Charismatic Ghost Ch. 02


*So after about, what, a month? I decided to return to this story. I’m sorry if I didn’t keep up with your expectations. Well, I was trying to find some inspiration to write this chapter. I was watching a Japanese anime where the guy’s sister confesses to him out of the blue. Seriously, she was all like, ????!?on episode 1! Total facepalm moment. Yet the guy kind of acted upon his own urges, but like most anime, he acted like a complete dumbass. Well again leave comments and ratings, I’m off to my next adventure after this one, hope it’s a good one too.*


Chapter 2


The first thing I did once she told me her inner thoughts was beyond my own conscious understanding. Therefore I see my sister before me, her top is unbuttoned and she is only wearing panties. Maybe I should have analyzed my situation before, it seems like it was weeks ago.

Weeks ago…

Minutes after Lisa told me her inner most feelings for me, I got into the shower. I never feel comfortable showering at friend’s house, but you didn’t need to know that. Well, I grabbed the towel off of the rack and dried myself off before stepping out. I made sure my hair wasn’t dripping before wrapping the towel around my waist.

Just as I stepped out I accidentally bumped into Lisa. I fell backwards onto the floor and my towel came undone. Lisa, caught off balance, stumbled forwards on top of me. I could feel her bare leg pressed up against my crotch. Her leg rubbed up against my crotch as she got up.

My dick grew, naturally, well because of the contact not because of my sister. Lisa noticed the hardness and looked down. She gasped in surprise and quickly looked up into my eyes. She covered her mouth to hide her blush.

Please move, you’re making this so uncomfortable. I wanted to scream it out, but then again my heart was beating so hard that I couldn’t speak. If there is a god, help me!

“Why are you getting hard?” Lisa asked, keeping her shocked expression.

“Uh… Um… I…” was all I could produce.

She sat up and looked down at it. I prayed to God that she wouldn’t do anything sudden. Well, if life gives you lemons, you smash their hopes and dreams to get lemonade right?

Lisa reached out with her hand and grabbed it by the base. If my heart could explode it would have. I almost came from contact with her hand. It was like being touched by something foreign and exciting.


Her hand quickly went up and down my shaft. I let out a moan and stiffened by the pumping of her hand on my shaft. I couldn’t believe that Lisa was stroking my shaft! It’s my sister, but damn it feels so good! As she continued stroking my moans gradually grew louder.

“Mike, Dad is down stairs,” she leaned in close to my face, “you know that right?”

I forced a quiet moan in response. She leaned in further and held a kiss to me. Repositioning her hand on my cock as she kept her lips pressed against mine. If Yenibosna Escort I hadn’t died by now then I truly am immune to heart attacks.

She stopped kissing me and moved down. Lisa watched up close as her hand went up and down my shaft. She seemed amazed by it. She stuck her tongue out, closed her eyes, and licked the tip. The bumpy texture of her tongue added a whole new sensation.

Lisa continued to curl her tongue around the tip as her hand kept moving. I thought my head would, both of them. As she wrapped her lips around my head I could feel her tongue flicking over the opening. I had to force myself not to come as she gradually put more and more into her mouth.

So much so, that her hand stopped moving and was replaced by a small sucking sensation. I wondered if all this warm wetness was really around my dick. Lisa bobbed her head up and down. Her moans and sucking sounds echoed in my ear.

No matter what I didn’t want her to stop. She looked at me in the eyes and winked. She started undoing the buttons on her shirt as she continued to suck me. Her ass wiggled as she did so. God it looked so much like the pornos that I’ve seen.

Did I forget to mention she only had on her panties? I’m a man in heaven. As I watched her wiggle her ass, suck my dick, and fondle her breasts a thought popped into my head. Dad is still home. I sat up and kissed her aggressively. I had enough sense to pick her up along with my towel and carry her into her bedroom.

I tossed her onto her bed and kicked the door behind me. In just two steps I got face to face with her and my lips pressed down on her. I kept kissing down her neck and across her front.

I tried sucking on the erect nipple through her bra. The fabric tasted horrible, so I pulled it down and put my mouth to her tit. I never really like the girls at my school, so I’ve never really dealt with this kind of thing. Anyways, I just mimicked what Lisa had down to my parts.

Except, instead of working a shaft I’m working her chest that needs to be fondled and sucked. Of course I grabbed the other breast with my free hand and started to knead it like dough. Lisa let out small squeals in response to my effort. I flicked my tongue and she moaned.

I realized that I’d need to pay attention to both, so I switched to the other mountain. As I continued to suck on her tit, I could feel her hand return and work my shaft. She worked it just a little more furiously than before. At that point I let go and looked her in the eye.

In one quick snap of the wrist I had her panties off of her. I placed my hand over the already wet and warm mound. She moaned like crazy as I stuck two fingers in her. I didn’t know it was that sensitive down there.

“Mike,” she said with glazed over eyes, “I want you!”

Without hesitating, without thinking, I was already lining up with the pink lips of her pussy. So near that I could feel the heat emanating from the inner Yenibosna Escort Bayan most parts. I felt my hairs stand on end from the tingling sensation I was feeling.

