Chuck Nabs The Amazon Princess


I didn’t want to turn to a life of crime; it was necessary to draw out my target. Gateway City had a new and cagey criminal. ME! I called myself simply, Chuck. I wanted to use the name of an old pulp and radio magician, but I respected the character too much. Even so, I appropriated the look. I dressed like a Vaudeville trickster, tuxedo, cape, top hat, and simple cameo mask. Instead of a cane I carried an invention of my own design. Not exactly practical, but I have a taste for the dramatic. My device looked a bit like a ray gun from a bad sci-fi film. With it, I specialized in the impossible. I removed an entire fleet of Bentleys from a dealership without triggering a single alarm. I emptied the vaults of five Gateway City banks without leaving a trace. It was only known that I was responsible because I left leaflets behind, boasting of my abilities.

I was giving the local cops fits. The FBI and even the CIA sent agents to investigate. I really had no use for the baubles I stole. Of course the gold bullion and uncut diamonds were nice to have stashed away and were always handy to liquidate for currency, but my main goal was not simply mercenary avarice. I had to put everyone on their heels staring at the background of my drama while ignoring the foreground. Mainly I had to get Gateway City’s most famous female crime fighter interested. One of the reasons I chose to walk in the footsteps of that fictional character I admired was his ability to plant ideas in other people’s minds. That is exactly what I had done.

Everyone, the local cops, the feds, the Amazon were looking for a super villain, perhaps extraterrestrial, and certainly super human. It never dawned on them that the culprit could be a lowly physics professor at Hudson University with a kink for miniaturization. I have to admit that some of it was lots of fun. On the remote chance that I was spotted by security cameras all they would detect was what appeared to be an amateur magician on his way to or from a gig.

The Amazon princess, naturally enough, was one step ahead of the feds and three steps ahead of the Gateway City constabulary. That still left her a half step behind me. All of my previous crimes left a clear trail for this amazing woman to follow; the new Rodin exhibit at the city art museum. Since I took large expensive things it would be only natural that I would seek to liberate the bronzes and marbles. Brilliant idea, IF that had been my plan. Oh I was in the museum all right. Had been there for hours, Gateway City’s finest never saw me, I blended in quite well with the blackness of the alcove.

There I was, in a darkened recess next to the front lobby when the most amazing woman I had ever encountered came striding by. My breath froze at her beauty. Even in the dim light of the darkened museum her alabaster skin and ebony hair captured the eye. It is one thing to admire such beauty in books or on television but to see it in the flesh is to understand that sometimes goddesses really do incarnate as flesh and blood. Reminding myself of the importance of my mission, I gave my equipment a final check. All was ready, I made a noise and she turned to face my direction.

The beam of my invention encircled her with laser point accuracy. The world most famous Amazon’s sapphire blue eyes widened in confusion as her body began to diminish. I had set the ray to affect only organics. I must tell you that it was quite delightful watching her shrink out of her star spangled clothing. I wondered what went through her mind as the room expanded about her and the floor grew closer and closer. The beautiful Amazon fell sprawling on her sexy naked butt as I continued to keep the beam of the device focused upon her luscious female form. In mere seconds my full six foot plus height loomed over her, a giant in every aspect.

I saw the light of realization appear in the crime fighter’s tiny eyes as I made a step towards her. She was in the padded box with air holes before she had any chance to rise to her feet and flee. Of course, if she had done that, I easily could have caught her. Next, a small matter of necessary housekeeping. Into a satchel went the Amazon queen’s boots, costume, tiara, bracelets and lasso. I was careful to handle the lasso with gloved hands. As I gathered up the last of her personal effects, I realized that the rumors were true, the world’s most famous Amazon DID go commando under her star spangled costume! Since Gateway City’s most skilled avenger was working alone that night, as usual, no one would intercept me. I made my way out of the museum and hiked the three blocks to where my car waited. Since Chuck was not going to put in another appearance, it made no difference if one or two security cameras caught my image.

I whistled contentedly as I drove home, the box containing my fantasy woman carefully perched upon my lap. Just at the limit of hearing I could discern the sound of her tiny fists beating upon the insides of the box. She was Barbie doll sized right now, my favorite dimension, and my favorite toy from boyhood. All of my adolescent fantasies of having a tiny woman to obey poker oyna and serve me were about to become a reality. It occurred to me that the Amazon Princess. at her current stature would, be perfectly sized to jerk me off. Oh it would take some doing on her part, but the Amazon was known to be resourceful. Her intelligence as well as her beauty was the primary reasons I selected her as a target. Mortal women could not compare to her legendary beauty Since she had also encountered magic and god like enchantments she would quickly adjust to her new situation. No doubt she would believe that I used some sort of enchantment or spell upon her. She would call upon her Greek Gods and Goddesses for relief from her predicament, but what power did ancient deities have over modern science? For the promise of being returned to her former stature, my enchanting new toy would endure just about any degradation. Of course, I never intended to reward her with restoration. Oh, I would promise it all right, but I would never deliver.

