Changed Marriage Pt. 04


Things start to get a little more complicated for our heroes. I also ended up revealing the name of the protagonist, I couldn’t dance around it any more 🙂

This story contains: unrealistically large genitals, truly excessive amounts of cum, humiliation, and some pretty nasty situations. If you don’t want to read that, don’t read this.


I awoke from deep sleep directly into the buzzing of an alarm. I groaned immediately, not only because it was early in the morning and I had been awake until the wee hours the previous night, but also because I was laying in a pool of dry cum. It might sound great to be able to cum literal buckets, but it’s not all fun and games.

I reluctantly extricated myself from bed and moved to turn off the alarm. Unfortunately, like most everything else in the room, it was coated in plastic and I had a lot of trouble working the switches. The alarm blared in my ears for a few minutes while I fiddled with it.

When I finally got the infernal device off, Isabel stirred and yawned. “Mrh. Are you getting up now?”

“Yeah, I need to go to work.”

“Do you *have* to? Can’t you take a sick day?”

The idea was tempting, not least because I was looking at my wife’s body. She was laying on her side and her huge, round ass was pointed directly towards me. She turned over her upper body to look at me, and used one of her muscular arms to heft her ass cheek, revealing her puckered asshole and a peek of her glistening pussy.

“Come on honey, take the day off with me. You deserve it.”

My cock, always hard, pulsed with need, and I could feel her powerful scent starting to cloud my mind already. But I held on to my last shred of intelligence and reminded myself that I didn’t get paid time off, we were already almost broke, our living expenses were higher now, and I wanted to get a major renovation to the house to accommodate our new lifestyle. We needed the money.

Still, my dick seemed to say, you can afford to be half an hour or so late because you were making love to your wife. Isn’t that the whole reason you work anyway?

I was indecisive, but my body was already acting. I crossed the steps to the edge of the bed while Isabel happily scooted her ass to the edge. I laid my hand on one of her iron thighs and said, “No, but I can take care of you now”

I carefully spread her cheeks and aligned my monster cock with her asshole. She wiggled in anticipation as I started pressing in. No lube was necessary, as my dick was already leaking slippery pre-cum all over, easing its entrance into her behind. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy, but we knew by this point that it was more than able to take the same abuse. I pressed hard, and was rewarded with a soft *plop* when the orange-sized head of my cock slipped in.

Isabel started vocalizing loudly almost immediately, and she seemed to go a little limp. “Oooooohhhhhhhh ffuck.” She whimpered and shivered as I slowly pushed in more and more cock, until finally I hit bottom.

I got a good grip on her legs and appreciated the short lull before I really got going. Then I pulled out.

Instantly Isabel was spasming slightly and moaning incoherently. Her tits jiggled violently and sprayed milk all over the bed in front of her. I pulled out about 6 inches and then slammed back with full force, causing her to scream. I didn’t stop at all and repeated the same thing again, and again, and again… soon she was shaking violently and making random noises while I pounded her ass mercilessly. Her ass clenched hard on my dick, so hard that I could feel individual veins inside it pumping blood as hard as they could. It felt really really good, but I felt like a change of position was in order.

I pulled out most of my dick to get some room to maneuver. Isabel regained the power of speech long enough to say “wh-what? Why stop?” while I lifted her up by the thighs so I could stand up. I was now fully carrying her lower body. I shoved my cock back in with full force, now looking down at her huge ass and rippling back muscles. The last words she said were “fffFFFFFFUUUUCK YES!!” before she went back to making nonsense noises. I pounded her harder than before, so hard I could hear my gigantic balls swinging up to slap heavily on her abs. I was approaching the edge when she went silent, reared up, and clenched her ass so tight I was afraid my dick would break off. I couldn’t move my dick at all while my wife had an orgasm even more intense than the ones before, and I could feel her bringing me with her.

Frantically, I tried to pull out. Who knows what that much cum would do to her insides, completely unable to escape? But she held on far too tight. I cast about for something I could do for the situation even while my balls twitched and I could feel the first shot coming. Finally I ended up dumping her on the ground, ass up, and pushing off of her forcefully with my foot. But I was too slow, and the first shot got in her ass before I could pull out. She collapsed on the Kastamonu Escort floor, still with her ass sticking up in the air, as I pumped half a gallon of thick cum into her. Then with a loud *pop* my cock came free, just before the next shot came and fired directly into her gaping butthole. It quickly overflowed with all the other semen in there, and for a brief second it appeared that a geyser of cum was coming out of her ass and flowing down across the rest of her body. It was so nasty, I came harder than usual. My vision went in and out and my knees almost gave out. By the end I had to fish her head out from under the large puddle of cum on the floor to make sure she wouldn’t drown.

