Chrissy’s Story Ch. 01


I had met Tina at a club rally in high school. She was beautiful and popular, and to be honest, I was in awe that someone of her beauty and rank would befriend a mousy little want to be like myself. She never really made it seem that she was in control of me, but my need to please and keep such a high ranking friend led me to doing many things for her I would never have considered doing for anyone else. I became her alibi when she needed one, backing up her tales to her parents of all the things we had done together, when almost every time, she had been with her boyfriend enjoying the feel of his athletic body (he was football team captain) on and in hers.

There were many times she would tell her parents that she was spending the night with me, but had really been with Steve. There were a few times, however, when he could come up with no valid excuse to be gone for the night for his parents, that she would spend hours with him, then come to spend the remainder of the night at my house…usually climbing into bed beside me in my room and falling quickly to sleep, exhausted by her romp with her lover.

Those nights, I would lay quietly beside her…watching her as she slept, breathing in the fail smell of sex still clinging to her body. It always made my tingle in strange ways, and feel envy for all the things she had enjoyed , as well as the pleasures her boyfriend had taken in her body. I’m not a lesbian, but I have to admit that the thought of touching and tasting Tina would cause a wetness to gather between my legs, my clit throbbing until I would very quietly relieve myself with my own hand.

The summer after our graduation, things suddenly took on a whole new dimension and I was initiated into a way of life that both thrilled and humiliated me. That summer, I became Tina’s slut.

Tina’s parents had rented an apartment antalya escort near the college she was to attend, and being her “best friend”, I was asked by them to spend a week there, helping Tina move in and get settled before the school year began. I very willingly agreed, for there was nothing I wouldn’t do for my friend. Little did I suspect what that “nothing” would entail.

While we enjoyed a very casual supper of pizza and wine the second night there, Tina began to talk of her boyfriend and how great the sex was. She went into much detail about his body, spending quite a lot of time telling me how good if felt sucking and being fucked by his thick ten inch cock. My virgin mind was shocked, but also hungry to hear such details, and as she described how he would often fuck her doggie style, then move to her ass, I felt my nipples tingle and clit begin to throb… She was well aware of my responses, I think, and before long, she moved over to sit close beside me.

“Let me show you how he does some of it”, she whispered in my ear, her arm softly around my shoulders.

“First, he nibbles my ear”, she whispered, and I felt the warm wet slide of her tongue along my earlobe.

I gasped, pulling slightly away, but soon relaxed as her teeth captured my lobe, tugging and licking gently.

“Then, he moves a bit lower,” she said as her lips trailed down my neck. I jerked once more, but less violently, as I felt her hand cup my breast, rubbing the already hard nipple through the thin cotton of my sleep shirt.

Kneading my right breast, she trailed her lips down my shirt until she captured my hard left nipple in her teeth, tugging it gently through the material, which soon became wet as her mouth closed over it, sucking and nibbling.

I moaned softly. The sensations were so wonderful, antalya escort bayan so new, leading me into an unexplored region I had never really thought to explore.

“After he sucks my tits,” she said, ” I soon feel his hand sliding up my thighs like this.”

I moaned again as I felt the soft circular motions of her fingers working their way up my inner thigh. At that moment, I would deny her anything, as long as she didn’t stop the feelings coursing through me at her touch.

” By the time he reaches my pussy, it is sooooo wet,” she breathed, “mmmm…just like yours is now”. Her fingers rubbed gently over the crotch of my panties, over my wet and aching pussy, and I knew my panties must be sopping wet with heat and expectation.

Her mouth covered mine just as her finger slid beneath the edge of my panty leg, and my body arched at the gentle teasing slide of her finger moving over the outside of my pussy lips.

My hips began a slow slight rocking motion, rubbing against her fingers, silently pleading for a more deep exploration.

Smiling as she looked into my lust filled eyes, she pushed me down upon the couch, half reclining, and slipped to her knees beside the couch positioned between my thighs, pressing them wide, and I could feel my pussy opening to her.

Tugging my panties down, she slipped them from my ankles, and once more spread my legs wide. Rubbing her palm firmly over my mound, she teased me, driving me wild. I wanted to beg her to lick me, to touch me, eat me, but felt entirely under her spell, a willing toy.

I cried out, arching my back off the sofa, as I felt the first wet side of her tongue over my pussy lips, tasting the leaking juices there.

“Mmmm,” she said, “sweet. I knew it would be.”

I lost all touch with reality, escort antalya caught up in the heady sensations, and another soft cry passed my lips as I felt the probe of her tongue, finally, penetrating the lips to slide up to my aching clit.

Her mouth felt wonderful on me, licking, sucking, gently biting as her fingers moved to probe my pussy hole…finger only slightly between the lips…working slowly deeper, until she reached that wall of resistance that told of my innocence.

“Oh,” she said, lifting her head for a closer look, ” you’re a virgin. Good. I have plans for that, sweetheart. Tonight I won’t relieve you of that. I just want to eat your sweet innocent clit and make you cum.”

That said, her head returned once more to my gaping pussy, tongue roaming up and down the slit, gently probing my hole and returning time and time again to my hard and swollen clit…

My hips arched, rocking harder and harder into her face. New sensations washed though me, and I felt my body beginning to tighten, inner muscles flexing and clinching, my hands now buried in her soft blonde hair. Soon, too soon it seemed, I could take no more, and I cried out loudly as wave after wave of sweet orgasm washed though me, body tensed and arched into her now wet, pussy slicked face.

She continued to minister to my pulsing clit until the last waves quieted, and then with a final gentle tug of her teeth, and a rub of her fingers, she released me.

Moving up to lay beside me on the couch, she cuddled my trembling body in her soft hands, her breasts and hips pressed into mine, hands soothing me as my breathing slowed.

“Now, that’s only the beginning,” she said. “Tomorrow night, I’ll show you more, things that will make you feel wonderful, so wonderful you will beg for them.”

I didn’t respond to her words, I was too shaken. My mind could barely comprehend the sensations I had just experienced, much less take in the possibility there could be more. All I knew, at that moment, was that I was willing to experience any and all of the pleasures she cared to show me. Without fully comprehending it, I became her love slave.

(to be continued)

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