Chivalry is Overrated


Alright, you guys flooded my inbox with requests for more stories from me, so here I am trying my hand at another one! I’m certain that I shouldn’t be fantasizing about my ex-boyfriend, but I think I got a good story out of this one. 🙂 Please send feedback!!

“Oh my gosh, you were so funny tonight! You were all like, trying to dance with me and shit, and then you gave a beer to a girl scout!!” I held onto Ryan, as he was giving me a piggyback ride down the street, and laughed so hard I could scarcely breathe.

“I did not,” he protested. I giggled because his speech was slurred. “We had a lot of beer, and then we did shots! They were called dirty girl scouts… They’re your favorite!” He hiked me up higher on his back as he carried me. “I would never give alcohol to a minor!” At this notion we both nearly doubled over with drunken laughter, being that I was 20 and thus not yet of age to drink all the alcohol he had bought me that night. When we recovered from our laughing fit, he added, “AND–I’m a good dancer!!”

I snorted. “You looked like you were being attacked by a swarm of bees!”

“Yeah well at least I wasn’t all grinding up on some guy, like you were,” he retorted.

“I was grinding on YOU! You liked it.”

“Did not!”

“Yeah well–you…” he hiked me up higher on his hips once again. “I forget what we’re talking about. Oh my gosh! We should go dancing!” My eyes twinkled, as the brilliant idea had just entered my mind.

“I’m putting you to bed and then I’m going home,” he said, and I could hear him smile even though I could not see his face. I made a whining noise in his ear, and he glanced over his shoulder at me. “What?”

“I don’t wanna go home…” I said, but I sounded more tired than I should have been because I was so drunk. Truth be told, I was seeing double, and didn’t want to go back to my lonely apartment and wait until the room stopped spinning so I could get some sleep. I had a good buzz going, and I wanted to enjoy my time with him while it lasted. Besides, it was too early to call it a night!

“Okay, then tell me this,” he said. “How many drinks did you have tonight?” I took one arm from around his neck and started to count on my fingers. I knew it was more than five, so I took my other arm from around his neck to continue counting. “WHOA!! Hold on! What the hell are you doing!?!” I quickly grabbed onto him, as I was about to fall backward onto the concrete.

“I was counting!”

“Well count in your head, damnit!”

“Okay,” I answered. “I had that cosmopolitan, and then a couple beers, and then a long island, an Irish car bomb, and then some more beers, maybe, and then—OH MY GOSH!! You gave a girl to a beer scout!!” I laughed hysterically; this was the funniest thing I had heard all night.

“I’m taking you home,” he chuckled. “Lightweight…”

“I am NOT a lightweight, thank you very much. I can hold my own!”

“So can I,” he grumbled, hiking me up higher on his back once more. “All 110 pounds of you.”

I grinned behind his back. “My hero,” I said softly, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Keys?” He leaned over so I wouldn’t fall off him, and held out one hand so I could give him my keys. I rummaged around in my purse and found them and clumsily handed them to him. We were at the front door of my apartment building now, and he was struggling to open the door and hold me at the same time.

“I can walk, ya know,” I giggled. “You silly boys always think I can’t hold my liquor. Watch this.” I slid down off his back and stood rigidly straight with my arms held out as though I were displaying myself, all the while trying my best to look sober. “See? Isn’t that convincing?” He wrapped an arm around my waist and caught me, as I was about to fall over.

“Yep, ya had me fooled,” he laughed.

We walked inside to find that the lobby was empty. Because it was 2:30 in the morning on a Thursday night, this was not out of the ordinary. “I tell ya,” Ryan said as he directed me toward the hallway with the elevators. “It’s a good thing you’re cute when you’re drunk… My arms are killing me.” I giggled at him.

“Well you should come up and I’ll give you a massage,” I grinned. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed him aside against the wall. I held my mouth a few inches from his and lowered my voice. “Sound good?”

“I’ll take a rain check,” he smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. He stared at me for a few seconds with this smile on his face until I blushed and looked away. “But for now, it’s time to put you to bed.”

