The second I walked out the door I exhaled. It’s that step that’s the hardest. You wouldn’t think so – but closing the door on the real world, and taking the first stride into my secret existence is always exhilarating. Maybe it’s because I know what I’m doing is wrong but don’t care. Or maybe it’s because nothing makes me instantly wet like knowing I’m headed to meet my Master.

The real world has a partner, a child, a serious job, school meetings, dance nights, etc etc etc – all that stuff that comes with the grown up world. And yet behind that – behind that veneer of ‘normal’, the ‘perfect family’ is me, fucking my partner while thinking about my Master using my body.

When he texted last week and set our meeting last night he laid down the rules for the days ahead. No cumming!!. First rule. I wasn’t to touch myself without his permission – I was to perform all tasks assigned to me in the coming days – and I was to remember as always, that I was nothing more than his dirty slut – my purpose being nothing more than to serve his desires.

I picked up the text in a meeting with 2 international clients – and just his name on my phone elicits the controlled reaction –my clit tingling, my pussy moistening. He owns my body and mind even when He is not with me – and He loves nothing more than to exert that over me – to make me a quivering mess until I’m begging to see Him – to be abused and humiliated and fucked like the whore I’ve always craved to be. I love it – and He knows it.

He checked in with me during the week – assigned Monday as panty free – made me write the words ‘fuck meat’ in pen on my thighs, then text Him several pictures of my naked pussy from my office during the day.

Tuesday’s text – He dressed me. Holy Shit did it cause a stir in the office (and at my coffee place, and down the street). Black Bostancı Öğrenci Escort suspenders, mid thigh black summer skirt, black stockings, red lack bra, white see thru shirt, long black jacket, black 4 inch heels. Long black hair brushed straight in a pony tail down my back, soft make up, red lips. I had to put my coat over the top to leave the house – and jumped in the car, knowing I looked like a total slut. Let’s just say I spent a lot of the day in my office with the door closed!

I often work late on a Tuesday, and Master knows this well – and when he texted to ask if the office was empty – he knew the answer would be yes.

“turn on your webcam slut” He demanded. I did exactly what I was told and was greeted by him sitting back in his chair stroking his perfect 9 inch cock.

“You know what I’ve been thinking about to get this fucking hard cum slut?

“Using me Master?” I reply

“Not just using you slut – coming to your office and bending you over that desk – grabbing that gorgeous fucking hair and wrapping it around my wrist and pulling fucking hard as I bury the full length of my cock as far into your tight little whore cunt as it will go.”

I gasp – my clit tingling as my mind goes there instantly – I can feel my pussy getting wet, that’s how strong his hold is over me.

“Give me something to watch you dirty whore – I want to see your tits out with you fucking your self until I get off. Don’t you dare fucking cum though bitch or you’ll pay for that when I see you on Friday. Now fix up the camera so I can see properly, get your sexy ass in that chair – spread your legs nice and wide so I’ve got a perfect view – and start rubbing that pussy like a good little slut.”

I do as I’m told of course – undoing the buttons on my shirt, unhooking my bra and cupping my tits Bostancı Çıtır Escort so he can see them.

“lick your nipples whore” he said, and I push one breast up into my mouth and lick my nipple – sucking it, grasping it in my teeth.

“mmm – fuck you’re a good slut” he smiles wryly. “How many fucking guys would give their left nut to have a horny little bitch at their disposal – who not only loves sex, but gets off on being roughly handled like a cheap and nasty cum bucket”.

He strokes himself harder, faster…watching me suck my tits. “Get in the chair bitch, open those legs up, spread them wide – I want to see my pussy! Now rub your clit, get it all wet with your juice – then get those fingers in your cunt slut – come on, fuck yourself you little whore”

I start fingering myself – first two, then three – trying not to enjoy it too much as I know I’m not allowed to cum. Master is stroking the fuck out of his cock and panting heavily while staring at the screen.

“That’s it slut – stretch open that hole – I want to see more fingers in there you fucking dirty skank. Fuck yourself – harder bitch, fuck yourself deeper – I want to see that whole hand in there you nasty whore.”

I do as I’m told, pushing all my fingers into my soaking wet pussy – feeling the muscles contract – trying to make sure I don’t cum.

“Get those fingers out and suck them clean bitch” He demands, and I pull my fingers out of my gaping pussy and starting sucking them clean. I know Master is close – he always loves watching me suck my own juice.

“That’s it you nasty whore – taste yourself, suck up your pussy juice. Just like licking it off my cock honey – just like tasting your ass after I’ve fucked your hole good – all the way down your throat bitch – get those fingers clean – that’s it slut, gag Bostancı Elit Escort yourself, you know I fucking love the sound of you choking. That’s it bitch – choke yourself slut, dirty nasty little cock whore” he screamed as he came violently on the other end of the screen.

“Ahhhh – that’s fucking better. I needed that. Not the same as having you here to lick up my cum and clean my cock, slut – but still good. That should keep me going until I see you on Friday!

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur. I had company stuff and family stuff and school stuff and things to get organised before I left for the ‘conference’ on Friday afternoon. When I finally got a chance to check the phone I use to communicate with Master late Thursday – there were a dozen texts and at least that many voicemails – starting with his tasks for the days – progressing to him demanding to know why his slut hadn’t answered – and ending with him describing my punishment for disobeying his orders. I knew I was in trouble – and the thought sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. Some of the most incredible sex we’ve had has been when he’s angry with me. But I’ve never heard him this angry.

The last text I got was this one.

“So, you think you’re just going to ignore me for 2 days do you slut? Don’t you know that’s just not acceptable? You are my whore. You are an owned slut. I make allowance for your family and all that, but missing your tasks, not responding to my messages – now that sort of behaviour cannot go unpunished. You are my fuck meat you stupid cunt – and tomorrow night I’m going to enjoy watching you suck and lick my cum out of another little slut’s asshole.

Don’t be fucking late whore – I’ve got plans for you.


The second I walked out the door I exhaled. It’s that step that’s the hardest. You wouldn’t think so – but closing the door on the real world, and taking the first stride into my secret existence is always exhilarating. Maybe it’s because I know what I’m doing is wrong but don’t care. Or maybe it’s because nothing makes me instantly wet like knowing I’m headed to meet my Master.

To be continued….

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