Cherry Blossom


Richard found a window seat on the train. He was on his way out of town to find his to his first job.

The journey took two hours, and he got to Blazerville at supper time.

He asked the porter where to find a motel, and was directed to the Morrison motel. The walk took about twenty minutes.

Richard took a room on the ground floor, arranging to stay for five nights.

He asked the clerk where any eateries were, as he registered. He decided on Pizza Hut. It was quite a walk but he decided to go there to eat.

Richard sat at a table by a window that looked out over several homes that were spreading away up an incline, out toward a wooded hillside.

“Hi stranger welcome to Pizza Hut, what can I get you those evening” Came a voice close by.

“Oh hi, do you have Color’s light?” Richard asked the waitress.

“We sure do, I’ll leave the menu with you. I’ll be right back” she said warmly, as she turned and walked away.

She appeared to be in her thirties he guessed. What ever, she had a pleasing demeanour, to him.

The waitress came with his Coor’s beer. “Here you are sir, enjoy your drink and I’ll be back shortly for your order.

“Thank you, I sure will” Richard said as he poured his cold beer and took an eager drink. Scanning the menu he decided on spaghetti and meat sauce, then sat back and looked lazily out of the window at the Vista of trees and houses.

Picking up his glass as the waitress reappeared, and headed for his table.

“I’m Norah, So what can l get you this evening

“Hi Norah, that’s a really nice name. I’m Richard by the way; I’d like the spaghetti and meat sauce please. Richard replied and added “this is a pretty town.”

“Oh you’re not from around then Richard?” Norah said as she took the menu and wrote his meal order down.

“No I came in earlier today on the train. My parental home is about eighty miles west actually.” Richard said. “It’s a small place, so I decided too look for work away from there.”

“I wish you luck, and welcome to Blazerville. Let’s get your order for you right now. Nora said with a warm smile, as she walked away.

Richard finished his beer as the waitress arrived at his table with his supper.

“Your spaghetti with meat sauce, Can I get you another beer maybe?”

“No thank you, a coffee would be nice though, please.” Richard said as he looked at Nora.

“We can do that. What kind of work are you looking for, may I ask?” Norah asked.

“I took a course in business management and sales at the college back home. So something in the sales field is about as close as I can get right now.” Richard replied. “But first I need to get some wheels, so I can get around easier.”

“Yes booting it is too hard and public transport leaves quite a bit to be desired for sure” Norah said and turned and walked away

She returned with a tray with a cup and bowl of creamers along with a pot of coffee “have cup of fresh coffee fella, so where you staying at?” She enquired as she poured a cup of steaming coffee.

“I have a room at the Morrison motel.”

“Wow that’s quite a hike, you should have come in about an hour later, then I could give you a lift. It’s on my way home.” She said.

“That’s nice of you, thank you I’d offer to take you out for a coffee, but you’d probably be coffeed out, and it may not be appropriate either.” Richard said. An attractive woman like Norah will be attached very likely.

“Now that would be a nice offer.” Norah said with big grin, and added “I’d take you up on it as well” she gave him a really warm smile, as she walked away.

Richard ate his spaghetti slowly, enjoying every bite. He was wondering if she was with someone or not, as he remembered it, she didn’t have a ring on her finger.

“Would you like some more coffee?” Norah said as she approached his table from the next table, across the room.

“Yes I’d love another cup please, you have great coffee here. What desserts are available, to night?”

“Desserts, let me bring you the menu, I won’t be a moment.” She said as she refilled his cup, and then strode away with slight sway of her shapely hips.

She could see Richard looking at her as she walked away. The glass divider was acting like a mirror, for her yet not for him.

The visual attention amused her, and secretly interested her a bit.

Her past relationships had left different things to be desired, and that left her aloof and alone.

She got a menu and returned to Richard’s table. “Here you are. The coconut cream pie is really good; this is just a suggestion for you.” Norah said quietly and asked “I hope you didn’t leave some sweet heart wondering when she’ll see you again.”

“No I didn’t, I didn’t have a real girlfriend, go figure.” He said and after a pause said, “I’ll take your suggestion and have a piece of coconut cream pie please. Who’s the really lucky man in your life, I envy him.” Richard said as be handed the menu to her.