I carried Isabel back to bed and laid her down. She appeared to still be in a state of post-orgasmic bliss while cum slowly leaked out of her ruined asshole. When I moved to go she abruptly grabbed my arm and said softly “…more.” Her eyes were plastered shut.

I was already running really late, especially with the huge breakfast I was going to have to eat that morning. I kissed her cum-soaked face and said “Not for a while honey. I’m going to work now.” With that I forced myself to shower.

The slacks I had barely fit. There was no way at all I would be able to hide my ridiculous penis, but I figured what the hell, let people see. Sitting was going to be quite a challenge though.

I ate as big of a breakfast as I could whip together in twenty minutes, made some coffee, and left for work. Traffic was bad, and by the time I got in to the office I was already almost an hour late. Shit.

I hustled into the office quickly. I work at a small accounting firm, just seven employees. My boss, Eleanor Annenkov, owns the company. She also owns the small building the office is located in, inherited from her parents I think.

We each have small rooms to call our own, slightly more private than a cubicle. I had hoped nobody would be out talking when I came in but of course, Sadie was there chatting away with Bruce by the coffee machine. Sadie is in her mid thirties and she has a bit of a slutty side, she was always flirting and wearing revealing outfits that showed off her killer legs and big boobs, but (luckily for me) she had never seemed to take interest in me. That is, until she saw me over Bruce’s shoulder as I came in that day. Her eyes went wide and roamed all over my new and improved body, she almost seemed to lose track of her conversation but I slipped out of sight in my office as quickly as I could.

I tried to act normal, tried to get some work done. I didn’t get the chance though. Not five minutes after I had entered the building I got a knock on my door, and I looked up to see my boss in the doorway. She seemed unamused.

“Mr. Mullen, my office. Now.” She didn’t even wait for my reply and marched off back to her office. That was Ms. Annenkov, always addressing us like we were children even though she’s just five years older than me. I sheepishly followed and tried to ignore Sadie and Paula as they snickered behind my back.

When I got into Ms. Annenkov’s office, the first thing she said was “Close the door.” I did, and then I sat down and looked at the ground. I was clearly in trouble.

“Mr. Mullen, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I stammered out “I’m sorry Ms. Annenkov, I didn’t mean to be late, I just had a really busy weekend -“

“If it was just that I could excuse it no problem. After all you worked hard last week, some leniency is the least I could give you. Please look at me while I’m talking to you.”

I looked up at Ms. Annenkov. As usual, she was all business, with her blonde hair up in a severe bun and her body hidden under a bland grey suit. Her angular face showed nothing but stern disapproval. But I noticed something else too… was that her scent? Surely a creature such as Ms. Annenkov could never have a scent? I put it out of my mind. I was getting chewed out, and it was probably because I came in an hour late wearing clothes that didn’t fit.

She continued. “But this, this is just too much. Honestly Mr. Mullen, I can’t believe you. You come into my office roided up and with a salami stuffed down your pants? Are you seriously so insecure that you’d try to imitate that porn video? You disgust me. This is your last chance to say something to me, after this you’re fired.”

“Um… what porn video?”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I know you know what I’m talking about. That video, where the man with the huge… thing is with the woman with the huge… things.”

My stomach sank. “I’ve never seen that video.”

“Ugh. Fine, if you insist, I’ll play fucking porn in the office.” She obviously meant to be stern with that, but she also seemed a little bit excited. Her scent crept up slowly as she brought it up on her screen, far too fast I thought. “This video.” She turned her monitor around so I could see.

On the screen was me and Isabel from the day before, going at it like animals. Kastamonu Escort Bayan It was shaky and obviously filmed from a significant distance away, but it was unmistakably us. I looked down at the view counter. 16 million views.

I was absolutely shocked. My jaw hung open for a few seconds while I watched my wife and I grunting and slapping our bodies together.

Ms Annenkov’s scent was building. She seemed to be expecting me to say something. I decided what the hey, might as well tell the truth.