Truth be told, I loved his chivalry. He lived a good 15 minute walk from my place, and it was getting chilly outside, but he still Escort bayan walked me home. I knew he had no intention to stay at my place that night, but when he looked at me with that smile on his face and with a twinkle in his sweet eyes, I decided to try to convince him otherwise.

“Mmmm, but you know I can’t sleep without you,” I whispered in his ear. He shivered lightly; something about feeling my breath on his ear always turned him on—which was exactly what I wanted. I pulled the slit in my short skirt over so my thigh was exposed, and wrapped my leg around his—nothing too obvious, but just enough to get his attention. I bit my bottom lip and smiled as I looked up at him.

“Noooo, no, no,” he chuckled, and loosened his hold around my waist. “I see what you’re doing, and it’s not going to work!” His hands found my arms and went to move them down off his shoulders. “C’mon, you know how I feel about this,” he said, and I knew he was serious, but his drunken slurred speech lessened the effect. I did know exactly how he felt about it—when I was drunk, he would not touch me. It was a matter of respect in his eyes, and I adored him for it. He always said he didn’t trust himself and that he had a hard time saying ‘no’ to me. But didn’t he understand? We were both drunk, and I was bound and determined to have some fun. Besides, I would enjoy the challenge of getting him to take me; it would make it all the more worth it in the end. It was like playing a game—and I wasn’t planning to lose.

“Alright, fine,” I said, backing off him a bit. I took my keys out of his hand and, before acting like I was going to walk away, dropped them on the floor. “Oops,” I said, sounding ditzy on purpose. I bent down slowly to pick them up again, all the while keeping my back straight. I slid my ass slowly down the length of his body, picked up my keys, and slid slowly back up again. I could feel his body tense up against mine as I gave him a little wriggle where I knew he would enjoy it most. The whole thing came off fairly smoothly, considering how drunk I was. “Silly me,” I half-smiled and rolled my eyes. Then I walked away from him, putting extra motion into my hips; I could feel his eyes watching me.

“That’s not nice,” he said, sounding annoyed. He peeled himself from the wall and followed me toward the elevator.

“What,” I asked innocently, looking over my shoulder.

“You know damn well what,” he protested as he came over to me. I didn’t press the button on the elevator yet; I wanted to break him down a little more before we went upstairs. I shrugged my shoulders, with the intent of inching one of the straps on my tank top to fall gracefully from my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I said, pouting for him. I put my arms around him again, and played with his hair. Running my fingernails gently along the back of his neck, I asked, “You forgive me?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he muttered. He shuddered at the touch of my fingernails against his skin, and moved to back away from me again. He turned from me and pressed the elevator button; I could hear the machinery working inside the elevator shaft, and I knew I was running out of time. My mind quickly searched for another trick I could play on him to get him to come upstairs with me.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” I said, deciding to take the flattery route. “I just can’t keep my hands off you.” I ran my hands over his chest and shoulders, my breathing quickening. “You look so good tonight, baby…” I gave him a light kiss on the cheek; he was staring down at me eagerly. I kissed him on the other cheek, and my hands were moving from around his waist down to his ass. I loved being a bad girl; I definitely had his attention now, and just thinking of how hot he must have been getting made me wet. I ran a hand down over his ass and back up again, loving every minute of his reaction. He was trying so hard not to tackle me at that very moment, and I was amused at his effort. It was time to push him over the edge.

“Do I get a goodnight kiss?” I whispered in his ear again. Then I took his earlobe between my lips and sucked on it for a moment. I dragged my teeth lightly over his skin, and then kissed it again. I’ll never understand it, but something about that small action, which I thoroughly enjoyed, made him go crazy without fail.

