Chocolate Muffins – Part 1 of 2


I first met Jessie during the summer when she would come to the Senior League baseball games to watch her son play ball. I was the coach. As with most youth athletic programs, some parents come to the games, some don’t, but as the season wore on and the team was winning ballgames, more of the moms were showing up and sitting in the stands behind our benchSeveral of the moms were hot and dressed the part with short cut-offs and halter tops, but Jessie is the one that always stood out, and I’d sneak peeks at her as often as I could from behind my sunglasses. She was a knockout: probably fortyish judging by the ages of her kids, but she could easily pass for thirty, long and lean, maybe 5-7 or 5-8, nice ass, big smile, wild dark shoulder-length frizzy hair and a slight crook in her nose that I found irresistible.Hers was the only black face in the crowd.Her son James was one of the two best players on the team and the only black kid. He was a good kid with good skills and an attitude to match. He played shortstop and third base and I’d worked with him and helped him become a pretty good pitcher too.My name is Rob. I’m six feet tall and about 165 pounds, thin from years of distance running in addition to the baseball, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, German ancestry, about as white bread as you could get. That summer I was 28, unmarried, no kids, unusual for a youth league coach, as most coaches are parents of the kids playing. But knowledge of baseball was one thing I had to offer and it was one small way I was giving something back to the community.James was a very polite kid, coachable and we got along well. He never mentioned his dad so I figured maybe there wasn’t one in the picture, and his mother always came to the games alone or with a friend. I never spoke to his mom that much other than to say Hi or Goodbye, or a brief few words here and there, but we shared glances and smiles before and after games and practices. I caught her checking me out a few times and she caught me checking her out too despite my trying to hide behind my shades. She’d just flash her little smirk and I knew she had caught me. When the season ended and the balls and bats were put away, I figured that the next time I’d see Jessie would be at practice the next spring, but I ended up seeing her just a few weeks later.One of the fund raisers the league had every year was a big crab feast. After the season and the playoffs and the tournaments were over, the league would rent the Elks Lodge and hire a well-known band and bring in the crabs and the burgers and the beer trucks and five or six hundred people would pack the place, stay for hours drinking and eating and partying.Naturally, I planned to attend and so I went with Geri, who was one of the league officers and another hot mom, sexy with brown hair, blue eyes, and a shapely bod. She’d show up at games in short shorts and tube tops with her sweaty nipples sticking through and gave all the coaches hard-ons.They all wanted to fuck her for sure, but I’m the only one who ever did. She happened to live around the corner from me, so we were neighbors and had become friends. She was divorced and horny and I was single and there.She had two kids at home so she’d come over to my house and fuck me every now and then. She’d call and ask what I was doing, I’d say oh not much, then I’d invite her over and five minutes later she’d knock on my door. We’d sit on the sofa and talk or watch TV or whatever and within a few minutes we’d be kissing, then our hands would be rubbing crotches, then unbuckling jeans, then pulling down pants and then my dick would end up inside her.We’d usually fuck, then hold each other and talk for a while and then I’d finger her and she’d get hot and we’d fuck again. Then she’d say she had to get home to her kids and she’d pull her pants back on, kiss me goodbye and be out the door. I was strictly a maintenance fuck for her and we both knew it.Geri and I had kept it discreet, and both knew it was not going anywhere, but she asked me to escort her to the crab feast. That way she wouldn’t have to go alone and have all the other coaches hitting on her. So we went together, turned a few heads when we arrived, and then we each just mingled on our own.I’d been there about an hour or so, talking to the various coaches and other people I knew, when I spotted Jessie. I had just gotten a beer and turned around and was scanning a few tables when I saw her looking at me. Our eyes met and we smiled simultaneously as she waved to me. She wore khaki shorts and a snug white t-shirt that hugged her slim torso and perky tits and gave perfect contrast to her smooth creamy coffee skin. I walked