Chapter VII – (Part Five – Wrapping up Mandi’s First Assignment)


Last night, at a party at the home of our friends Gary and Sharon, we essentially experienced a sexual epiphany. For the first time since we met, about five years ago, Mandi and I each had sex with another partner. Unbeknownst to us (or at least to me), the party was not the normal cocktail party but a swingers’ sex party.I was seduced by a lovely lady that went by the name Jen, and Mandi was totally involved with the host, Gary, as soon as we walked in the door. It certainly looked a lot like a prearranged mating. This pivotal and potentially life-changing event occurred about a week after Mandi dropped a not unexpected bomb on me. She told me that she finally realized her sex drive was so insatiable, no one man could ever satisfy her sexual craving. She also told me that she did not want to destroy our marriage, but it was inevitable that she would be fucking others very soon.Mandi continued her announcement by suggesting that if I wanted to have sex with others, that would be okay too. But she made it clear that she did not want to break up the marriage, but rather disavow our pledge of monogamy and have what would essentially be an “open marriage.” While I would get very aroused by the idea of her fucking someone else, I was conflicted by what I acknowledged was an absurd notion that somehow her pussy would forever be changed if she had intercourse with someone other than me.We settled on the idea that we would give the open marriage concept a try, and see how well we both (but mostly me) would handle it. We agreed that this would only work if we were totally honest, forthcoming, and truthful with each other.This morning was Sunday, and Mandi and I awoke much earlier than normal. While Mandi was probably still in the afterglow of a new and marvelous night of sex, I had not slept well because of what happened last night. Fortunately, it was a beautifully bright and sunny morning, which never fails to make us both happy. Mandi rolled her beautiful and sexy body up against me, reached over, grabbed my morning wood, and said, “Well, what do you think about last night?”I responded with a hearty laugh and said, “Hey, that’s cheating.” But I realized this was a moment I had to seize properly if we were going to keep this marriage together. I continued by saying, “It sure looked like you were enjoying yourself immensely.”Mandi replied by saying, “I guess that was rather obvious, wasn’t it? I was like in one continuous orgasm, while Gary ate my pussy and then fucked me in both the missionary and doggie positions. It was hot beyond words. I was also pleased with myself that I finally tasted and actually enjoyed swallowing cum. I’m sure you can look forward to my giving you real blow jobs, and swallowing your cum or rubbing your pearly fluid onto my tits. And I’m definitely looking forward to you becoming an awesome pussy eater. But more than just the physical pleasure, it was because I knew you were close by me, and we could have this new sexual experience together without any fear or guilt. That was so awesome.”Mandi smiled at me and asked what I thought. I said, “Before I say anything, I need to fuck you so I can tell if your pussy is still the same. After that, I should be ready to talk.”With that, I pulled her head toward me, and we kissed with a renewed sense of urgency. I squeezed one of her amazing tits and pinched her nipple until it was standing proud. Mandi sucked in her breath, and while almost yelling told me to, “Fuck me hard and fuck me now!”Mandi turned onto her back and threw the bed covers off. I slid down the bed, grabbed her ankles, spread her beautiful legs apart, and looked at her puffy lips and soaking wet pussy. What a sight. Right then I decided I wanted to become the best pussy eater ever and dove down between her legs. But before I touched her hot and wet pussy, I looked up and said, “Shall we find out just how good a teacher Jen was last night?”Mandi smiled back at me and said, “I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more at this moment.”I extended my tongue and used the tip of it to lightly trace the outline of her puffy pussy lips. Mandi sighed and said, “That’s a good start.” With that, I went to work sliding my tongue as deep as possible into her incredibly wet and swollen pussy. I just loved the taste of her sex and knew I was hooked on this new treat. I started to tease her clit, and she started to squirm all around. Her chest was heaving up and down, while her breathing became very short. Then I added three fingers to the mix and plunged them deep into her gushing cunt while still tonguing her