“A fine looking man and no Ataşehir Escort girl friend that’s sad. I guess in that we are alike. Let me get you your pie Richard.” She said and walked away, and his eyes followed her intently. He drank in as much detail as he could. A nice trim body and shoulder length brown hair

Norah was doing much the same, through the reflection off of the pane of glass. She was finding his attention and interest both exciting and a bit unnerving, all at the same time.

“Here you go, enjoy.” Norah said and added as she pointed at the cherry, “a small bonus”

“Oh, thank you, it looks delightful and kind of cheeky” he replied then added “I like cheeky” he chuckled.

Norah gave him a little wink then asked “what is the kind of vehicle are thinking of getting?”

After tasting a forkful of pie Richard replied “a used pick-up truck I think. Your right this pie is great.”

“A truck, really, not a sporty car, i’m surprised. There is a truck dealership a couple of blocks over from the motel, it’s a bit fiddly to find though. I could take you over there if I was giving you a ride.”

“Now I know what I’m going to do” Richard said and then added; “I’ll finish my meal and go to Ashley’s and look around. Then I’ll come back and I will take you out, for the coffee, or what ever!”

“Oo, now that is kind of cheeky. But like you I like cheeky, I’m finished at 11o’clock. Come back and have a beer while you wait for me, on me, OK.”

“You sure, that’s nice.” Richard said, and after a paused he said. “No sports cars, they cost to much for one thing, and an a used truck is much less a target to being taken or vandalized, you know what I mean”

“That’s very true for sure. I’ll get your bill, when ever you are ready, OK?”

“Thanks, want to share the cherry with me?” Richard said, with cheeky grin and added “just joking”

“You shouldn’t joke with an older lady, hm.” Norah replied with a sidelong glance.

“Sorry ma-am” he said quietly as he smiled at her, his face coyly down turned.

Norah came back with his bill and put it on the table “when ever you are ready, no rush.” She touched his hand and walked away.

He looked at his bill, on the bottom she had written ‘A cherry Cherrie’, and her phone number.

He got his cell phone out of his pocket and keyed in Norah’s number into his contacts list.

Touching her number his phone dialled out.


“Mai Oui Cherrie” he replied softly and hung up.

Going to the counter Richard paid his tab to the man at the cash register and left

He had a good look around Ashley’s. He would need a few sticks of furniture some time, when he got a place to live. He headed back to the restaurant and sat at a table by the window and waited, Norah was busy with another table.

The man that was at the cash register came over and took his order for a Coors light.

Norah’s voice came from behind the glass panel “yes, ha, ha, see you tomorrow John, good night”

She came out around the end of the glass divider, a warm smile on her face.

Her Green knee length dress looked really nice, a nice contrast to her Brown shoulder length hair

Getting up Richard drank the last of his beer and strolled over to Norah.

“What’s your pleasure?” Richard asked as he got to where Norah was standing.

“Let’s get out of here and then decide.” Norah said quietly.

“Good idea.” Richard replied as he held the door for her.

“Let’s show you where the dealership is first, the owner was my neighbour, Ken Martin’s. He’s been in business for a long time.”

They got in Norah’s black Ford focus.

Richard looked around at the interior saying “you have a nice car, very nice”

Norah sat behind the wheel saying softly “you think so?” She said as she started the car. Her skirt rode up her legs a bit as she worked the pedals.

“Fore sure, what was your neighbour like?”

“I think he is a straight arrow, I know there some smart Alec’s out there, but I don’t think he’s one of them” Norah said. “The fire hall, that is across the street from the motel. It was built and blocked off the street that his dealership is on. OK there is the fire hall, and your motel, we turn right here, and go a block and turn right again. Then right again.”

Norah made the last right turn they were looking at the back of the fire hall down the street, and there on the left was the dealership.

“Here we are lets see what they have to offer shall we?” Norah said as she turned off the engine and got out of her car.

“It’s really nice of you, to show me where the dealership is, but it’s awful late for you. And you’ve been working all day.” Richard said as he got to where Norah was standing

She put finger to his lips. “I’m a big girl, and I don’t have to work tomorrow either.” She took his arm and proceeded onto the lot.

“Yes you are, and a really sweet one as well.” Richard said as he squeezed her hand affectionately. Acıbadem Escort

“Well there are three trucks, see anything that interests you?”

“Good question, yes but it’s not a truck.” He said with cheeky grin on his face.

