Chuck Comes Around


Starring Harriet and Henry Humper along with Chuck Dicker in:

“Chuck Comes Around”

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur


On a bright Saturday afternoon at the Humper household, things progress as they always do.

“Oh, Harriet, that feels goooood,” Henry Humper moaned, a look of blissful pleasure spreading across his face. “Oh, yeah, that feels so goooood!”

The water cascaded down, and melon-titted Harriet Humper knelt in the spacious shower stall while Henry stood. Her soaked blonde head slipped up and down on her brother’s twelve inch penis as she sucked her sibling off. It was hardly an unusual occurrence inside their sexually depraved home, where all three of the Humpers experienced free love and sensual abandon. Henry grinned as he watched his sister’s triple H blimpish boobies pitch up and down on her chest, adorning her slender body, what with her thin waist and her huge round fanny.

“Mmmmppphhhh!” Harriet grunted from inside her obstructed mouth, as her bazoombas almost rhythmically sailed about with her fellatio.

“Suck it, you big tittied whore,” Henry urged her, grabbing hold of the back of her head as he thrust into her oral cavity. “Fucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk. Every time you suck me, I feel like I ought to give you a fifty dollar bill, ha ha.”

“Mmmmmmppph,” Harriet moaned, scraping her teeth along the length of her brother’s massively erect member, her oversized and ripe melons bobbing and bouncing wildly. “Mmmppphhhhh.”

“Ohhhhhhh, that feels so fanfuckingtastic,” Henry groaned, already feeling the warm jism rise up through the length of his wee wee as he watched her rapidly moving ta tas.

“Oh, I need to come! I need to!” he groaned, yanking on his sister’s hair as her honkers heaved. “Oh, I’m coming, I’m commiiingggggggg!”

Copious amounts of sticky semen blasted from the head of Henry’s wee wee, rocketing into Harriet’s mouth so fast and hard that she almost gagged trying to swallow it down.

“Chug that shit down, Blimpy Boobs! Drink my jizz, sis!” Henry wailed, putting both hands on the top of her head as the showerhead blasted water at the same time that his penis blasted semen down her throat, while his sister’s sacrosanct whompers beat hard against each other. “Holler + Squirt = Swallow! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! It’s all coming out of this thing! My fucking spooge spigot is turned all the way on, bitch!”

Ten minutes later……….

“Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!” Henry grunted, feeding well-boobied Harriet’s starving honey cunny a wee wee snack as she was positioned on all fours on top of her bed.

“Ooooooo, yeah! You’re big, little brother!” Harriet squealed, as her nice knocks scrubbed the bedspread, while she got fucked doggie style. “Henry, am I as good of a fuck as Mom is?”

“Sure, baby. I mean, why the fuck wouldn’t you be?” Henry assured her, reaching under her arms to grab her comically large gazongas. “Ohhhhh, fuck! You both have huge tits, deep pussies, and great big ghetto booty-sized asses! The only difference is that Mom and I make out more often.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that shit?” Harriet asked with mock ire as her brother handled her jiggly jugs. “You and Mom are humping all the fucking time these days, and I hardly ever get any of your wee wee.”

“I’m sorry, sis,” Henry laughed, as he continued to thrust into her dripping cunny and feel her funbags. “It’s just that Mom is so…….well…….bangalicious! I can’t help it, ha ha.”

“Yeah, I know,” Harriet agreed, reaching down to rub her izmir escort clitoris for further stimulation as Henry tweaked her firm nipples. “Mom is the humpingest Humper ever, tee hee.”

Henry continued to thrust his fucktool in and out of his sister’s slick slot, steadying himself with one hand while he used the other to grope and fondle her bodacious boobies which swung to and fro beneath her bucking body.

“Ohhhhhhh, bang me good, sisterfucker,” Harriet urged, rubbing her little feminine bud furiously as she felt herself nearing the abyss.


Chuck Dicker, Harriet’s boyfriend, stood outside the Humper household and knocked forcefully on the front door.

“Damn it!” Chuck cursed, looking down at his crotch with a needful look on his face, already envisioning his girlfriend’s huge naked boobies. “I am so fucking horny. Damn, I need to get my dick sucked so bad.”

The 18-year-old boy could feel the tension growing inside his penis and he couldn’t wait for Harriet to suck it to expulsion with her thick ruby-red DSLs.

“Harriet!” Chuck cried out, knowing she was home after seeing her car in the driveway. “Answer the fucking door! Come on! It’s your Chuckie fucky toy! Open the door!”

