Chain Letter Ch. 2


Disclaimer: This story is copyrighted 1999 by Mark Anthony. It may not be reproduced or posted anywhere else in any way, shape or form without express permission. This is a work of erotic fiction, involving explicit sexual acts between consenting female adults. If it ain’t your cup of tea, read something else. If you are under 18 years of age, ditto. Send any and all comments to [email protected] Specify which story archive where you found the story if possible, as some of my stories are posted on several sites. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Summary: Following a strange e-mail she has received, Andrea’s love life has taken an unexpected turn. Now in love with her longtime friend Fey, she begins to discover the extent of the changes in her new life…

Andrea’s fingertips sensed the warmth of the morning sun as it crept slowly on the edge of the bed, through the vertical blinds that hung over the window in Fey’s large bedroom. Her eyes opened slowly, consciousness and feeling emerging from the dark abyss of sleep. She gazed upwards, staring mutely at a corner of the ceiling, the play of shadows and reflections upon it quite fascinating to her. She felt Fey’s feathery breath on the back of her neck, followed by the swell of her breasts pressing on her back as she inhaled, the touch of still arms and hands wrapped around her in a loving embrace. Her right leg came between Andreas’ tights as she lay behind her on the bed.

The memories of the last day, making love to Fey, stirred from within, along with feelings frightening in their intensity. She shifted ever so slightly, taking care not to wake her lover, basking in the blissful moment as she lay safely enfolded in Fey’s arms. She could no longer conceive of a life without her. More to the point, had difficulty understanding how this truth had eluded her for so long. She felt reborn, a child seeing the world with new eyes. She dozed off, only to rouse herself as Fey’s lips kissed her tenderly below the ear.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned approvingly. “Now *that’s* the best wake up in the morning” she mused aloud.

“You said that yesterday” Fey said softly.

“And I’ll probably say it tomorrow.” Andrea turned her head, and Fey arched hers forward. Their eyes closed as their lips met, their mouths tasting of each other. They had experienced so much together in the last few days… every kiss an attempt to make up for lost time… A fire was stirring inside Andrea once again.

“Let me…” she whispered imploring.

Fey’s arms released Andrea, who turned on her side to face her lover. Her hands began caressing Fey as she laid on her back, her eyes still closed.

“You’re so beautiful, Fey, I can’t believe we might have lived out our lives without…” Her hands roamed of their own accord, following her eyes, softly fondling Fey’s breasts as she stared at the stiffening nipples. Fey arched her back slightly, her body responding spontaneously to Andrea’s touch.


Andrea continued to stare at her naked lover’s body, down her belly and towards the lovely triangle of trimmed pubic hair nestled between her legs. Stirrings as natural as they were powerful rose in her, and her mouth watered. Just thinking of going down on Fey made her wet in a way no other lover ever had. She continued caressing Fey’s tits, large mounts of soft, pink flesh, using her long nails to trace around the areolas, teasing her nipples, purposefully dawdling in order to get Fey more excited. In a few moments, Fey’s nipples stiffened to granite rigidity. She stirred slowly in bed, her eyes shut, a lustful grin on her lips, as if she were asleep, trapped inside a ardently erotic dream. Andrea’s left hand made its way downward, her nails playfully zigzagging on Fey’s delicate skin. As she neared Fey’s wet pussy, she began caressing her hips, legs and tights, languorously delaying the inevitable. She could feel Fey’s body trembling in anticipation, electrifying sparks of pleasure jumping from her hand to her lover’s flesh every time her fingers gracefully stroked their way near her hot slit.

Andrea moved like a tiger, unfettered by sheets which had been tossed off the bed four nights ago-it seemed like a lifetime now-because it hampered their intense lovemaking. She rose on her hands and knees, taking the time to gently lick each of Fey’s nipples once, with feline mischief and grace. Fey, her hands buried under the pillow on which her head rested, growled in salacious appreciation , her lust slowly taking complete control of her. Andrea, like a hunting predator, made her way down the massive oak double bed. She came to rest on Fey’s left side, her nostrils filling with the woman’s pungent, delicious smell, her own arousal growing exponentially in the realization of that she was, once again, about to go down on her girlfriend. She took a moment to look at Fey’s nakedness and marveled at the perfection of her delicate and gorgeously feminine body, which she had explored lovingly in so many delightful ways. She lingered, mesmerized by the sight of her graceful and shapely amasya escort legs, by the inviting sight of her sweet little pussy, of her pink folds, of her wetness slowly seeping from the soft lips, of the clit she had licked and bitten, teased and sucked as Fey howled and screamed for her not to stop. She licked her lips, smiling despite herself and she lowered herself humbly to service her girlfriend with all the love and skill she could summon.

