Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. One thread that has been coming up is teasing and orgasm control. LS is very turned on by the idea. Here I took it a step further and automated her torment. Enjoy!

PS: The outfit she dons is a French maid outfit, I sent LS a picture before I started to read her the story, so it is not described in detail.

PPS: I don’t know if panties like this really exist, but LS wants me to get her a pair if they do! 🙂


Waking up slowly you let yourself drift into consciousness without opening your eyes. Laying on your belly, you feel the warmth of the several layers of bedding over you. One side of your face exposed to the cool air you bunch yourself down a little more under the blankets. You hear the slight hiss of the air coming from the heater as it warms the room.

You feel my leg next to yours. Moving your arm slightly, you feel my arm and drag it over your back. You realize I’m awake when I slide my hand up under your night shirt then down the back of your panties, cupping one whole ass cheek in my hand. Squeezing it slightly, my warm fingers nestle down slightly between your cheeks.

“Good morning, pet. I love you.” I say.

You smile and relax as I continue to flex my hand, squeezing you ass. You clench your cheeks in appreciation.

You stretch under the sheets, and realize you are fairly wet already. I was very tired last night so I just went down on you and gave you one quick orgasm. It was nice enough and got you through the night, but normally you would expect good morning sex after such a perfunctory orgasm. You always wake up hornier after a single little orgasm than after no orgasm at all the night before.

You decide that a little morning sex is just what you need to get going and snuggle up closer to me. Kissing my shoulder you move my hand out of your panties and pull me on top of you.

I smile and kiss you deeply as you massage my cock hard. I grab each of your wrists and push your arms down to your sides. Sliding down you body I kiss and lick you all the way down your body, spending several minutes on each nipple.

I get down to your pussy and start working on you in earnest. Playing all around your clit I lick and suck in your lower lips. As you get more turned on and start bucking your hips to get me to either suck your clit hard to let you orgasm, I kiss and lick my way back up.

Stopping at your breasts again I lick all around your nipples and gently bite each one in turn. You moan beautifully as I grip each nipple in my teeth and pull. As I release I’m greeted with a wonderful sigh.

I get up to your face, kissing and licking and move your arms so that your hands are by your head. Your wrists trapped in my hands as I gaze down at you.

You buck your hips again. “Please, fuck me!” you beg. You’re so beautiful. You beg so sweetly, I’m tempted to give you what you want. But not today. Today I’m taking what I want.

“No pet. No morning sex for you,” I say, looking you in the eyes.

Hearing me call you pet, I see frustration and desire on your face. “Yes, Sir. How may I serve you this morning?” you ask.

“It’s chore day for both of us. But I’ve decided to make it interesting. You can start by taking a shower. I’ll have your clothes prepared when you get done.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, and no playing with yourself in the shower!”

You look sad as I roll off you and release your wrists. Then, I whip the sheets off both of us, exposing your body to the cool air. Compared to the warmth under the sheets the room feels freezing, even though it’s really only 20 degrees.

You head down the hall, brush your teeth and take a quick shower. The hot water feels wonderful as you wash. As you run the washcloth between your legs short jolts of pleasure run through you. Resisting the temptation to masturbate in the shower, you finish quickly and dry off.

Walking back into the bedroom, you see I’ve laid out some clothes on the bed.

“Come here and let me see you before you get dressed pet,” I say as I walk out of my closet. I’ve put on jeans and a shirt.

You stand before me and present yourself, pulling your arms slightly back and sticking out your chest. I run my hands over your breasts, tweaking the nipples. Then I run my hand down your belly and slip my fingers between your legs. You’ve recently waxes away all your public hair and I check to make sure you are smooth. Your clit is still swollen and slightly hard as I feel you. I smile, you’re very turned on and the day has barely started.

“Turn around and bend over,” I command.

You do as I say, putting your hands on your knees for support and arching your back. It looks like you’re hoping that I will take you from behind and so I hear your sigh of resignation as I squat down to inspect you from behind.

You’ve done a good job waxing and there are no stray istanbul escort hairs. Still, I run my fingers around both your pussy and asshole, softly touching you and teasing you.