pussy.That did it for Mandi. She let out a howl and had a huge orgasm, writhing and shaking her head back and forth. After a few minutes, she calmed down, looked at me and said, “Let’s find out what kind of a cock sucker I am.”I smiled back and with a wink said, “Let’s leave that for a little later. I want to finish examining your magic pussy right now.”I quickly rolled over and pulled Mandi on top of me, moving her hips so she could impale herself on my totally hard seven inches. As she slid down onto my cock I could feel the walls of her pussy starting to squeeze down on me. As wet as she was, I could easily feed my cock into her while feeling all those erotic sensations that happen as you first enter a wet and willing pussy. I began thrusting into her, and then started slamming my cock into her as fast as my hips would go.Mandi was yelling, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” repeatedly. Then her pussy juice started squirting all over my hips and stomach. She went into another of her amazing orgasms. But I didn’t slow down until I ran out of energy. There’s nothing like a little cardio workout first thing in the morning.We were both sweating now and were slightly out of breath. She had cum several times, but I was still packing a full load. Mandi looked at me and said, “I’m pleasantly surprised you haven’t cum yet.””That had been my goal. I guess I did okay then.”“Are you ready now to find out how good a cock sucker I am? I want to taste your cum since I didn’t get a chance to do that last night.”“Absolutely. Go for it, you sexy slut.”With that, she quickly slipped off me, grabbed my cock in her hand, and brought it to her lips. It was totally coated with her cum juices, and she started licking it up and down like she was concentrating on savoring the taste of a new flavor of Popsicle. Then she plunged her mouth all the way down and totally engulfed it in her mouth. I thought I felt the head of my cock hit her throat.Had she deep throated me? I watched as she worked her mouth up and down on me, and I could see that she was taking me all the way down to the root. Her nose was bumping against my pubic bone. I guessed she was either a fast learner or had discovered that she had no gag reflex.She continued sucking and stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. In case she didn’t want to take it in her mouth, I called out to Mandi, telling her that I was about to blow my load. She just kept sucking and stroking me even faster and tried to mumble something with her mouth full. I couldn’t understand what she said, but decided that it meant she wanted to take my cum in her mouth.Then it hit me. Probably the most intense climax of my life rocketed through me. I started face-fucking Mandi, then ejaculating rope after rope of my pearly love juice into her warm mouth. The load was too much for one mouthful, so she pulled her full mouth off my cock and I shot the rest onto her tits.Mandi leaned over and opened her mouth to let me see the cum she was about to swallow. But before she did, she closed her mouth and appeared to be swishing the cum around inside her mouth. Then she opened her mouth, stuck out her cum-covered tongue, and swallowed the entire mouthful.She licked her lips and gave me a huge smile saying, “I just know I’m going to love swallowing loads of cum from now on.” Then she began rubbing the cum that I had shot onto her magnificent tits. What an incredible sight that was: the early morning sun streaming esat escort in the bedroom window and reflecting off the glistening cum she had just spread onto her magnificent breasts.This was unquestionably the most incredible experience of my life. It was so intense that my cock was still hard. Mandi looked at it, smiled mischievously at me, and promptly moved over my still hard cock and once again impaled her slippery pussy down onto it.She sat there on my lap with my cock firmly planted in her pussy, looked down at me with that Cheshire-cat grin and said, “Have you been able to determine if my pussy still feels the same after I fucked Gary last night?”It took several seconds for me to find the right words.“No, it is not the same. It is much better! Being a slut seems to agree with you. I can’t explain it, but I think your fucking someone else definitely enhanced the way it feels and responds. I’ve decided that I’m going to enjoy this open marriage concept better than I ever imagined.”With that, Mandi burst into tears and leaned over to embrace me for a good two minutes. She finally got herself together, sat back up, and said, “You’re still hard. Fuck me again right now! I just love how incredible it feels when I cum, and I need to keep doing it again and again.”We now knew what lay ahead for us and recognized that an open and honest marriage was going to work for both of us.oooThe next Wednesday evening, Mandi’s phone rang. She answered it and said, “Hi, Gary,” with a beaming smile on her face. I couldn’t hear what Gary was saying, but she continued smiling and then laughed.