She started slowly, her tongue almost hesitant in its careful exploration of Fey’s crevice. She tasted of Fey’s wetness, and heard her stifled moans as she maintained the pretense of the erotic dream. She continued, her tongue darting and moving lazily up and down her pussy, her lips and chin quickly becoming slick with Fey’s juices. Soon, one of her hands went to her own cunt, already in bad need of stimulation, while the other slithered between Fey’s thighs. Andrea used her index and middle fingers to spread Fey’s pussy slightly, her tongue becoming more adventurous. She would pause occasionally, rubbing her chin and mashing her lips messily against Fey’s hole, immersed in the blissful task of bringing her ever closer to a shattering climax. Soon, her fingers were spreading Fey’s pussy wide, her tongue snaking in and out of Fey, probing deep inside her.

Fey could no longer maintain any pretense. Her hands came out from under the pillow, to grab Andrea’s head and push her down hard. She could barely articulate words, crying out every time Andrea’s tongue would nuzzle inside her.

“Ohhh… GOD!” She finally managed, in a hoarse voice, “FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE! OHHHGNNN YEAHHHHH!” She was gasping, trying to breathe as Andrea continue to drive her straight into an abyss of boundless pleasure. Her body, now soaked in sweat, began shaking uncontrollably as she neared the edge, her mind and soul fragmenting and splintering before the onslaught of her lover’s tongue. In a single, explosive moment, the orgasm erupted inside her. Her hands forced Andrea’s head down while her tongue was deep inside her. Her back, neck and head arched back to near-breaking point, her legs squeezing Andrea’s shoulder uncontrollably. Sparks of energy fired up and down her spine as her awareness seeped out of her body, through her cunt and into Andrea’s eager, thirsty mouth. She came and came, drenching her lover’s entire face, a renewed offering, a tribute to their newfound love. The climax continued for long, interminable seconds, before subsiding like the receding waters of a tidal wave. Fey collapsed back on the bed, heaving, sweat dripping off her sizzling body, juices seeping from her slit.

Andrea’s own climax, though shorter and less intense, came as she heard Fey go over the edge. The mere notion of making Fey come by sucking her pussy was enough to drive her to orgasm. She collapsed as Fey did, but continued to minister to Fey’s pussy, weakly but dutifully lapping up her juices, pausing occasionally to lick her lips and relish in the taste. She then brushed a few fingers off her chin, and brought them to her mouth, eager to lick the wetness off them. She blinked as she heard Fey’s weak voice calling out to her, and crawled back up to the head of the bed, her naked body deliberately rubbing up against her lover’s. Andrea felt Fey’s warmth against her skin, a divine sensation, and finally rested on top of her, their bodies pressed together. She initiated yet another deep kiss, eventually letting Fey take the initiative and passively submitting while her lover licked herself off her lips, tongue and chin.

“Did I tell you I love you?” whispered Fey breathlessly.

“Only a million times Fey” replied Andrea.

“I want you in my bed every night” Fey said, her eyes burning with passion. “I want you beside me every morning.”

Andrea lowered her lips to Fey’s. It was all the answer she required.