over Ataşehir Escort to her table.There was an open chair to her left and she urged me to sit. I did, and we said our hellos and I squeezed her left hand with my right. She briefly introduced me to the woman to her right, a woman I recognized but didn’t know.”So, how you doin’, Coach?” she asked. “Enjoying the off-season so far?”Oh, okay I guess. Just going through the withdrawal symptoms, you know,” I said.She replied skeptically, “Withdrawal symptoms? You mean to tell me you miss the baseball? Or do you mean you miss the boys?””No, I miss checking out those hot moms in the bleachers!” I said with a grin.She burst out laughing, an infectious cackle that drew a few glances. Slightly embarrassed, she covered her mouth with her hand. As she removed her hand her lips curled into a coy smile. “Anyone in particular?” she asked.I pretended to be confused, trying to remember. “Uh, let me see, what was her name?” I said. “The real foxy one with the afro sheen…what was it? James’s mom. Was it Jessica?”She blushed and shook her head. “You can call me Jessie.”“Okay, Jessie. And you can stop calling me Coach. You remember my real name, don’t you?”“How could I forget?” she asked. “All I heard from James all summer long was Mr. Rob this, Mr. Rob that. And thank you for being so good to those boys. I’ve talked to the other parents and we all agree that we were very lucky we got you for our coach.”Now I blushed. “Aw shucks ma’am, thanks. And how is James doing these last few weeks without me yelling at him to stop dropping his shoulder?”“Oh, he’s managing. It’s time to concentrate on school now.”We chatted about James for a couple of minutes, and then I went to fetch a pitcher of beer. When I returned I poured our brews and continued the conversation.“You have a daughter, too, right? College girl. What’s her name?” I remembered that she’d come to a game once.“Jackie.”“Right, Jackie. How’s she doing?”“Oh, she’s fine. Off to college. She’s a junior at State University.”“Good for her. Good school,” I replied. “That’s where I went.”We talked a minute or two about Jackie and then there was an awkward pause.“So,” I said. “Is there anybody else over there at Jessie’s house I should ask about?”“No. I don’t think so.”“No. You sure?”Her mouth twisted back to a sly grin, and then mine did too. “Well, we have a dog.” She was enjoying this.“A dog,” I said. “How’s the dog?”“She’s fine.”We both wore grins and her brown eyes bored into mine.“I’m pretty smooth, huh?”She cackled again and I laughed out loud.“Now comes the hard part,” I said as our laughter abated. “No pun intended,” I added, and she laughed again.“Hard part. And what would be the hard part?” she asked.“Well, after being so smooth, now is when I should probably ask for your phone number. But that would be phony because I already have your home number because I was always calling James about games and practice and whatnot. But you might not want me to call the house anyway because James might answer. So I guess I should ask you if you want to go out with me some time and…”As I was babbling the band broke into “What Does It Take?” by Junior Walker and the All-Stars and I stopped cold and grabbed her hand and squeezed. “Please dance with me,” I said. “I’m not much of a dancer but I love this song.” I pulled her hand and she got right up and I led her out on the dance floor.We danced close, my right arm around her back and my left hand holding her right. We moved in sync and our bodies touched here and there. We talked through our dance, and more at the table. I told her about the blues band I was in and the various gigs we had coming up. We danced to another slow tune. We talked some about jobs, about the baseball league, about music and movies, and whatever else came to mind. For close to three hours I was totally wrapped up in Jessie. The only time I spoke to anyone else was when I’d go to get another pitcher of beer.When the band quit she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. When she returned she handed me a card with her cell number on it.“I’m calling you tomorrow,” I said. “What time is good?”“Anytime would be nice,” she said, our eyes glued. “If I miss your call, I’ll call right back.” Then her eyes diverted and glanced over my shoulder. “Good night, Rob, and thank you. And good luck with Miss Geri.”Jessie walked out the front door of the hall and I was not the only one admiring her ass on her way out. When I turned around Geri was staring at me and she looked kind of pissed.She kind of was. I reminded her that I was only there as her casual buffer zone date as she had requested, Ataşehir Escort Bayan not to stand at her side for four hours protecting her from guys trying to get into her pants. I took her home and dropped her off and that was the last time I saw her for quite a while.