“That sounds wonderful. What can we bring?”Mandi laughed again and looked at me, saying, “Gary told me that Sharon will be gone on Saturday, and he’d like us both to come over in the late afternoon for drinks and dinner. He says he is a great cook. Are you okay with that?”“That just sounds like another chance for you two to fuck.”She giggled and said, “Of course. And I can’t wait. After all, if I’m going to be a good slut I need a lot of practice.”I broke out laughing and said, “This will be a good chance to see if you can handle fucking two horny guys at once. What time should we be there?”Mandi put the phone aside and said, “Gary told me he heard what you just said, and that was exactly what he had in mind. So let’s plan to be there at 5:30.”MandiAs far as I was concerned, it took far too long for Saturday afternoon to arrive. But that didn’t stop Dave and me from having some great sex each night before then. It was like my extreme libido had been turned loose, and I was finally free to think and do all those sexual things I had kept bottled up in me for far too long. I truly loved Dave so much and was thrilled beyond words when he told me that he would not only support but enthusiastically encourage my naughtiness and future escapades.I started getting ready to go over to Gary’s but didn’t know exactly what he had planned, other than I was going to have a lot of great sex with him and Dave. I took a nice long shower and made sure my entire body was absolutely smooth and hairless. After shaving it clean, I couldn’t resist slipping two fingers into my expectant pussy, playing with my clit, and enjoying a quick orgasm.Okay, I thought, I’m all warmed up now and ready to get fucked.Not wanting to slow down the seduction process, but also not wanting to appear overly anxious, I decided to wear some slip-on sandals with a four-inch heel, and a short, thin sundress that was slightly flared below the hips. It had spaghetti straps over each shoulder that tied in bow-knots so the top could be adjusted to provide whatever amount of coverage of my tits I wanted.It was a dress I bought a few years ago. Since then, I had added two or three inches in height, my body had filled out, and the dress had been washed about a hundred times. That meant it was at least two sizes too small. But that made it even sexier. It clung like it was molded to my tits and the hemline ended about two inches below my pussy. No bra or panties, of course.When I put it on and looked in the mirror, I saw that my pussy was barely hidden but the bottom half of my ass cheeks was showing just below the slightly flared hemline. Then I looked at my tits and adjusted the straps so that the top was low enough that my nipples were right at the edge of the material. I thought if I took a deep breath that my tits would pop right out. So, as a test, I took a deep breath. Sure enough, there they were in all their glory. I admired them in the mirror and pinched my nipples before I tucked them back in.I also knew that the slightest breeze would catch the flare of my dress, allowing my sex and ass to be on complete display. I may as well have had a sign hanging around my neck saying “Please Fuck Me.” But I loved the look, and that it made me feel sexy and horny, so I kept it on. I also thought it made me look rather slutty. But wasn’t that the idea? I was glad I made this choice.The drive over to Gary’s was very interesting. As we took off (it only takes about ten minutes to get there), Dave couldn’t keep his hands off me. He started by brushing my nipples with his fingers and then sliding his hand inside my dress to totally expose my tits. My nipples were now totally hard and extended. After getting me all worked up, he moved his hand to my bare leg and began rubbing the inside of my thigh just below my pussy.I left my breasts fully exposed. It didn’t take long for Dave to have two fingers inside my pussy. He was getting me so wet, and I began to feel my pussy juice running down to my ass. When we stopped at a couple of traffic signals, at least two drivers next to us got a good view of my tits and the lustful expression on my face. I made brief eye contact with them, smiled, and then let my head fall back against the headrest as I began to orgasm.We arrived at Gary’s on time with me almost looking like I had