Norah felt his hold on her hand tighten very slightly. “That Chevy looks a contender” Richard added as Norah smiled and slowly pulled his hand toward her.

“Lets take closer look then, it looks in nice condition, you will have to see it in the morning, it’s a good starting point at least i think. What do you think?” Norah said as they peered through the window.

“It’s good starting point, now what is your pleasure?” Richard asked as he turned toward her.

“What about a romantic and quiet drink, to get to know a sexy young man. Somewhere that’s dimly lit and where you aren’t known.” Norah said softly as she held his hand.

“I like that, it sounds nice, you’ll have to lead the way. I will get us lost for sure.” Richard replied.

“So we shouldn’t get lost, hm?”

“Eh, oh that is very interesting and daring.” After a pause he added, “Let’s go and relax, and enjoy that drink.”

As they got to Norah’s car their hands drifted lazily apart as Richard walked to the passenger door.

Norah got in and proceeded to turn her car and they drove away “so you think that truck fits the bill for you, I have to say it looked like it had been cared for.”

“Yes, I think it would be great, pretty much what I was thinking of. Who ever owned it appears to have taken care of it, you’re right.” Richard said quietly, as he put his hand on the seat between them. “You were so sweet to take the time to show me the dealer’s lot, I’ll think of a way to say thank you.”

“I’m sure you will, and it was my pleasure anyway.” She replied as she slipped a hand down to stroke his as it rested on the seat.

They pulled into a parking lot for a lounge bar called the highwayman.

“It’s time for me to step up to the plate” Richard said as he got out and went around and held Norah’s door for her to get out, “thank you Richard, that was nice.” She took is arm and hugged him against her side, as they walked to the door. Going in they found a table with three easy chairs, that was vacant, and a bit off to the side off the room. Norah sat in a chair with her back to the main part of the room, and Richard sat facing her.

“What can I get you folks?” The waitress said as she got to their table.

“I’d like a peach margarita” Norah said as she crossed her legs slowly.

“Can I have a Coors light please” Richard asked.

“One margarita and a Coors light, very good, I’ll be right back folks”

“This is a nice lounge” Richard said as Norah put handbag on the table and uncrossed her legs, slowly slipping a foot out of her shoe and sliding it across against one of his shoes.

“Here we are folks, one margarita,” she said as she put the drink on the table by Norah, “and one Coor’s light, is there anything else I can get you?”

“Thanks, no that’s fine”. Richard said with a smile. “Cheers and thanks Norah, you are special.”

“Cheers, you think so, you are as well.” she replied quietly. Her foot gently stroked Richard ankle. She moved a bit in her easy chair affording him a small glimpse of her legs.

They finished their drinks and left, Norah hugged Richard to her as they walked to her car. Getting in Norah drove out of the parking area, and headed to the Morrison motel. As they drove Richard had his hand down on the seat between them. He shrugged his shoulders and in response his hand slid up against her skirt, it felt warm against the back of his hand. The contact was definitely noticeable, and it was noticed, with interest and intrigue.

Slowly he slid it along her leg down towards her knee, as he did she moved her leg very slightly, to press against his hand. Slowly as he moved it closer to her knee he twisted it and up onto her leg and squeezed it very gently, leaving it on top of her thigh as she drove into the motel parking. Norah turned her car off and put her hand on his.

“Would you like to come in and I’ll make some coffee, sorry don’t anything to make a nightcap drink.” Richard said.

“No I should be going, there’s always tomorrow.”

“That’s OK, it’s pretty late, thanks for all of the help Norah, and you are really special” Richard said as he took hold of Norah’s hand and kissed its Palm. His breath felt hot on her hand.

“Well I don’t have to get up early. You are kind of special too you know.” Norah replied as Richard continued to hold her hand “next time, em. I think I’m going take a nice warm shower when I get home and head to bed.”

“Would you like me to give your back a wash, it’d be my pleasure?” Richard said softly as he looked at her hand.

“Oo, em. Now that is saucy, my, my. I could take offence at the suggestion mm. Like I said I’m a big girl though, and I’ll take it under advisement.” She took hold of his hand and lifted it to her face and kissed İstanbul Escort the palm of his hand, touching the tip of her tongue to it as she looked at him.

“That’s fair.” Richard said and got out of her car and walked to his room and unlocked the door.