–The next afternoon I called Jessie and she picked right up and said ‘Hello’, and I started right in.“Hello, Jessie. My name is Rob and I’m a local baseball coach and I think that you are a beautiful, voluptuous, foxy, sexy, smart, witty, mysterious, incredible woman, and would you please go out with me?”I heard her laughing on the other end. Then she said, “Hello Rob. Did you rehearse that?”“No, I didn’t have to,” I said. “I have it written down.”She laughed again and asked, “You want to take me out? You sure you’re ready for that?”“Sure. What do you mean?”“Well Rob, I’m a forty-year-old black woman and you’re a twenty-something white man. How old are you anyway?”I told her I was twenty-eight.“Okay, twenty-eight,” she went on. “I just want to…”I cut her off and went back to my notes. “Hello, Jessie. My name is Rob and I’m a local baseball coach and I think that you are a voluptuous, beautiful, foxy, sexy, smart, witty, mysterious, incredible woman, and would you please go out with me?”Through her laughter she said she’d love to go out with me. We set it up for Thursday night.–I had asked Jessie about going out Wednesday night but she had a commitment, and I had gigs Friday and Saturday, so Thursday it was. She wanted to meet at a shopping center where she would leave her car and then ride with me. She wanted to keep her personal life separate from her family life for now. Understandable, I thought, with a teenager at home.She got out of her car and as she walked toward mine I admired her and knew we’d turn some heads that night. Soft, sleeveless red dress falling to just above the knees and those long smooth legs. That black frizz brushing her shoulder, her slim waist, that fine ass and her sweet mouth with the big smile.I opened the door for her and she got in and we said our hellos. I started the engine but didn’t put the car in gear. I turned slightly toward Jessie.I looked her in the eye and said , “Jessie, before we go I need to ask you a very serious question.”“Okay. What?”“Can I kiss you now?”“Can you kiss me now?”“Yes. I’ve been dying to kiss you for like four days now and I really want this date to go perfect. And I figure if we can kiss now and, you know, break the ice, then we won’t have the pressure later of will we kiss and when we’ll kiss or how we’ll kiss and…”“Shut up and kiss me,” she interrupted. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me to her. Her lips were soft and slightly parted and within a few seconds, our tongues were enmeshed. It was a long slow kiss, the best first kiss I could ever remember as our mouths became acquainted. When we finally parted her hand kept our faces close. In a breathy voice she asked, “You happy now?”“Yes,” I said.“Me too,” she purred, and we kissed again and our tongues dove right in.We had dinner at a nice restaurant with nonstop conversation and laughter. It was very natural and relaxed and comfortable, a stream of consciousness continuation of the hours we’d spent together at the crab feast. When I dropped her off at her car our kisses were again passionate and this time I placed a hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair. God, I loved having that kinky hair in my hand, I get hard just thinking about it. When we parted we made plans to go out again the next week.The following Tuesday we met for lunch at a café near her work. It was a short and sweet lunch hour, but again free and natural. The hello kiss was a quick peck on the lips, but when we said goodbye she gave my tongue a quick little suck, then flashed me a quick little smile as we parted. When she was a couple of steps away I called her name and when she turned to face me I snapped her photo with my phone. She looked at me in mock anger.“What do you think you’re doing?” she said.“Took your picture. I’m going to blow it up to poster size and hang it on my wall,” I said.“Better not,” she replied. “I might start thinking you’re some kind of pervert!” she said as she turned and walked back toward her office.I saw her again later that week and we had a wonderful time together. We went to an outside jazz concert at the lakefront park, sipped wine, ate cheese and crackers, and talked. The conversation again was easy, and although it was an early night, her kisses at the end were more passionate than ever.The following Thursday night I took her to a community theatre presentation Escort Ataşehir of Guys and Dolls and drinks afterward. When I dropped her off we again did some heavy kissing and I again ran my hand through her sexy frizz. Our hands had begun wandering a little and I had my other hand on her ass. After a while, I pulled away.I don’t know what caused me to say it, maybe it was because even though we’d only been together a few times our rapport and communication made it feel like much longer, but I said, “Damn, woman, you are dangerous.”