just been fucked. I took a couple of minutes to get straightened up before stepping out of the car. Fortunately, the dress was short enough that I wasn’t actually sitting on it. So, when I got out of the car, the wet spot from Dave playing with me was on the seat of the car rather than on the back of my dress.As we climbed the stairs to the front door, a brief gust of wind caught my dress and flipped the hem up above my waist. Dave, who was below me, got a great view of my butt and pussy lips. I didn’t react at all and wondered if anyone besides Dave might have seen my bare assGary and Dave shook hands, and Gary greeted me with a big hug and kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we exchanged a deep, sensual kiss. At the same time, he dropped one hand to lift up the bottom of the dress and ran his hands over my bare ass. He used the other one to test the temperature and dampness of my pussy. He immediately knew that I wasn’t wearing any panties and that my pussy was hot and sopping wet.He said, “I’m sure glad you wore something with easy access and it definitely appears that you are all warmed up.”I responded by saying, “Well, I surely wouldn’t want anything to get in the way or slow things down.”This evening was definitely getting off to a great start.Gary showed us into his family room, where there were two short, leather-covered couches sitting across from each other. They were separated by a glass and chrome coffee table on which Gary had placed some snacks along with a bottle each of a nice Chardonnay (in an ice bucket, of course) and a pleasant Napa Valley Cabernet. Gary poured a glass of Chardonnay for me and then a glass of the Cabernet for him and Dave.Dave and I took a seat on one couch, and Gary sat across from us on the other one. My pussy was already so dripping wet that I had to lift the back of the skirt so it wasn’t under my butt when I sat down. I figured the leather would easily wipe dry. We all made a toast to having a fabulous evening. I had no doubt that was exactly what was going to happen.As we sat there with my legs crossed, we started chatting about etimesgut escort bayan their recent party and how it played out with Jen seducing Dave and Gary and I getting it on for the entire evening. We agreed it was a terrific success, and that it really opened Dave’s eyes about my sexual cravings.Gary said he hoped he had successfully satisfied those cravings at the party, and that he would continue to do so as long as I was willing and wanting.As the conversation grew a bit more explicit, I uncrossed my legs and left them far enough apart that I hoped Gary could see my naked and very wet pussy. My nipples seemed to have a mind of their own and were creeping out over the top of the dress. Gary and Dave were both keeping a good eye on them too.After a while, I noticed that the bottle of Cabernet was empty. I asked Gary if he had more in the kitchen. He indicated there was an open bottle on the kitchen counter.I got up off the couch in such a way that my pussy was clearly in Gary’s line of sight. Then I turned around, bent slightly over at my waist, and shook my mostly naked ass at him.Before Gary could do anything, I stood up and turned my back toward them both while spreading my legs about a foot apart. I lifted my skirt up to my waist, so they could see my naked ass and my pussy lips that I was sure could be seen between my legs. I held onto my skirt and turned my head toward Gary, and then toward Dave, and gave each of them my best naughty smile. While still holding the skirt at my waist, I slowly sauntered into the kitchen while swinging my hips.I returned with the bottle of Cabernet, took a deep breath, and bent over in front of Gary to place the bottle on the table. Just as I planned, both my naked breasts popped out of my dress. Gary and Dave were able to see them in all their glory. Gary wasted no time and reached over with one hand and squeezed my tits and then lifted the hem of my dress so he could play with my bare, wet pussy. I could feel his fingers playing with my engorged labia and let out a long murmur of pleasure. I knew this had to be the time to get the party going.Without bothering to cover my tits, I sat down next to Gary, leaned over, and pulled his face to me so we could kiss. At the same time, I took my other hand and slid it up his leg to his crotch to see if he was hard yet. I was not disappointed as I closed my hand around his cock, finding that it was rock hard.Leaning back on the couch, I looked at both of them and said, “Okay, guys. Enough of this teasing. It’s time to get the party started.” I stood up and dropped my dress to the ground, leaving me