Just then the elevator opened, and he grabbed me and kissed me hard while he pushed me inside. My mind whirled at his aggression, and I silently celebrated that he finally seemed interested. He had me against the back of the elevator, and the handlebar that ran along the interior walls dug into my back. It hurt, but I enjoyed it in the intensity of the moment. The color rushed to Bayan escort my face, and I felt as though we had just stepped into a sauna. My head was spinning, partly because I was so turned on and partly because I was so drunk. The elevator doors shut, but we did not move because we had not yet selected a floor.

Who knows what got into me that night, but I was going crazy with him. Okay, so it was probably that Irish car bomb that did it, but nonetheless, I was all over him with no inhibitions. Before I knew what I was doing, my hand was down his pants and I was stroking his dick feverishly. I had never opted to give him a hand job before, but I decided I shouldn’t just go down on him right there in the elevator. I kissed him furiously and he held me with urgency in his touch while his dick hardened quickly in my hand. I rubbed him faster, paying special attention to caressing the head of his dick with my fingertips. He moaned low and long into our kiss, and it drove me to distraction. I lifted one of my legs and clinched it around his body; one of his hands grabbed my thigh and held it there.

Slowly and carefully, I backed us away from the back wall of the elevator and we made our way to the control panel near the door. Still kissing him all the way, I took my hand back out of his pants and pressed my body tight against his. Trying to see straight enough to press the button for the eighth floor, I turned my head slightly and mashed my finger against the button. Then I immediately returned to concentrating all my energy and focus on Ryan.

His hands were groping me everywhere, and I was amazed at how quick and slightly clumsy he seemed when he was drunk. I decided that it didn’t matter either way if I got off or not that night; I just wanted to get him into my apartment and fuck his brains out. I was by far wet enough to fuck him at this point, and it made no difference to me if I had an orgasm or not because I was so drunk.

I could feel his hard dick against my skin, and I badly wanted him inside of me. I was about to unzip his pants right there in the elevator when we heard a ‘ding,’ and the doors opened. There were three guys, about our age, standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator. They stared when they saw us, and we broke our embrace long enough to exit the elevator just as they got on.

“Get ‘er done, dude,” one of them slapped Ryan on the back and all three of them laughed like buffoons. I smiled to myself merely because the situation amused me. My apartment was right across the hall from the elevator, and I began to search frantically in my purse for my keys while Ryan let a hand roam beneath my skirt. I looked up at the elevator doors as they were closing just in time to see my keys there on the floor of the elevator!

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed. “My keys just went down with those guys!”

“Never mind those guys,” Ryan breathed as he took me in his arms. “Go down on me.” I laughed heartily as he bent down to kiss my neck and breasts.

“Ryan!” I scolded him, but I was only kidding. I reached over behind him to press the elevator button once again. I saw that it was going to make its way all the way down to the first floor before it came back up again.

“C’mon, baby, don’t make me wait…” Ryan growled low into my ear as he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I could feel his dick hard against my ass, and he pushed forward slightly with it. I suddenly felt like I was the one being seduced here, and I remembered my goal of the night. I couldn’t make him wait while the elevator climbed back up to the eighth floor.

The hallway was deserted. There was no way I would have done this had there been people there, no matter how drunk I was. I reached beneath my skirt and slid my hot pink thong down to my ankles. I caught it on the toe of my stiletto heel and flipped it playfully behind us onto the floor. I turned to face him with a devilish flash in my eye and he closed his eyes as I unzipped his pants. I was surprised to find that he was going commando tonight—it was entirely unlike him, especially because he knew we were just going to a bar that night. Regardless, I was delighted to see his penis there for the taking.

I knelt before him and licked the head of his penis gingerly. I felt his hands in my hair, which made me nervous, but I did not ask him to stop. He knew I hated when he put his hands on my head as I sucked him off, but in his drunken state he seemed rougher than usual and more primal than I had ever seen him before. I took him into my mouth hungrily and was surprised at how hot he was against my tongue and lips. I worried that he would cum down my throat; I got the feeling he was close. Something Escort inside of me told me to suck him harder and faster, and I did not suppress it.