As he was unlocking the door Norah was starting her car.

Richard turned and waved, and Norah waved back. Putting the car in gear and prepared to leave as Richard went in and closed the door.

Norah drove home, her emotions all a Twitter at Richard’s sexy and daring suggestion. She needed a cool shower now, to calm her excitement down.

Richard made himself a cup of coffee and sat, watching the TV aimlessly.

He got his cell phone and selected Norah’s number, and entered a text message.

i> sleep tight nom Cheri fxx

After sending it he closed the phone and finished his coffee, turned the TV off, he undressed and got in bed.

Norah got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a fluffy bath towel and went into her living room. She saw her cell phone was on, she picked it and saw that there was a message waiting. She opened it and read it. It made her feel all warm, and she tried to figure out what fxx meant. She opened the reply panel and said.

I>you too Richard.?fxx? Xxx

She put a hand up and pressed it to her towel covered breast, sending him kisses and wondering what he meant was exciting her more than she cared to admit to. She had just met him, and was feeling surprisingly aroused by him.

Norah wandered lazily to bedroom, dropping her wrap onto a chair and picked up her filmy nightie. Putting it on, she looked at herself in the full length mirror, all of five feet six she had a soft shapely body, her job helped her to keep in good shape, and it felt good, as well as looking good.

With a contented grin Norah slipped into bed and turned off the light.

Richard’s alarm went off at eight o’clock, waking him from a nice sleep.

He got up and shaved and showered, after dressing he went to McDonalds for his breakfast.

It was a bit cloudy but warm as he headed out to the Ken Martin’s auto dealership.

He walked on to the lot, and leisurely looked around. And then he focused on the Chevy, which Norah and he had looked the evening before.

As he was looking in the door window he heard a voice from behind him. “That’s a good running vehicle.”

“It’s a nice pick-up, are you Mr Martin?” Richard asked politely.

“That’s me; may you be interested in it then?”

“Yes I am a neighbour of yours told me about your dealership, and that it was tricky to find.”

“Yes it is tricky since they put in the fire hall; you must know Norah I guess.” Mr Martin said pleasantly.

“We met at the pizza hut yesterday, I came into town yesterday, and went there for a meal, and got chatting that’s when she mentioned you.”

“She’s a nice woman. Would you like too take the truck out?”

“Who had it previously; it’s been babiedd by the looks of it.”

“It was one of our firemen actually, he bought a new truck and this was his trade.”

“Ah that explains it, yes please; I would like to see how she runs.” Richard said.

“Here you go then.” Mr Martin said as he handed Richard the key.

Richard looked at the sticker on the windshield that indicated that the asking price was $6,500.

“$6,500 that’s the price? If I like it I’ll get cashier’s cheque for you at the bank.” Richard said as he opened the trucks door.

“Cash, I’ll drop 300 off of it, how’s that?”

“Come with me Mr Martin lets keep this all square” Richard said, with a happy smile on his face.

They got in the truck and drove out of the lot. After a short drive that took them to a hill, Richard took the truck up with ease. “It handles nicely, 12,476 miles, it’s nicely run in” Richard said.

“Ben Johnson’s a family man, with two kids, they never went far, and he liked the cheaper insurance, that’s why he got it.” Mr Martin replied.

“Families aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. I like this vehicle a lot, lets get you your cheque.” Richard said as he headed towards his bank.

As they stopped outside the bank Mr Martin said “here’s my card, they know me here and will know who to make it out too. $6200 not $6500 OK”

“Thank you I appreciate that a lot, I’ll be back shortly.” Richard said as he got out of the truck.

Several minutes later, he returned and got back in the truck and handed the cheque over, “there you go sir $6200 in full, thank you. I guess we should head back to your office and finalize the business.”

“Then you will be all set, were do work might I ask?”

“That’s my next assignment, to find a job. That’s why I appreciate the reduction you gave me in the price for the truck.” Richard said.

“What kind of work you looking for, anything in particular?”

I got a diploma in business management and sales last year, so that’s the area I’m looking for.” Richard replied, as he drove back into the dealership lot.

With the papers and insurance all secured Richard drove to the Starbucks coffee shop and went in and got a dark coffee. Sitting he got his phone out and sent a text off.

I> morning Mon Cherie, what are you up to. Did you sleep well?

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