totally naked for them to enjoy and appreciate.I sat back down on the couch and said, “I want both of you to come over and stand in front of me.” I was pleased when neither Gary nor Dave questioned this, and they quickly moved over to stand directly in front of me.In no time, I had unbuckled Gary’s belt, undid his pants, and let them fall down to the floor. Fortunately, he had gone commando so there was no underwear to get in the way. I repeated the same process with Dave, who I already knew had also gone commando.Two magnificent hard cocks were staring right in my face. I immediately took one into each hand and started stroking them. This was such a beautiful and erotic view. I wished I had a video camera handy that could record this moment.I took each of their cocks into my mouth, one at a time, and started sucking and licking them back and forth. Each cock looked and felt different in my mouth. Dave’s was slightly longer and thicker than Gary’s but Gary’s was circumcised, curved slightly upward, a smoother texture, and had a much larger crown. I enjoyed using my tongue to lick up and down both shafts so I could sense all those small differences. I realized that I definitely relish sucking cocks now. I was eagerly looking forward to having their cocks inside me as the evening progressed.Looking up at both of them, I asked if they wanted to cum in my mouth now, so they would be able to fuck me for longer periods later without risking cumming too soon.They looked at each other, and then both nodded an okay to me.With that, I started using my recently learned cock sucking techniques. I ran my tongue up and down Gary’s shaft and around the head while my left hand was cupped around and rubbing his balls. I used my right hand to stroke Dave’s cock. After a few minutes, I would switch to the other cock and continued doing that until Gary and Dave were moaning and leaking precum. I immediately began licking it off the heads of each of their cocks with my tongue. I made a big deal out of looking as though I was savoring each of the two flavors. I found it interesting that there was some difference in each of their tastes. Nevertheless, these were intensely erotic moments.After several rounds of this, I alternated sliding my mouth all the way down to the base of their cocks, and then started face fucking them. I had saliva running out of my mouth and down onto my tits. I did this back and forth several times and slid my mouth as far down their cocks as I could while using a lot of tongue action on the underside of their shafts. I thought this was so naughty and exciting, and could just imagine being surrounded by even more hard cocks. The idea of being in a gang-bang momentarily crossed my mind.Suddenly I got a crazy idea: to see if I could get both of them off at the same time. So I decided to see if I could tell when each of them was about to bust a nut, and then take them both in my mouth at the same time. I kept alternately sucking one cock after the other to get them on the brink of orgasm. When it seemed like the time was right, I grabbed both of their cocks and stuffed them into my mouth at the same time, sucking and pumping them until they both exploded in my mouth.What an incredibly erotic feeling it was to have two hard cocks blow their loads in my mouth at the same time. It was obviously more than one mouthful, so when it felt full I pulled back and pointed each cock down at my tits. They both continued spewing cum on my tits while I did my best to keep as much of their combined loads in my mouth as possible.It wasn’t long before I could tell that the guys were finished cumming. I looked up at them and opened my mouth to show them all the cum that I was about to swallow. Then I started moving my hands around on all the cum they had shot onto my chest and rubbed it all over my tits.After doing that for a short while, I looked up at them so they would see me swallowing their entire combined load of cum. Now that was extra naughty.We all exchanged high fives. I decided to leave the cum on my tits and walk around for a few minutes with the wine glass in my hand, totally naked and on my four-inch-high sandals. Just as though it was something totally normal. I got a real charge out of doing this. It felt so slutty, which I believe was the idea.Gary asked, “If you’d like some food, I’d be happy to fix us all something.”I declined pleasantly, saying, “It’s too early for dinner and I’d much rather fuck on an empty stomach.”Gary then added, “It is so hot watching you stroll around my house naked in heels with drying cum on your tits and a wine glass in your hand. If you would do this for a while, Dave and I could