“I… uh… I mean, that’s me in the video.”

“What? You think that helps your case? You put on a prosthetic penis and did some CG and then came in the next day with your get-up on? What, did you accidentally superglue it on?”

I gulped. “Nnno. That’s my real penis. This is my real penis.”

She leaned back and smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile. I could now clearly make out her scent though, and she eyed my crotch with a new interest. “Of all the bullshit you could have said, that takes the cake. Nobody could have a cock that big, Mr. Mullen.” I’d never heard her use such sexual language before.

“It’s true.” On the screen, I was roaring as my cum jetted through the air. “And that’s my real ejaculation.”

“Bullshit.” She stood up and leaned over, so far over that I could almost see down her shirt. “There’s no way in hell you have a cock that big, or balls that can cum that much. You’re fired Mr. Mullen, pack your shit and go.”

I nodded and stood quickly. Unfortunately, my cock had other plans. Over the course of the meeting I had been getting really aroused from watching myself fuck my wife, along with Ms. Annenkov’s increasingly present scent. When I stood, my cock pressed hard against my pant leg, and unfortunately with my new physique and new insane level of hardness, it ripped right through my pants and underwear.

I stood before my boss with a huge hole ripped through the front of my pants, and my mega-sized, undeniably real dick and balls on full display. For a full second, nobody moved or said anything. Ms. Annenkov just stared at my cock. I went red with embarrassment and walked out the door.

“Mr. Mullen! Michael, Wait!” She pleaded.

I didn’t wait. I made a beeline for the front door of the office. On the way out I passed by Sadie and Paula, who had obviously been eavesdropping. Where earlier Sadie had just looked me up and down, Now both girls were gaping at my cock as it bounced and swayed in front of me. I paid them no mind.

I cried the whole drive home. When I finally got through our front door, I didn’t really know what to do. Isabel saw me first, on her way to finish cleaning.

“Hey, honey, what’s wrong? Why are you back from work so fast?” Then she saw my pants and guessed everything. “Oh no…”

I started blubbering while she walked over to me. “Why the hell did I think that was a good idea? Now I lost my job and we’re gonna lose the house and everything’s fucked because I didn’t listen to you. I’m such a fucking moron”

She shushed me and held me while I cried. “No, baby, it’s okay. You couldn’t have known this would happen. Just tell me exactly what happened.”

I recounted pretty much my whole day at the office while we sat on the couch. Isabel listened carefully. When I finished she said “Oh my god honey, that’s so terrible! Are you sure you’re fired?”

“…Well, I’m pretty sure. I mean there’s no way I can keep my job after I exposed myself in front of her like that. She’s really strict.”

“Hmm, and here I thought there’s no way any woman could resist you.” She shifted to press her milky breasts into me.

I could tell where this was going. My own urges were welling up too, and I welcomed the distraction. I pinched one of her big pointy nipples and she giggled in response, then moved to kiss me and started to stroke my towering erection. My vision started to get hazy again. Pretty soon she had mounted my dick and was riding me like a prize stallion, kicking off a long fuck frenzy.

It was night when the doorbell rang. We were taking a short break from sex to relax and breastfeed on the bed a little. I angrily popped my mouth off Isabel’s nipple and said “Now who the hell could that be?”

I got a towel and wiped off as many bodily fluids as I could, and then put on some sweatpants. I opened the door a tiny crack to see who it was.

To my surprise, it was Ms. Annenkov, but I barely recognized her. Her hair was down, cascading beautifully down her shoulders, and she wore a low-cut black blouse, a grey pencil skirt, and heels. I was surprised to see that she had a nice body, she was tall and slim but well-proportioned.

She seemed nervous. “Um. Hi. Is this the uh, Mullen residence?”

“Yeah Eleanor. What do you want?”

She shifted uncomfortably. “H-hi Michael. Can I come in? I want to talk.”

I was thinking about it for a little bit, and then her scent hit me. It was much stronger than it had been in the office. I Escort Kastamonu realized, then, why she was at my house.

“Okay.” I stepped aside to open the door and she tottered in, obviously unused to wearing heels.

“Thank you, I just don’t like talking through doorways, it’s bad luck you know…” she trailed off as she took in the environs of the house, specifically the ocean of cum on and around the couch. “…so it’s true…” she said softly. She whirled around when I closed the door behind her. In her eyes I could see fear, but I could also see – and smell – her intense lust. Oh, this is going to be fun, I thought.