The days at work, away from Fey, were long for Andrea. She thought of her new love constantly, occasionally taking advantage of her new, private office suite to finger herself to a shattering climax at various times during the day. She’d spread her legs, sprawled in a massive executive chair, the leather rubbing across her skin as she frantically worked herself into a climax. Behind her, through the enormous expanse of plate glass, the city continued its frantic existence, oblivious to the woman’s consuming lesbian fantasies. Andrea had never felt so oversexed before, and wondered how she could possibly need sexual release during work hours despite being now engaged in the most fulfilling and intense sexual relationship of her life. She handled her PR responsibilities well, but the constant distraction would occasionally worry her-but only after a climax. She soon stopped wearing panties, preferring the feel of her naked pussy against the fabric of her long, gray corporate-style skirts. And she enjoyed the freedom that came with simply slipping a hand beneath it whenever her thoughts wandered over to Fey. Strange perspectives crept in her psyche. She began escort amasya eyeing women at the office in a whole new light. She would feel herself respond to them sexually, though she did her best to hide this from everyone, including Fey. Andrea was nothing if not faithful, but her emerging feelings for all things female led her to a rich and active fantasy life. She took it a level further, wondering who among the girls in the office might actually be bisexual-or even exclusively gay. She longed for a new sort of contact-someone she could talk to about to help her sort through her feelings. Two weeks later came unnerving news that had some bearing on her new life. The rumors, strangely, had drifted past her office without penetrating it. Olivia McComb, one of the directors of the Graphics Design department, had left unceremoniously from the company a few days ago. Andrea barely knew her, but had never got the impression that she was unhappy with her job. Rather the contrary, which made this all the more peculiar. Casual talk around the coffee machine shortly after hearing the news shed a distressing light on the subject: apparently, she had been “caught in the act” by the Vice-President while on holiday upstate. As Andrea poured herself a cup, straining to overhear nearby gossip between half a dozen employees standing idly in the cramped staff room, the nature of the “act” in question quickly became obvious, chilling Andrea to the bone. McComb had been seen in the arms of another woman. The tone of the chattering individual was unambiguous as to the implication, and affirmed solemnly that it was the true reason behind what now appeared to be a coerced resignation. McComb had apparently been confronted by unmentioned parties, and had chosen to leave the company discreetly and on officially good terms rather than face the possibility of her private life becoming public, and of having to slug it out with the courts for years to establish a discrimination charge. “I Guess the VP wants this place dyke-free” the gossiping individual remarked. Andrea walked straight to her office.

If there was such a thing as a “Lesbian restaurant”, the guide proclaimed, “Bachantes” was it. The food was mostly Italian, with a bit of Greek and French littered across the menu. Fey and Andrea sat quietly in one of the private booths off the to the far left, candles illuminating their dark corner with a soft yellow glow as they each sampled a glass of Spanish Red Wine. “What do you think of all this?” Fey asked, trying not to let worry creep in her voice. Andrea smiled warmly, her hand sliding across the table and clasping Fey’s. Despite her initial fears after hearing the rumors earlier in the day, she had quickly found her composure again. She glanced over at a nearby table, where two girls made small talk over appetizing courses. “I don’t care much about it, Fey.” She paused, biting her lip pensively. “Funny. I never gave much thought to that kind of discrimination. Didn’t really feel concerned, I guess.” Fey nodded, half lost in her own thoughts. “I wonder if we get bumped up to a new tax bracket too” she joked. Andrea giggled as she caressed her lover’s hand, but it sounded a bit nervous. Both of them had tap- danced around the sensitive issue as their bond became more and more serious. Now engaged in a mutual and monogamous sexual relationship, both secretly felt uneasy about what kind of impact, short or long- term, it would have on their lives. To deny that it would be anything less than tremendous was to play the part of the ostrich, and both women were intelligent and honest enough with themselves to realize it. Neither had quite worked up to discussing it outright. “Andrea… I don’t think it might be wise to…” “Don’t even go there Fey” Andrea interrupted abruptly. “If you think I’m giving what we have because she was forced out of a job…” he voice trailed off momentarily. “Just ain’t gonna happen” she managed finally, trying not to be upset. ” ‘What we have’? Andrea, what *do* we have? What has happened to us?” Her voice quivered as she saw sorrow creeping over her Andrea’s face, and she quickly slid her fingers between her lover’s reassuringly. “Look-I’m happy for the first time in my life. I can’t find the right words to tell you how much I feel for you. But the last thing I want for you is to suffer.” Andrea’s words echoed the tears forming in her eyes. “Well I’m sure as hell willing to suffer if it means holding on to you, Fey” she professed empathetically. “How could I with having destroyed everything you strove for ever since we went to college together?” “Fuck the agency if they find out-I don’t care. I’ll sue their asses if they try it, and I’ll stir such a mess in the media they’ll loose half their clients. Three of my majors are promoting their open-minded stance on same-sex couples-I’ll have no trouble keeping them with me if I change agencies, and I bet they’ll get mileage out of it with the media if they stay with me. I’ll land a better job, guaranteed.” A strange light burned in Andrea’s eyes, a fiery passion amasya escort bayan that would destroy anything that stood between her and Fey. “So I guess it’s official, love” Fey whispered, elated by Andrea’s profession nearly to the point of tears. “We’re… lesbians.” It was the first time she had spoken the word in reference to herself. Andrea leaned over the table, brushing her lips against hers. “All I know is I love you. I don’t care what it makes us, and I know you don’t either.” Fey closed her eyes, indulging in the soft kiss, uncaring of the universe around her.