She wrapped her arms around me as I got in closer to her. I teased the opening and she spread her legs wide letting me know that she was ready. Without a second thought, I pushed my shaft deep inside of her. What I felt I couldn’t compare to anything else.

It seemed as if my cock were being absorbed and at the same time melted. It felt so moist and warm, gripping the whole of my shaft I thought I was about to come from any movement. She yelped as my hips moved quickly back and forth.

“It’s in!” she said, her eyes still glazed, “Your cock! Ram it in!”

Lisa moaned for it, she wanted it, and I was determined to give it to her. I thrust harder in her and the intensity of her moans increased. I wanted to come so badly, but I wanted this awesome feeling to last for a while at least.

“Shove it in me!” she moaned, “c’mon little bro, give me your cock, I want it!”

All I could do was grunt and continue going as hard as I could. As I thrust into her I kept moaning myself, to the point that they were almost uncontrollable. I wanted to let myself go so badly.

I heard my dad moving downstairs. I quickly stuck my tongue into Lisa’s mouth trying to keep quiet as I wondered what he could be up to. As I listened, I pulled off Lisa’s shirt and bra, taking one in each hand while I continue to pound her tight pussy.

I fucked her so hard that it began to hurt to hold it in. My speed increased and I moaned as I pumped my seed into my sister. I looked at her and she smiled.

“You came,” she stuck her tongue back in my mouth, “I can feel it swirl around me with love.”

I continued my hip movements as I started to relax my pace. I’m young, but holding it in for that long took it out of me. So I backed away and fell onto her bed satisfied. Lisa lay next to me.

Lisa put her leg on my junk as we lay together. I looked at Lisa and she had a funny expression written on her face. One I can only describe as both a smile and a frown. I wondered why she was making such a face.

“You were quick to change your mind.” She said, grabbing my cock and making it awaken.

“Yeah, sis,” I rested my head on her bosom, “I think I’ve been having dirty thoughts about you.”

She giggled a little, and when I looked up she was blushing. “Well, when I said I loved you, I didn’t mean physically.”

At that I frowned and looked at her. She read my silent question and laughed. I wanted to ask her what she meant, but there are some things you must not say. So I continued to rest my head on her chest.

“I’m hungry.” A little out-of-the-blue, but I was truthfully.

“I’ll make you something.” She smiled. Lisa got up and walked out of the room naked. I watched her go, this time with a new set of eyes. I watched Escort Yenibosna her hips sway to each step. After she was gone out of sight, I could feel my heart racing.

After a few minutes I started to smell something cooking. The smell of the cooking caught my arousal. I stood up and walked out of the room and headed downstairs. I neared the corner and peeked into the kitchen. There Lisa was, cooking in nothing but an apron. She turned towards the fridge, taking my chance I quickly stepped over to her.

I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her breast with my right hand, and slipping two fingers into her tight pussy. Lisa, caught by surprise, moaned as loud as she could. I wondered why the neighbors didn’t come over and see what that sound was.

“Little bro,” she moaned, “I have to cook!”

“Well, why don’t you cook as I finger you to orgasm?” I said with plenty of seriousness.

“Ah!” she cried out, pressing her hand to mine. She wasn’t saying no.

I walked with her to the stove as she cooked the chicken. As she cooked, I fingered her cunt and slid my fingers over her clit. As I touched that spot, I could feel her insides spasm with lewd pleasure.

I moved my front against her back and slipped my hard shaft between the cheeks of her ass. She turned her head as I slid my cock back and forth within her crack. I smiled at her and smashed my lips on hers. I slipped my tongue in and explored her moist mouth.

I bent her over and slipped my dick in as she turned off the stove. I finished what I had started. She moaned out as I thrust in her and I could feel her pussy get even tighter and spasm. Without much energy left I came as well. I kept pumping my cock inside her as my orgasm was receding.


Lisa and I have been fucking like rabbits since that day. We got so worried about mom and dad finding out that we rented an apartment together. Of course I got a job and she did the same. I’m sorry if it seemed like this has jumped but I didn’t know how to tell you.

Our daily routine is I wake up to a morning blowjob, she swallows my cum and tells me she made breakfast. With a whole new energy I get up and eat breakfast, by licking her pussy (of course I have some toast and eggs) before heading to work. At the end of the day I return home and suck the juices out of her. She screamed and moaned so load the first time that now she has to bite down on a rag. At night we go for a five round wrestling match.

I could say that maybe life is good. Of course, I am fucking something so beautiful, who could say different. I’m interested if other siblings have a relationship like ours. If they didn’t, then there wouldn’t be a word call ‘incest’.

*I know, terrible ending right. Well, at least the fact that I didn’t finish this story isn’t eating at me with guilt. I would also like to mention, that if you want to make a different ending then go ahead. If you want to add more detail and branch off the story then please do so. Just title the story “Charismatic Ghost (Alternate Ending) [Your username]” and remember to credit me or I’ll get back at you. Thank you again for reading this terrible story, I would like to read some of your alternate endings that would probably turn out better than this.*

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