CHEATING WIFECHEATING WIFEMy name is Kristy. I’m 5′ 8” average looking, redish brown hair and light brown eyes.I’m a little bit over weight since I married, have 34C tits with big nipples and I think I have a decent ass.I was a virgin as was my husband when I married a couple of years ago. I “thought” that was best because we both would have so much sexual tension my husband would turn me into a fuck toy. I wanted him to use me, close to abusing me. Fuck my brains out, cum on my face, in my hair, on my tits and even make me give my ass up to him. Everything I’ve seen when I watched porn.Boy was I wrong. If and I repeat if he gets a hardon by accident he only fucks me missionary. He never ever ate me out. He won’t let me give him head, suck his cock when he’s fucking me so I could taste my pussy or he won’t cum in my mouth or pussy. The wimp always pulls out.I have every vibrator imaginable to fuck myself with. I even got a few butt plugs. I really get off with a butt plug in my ass while I’m vibrating my clit. I talk dirty to myself and have had many screaming orgasms.Is it too much to ask for my husband to pile drive me into next week? My story really begins when I was going to a wedding and reception. I wore a sexy black dress and decided I was going to be naughty. I bought a crotchless low rise G-string and thigh high nylons with a lace top. I keep my pussy shaved because I thought that’s what guys like and I like how my pussy lips looked so big shaved. I didn’t wear a bra nobody was going to see anything.I got a lot of looks at the reception. I “thought” it was because of the sexy black dress until I went to use the restroom. I looked in the mirror and looked again. HOLY SHIT with the lighting you could clearly see my big nipples and easily see the form of my tits. No wonder I was getting a lot of looks. At first I was embarrassed but then I thought fuck them, I’m not going to see them again. I liked the attention. I really feel sexy, almost dirty remembering my crotchless thong.On the way out of the restroom I ran into my neighbor John. Hey Kristy, boy look at you. It looks like not just the bride is going to get fucked tonight your husband must be aching to bend you over and take you as soon as you get into the house.Hah, my husband? He’s out of town on business.Interesting.Not for me it’s not I said as John ran two fingers down my cleavage pulling the top pf my dress slightly open.The güvenilir bahis touch of another man made my nipples hard. Oh how I wish….I like to wear cardigan sweaters. I put several of them in the washer and dryer to shrink them a bit and have several shear bras and a couple of half cup bras and a shelf bra. I like a little support of the bras. I felt naughty when I wore my lighter colored sweaters that were a bit tight and pulled a bit at the buttons. My nipples were clearly visible just like my black dress. I like to leave several of the buttons unbuttoned and wear black yoga pants. Sometimes a thong other times when I’m feeling naughty which is most of the time nothing.I laid out a few toys and including a but plug to get ready to fuck myself silly but first I decided to have a bite to eat when the doorbell rang. My neighbor John whom I saw at the wedding Saturday was standing there with a T-shirt and light weight sweats.Hello you sexy thing. I couldn’t stop thinking about you since I saw you Saturday he said as he ran two fingers down from my neck opening two more buttons on my already tight sweater down my stomach stopping right at my pussy. All I could think about was a man calling me “sexy thing” and he couldn’t stop thinking about me.I smiled.You’re a naughty girl, probably even nasty John said as he began rubbing his index finger up and down my pussy. I could feel my nipples becoming harder and my clit engorged with blood.All I could think about was you in your black dress. Showing off your big nipples and tits giving guys hardons you big prick tease.Were you wearing panties under your black dress? I was wearing a crotchless low rise G-sting and thigh high nylons with a lace top.You little slut!Normally being called a slut wouldn’t sit well with me. Because my husband was out of town and I was going to fuck myself in a few minutes John was really turning me on.I haven’t had sex since Saturday. I wanted to save my cum because one way or another I was going to fuck you. I have to have you. I to fuck all of you.I really wanted to drop to my knees and suck his cock but him saying one way or another he was going to fuck me made me so fucking hot.John I’m married as is my pussy. I’m not some slut you come over and fuck once because your horny. I turned and walked away hoping John would follow me into the house.John grabbed me by my hair pulling my head back. I could feel his hard türkçe bahis cock pressed against my ass. He whisperer in my ear.I told you one way or another I was going to fuck you. I want