Behind the words, Andrea’s feelings were in turmoil. The brave facade she had put up with Fey almost convinced her, but dark thoughts soon began emerging once again. Perhaps she would not have minded if this had been a brief fling, something of an experiment that would soon run its course. But it was not-she was as convinced of her love for Fey as she had ever been of anything else in her life. Her feet led her to the towering building of dark glass and shining steel which housed the Wilson and Wilson offices one week after her conversation with Fey. She fled into it, leaving the bustling insanity of the streets at lunchtime behind her. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she wondered once again what in God’s name had possessed her to seek out Vivian on this matter. The former aerobics instructor turned-lawyer was a rising star of the company, specializing in corporate litigation but not without solid background in criminal court proceedings. Andrea had already worked out an excuse, planning to tell her lawyer friend that she was here on behalf of the recently departed McComb, in order to inquire as to her rights and options in the face of corporate discrimination, but she felt so nervous she feared Vivian might suspect something else was going on. She stood in the lobby for some time, rehearsing the excuse under her breath, before walking up to the monstrous set of elevators. She punched a large black button and was instantly rewarded with a chime and the hush of sliding doors. The cart accelerated smoothly up the building, while Andrea stood in center, alone and anxious. She was almost hoping Vivian had gone out for lunch, as she sometimes did instead of working through the break with a coffee and sandwich. She stepped off the elevator as the doors opened on the twelfth floor. Vast corridors carpeted in dark gray stretched in all directions, and she took a moment to orient herself before making for the right office. Staff rooms appeared deserted, as were all of the offices she came across, judging from the occasional set of semi-transparent ceiling-to-floor windows that flanked the entrance of various corporate suites on the way to Vivian’s. She heard voices reverberating from around the corner as she neared her destination , and slowed her pace instinctively. She came to a sudden stop when she recognized Rachel’s voice. A sudden, strange feeling came over her then, and she peeked carefully around the intersection, gaining additional cover from the lush green leaves of a tall plant sitting right around the corner. She saw Vivian standing in the doorway of her office, swaying back and forth like an amorous schoolgirl. There was something in her stance-something lascivious or inviting, totally at odds with what one would expect from a very serious, competent and professional corporate lawyer.

Rachel was standing near her.

Andrea swallowed hard-Rachel was actually right up against Vivian. Her hands slipped around the lawyer’s hips as she proceeded to slide her tongue down her neck. Vivian’s hands soon brushed Rachel’s chin, raising it to her own before initiating a sultry kiss which lasted several seconds and left them both breathless. Andrea’s eyes had grown as wide as Canadian coins. Both women were looking a little flushed, and the silent, conspiratorial stare which followed the kiss was a blatant clue as to what had surely transpired minutes before in the heart of Vivian’s office. Both quickly ended their embrace, Rachel taking hesitant steps towards Andrea’s corner, evidently heading for the elevators.

“Can’t wait for you to come at my place'” she said as she turned and waved to Vivian, her voice filled with amorous innuendo. Andrea didn’t wait for the rest. Though this place certainly was enough of a maze to hide in, she bolted, a flurry of thoughts racing in her head. She crammed herself in a deserted, out-of-the way corner for a full five minutes before daring to emerge, darting for the elevators and hoping that Rachel wasn’t lingering on the exit floor of the building. Before long, she was back on the street, hidden amongst the crowd of pedestrians moving hurriedly before the clock struck one. She walked for some time, oblivious to the world, immersed in her own thoughts.

“It has to be the chain letter” Fey said, before kissing the nape of Andrea’s neck. Her naked body gently melted into Andrea’s, the two women locked in loving embrace on the massive beige couch. She shifted slightly, trying to accommodate Fey-who lay under her, arms wrapping over hers-and gazed up at the romantic sight of a clear, starry night shining through the vast skylight windows angled over the salon. The moon, directly visible from her vantage point, shone some pale rays down the opposite, immaculate wall, the only source of illumination inside the apartment.

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