“What are you talking about?” she asked with bewildered eyes.“When you kiss me like that and I have my hands in your sexy hair and on that sweet ass of yours I get a raging erection that about drives me crazy!” I said.“Well, it’s good to know you’re a healthy, young male and not some pervert. And I might like to see that thing sometime,” she said with that coy smile.I smiled and said, “Just say when.”She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and opened the passenger door and said, “I’ll remember that.” I watched her get into her car and drive away as my hard-on slowly abated.About an hour or so later on my bed at home I was still so horny I whipped out my cell phone and my dick and jerked off looking at Jessie’s picture. Then I texted her and we had a brief conversation:Just masturbated to your picture! JGood. Only once?Workin on

Good Good!!!!Aaaaaaaah. C U Sunday?Probably will let u know. Jackie home for wkend & not sure what time she’s leaving sun.OK good nightGood nightAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah—The next night I was playing a gig and we had just started the second set when I was surprised to see Jessie and Jackie enter the club. She waved as they took seats at the end of the bar. I admit being distracted as I eyed these two fine looking women. Jackie was a slightly smaller version of her mom: an inch or two shorter but with the same fine features, that slim body, curvy butt, medium-sized titties pointing straight out. The only difference was Jackie’s hair was straight and long with some tan highlights. Both wore ass-hugging jeans, but Jessie had on a black designer t-shirt and Jackie wore a red blouse. Eyes were upon them.When I sat down with them during the next break I grabbed Jessie’s hand and squeezed and thanked them for coming. I wasn’t sure whether to kiss her, not knowing what she may or may not have told her daughter, and her smile told me she understood. Jessie re-introduced me to Jackie. I’d only met her once before because she lived year-round near the university for about an hour and a half away and only came back to visit every few weeks or so.The three of us talked and Jackie seemed a little uncomfortable and she was kind of quiet, but her eyes were a bit flirty. I asked her about her studies but she didn’t tell me a whole lot. The longest comment she made during that break was to say that she was glad her mother found a nice, decent, good-looking man but she sure hoped I wasn’t messing around and I better treat her right. When the time came to re-take the stage I asked them if they were going to hang around and Jessie said yes, they’d stay one more set.When the next set ended and I walked toward the girls I saw Jackie gather up her purse and say something into her mother’s ear as she stepped off of her stool. When I reached the end of the bar Jackie looked right into my eyes and said, “Nice going, Coach, I dig your music. You play a mean sax and sing good too. Take care of my mama.” Then she turned and walked out.I looked at Jessie and asked, “What’s up with her?”“Nothing,” she said. “She likes you, she thinks you’re hot. She said when you sing and blow sax you don’t sound much like a white man. You have any idea what that means? Believe me, that’s a big compliment coming from her, she doesn’t hand out compliments easily.” She grabbed my hand, stared at me and said, “Look, she’s just being protective because I’m a single mom. I told her about us, I confided in her, she remembered you and how James looked up to you. I know her, she’s cool.”“Then why did she run out?” I asked.“She didn’t run out, she’s waiting in the car, giving me a little space, that’s all. Girl figures you want to kiss me and she was cramping our style.”“Smart girl. Like her mom I guess. Should I walk you out now, or…”“Nah, best to just get going, you got work to do,” she said, and started to get up. “And Jackie will be leaving Sunday in the early afternoon. I’ll call you and we can meet up after that if you like.”“I like,” I said. “And thanks for coming tonight. It was a nice surprise.”“Oh, my pleasure, I enjoyed it. Besides, I had to find out whether or not this man I’ve been seeing has any soul.” She had a twinkle in her eye and that cute little smirk on her face.I asked, “Well, how did I do?”She kissed me briefly on the lips and said with a wink, “I’ll let you know on Sunday.” Then she turned and headed for the exit. She didn’t look back and I kept my eyes on her ass until the door closed behind her.

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