He held my head lightly and I felt him thrusting gently into my mouth. I stopped moving my head, and let him do the work. I could see that he was struggling hard to hold back, but he was enjoying himself so much I let him keep fucking my mouth. It wasn’t too intense or uncomfortable; he didn’t push as deep as I would have. I rather enjoyed watching him tense up, and I loved the feel of his aching dick inside my mouth. At last he let go of my head and I withdrew from his dick. I licked the head a little more, tasting his precum.

Just then, the elevator behind us dinged and the doors opened. Luckily, the elevator was as empty as the hallway was, and my keys were thankfully still there. I got up off my knees and kissed Ryan quickly and then made for the elevator. I bent down to pick up my keys and was startled to hear the door close behind me, but even more startled to see that Ryan was inside with me, and had closed the doors. I stood up and faced him.

“Ryan,” I reprimanded him hungrily with an evil grin on my face and a flash in my eyes. “You are naughty tonight,” I groaned as he groped me hard. It was unlike him to be so forceful and strong with me, but I didn’t want him to stop. He came at me rather quickly, then, and kissed me hard while he pressed me into the back of the elevator once more. I could feel that he was teasing me with his dick, moving it up and down my pussy. I trembled with anticipation and pushed my pussy up against him as much as I could, but it was clear that he was in charge now.

He picked me up and held me against the wall with one arm while he used his other hand to guide his dick into my pussy. He filled me up, as he always did, and I nearly had an orgasm just at the excitement of it all. I moaned loud and long as he held onto me and pushed his dick slowly into me. I felt him withdraw, and it amazed me how quickly I yearned for him to thrust deep inside of me again. I begged him to go faster, to skip the build up, because I knew he was ready to cum inside me.

He pounded me hard against the wall beneath my skirt, and my back and head ached with terrible pain at the feel of the cold, hard metal against my body. I was sweaty and red faced as he grunted and called my name out loud while he fucked me. I could barely breathe because of the intensity of Ryan fucking me and the pain I was experiencing from being nailed against the wall. I urged him to fuck me harder, though, because I never wanted him to stop. I could see he was going as fast as he could while still having to hold me up against the wall. My pussy burned in anticipation, and though I was not going to orgasm, the feel of Ryan inside me and the pleasure he had at that moment was fulfillment enough for me.

I moaned and called out in delight as he came hard inside of me at last. I enjoyed every second of his joy, never wanting his startling orgasm to end. His body shook hard, and he could scarcely breathe as he threw his head back in bliss. He squirted into me several times, and it seemed that he came more when he was drunk than when he was sober. He filled me up so full that I could feel something dripping down my bare leg. Whether it was his cum or my own wetness, I hadn’t the slightest idea.

At last his long orgasm was over, and he withdrew from me and gently set me back on my feet. He leaned against me, holding himself up against the wall with one hand and panting as though he had just run a thousand miles. I was sore already, and I glanced up to see that I had left sweat and steam marks all over the metal wall of the elevator. I was out of breath myself, and quite tired. He kissed me as soon as he composed himself enough to control his breathing a little more. I smiled up at him; the drunkenness of the night was by far overshadowed by the pleasure Ryan brought me. The air hung heavy with the sweaty smell of sex.

“Come to bed,” I smiled at his beautiful face and put my arms around him as I kissed him. He seemed to be speechless, and I reached around behind him to press the button and open the door. I grabbed my keys, took his hand, and led him out behind me. The hallway was cool and bright, compared to the sauna-like elevator we had just exited. I opened the door to my apartment and led him to my bedroom; I could feel his cum dripping down my leg slowly, but it didn’t bother me.

I sat him down on the edge of my bed and sat on his lap, putting my arms around his neck. “Now how about that goodnight kiss,” I asked. He smiled, put his arms around me, and kissed me. He laid me down on the bed and went to pull my tank top off over my head.

“You’re going to bed so soon?” I saw again the hunger in his eyes and smiled as I shook my head. He kissed me gently, lovingly, like I was used to. I pulled him on top of me, as it was decidedly going to be a long night.

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