munch on some of the snacks and have a glass of wine while we recharge.”I thought that was a great idea. So I paraded around his house, sipping on my wine and thinking about the pleasures that lay ahead. Of course, I couldn’t stop from occasionally sliding two or three fingers into my pussy while I was wandering around. I realized that Chardonnay and cum actually go rather well together. I don’t think I’d ever felt so totally horny and could feel the pussy juice running down my legs. I wore a naughty, sexy smile on my face the entire time.Fortunately, it did not take the guys long to have a bite to eat and get hard again. They both agreed that the sight of me strolling around the house naked, knowing I was Escort etlik more than ready to fuck them both at any moment, hastened their recovery time.Gary suggested that we move the party to the master bedroom, which we all agreed was the perfect spot. I asked them if they wanted me to wash off the cum before we started fucking again. They looked at each other and gave me a thumbs-up to that.I then added, “I agree too. That way, I’ll be ready for more fun. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready.”After I finished cleaning up, I walked back into the bedroom, threw myself down on Gary’s king-size bed, rolled over onto my back with my legs spread, and started playing with my tits. I was so horny that I yelled out, “Okay, guys! Which one of you is going to fuck me first?”My entire body was just burning up with passion, and I urgently needed a hard cock in my pussy. Since this was the first time I had ever made it with two guys at the same time, I was not totally sure who was calling the shots. It looked to me like Dave was the most ready to go, so I decided to take the initiative.I rolled over onto my knees and into the doggy position, with my naked ass invitingly facing Dave. I looked at Gary and told him to come over and lie down in front of me so I could suck his cock. I then turned to Dave and cried out, “Damn it, Dave. I’m so fucking horny. Come over here and fuck me right now.”Neither one of the guys needed any additional encouragement. Gary lay down on his back in the perfect position for me to suck him. His cock and balls were directly in front of my face. I eagerly took his cock all the way in my mouth.Dave began teasing me by sliding the head of his cock between the lips of my dripping pussy. I was so hot. After a minute or two of this excruciating delay, Dave finally plunged his cock into my soaking wet cunt right up to the hilt.Dave grabbed my waist and hammered his cock in and out of my pussy like some kind of out of control reciprocating fucking machine. I couldn’t remember him ever feeling so big and hard, not to mention impassioned. At the same time, I tried to concentrate on squeezing the walls of my young, hot pussy as tight as possible so Dave would feel his cock being totally wrapped by my sex. I kept calling out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Don’t stop, don’t stop. You feel incredible.”I realized that watching me slide my mouth up and down and fully engulfing Gary’s now totally hard cock, while Dave was fucking me doggie-style, was something entirely new for Dave. I guessed he wasn’t going to last too much longer and was probably close to triggering an enormous orgasm that he couldn’t control.In short order, Dave hollered out, “I’m about to cum! Where do I want it, baby?”My answer was, “All over my ass.”I felt Dave suddenly pull out of my sodden pussy and immediately start squirting his cum all over my ass. All this started me into another wonderful orgasm. I tried to utter some impassioned sounds at the same time. But with my mouth stuffed with Gary’s cock, all that came out was a series of muffled grunts and moans.I stayed nearly motionless on the bed, in the doggie position, for several minutes. Realizing that Dave was done for the moment, I had no doubt that Gary would be sliding his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy as soon as he could move there.With that, I lifted my mouth off Gary’s cock and said, “Fuck me, Gary. Fuck me now and fuck me hard.” He got up and moved to the same position Dave had been in. Since my pussy was more than ready, he immediately rammed his cock into my wanton pussy. But after a few strokes, I felt him scoop some cum off my ass with his fingers. He then leaned over close to my ear and told me to open my mouth. When I did that, he put his cum-covered fingers into my mouth. I licked them off hungrily.Gary continued to go back to plowing his cock into my pussy, and I was in a state of nearly continuous orgasms. The sheets were soaked beneath me. Then I