When no one answered, he instinctively reached for the door knob to see whether the door was locked or not. Chuck smiled when the knob turned easily, beaming inwardly at the thought of Harriet’s much bigger chest knobs.

Upstairs, Harriet and Henry had finally, albeit temporarily, sated their respective libidos and were lying side by side in bed talking to each other. Harriet was absent-mindedly stroking Henry’s huge humpstick and Henry was resting his head on Harriet’s shoulder, his right hand fondling and squeezing her right breast and he occasionally moved his hand to give her pebbly nipple a gentle twist.

“Tee hee hee, Henry,” Harriet giggled, cooing and playfully grabbing his nutsack and squeezing slightly. “That was fun. Wanna hump again?”

At that precise moment, the door to Harriet’s room flew open, and in the doorway stood Harriet’s boyfriend, Chuck Dicker.

“What the fuck is going on here?” the young Dicker demanded in a voice full of anger conjoined with shock and surprise as his eyes caught sight of the brother and sister couple snuggling close together in bed, the fact that they had just performed sexual intercourse obvious to him. Neither H-hootered Harriet or twelve- inched Henry had even bothered to throw a sheet over their naked and well-endowed bodies, both of which were glistening with sweat.

“Harriet, wh-wh-wh-what the fuck? You and Henry are fucking? I mean, you are fucking your brother now? What kind of fucked up shit is this?”

“Tee hee!” Harriet laughed loudly and dismissively as Henry tooted both her tanker tits. “This is fun family fucking fucked up shit! Tee hee! That’s what the fuck it is, Chuckie baby!”

“So now I’m not good enough for you?” Chuck managed, teeth clenched as his eye caught a sweat drop atop his girlfriend’s mam.

“Oh, Chuckie, don’t get sore, tee hee,” Harriet tittered, her bodacious breasts bouncing provocatively as she giggled. “I mean, it’s just a wee wee after all.”

“Yeah, it’s ‘just a wee wee’,” Chuck spat at her angrily. “And it just happens to be fucking attached to your brother. I mean, that is some fucked up shit. Does your mom know?”

“Does my mom know, tee hee?” Harriet giggled again, patting Henry’s crotch affectionately as he patted her swollen sacks of skin. “Mom alsancak escort fucks him too. A hell of a lot more often than I do, even.”

“But Harriet,” Chuck spoke again, shock and disbelief still registered on his face as his eyes glanced at her twin mountains again. “I thought you loved me.”

“Chuck,” said Henry, beginning to sit up in the bed, but never digitally releasing his sister’s bosom buddies. “Of course Harriet loves you. She’s always loved you. This is just sex, man. Don’t you get it?”

“I can’t handle this shit right now,” Chuck said, turning back towards the door, tears forming in his eyes. “I’m outta here.”

Harriet’s boyfriend stomped furiously into the hall, his semi- erection now vanished without a trace. Not only would he not get his dick sucked, he also wouldn’t get his hands on Harriet’s honking Humper chest treasures.

“Let me go talk to him,” Henry said, pulling his hands away from his sister’s knockers and pushing her hands away from his inflating penis as he pulled a pair of white briefs up and over his fucktool. “I might be able to smooth it all over man-to-man. I mean, we are both fucking the same girl now.”

“Okay,” Harriet agreed, lowering one hand to dip inside her sweet little box, while the other hand tugged urgently and hornily on her titflesh. “Just hurry up though. I mean, a girl does need some kind of fucking when she’s this worked up, right, horsecock?”

“We can fuck shortly,” Henry told her seriously, his long organ deflating a bit from lack of attention and lack of contact with Harriet’s tits. “Be right back.”

Henry quickly ran after Chuck, catching up to him at the top of the stairs.

“Chuck, wait!” Henry urged him, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. “We need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about?” Chuck asked Henry, anger and sadness alternating on his handsome face. “Your family is seriously fucked up, Henry. I mean, you are fucking your sister and your mom, dude. That’s not cool.”

“But it’s not like that,” Henry told him earnestly, getting an instant mental image of his Mom’s and sister’s bloated breasts. “It’s just sex, Chuck. That’s all it is. I stick my wee wee in them and sometimes they suck on me. That’s it.”

“Henry…. I mean………how… am I supposed to compete with THAT?” Chuck finally asked his girlfriend’s brother, pointing down to the obvious bulge in Henry’s white briefs. “I’m not fucking twelve inches like you are. Why would Harriet want me after she’s had you?”

