Chocolate Fun Ch. 01


So one Friday evening at work I ask my boss if I can stay behind to practice my chocolate work. It gets past 6 when I suddenly hear a noise. I thought I was the only one left in the warehouse so I go check it out. Surprisingly, I find you in your office as you give me that cheeky smile of yours and I come closer.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I just thought I’d come in and show you this!” you reply as you unzip your dress and it falls to the floor.

You’re left standing there in your sexy lingerie with stockings and heels. I don’t waste any time. I take you in my arms and kiss you. Our tongues play with each other while our hands explore each other’s bodies. I fondle your breasts and squeeze your nipples as your hands slide up my chest and you remove my shirt. My hands grab your arse cheeks and pull you closer to me. You feel my hard cock rubbing against your thong. Moaning into my mouth, you grab my belt and pull my trousers down. My cock springs up to attention, waiting for you. You slowly kiss your way down from my lips to my chest and towards my cock as you fall on your knees. You kiss the head, look into my eyes and take me into your mouth. Sucking hard, you use your tongue to lick me. Moving your head up and down, you use hand to stroke my cock while continuing to suck. You slide your hands to my bare arse and pull me in towards you, deep-throating Kıbrıs Escort me. You’re getting me close now. You continue to take my entire length for a while before I place my hands on your head to fuck your mouth harder. You suck me even more.

“I’m going to cum!” I warn you but you’re not listening.

You carry on stroking and sucking on my cock. I explode in your mouth filling it with my come. You smile at me again then swallow my milkshake; licking your lips you show me your empty mouth. I pull you up towards me and almost throw you onto your desk. I kiss you again, tasting my come on your lips and tongue. I plant kisses down neck to your breasts and remove your bra. I feast on your hard nipples, biting and sucking on each one. After I’ve teased you just enough I kiss you down your abdomen to your waiting pussy. I can smell how aroused you are and see the wet patch in your thong. I plant another kiss on your panties then you lift your hips so I can remove them. I lick up from your arse and length of your pussy. It’s already so wet and your lips are swollen. I flick my tongue across your clit and you gasp.

“Yesssss!” you moan loudly as I suck on your clit.

Nibbling your bud between my teeth, I lick you more. Then using my fingers I open up your lips like a blossoming flower and push my tongue inside. You taste Kıbrıs Escort Bayan so sweet! I keep eating your pussy, constantly drinking your juices as you groan louder. I move back to your clit while I push my finger inside you. I slide it in and out of your wet pussy, getting harder and faster before I squeeze a second finger in. I curl my fingers to find your rough spot and rub it, sending you wild. You pull my head harder against your clit as you scream and explode all over my face. Lifting my head up to your own you eagerly lick off your juices and I notice the fiery passion in your eyes.

“Fuck me now! Please fuck me?” you plead.

There’s no need to beg as I’m hard again already and I thrust deep inside you. My entire length fills your pussy as my balls slap against your arse. I pull out leaving you empty only to thrust in again. I begin to fuck you at a steady pace as you push your hips up, timing it to make me go deeper. The desk creaks but we don’t care and just keep fucking over and over again; fucking faster and harder. Then you stop and pull me to your chair by computer before sitting on top and slide me back inside you. You start to bounce on my cock causing your breasts jump up and down too. I shake my head between them then latch on to your nipples in my mouth. You scream again and I lift you up while still firmly Escort Kıbrıs inside you. Wrapping your legs around me and arms around my neck we kiss deeply again before I carry you out and all way into the kitchen. I sit you down on the marble table but you don’t sit still; jumping off, you grab some chocolate from machine and spread it all over my body. You pay particular attention to my cock, rubbing several coats over it then licking my face you slowly clean my body all the way down to my cock and balls. You continue to feast on me then suck my cock again making sure every last drop of chocolate has gone. I pull you up and bend you over table pressing your hard nipples against cold marble. I take you from behind and fuck you wildly.

“Yes! Fuck me harder!” you scream, urging me on.

I grab your hair and pull your head back then slap your arse with other hand. You start to moan in ecstasy so I spank you again. Knowing the machine is behind me, I dip my fingers in until coated in warm chocolate then press it against your cute little rosebud.

“Oh yes! Yes!” you cry out.

I push my thumb inside your arse and it immediately pushes you over the edge and you come again. I feel your pussy get wetter and tighter around my hard cock. I thrust a few more times before exploding deep inside you. Our juices mix together and drip down your legs so I bend down and lick them up. I kiss you again, our tongues mixing them more.

As we slowly get our breaths back we realise time. The warehouse closes soon so we quickly rush around to put our clothes back on. In a complete mess we run out the door and hail a cab to the nearest hotel…

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