Cheated Wife’s Anal Revenge

Big Tits

I have been fucking around on my wife for about two years now. I just can’t keep my cock in my pants. I am a pretty good-looking stud and the ladies like to flirt with me, I just can’t say no. I fuck the girls eighteen years old to seventy it makes know difference to me.

My cock is hard all the time; I never thought my wife would ever catch me cheating. I always kept her satisfied sexually but she wasn’t into any of the kinky things I liked to do. I like to fuck women in the ass, mouth and cunt make them act like whores and eat my cum.

My wife on the other hand has always been a straight man on top kind of fuck. In eight years of sex with her I have fucked her doggie style three times. She always says a woman is not suppose to like sex, she comes from the old school of women who believe you only fuck to have babies. She’s a good wife and a fabulous cook so I put up with her.

I just go out and have my wild sex with hookers and whores. My wife has let me eat her pussy about six times since we have been married she says it’s not normal to have oral sex. I was surprised the other night I came home about two o clock AM and my wife was waiting up for me. She never stays up past ten-thirty, so I was shocked.

She wanted to have sex and I had been out fucking a whore earlier that night and I smelled just like pussy. She came over and put her arms around me and started kissing my neck. I was afraid she was going to smell pussy on my breath. All of a sudden she looked up at me and said, you have been out fucking around on me, haven’t you? My heart was racing and I didn’t no what to say. She told me, to pull my pants off, she wanted to inspect me.

I pulled my clothes off and blonde pubic hairs was stuck to my cock along with dried up sperm all in my under wear. I was speechless she was standing there looking at my cum coated cock and all of a sudden she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock like a whore. I couldn’t believe my eyes my straight-laced wife was sucking the cum of another woman off of my cock.

When I felt my cum pumping up out of my balls, I told her I was going to cum but she just kept sucking and I shot a load of cum right Maltepe Escort in her mouth. She didn’t swallow any of it she kept it in her mouth till she got to the sink and she spit it out. Then she wanted me to sit down and talk to her, she wanted to know who I had been fucking and why was I fucking around on her? I told her that it was a whore I had met at the bar, and that I was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.

She ask me if I liked fucking whores? I replied, I like a woman to act like a whore in bed. She said, well from now on she was going to act like a whore. I was speechless! I went to sleep that night and got up and went to work the next morning. I was thinking about what my wife had told me, and my cock was getting hard as a rock imagining my pretty little wife being a whore. When I got off work I rushed home to find my wife in a black leather mini skirt and black stockings, high heel shoes and a bag of toys in her hand.

She met me at the door and gives me a big kiss, then she told me if I didn’t do everything she wanted she was going to divorce me and take everything I had. She showed me divorce papers where she had been to a lawyer and all they needed was signing. She then told me to go into the bathroom and take a shower, she also told me to shave my cock, balls and all around my asshole.

She than handed me a bag and said when I am done doing that to go into the bedroom and open the bag and wait for her. My emotions was running wild first divorce papers, now shave my cock, balls and ass. I was wondering what the Hell was going on. I did as I was told and went into the bedroom, when I opened the bag I found hand and ankle cuffs, collars and leashes and other products to facilitate my submission.

My wife came into the room and told me to lay down on the bed with my cock pointing up. As I lay there she cuffed my hands and feet to the bed in a spread eagle fashion. She then propped my head up with a pillow, she wanted for me to see something. She then left the room for about five minutes and when she returned she had two young naked collage aged boys, leading them into the room with cock leashes attached to there young hard İstanbul Escort cocks.

My wife then introduced them to me telling them that I was her whore-loving husband that liked to fuck around on her and she was going to teach me a lesson. She then undone both of there cock leashes, she told one of them to get up on the bed, she then grabbed my shaved balls with her hand and squeezed them hard, she said, that I was going to suck Rob’s cock and get him good and hard for her pussy and if I didn’t she was going to crush my balls.

I let out a loud moan from the pain she was afflicting on my balls. I had never sucked a cock before but it looked like I was going to now. Rob got up and stuck his cock against my lips and I opened my mouth and started licking the head of it, then he slipped it all the way into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I felt his cock growing and growing and I could taste a bittersweet taste in my mouth, I just figured it was pre-cum leaking out of his cock.

He yelled over to my wife that he was going to cum if I kept sucking his cock like I was. She told him to pull it out and come over to where she was and stick it in her cunt. Rob pulled his cock out of my mouth and I could see my wife sucking on the other guys cock. She was down on her knees with his cock in her mouth, Rob got behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her hard. My cock was getting hard watching my wife act like a slut.

She slipped the cock out of her mouth and ask me if I liked watching her acting like a whore? I didn’t say anything, and she resumed sucking his cock. Rob started pumping her pussy real hard and she told him to cum in her cunt. He started groaning and I knew he was pumping sperm into her pussy. When he was done my wife told him to go stick his cum covered cock into my mouth and have me clean the cum off of it.

I sucked the sperm off of his cock, it was my first taste of cum and it didn’t taste to bad. The other guy had pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and was fucking her pussy now. It wasn’t long he was shooting his cum in her cunt to. She then got up real quick and came over and sat down Anadolu Yakası Escort on my face and smeared both of there loads of cum all over my tongue and face.

She even had me licking her asshole before she got off of my face. She kept saying, come on slave eat me! Eat my wet pussy suck my asshole! Make sure you get all of that lovely creamy sperm out with your tongue. After several orgasms, she stood up and told me I was a good face fuck. My cock was so hard I hadn’t cum yet and my balls were aching, She reached down and undone my cuffs that was on my ankles she then lifted my legs up in the air and cuffed my ankles to the bedpost where my hands were cuffed to.

She then got out a jar of vaseoline and started working it into my asshole. I was yelling your not going to fuck my ass are you? She replied no I’m not going to fuck you, Rob is! I then looked between my legs and Rob was getting into position, my wife wrapped her fingers around his cock and started working it into my virgin ass.

It hurt like Hell till he got most of it in then the pain eased off, and I was starting to like the feel of it. He continued to steam hammer his length in and out of my abused asshole, my wife could clearly see bubbles of white, sticky cum, emerge from the seal that my ass had made around his shaft. She started jerking my cock off while Rob kept hammering my ass.

I felt his cock swell up and I thought it was going to rip my ass hole apart, I could feel his cum pumping into my ass and my cock started pumping cum out of it. I was totally exhausted. My wife licked up the cum I had spent all over my stomach then she went down and licked the cum out of my swollen asshole. It felt good her licking my abused asshole.

The young men put there clothes on and left, my wife still had me cuffed to the bed, she did let me take my legs down and cuffed them back in a spread eagle position. After they left she got my cock hard again and she got on top of me and rode my cock while she talked to me. She told me to look over there in the corner, I looked over there and they were a camera set up, she had filmed the whole thing.

She told me that from now on I was going to be her whore and that if she caught me fucking around she would divorce me and fuck all my friends while she showed them the movie of me sucking a cock and fucking a cock. I guess my fucking around days our over.

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