“Very good, pet.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Ok, lets get you dressed,” I say and stand up. I take a thin strip of cloth off the bed and you see it’s a collar. Rather frilly, but it’s a collar and I put it around your neck.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I kiss you and say, “Ok, you can finish getting dressed.”

You put on the very short dress, hair band and stockings. As you are finishing putting your bondage high heels on, I walk out of the closet with… something.

I hold the item up and say, “Your panties!”

It takes you a few moments to realize that the item I am holding is in fact a pair of panties. They look to be made out of latex and there is a small vibrator that will be in you as you wear them. But what’s odd about them is that there are several wires in a bundle running off one side.

“The wires are power and control wires for the vibrators and sensors.” I say, seeing the confusion on your face.

“Put them on and I’ll explain. Here, lick the vibrator to lube it up before you put them on pet.”

You take the panties and look at them. In addition to the insertable vibrator, there looks to be a small vibrator that will sit right on your clit. You see a few other pads but don’t know what they are for.

The insertable vibrator is only about 10 cm so you take it in your mouth and get it wet. Then carefully you step into the panties and work them up your legs. When they are high enough you line the vibrator up and ease it into you. It’s a bit small, but it feels wonderful as you slide it in. You see me watching, so you resist fucking yourself with it even a little.

The panties on, I kneel down and inspect them carefully. Shifting things around slightly I make sure that the small vibrator in front is sitting between your pussy lips so that all vibrations will be directly on your clit. Then I wrap a small belt/harness around your waist, under your skirt. It rests heavily on your hips, but isn’t too bulky.

“The belt has batteries and the transmitter,” I say, pressing the power button.

Nothing seems to happen. “The vibrators are controlled by the computer. The sensor pads in your panties monitor your blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. If the computer thinks you get too close to orgasm it will shut down and let you calm down a bit before resuming the program. I’ve tested the battery life and with fresh batteries this belt should last five hours of continuous use. Follow me, I want to make sure everything is setup correctly.”

I take you into the office and start up a computer program. I click a button and your clit vibrator starts to gently buzz. I make a few adjustments and the vibrator intensifies then settles down. This is definitely strong enough to make you come and your eyes unfocus slightly. I turn down the vibrator again and while it’s still enough to get you off, it will take quite a bit longer.

Then I start to adjust the vibrator in your pussy. After only a few seconds you’re breathing rapidly and clearly flushed. You’re going to come in a minute if I keep this up!

Then, suddenly, everything turns off. You moan slightly and find yourself looking into my smiling face.

“I see I have all the settings right!” And you whimper, “That’s not fair, Sir!”

“Not fair? But this pleases me greatly, my pet!” I say with smile and stand up. “Time to thank me properly, pet. On your knees.”

Pouting you get on your knees and I undo my pants. As I pull down my underwear, I say, “Grab your heels and don’t let go, pet.”

You do and I step in so you can take me into your mouth. I’m hard and I point my cock at your mouth. As you lean open up and start to take me I let you touch the tip with your tongue and I pull back. Then, offering myself to you again, I pull back as your tongue touches the tip.

“Ask nicely, pet.”

“Please, Sir. May I suck your cock?” you ask, your voice a sexy whisper.

Smiling, I put my hand on your head and guide myself into your mouth. I go slowly and let you lick me up and down and get me wet. Then, I take control and start easing myself in and out. You keep up your tongue action as I slowly fuck your mouth.

Alternating between letting you suck on your own and me just fucking your mouth I enjoy your mouth and your submission. I’ve given you lots of cock sucking practice during our time together and you have gotten very good.

Lost in focus as you suck my cock, you aren’t prepared as the vibrators turn back on. They are both on high and your eyes fly open. You would moan loudly except that my cock is deep in your mouth. It feels wonderful to me and you quickly get back to your sucking.

It doesn’t take long before my feel the tightness of impending orgasm. I relax and let go as you suck me dry.

You continue sucking until I’m soft and I pull out of your mouth. Grabbing escort bayan a towel I dry myself and pull up my pants.