“Chuck, it’s just a wee wee,” Henry told him earnestly, pointing to the outline of the almost flaccid member in his underwear. “I mean, we are just having fun. I stick it in her and shove it in and out and it feels good, and it makes me come. So what? I mean, come on. Sex feels good as shit. You know that. Mom and Harriet just want to get fucked, humped, screwed. It’s not about anything deeper than that.”

“Deeper is the right term,” Chuck told his friend sadly, crestfallen at what he perceived as bad luck. “Cause you can probably probe Harriet’s womb with that horse’s dick of yours.”

“Chuck, that shit doesn’t matter. I mean, I came back from visiting my grandma June and I found out that Mom and Harriet had just decided to utilize my wee wee. They figured we would all have more fun here at home if they took me to bed regularly. It’s just a form of family sharing and caring.”

“Sharing and caring?” Chuck asked incredulously, yearning so much for whopping Humper globes. “That’s some fucked up shit no buca escort matter how you look at it, Henry. You’re fucking humping your mom and sister, Henry. DO YOU GET IT YET?”

“Chuck, please. It’s just a wee wee and a vagina. That’s it. No big deal. It’s fun and it feels good. Sure it’s my Mom and my sister, but so what? They have huge tits and I have a huge pecker. It’s all good, right?”

“I love Harriet,” Chuck said again, looking down at his shoes. “Do you understand that, Henry? I fucking love her.”

“I know that, Chuck,” Henry told him, grabbing his friend by the shoulder again. “Harriet loves you too. But you’ve always known she fucked tons of guys. Why is this any different? It’s just sex with Harriet and me, Chuck. It’s you she loves.”

“I guess I know that,” Chuck responded, raising his face to look at Henry. “But I still think it’s some fucked up shit.”

“That’s because you are thinking about it all wrong,” Henry explained, resituating his tight briefs to make his cock more comfortable. “I could be out there having sex with all kinds of girls, just like you do. I mean, how many girls other than Harriet have you fucked this week?”

“Ummmm, about seven,” Chuck admitted, a sheepish grin forming across his face. “And the best one was that new girl, Becky. Her tits are like blimps. And those soldiers don’t sag.”

“See what I mean?” Henry reasoned calmly, already imagining Becky’s big bouncy blimp tits. “And I am sure Harriet has been fucking every wee wee in sight. She always does. So what is wrong with her humping right here at home? She is fucking me, someone she cares about. That should be considered a sweet thing to do, shouldn’t it? And Mom is always wanting it all the time too. But it’s all out of affection and genuine love in this family. What is so wrong with that? Why not enjoy and share the wealth? I mean, Harriet still wants to fuck you too. Ha ha. And come to think of it, I am sure Mom wouldn’t turn down your dick if you pulled it out for her.”

“Well, yeah. I’ve fucked Hilda a time or three,” Chuck admitted with a throaty chuckle, wishing he could be humping her boobs now. “I mean, who could resist those fucking zeppelins on her chest?”

“No shit,” Henry replied, joining his friend in laughter. “I can never turn down those big fuckers, ha ha. But seriously, Chuck. Won’t you come back to the bedroom so that you can talk to Harriet about this? She loves you, man. Don’t let this little matter come between you and her. Please?”

“Alright,” Chuck said after a pregnant pause that lasted a moment or two. “I guess I owe it to Harriet to at least talk this out with her. We’ve been dating for a long time now, so I guess I owe her that much. Besides, I ain’t gonna give up those huge titties and silken pussy of hers without a fight, ha ha.”

“That’s the spirit!” Henry said enthusiastically as he gave Chuck a hearty pat on the back. “And who knows! You might get some pussy out of the deal too!”

Mere moments later……….

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!” Chuck screamed out, feeling sensations in his phallus beyond compare, as his promiscuous and hooterly-laden girlfriend perched on all fours and sucked his penis. “Oh, shit, but my dick feels good as motherfucking shit!”

“Make that sisterfucking shit, this time!” Henry laughed, positioned behind his sister and watching her tooters swing as his pee wee pistoned in and out of her vaginal tract from a doggie style position.

“I guess everything turned out all right in the end!” Chuck moaned triumphantly as the busty minx’s blonde head slipped up and down on his saliva-slicked johnson, her precious teatsies smacking each other.

“Yep, in fact, ha ha, things turned out all right at both ends!” Henry retorted, pumping and humping his heavily-breast-adorned sibling on this splendiferously celestial Saturday afternoon.


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