing count of the brownie points I was winning.Tammy fell asleep in the chair so I finished up the washing so they had clean clothes for the morning and then crashed out in the spare room as Suzy was in my bed.I overslept which I rarely do and was in a bit of a panic as the girls would be late for school however I needn’t have worried, I rushed out to the lounge totally naked to find the flat empty, washing up done and it was tidy, OMG I thought I had been burgled by a sympathetic burglar.There was a note on the side, “Sweet dreams daddy, see you later x” which actually brought a smile to my face.I decided to run into town this morning to get some clothes for Sue and maybe grab some new shorts or boxers for myself, maybe I will get the same assistant if I was lucky.I got to the town and put some undies and shorts into my basket for Suzy more to my taste than hers but I am sure she will like them, I looked through the men’s section and put a pack of boxers and kaçak bahis a pair of shorts for myself into my basket and walked through to the fitting rooms, my heart fluttered as I saw the same assistant who this time greeted me with a smile, “Good morning sir, nice of you to come again so soon” she said greeting me however she still put more emphasis on the word ‘come’.“Good morning Megan” I replied with a smile, her name badge giving me her information, she looked fresh, her boyish hair neat and her uniform pressed, the poppers up the front all fastened apart from the top one, she look very professional.“What do we have today sir” she said looking into my basket, “Nice choice” she sighed looking at my new boxers and then she picked up the pack of thongs and smiled again, “Are these for your daughter sir?” she asked so I nodded, “Good choice sir, I wear this brand and they are so comfortable” she continued giving me a recommendation and also revealing what was probably under her uniform.“Would you like to try them on?” she asked and I could see a glint in her eye, “The boxers, yes” I replied as I certainly didn’t think that Suzy’s panties would fit, “Oh of course” Megan replied with a giggle.She pointed to the same cubicle although I did have a choice of them all as I was the only person there and I could feel her eyes on me as I walked across, “Let me know if I can assist with anything sir” she said softly and we made eye contact as I pulled the curtain across, Yep still the same gap and yep I could see her trying to make herself busy to hide the fact that she was peeping.I decided to give young Megan a bit of a show, I stood facing the mirror on the back wall and could see Megan through the gap and because I had my back turned she must have thought I couldn’t see her so was making it quite obvious that she was looking. Even though I was only trying on boxers I decided to pull my tee shirt off and could see her eyes widen in the reflection, I then slowly pulled down my shorts and then bending right down to take them from my ankles, I could have just kicked them off but hey, this was more fun knowing that Megan had a great view of my hairy arse.I wasn’t sure if she could see my cock in the mirror as I couldn’t quite work out the angles however I could see it filling with blood and now sticking out, I stood and admired myself in the mirror for a few seconds before I slipped on a pair of nice silk boxers, my first impression was they were a little tight but that might be because I had a boner going on. I could still see Megan in the reflection, maybe I needed a second opinion so to get her attention I turned around to face the gap, she looked up and immediately smiled, “Are you ok sir?” she asked with a smile, “Do you need any assistance?” she asked and I could see her eyes going south as she walked across to the cubicle.“Do you think these fit ok Megan?” I asked and she stepped inside pulling the curtain back in place, or as near in place as it would. “Lets have a look for you sir” she said as she sat on the stool with me in front of her, my cock was throbbing and was angled inside the silky shorts. Her eyes widened as she stared at the bulge, “Wow!” she sighed as she reached out feeling the rock-hard meat that was hidden beneath and her fingers pressing the silk against my cock send shivers through my body, OMG!“Does that not feel tight to you Megan?” I asked as she gently squeezed my shaft, “I’m not sure sir” she replied buying herself a bit more time before concluding, “I think they are good at the front sir, turn around please” she said softly, I did as asked and then felt her soft hands all over the cheeks of my arse, I never owned silk boxers before but the feel illegal bahis of them was so arousing. “Bend” she said more as an instruction so I did as told, “Hmm” she sighed as she ran her fingers up and down my crack forcing further in with each stroke, damn it felt good and my cock was throbbing.She certainly had an obsession with my arse as her fingers probed, eventually she spun me round and again looked directly at my throbber which conveniently pulsed and twitched, “Sir, they look and feel great, you’re wife will love them” she said looking up at me, “I’m not married” I replied showing the lack of rings on my hand, “Oh, then your daughter will love them” she said with a giggle and I was unsure exactly what she meant.“Are you wearing that brand of thong today Megan?” I asked trying to distract her from my cock although I had no idea why I would be doing that, she looked up at me, “Yes sir, yes I am” she replied, “Could I take a quick look?” I asked more in hope than anything else, she stood up and put her hands on my shoulders and spun me around, “Sit there sir, I’m sure you want to see how they will look on your daughter” she said and slowly started to un-pop her uniform.OMG she had lovely titties pushed tight into her half cup white bra and as the poppers popped her little white thong soon cam into view, she stood there with her hands on her hips holding her uniform wide open.I looked down at how tight they fitted around her bulbous pussy, a few stray black pubic hairs emerging from the sides and top, “Oh sorry” she sighed, “I didn’t trim” she said with a giggle, well who knew she would have some strange man ogling at her pussy today, “Its ok” I said, “Do you mind if I feel the fabric?” I asked looking up at her, she responded by opening her legs which to me was acceptance.“Wow!” I said out loud when I didn’t really want to as I reached forward feeling the soft fabric between her legs, Mmm the did feel good and when my finger inadvertently rubbed on her little clitty she sighed rather loudly, she was starting to feel damp as I rubbed her squashed labia lips.“Oh sir” she sighed, “I forgot to check the button” she continued forcing me to back up, she quickly did up her poppers and I got the impression that being the only member of staff in the fitting rooms she didn’t want to be away from her position too long. I stood up as she knelt down and I felt her fingers on my shaft as she fiddled with the button, “Mmm” she sighed as she squeezed the shaft, “It all looks good to me sir” she continued still having her fingers wrapped around my shaft, “I’m sure you and your daughter will love them sir” she sighed as she stood up.“Slip them off sir and I will ring them up for you” Megan said with a smile and made no attempt to avert her eyes as I pulled my new silk boxers over my throbbing erection and to the floor, “Wow sir” she said smiling looking at my cock standing loud and proud, she smiled as I handed her my silky boxers, “Did you approve of the fabric of the thongs sir?” she asked as she took the basket, “Oh yes, my daughter will love them” I replied and then proceeded to get dressed.Megan had rung all the items through and I paid, “Oh and I will need your address and phone number please sir?” she asked and I had to ask her why not that I objected to giving her my details but was interested in her reply, “I offer an after sales service sir where I will follow up with the customer to ensure product satisfaction and ensure the customer is totally happy with the product and service” she was very professional and I bought her sales pitch.“Would you like that service sir?” she asked smiling, my cock was still semi hard and Megan had some unfinished business so I was happy to agree to her after sales personal care, what a lovely gesture. She put my details directly into her phone which somehow didn’t surprise me and I thanked Megan for her excellent service.To Be Continued…..

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