“Ok, pet. There’s a list of chores on the table. I’ll be back in 2 hours, I want that list finished when I return!” Then, I pull you to your feet and kiss you deeply. One of the many things I like about your shoes is that now you are at least as tall as I am. I don’t have to reach down to kiss you.

Giving your ass a playful smack I walk out, put on my shoes and coat and head out the door.

You walk, slowly because of the extremely high heels into the kitchen and look at the list of chores on the table. Really, it’s just the normal cleaning we do most weeks, along with a note to do the wash. However, as the vibrators go into a pulsing rhythm you think that chores will be a lot more interesting this week!

The vibrators are a gentle pleasant buzzing as you put a load of clothes in the washer and head out to start sweeping the floors. Rocking your hips as you sweep it’s actually quite nice and you start to think that this will be a nice way to warm up for our play later today. Then, without warning, both vibrators jump to full. The feeling is intense and you have to put your hand on the wall to steady yourself.

You are nearly there, orgasm coming in 3… 2… ….???

The vibrators turned off!

Gasping for breath you lean against the wall. You were SO close! Recovering your breath, you look at the clock and see that 30 minutes have passed since I left. You estimate that normally putting in a load of clothes and sweeping what you have should have taken 15 minutes at most. You need to get sweeping again if you’re going to finish.

You rush through sweeping the rest of the living room and are putting the clothes in the dryer when the vibrators kick back in. This time on a medium pulsing setting. Gritting your teeth you realize you have to focus on cleaning or your won’t be done when I get home. You aren’t sure what will happen if you aren’t done, but you are sure you don’t want to find out.

Focusing on cleaning you get the bathroom done and are working on the kitchen when the vibrators burst back into your mind. Short bursts, alternating between your clit and your pussy. There is no rhythm and so you can easily block it out.

And now you also realize that while you were focusing on cleaning, your body was well aware of the vibrators and you feel the juices squish between the latex panty and your warm flesh. Betrayed by your own body you quickly get hot as orgasm nears. Only to have the vibrators turn down to a low dull pulsing. Not low enough to let you calm down, only low enough to keep you on the edge.

But that’s worse since the longer you spend on the edge, the longer and harder it is go get off. You’ll need to go higher!

Cleaning the kitchen you suspect that you aren’t doing a good job. Your vision blurs every few minutes as the pleasure takes hold of your mind. Twice you snap out of some kind of trance only to look and realize you had been wiping the same spot on the counter for 5 minutes.

Again, you find yourself lost in thought as the clothes dryer buzzes to let you know it’s done. Looking at the clock as you fold the clothes you realize I’m due home in 20 minutes, and you still have wash and 2 more rooms to clean!

You strip the bedsheets and put on fresh sheets, and sweep the bedroom. Thankfully, there isn’t much in here to clean and you carry the sheets down the hall to put in the wash.

As you carry them you sniff and, putting your nose to the sheets inhale deeply. You smell me, the scent you breathe as you sleep with your face in my shoulder. And you smell yourself. The scent of your sex and my cum from our sex earlier in the week.

Lost in memory you don’t realize how turned on you are getting until the vibrators turn off all the way. This time you bite the sheets to stop from yelling out. You were soooo close. Between the vibrators and reliving the memory of our sex you were right on the edge and didn’t even know it until it was too late.

You fight back a tear and think, “This is so unfair!” Then you smile, you know that this was exactly what I wanted. Knowing that you are pleasing me makes you smile, although it does not stop a few tears of frustration.

Wiping your tears on the sheets, you stuff them into the washer and just get started on the office when you hear me return.

“Hey, honey!” I call out. “I’m home!”

You see me as I walk into the kitchen carrying several bags of groceries. “These are the cold items. Can you put them in the fridge while I go get the rest?” I ask over my shoulder as I head back out the door.

You put the last item in the freezer as the vibrators kick back on. High enough to grab your attention, but low enough to only put you into a slow cook. Then they jolt into high gear!

I come back into the kitchen to see you with both hands on the counter holding on. I can tell you are trying to will yourself to orgasm, your legs trembling slightly escort istanbul in the effort of keeping you up.

I put down the last of the groceries and smile as I hear the vibrators switch off. I smile as you groan in frustration. Looking closely I see little beads of sweat on your upper lip and a little sheen on your thigh where the panty has not been able to fully contain your wetness.