all of you. He started to pull my yoga pants down, I let him!John!Right here. Bend over the kitchen table.I did as John told me pressing my tits hard against the table. He pulled my yoga pants down to my knees. I expected him to fuck me instead I felt his tongue licking my pussy. Although technically I’m not a virgin this is the first time I’m going to be eaten out. John sucked an my pussy lips, tongue fucked my pussy and asshole too!I suddenly realized I had spread my ass cheeks apart for him and was practically yelling ohhh fuck I’m cumming you’re making me fuckin cum.Get up and turn around slut.I stood up, ripped my sweater open giving John access to my tits. John had his sweats off his cock pointing almost straight up. It was a little bigger then my husbands. I saw his cock head leaking precum. I ran my finger across his cock head and put my finger in my mouth. Mhhh salty I thought to myself. I could only get one leg out of my yoga pants before John pushed me back on the table.John rubbed his cock up and down my pussy.What do you want Kristy, tell me what you want.I want you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me and spit at him.You fuckin bitch John called me as he slid his cock in my pussy, slapped my tit across my extended nipple and began to choke me.I’ve never been so hot John treating me like a fuck toy stretching my pussy with his cock, pulling on my nipple and choking me. I lost all control.Harder mother fucker, stretch my cunt out. I want all of your cum. Drain every drop of cum from your balls in my pussy.You’re one hot slut Kristy.Cum in my married pussy. My pussy is on fire. John grabbed my neck again and shouted I’m cumming bitch, I’m going to give your pussy the cum you’re begging for.I wrapped my legs around him. Finally I was able to feel a guy cumming in my pussy. It was better then I imagined. Feeling burst after burst of his hot cum filling me up. Oh fuck John your hot cum feels so good. Fill my pussy up with your cum.Uggg, uggg, oh shit you’re so hot you made me cum like never before.John pulled out and I went to my knees sucking and licking his cum and my pussy juice off his cock and balls.Kristy you’re the dirty girl of my dreams.Come to the bedroom, I’ll show you how dirty I am. I kicked güvenilir bahis siteleri of my yoga pants and left my open sweater on.How’s this for a dirt girl? I picked up my butt plug sucked on it for a minute, lube it and my ass. I bent over giving John a view of me inserting the plug in my ass.In about five minutes I’m going to fuck your ass Kristy.Lay down I told John. I pushed his legs back sucked on his balls and licked his ass. He really almost instantly sprang to life when I inserted my finger in his bung holeYou’re going to take my ass I got yours first.I have to admit Kristy that does feel good. You’re hitting my prostate just right.I smiled and ran from the bedroom, John right behind me tackling me to the floor. John laid on my back pulling out my butt plug.What are you going to do to me?I’m going to take your ass and not with my finger. My dick is hard for your ass.I felt Johns cock head against my asshole. He pushed his cock in slowly. It hurt a little more then I thought it would. You fucking bastard you’re taking my virgin ass.I told you got to have you, all of you Kristy.I was enjoying John fucking my ass. His cock slipped out so I ran to the bedroom. John was in hot pursuit.John grabbed my hair again, I’m not done with you!John sat on the bed, sit on my dick, I want more of your ass.I slowly lowered my ass down his hard shaft. John leaned back pulling my legs back. I looked in the mirrored closet doors. Holy fuck I am a slut. I could see my pussy and Johns balls. Even the look on my face was hot. I began rubbing my pussy and clit. I came so hard my legs shook.Oh fuck Kristy I’m going to cum.In my mouth John cum in my mouth.I pretty much jumped off John and got on my knees. John grabbed my hair pulling my head to his body and his cock down my throat. I could hardly breathe. John pulled his cock back a little I got as much air as I could before his cock was down my throat. I felt John shaking.Fuck Kristy I’m cumming, ooo,ooo, ooo oh shitI felt his hot cum slide right down my throat.Oh mother fucker Kristy that was so fucking hot, you’re so fucking hot.So are you. The next time you get a hardon you better come to me.Same for you Kristy, don’t use these toys use me.John and I talked for a bit then he left. I was not sorry for being a cheating wife, my husband had all of me available to him. I need sex. I need to be fucked just the way I was just fucked. I am a slut, fuck meat and I’m OK with that.I fell asleep, the next thing I knew it was morning and the bell was ringing. I threw on a robe. It was John at the door his cock out of his pants.I got a hardon thinking about you.Come in lets take a shower.

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