suddenly felt Gary slightly change his position, and he started playing with the outer ring of my puckered asshole with his thumb. He scooped up more of the cum Dave had deposited on my butt, rubbed it around my asshole as a lube, and started to slowly enter my rear entrance with one of his fingers.I pushed back against his finger and, in spite of being a bit apprehensive, was enjoying the sensations. I told Gary not to stop. He then tried sliding his thumb into my asshole. I started wiggling my butt around and felt that my body was beginning to welcome the intrusion into my hot hole.I wondered if Dave was observing all this. I glanced up and saw him watching (and hopefully learning) what was happening. He seemed to be doing so with an almost clinical interest.Apparently encouraged by the lack of objections from me or Dave, I saw Gary reaching into a drawer of the side table by the bed and withdraw a tube of lube. I felt him spread the lube around my little brown star and continue pushing his thumb into it until it reached my sphincter valve. While he continued thrusting into my pussy, he leaned over toward my head and said, “I’ll bet you’ve never been fucked in your ass before.”Rather breathlessly, I replied by saying, “Nope, at least not yet.”“If you really want to be a slut, you’ve got to learn to enjoy anal sex, and I know you’ll love it. You’ve been such a fast learner of new things so far that I’ll bet you’ll enjoy an introduction to anal sex tonight. Are you ready to give it a try?”With that, he playfully slapped the right cheek of my butt.“Okay, Gary. Let’s go for it. But please be gentle.”Gary pulled his thumb out of my hot asshole, picked up the lube, and said, “Okay, baby. I’m going to lube you up some more and I want you to totally relax. I promise you that you’ll have one of the biggest orgasms of your life in a few minutes.”He then spread more lube around my rectum and slid his thumb back in. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it now slipped past my tight valve. It made me hotter and hornier than I can ever remember. I concentrated on relaxing as much as possible. He then removed his thumb and easily inserted two fingers. After moving them around to spread the lube throughout my tight passage, he then added a third finger. I could feel how easily he was able to now stroke his fingers in and out of my asshole.I sensed that Gary was rubbing some lube onto his cock and felt him pressing it against my now open and willing asshole. He finally pushed his hard cock past my sphincter and began sliding deeper and deeper into me. I was both surprised and pleased that I was not experiencing any pain, just intense pleasure both physically and mentally. Not only were the physical sensations I was getting from my body both new and amazing, but the reality that I had taken another step toward becoming the slut I wanted to be also provided an odd sense of accomplishment.It didn’t seem to take any time until Gary was able to start pounding his cock in and out of my ass, and I felt his balls slamming up against my dripping pussy. I reached down to my pussy and started playing with my clit. In no time, I had the mind-blowing orgasm that Gary had promised. I was trembling and thrashing all over the bed, pounding my fists on the pillows and hollering out repeatedly “Oh fuuuck, oh fuuuking incredible!”Gary must have been feeling the same eroticism as well, and he bellowed out that he was cumming.With that, he pumped an enormous load of cum into my ass. I squeezed my asshole as much as possible to coax as much cum from Gary’s cock as I could. My body was convulsing, and it took quite a while for both of us to settle down. I finally felt Gary’s cock starting to soften, and it slowly slid out of my over-filled anus.I was in heaven. Having two great guys fucking me at the same time, and experiencing anal sex for the first time, had driven my libido somewhere off the charts.I thought it would be really naughty to take Gary’s cum-covered cock into my mouth to clean him off. But I decided to leave that nasty pleasure to another time and postpone achieving another milestone in my drive toward ultimate sluttiness.The last thing we did was look at Gary’s bed. It was a total mess and absolutely soaked from my pussy juices and several loads of cum. We all agreed that this was more than ample evidence that a good time was had by all.TO BE CONTINUED

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Der Umfang Machts 07

Gegen 9.00h wurde ich von Mama sehr sanft geweckt. Sie streichelte meinen Bauch und gelegentlich meinen verschrumpelten Zipfel. Sie lag…

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