Isabel called from the bedroom, “Who was it?”

“It’s my boss Eleanor. She’s here to talk.”

“THAT bitch?!” Isabel stormed out of the bedroom, buck naked and covered head to toe in semen, all jiggling tits and flexed muscles. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing firing my husband? Do you realize we need that job? Huh? Puta de perro!” It’s really uncommon to see Isabel angry enough to start cussing in Spanish. I thought she was going to beat the crap out of Eleanor right then and there.

To Eleanor’s credit, she was very diplomatic. “Sorry, it’s all just a big misunderstanding. Your husband’s not fired. I didn’t come here for business though, I came here tonight because I wanted to come and sort out the personal matter between us.”

Isabel calmed down, but hate still burned in her eyes as she said, “The personal matter? You mean *this* personal matter?” She yanked down my sweatpants, letting my rock hard dick flop out. Eleanor stared down at my gigantic cock and blushed intensely.

Isabel wasn’t done with her yet. “Ooo, this bitch wants it, doesn’t she?” She sidled up behind Eleanor and began roughly groping her breasts through the thin blouse, ruining it with cum. “You like to watch me fuck this thing? How many times did you come watching my pussy get pounded? Five? Ten?”

Eleanor stifled a high-pitched moan, and her knees quaked under the feeling of my wife expertly stimulating her tits. She said huskily, “I, I don’t know, I lost count… it’s all I can think about. Normal men can’t please me any more, I have to use dildos. I spent six hours last night watching your video and coming all over my biggest dildo, and more after work today.”

“That’s right, you’re a slut for my husband’s big dick. If you want it, you better get on your knees and beg for it.” She ripped apart Eleanor’s blouse, revealing her tits encased in a lacy black bra. “Beg slut. It’s what you came here for.”

Eleanor hesitantly got on her knees and looked up into my eyes. Her face was bright red and she looked utterly helpless. “Please, please use me,” she said, “My body is yours. I’ll be a good slut. Just please fuck me.” She arched her back and pulled open her ripped blouse to show me her perky breasts.

I almost took pity on her and told her to get up, but I remembered how much this same person had humiliated me in the past, and I decided to have some more fun with her. I turned to Isabel.

“Take her to the bedroom.”

I entered the bedroom with Isabel behind me, carrying Eleanor over her shoulder. She roughly dumped the humiliated slut onto our bed with a loud *splat*. Eleanor was clearly nervous and didn’t know what to do.

“Hike up your skirt and take off your panties. Get ready for this cock.”

Isabel took up position behind Eleanor, cradling the smaller woman’s head between her thighs. Eleanor’s head was surrounded on three sides by thick bush. Eleanor, meanwhile, frantically took off her lacy black panties and pulled her skirt up so it was around her waist, then spread her legs wide open. Unlike Isabel, her pussy was completely bald, and obviously pretty stretched out. Even now it was gaping open, ready to take in a huge dildo.

I walked up and pressed the shaft of my giant cock against her eager pussy, causing her to breathe heavily and hump lightly against it.

“Hmmm, I still just don’t feel like this slut deserves it. What do you think Isabel?”

Isabel grinned devilishly. “I agree. I think before you get this cock you’ll have to accept some conditions, bitch.”

Eleanor moaned and impotently spread her legs even further. “Yes, anything.”

Isabel ripped open her bra with one hand and fondled the exposed breast. “Condition one: he gets a raise. A big one. Condition two: he gets to show up at ten and leave at three every day. And condition three.” Isabel looked up at me with twinkling eyes. “While he’s at work, you will be his personal cum dumpster. You will address him as ‘master’ in private.”

Eleanor squirmed and humped more against the shaft of my cock. “Yes, yes I accept! I accept! Fuck me please master!”

I was satisfied, and I aligned my cock with her quivering entrance. Isabel meanwhile sat on her face.

Eleanor was tight, tighter even than Isabel’s asshole. I pushed in slowly, not wanting to seriously harm her. Her pussy lips stretched wide to accommodate the head of my penis, but I almost couldn’t get the head in. She wiggled her hips and finally the flared edge of my cock head popped in all at once. Her entire body shook and she moaned as a powerful orgasm overtook her. Isabel smiled at me with glassy eyes when the smaller woman’s moans vibrated through her love tunnel.

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