“Does my pet want to come so soon?” I ask. “It’s only been a few hours?”

“Please, Sir C, please let me come!”

“This is sooner than I planned, but I don’t want to torment you too much! I’ll let you have a chance to earn your orgasm, do you think that’s fair?”

Watching your face I can clearly see both that you think that you’ve already earned your orgasm and that you will do anything I say if it means you actually get the orgasm you’ve earned.

“Yes, Sir C, that’s fair. Thank you, Sir.”

“Good girl, now come along…. heh… to the bedroom.”

I follow you to the bedroom, watching the swaying of your hips. Admiring the view from behind. Drinking in how sexy you are.

I open the office door behind you and grab a small box, then follow you into the bedroom. You are standing next to the bed, waiting for me.

“Put your hands behind your back and arch your back out.”

You do as I say. Your breasts standing out, I can see your nipples clearly through the silky material.

Standing still your eyes half closed as you feel the vibrators buzzing away again. You are far, far more aroused than when you first got up, yet you feel ever further from the orgasm that would offer such relief. The little insertable vibrator in your pussy is too small even if you could fuck yourself on it. All it can do is tease you.

I stand, watching you breathe, watching you wait for me. Your arms back, your chest out, eyes heavily lidded I would normally throw you on the bed and fuck you.

“Now, I know that I’m the first man you’ve ever had sex with. The boys you are used to were quick to shoot, but also quick to reload. Well, that was a wonderful blowjob you gave me this morning.”

A smile crosses your lips at this compliment.

“However, that was only a couple of hours ago. So, if you want to come, you have to get me rock hard and aroused again. To start with you can use only your mouth,” I say as I drop my pants off on the floor and climb onto the bed. Propping my head on a pillow to ensure I can enjoy the view I spread my legs and relax.

“You may start, my pet. You have 15 minutes.”

You climb on the bed and start licking my dick. Normally I am already half hard when we get this far. When this isn’t the case, you taking my whole limp dick into your mouth quickly gets me there, but this is the first time we’ve tried to have sex a second time so soon.

Rubbing your tongue along the underside and along the head seems to have little impact. Lowering your head you suck in my balls while letting my dick flop across your cheek. You see a little progress, but not much.

You see me reach over for the box I brought into the room and press a button. Once again, you are glad to have my balls in your mouth to stifle a loud moan as both vibrators turn on full power.

“A little incentive.” I say as I smile down at you.

Watching you suck me is incredibly erotic and between the sight and sensations you gradually bring me alive again. Not wanting to let this end too soon, I press the button on the box again and this time the vibrators alternate, each wave seeming to grow stronger.

After 10 minutes I’m rock hard, and I decide to have mercy on you. “You may also use your hands, pet. I don’t want to wear out your jaw!” I say with a smile. As you bring your hands up to play with my balls and stroke my cock, I press the button on the box again, this time sending both vibes back onto full speed.

Watching you I admire the view. Your beautiful face, loving my cock so intently. Little beads of sweat on your face as you struggle to reach your own orgasm. Reaching down, I cup your cheek in my hand. Raising your face slightly, I look your in the eyes.

Your hands still working on my cock, feverishly stroking away, your eyes filled with lust. “Lets take care of you, my pet,” I say as I sit up. Pressing a different button I turn off both vibes and quickly undo the wires to your panties and the belt.

Then, even knowing what to expect I am surprised at how wet your panties are as I slide them down your legs. Grabbing a pillow, I put it under your hips. You lay down over it quickly and arch your back.

Spreading your legs I slide it with one long thrust, the smaller insertable vibrator prepping you for me. Once in you I only pause for a second to support myself over your, making sure I have a nice view of your wonderful ass as I start to fuck you. You’re already so wet, so hot I quickly get into high speed and thrust as fast as I can.

You gather some of the fresh sheets, clenching the cloth in your hands, taking some into your mouth and biting it. Feeling my cock slide in and out, you clench down hard each time I pull out trying to prolong the feeling of fullness. Each time I thrust in you tremble, like having a friend visit after a long absence.

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