The drive home was not long; I was able to get through all the stanzas of “It’s a Barbie World” several times before I pulled into the driveway of my simple home. The Amazon’s new world was waiting for her. I now possessed the ultimate in action figures. I set my prize containing box under a light on my desk. I set down the satchel and for the first time allowed myself a series of deep breaths as I nonchalantly divested myself of my tuxedo, cape, hat, and mask. I carefully hid my invention in a locked safe. I did not want anyone, especially my captive, to see it. It was unlikely that she could deduce the scientific principles by which it operated, but I was taking no chances. The shrink gun safely locked away, I slid on a Tee shirt and khaki slacks and returned to the desk containing my box of wondrous things.

I angled the lamp and then sprang the catch of the container. Her eyes blinked hard against the sudden brightness. It took her a few moments to focus upon my smiling face. I’ve been told by most women that I am handsome. I doubt that the miniature Amazon warrior saw anything aside from rage however. My eyes hungrily drank in her fully revealed and intoxicating nudity under the intense light from the desk lamp. Perfection is the only word that came to mind. Her sapphire blue eyes sparkled with anger, her ruby red lips were frozen in an “O” of surprise. Her usually immaculate ebon tresses were a bit mussed, but I did not care. I gazed at her amazing tits, each one bearing a light brown areola with a tiny pink nipple. Her graceful rib cage flared into wonderful hips behind the very enchanting navel. I realized that I was probably the first man to ever spy her, previously always concealed, sacred grounds. The juncture of her legs was adorned with a nicely trimmed thatch of ebon candy floss. Her legs and arms were shapely muscled enchantments of alabaster, her, now tiny, feet possessed high arches and beautiful, dainty nails. She was too stunned to make any effort to cover herself. Beneath the edge of the desk, my erection was downright painful.

“Welcome to your new life, Amazon Princess.” I said in as authoritative voice as I could muster. I quickly followed that with, “Now you are even more of a wonder than you were!”

My pretty little prize petulantly placed her hands on her hips, thrust her magnificent chest forward, and said, “See here peasant! I demand that you restore me!”

I must admit that the only thing I did not like about my transformation of my dream woman was her voice. Normally she possessed an enchanting rich alto voice, now she sounded a bit like a cartoon character. She had no idea how ineffectual her threats now sounded. I hasten to add that the squeaky voice was the ONLY alteration of her glory that did not meet with my full and intense delight. In any event, I didn’t intend to have deep philosophical discussions with her. Her mouth would be busy with OTHER things.

“I’m sure that you want many things my tiny Amazon.” I replied. “But I am not here to serve you; you are here to serve ME. I have gone to great lengths to draw you out and capture you. I did that for a very specific purpose. I imagine, for example, that you will look quite charming wrapped about my manhood and drenched in my cum. Oh yes I have lots of plans for you!”

I think my single favorite moment of that first day was the progression of emotions that darted across my tiny toy’s visage at this point; shock, followed by disgust, immediately followed by anger. I found her pouting, angry, yet still angelic, face exhilarating.

“You insolent male pervert!” she bellowed in her greatly diminished voice. Reaching a crescendo of annoyance she shouted “When I am restored to my full size I shall see to it that your death is painful and prolonged for an excruciating length of time.”

I smiled at this wonder I had created and replied, “You are in a position to do nothing aside from obey, woman.” Under the desk, out of the Amazon’s view, my hands had been at work on the catch of my trousers. Certain now that she was the perfect size for my cock, I eyed the canlı poker oyna tiny fetters and cuffs I had prepared before this night’s adventure had began

“In fact,” I continued. “Let me show you what one of your primary duties will be!”

I picked up the tiny woman; she could not avoid my grasp while in my box. She felt marvelous in my hands. Warm and pliant, the hair on her head kissed the back of my hand like a feather. She reminded me of a large gerbil I had owned as a boy, except that this pet was all woman. I stroked her ample bust, despite her tiny stature; no other woman’s breasts had ever felt as glorious as these. I stroked her incredible legs and taught tummy and saw the tiny muscles flex. I gently tapped and rubbed her pert little ass. Her strength and suppleness were incredible turn ons. Naturally she was protesting my treatment royally, calling down invectives in English, and I think, ancient Greek. Her exclamations became far more dramatic when my hand withdrew her from the circle of light on the desk and she noticed my fully erect penis in the mellower lighting of the rest of the room.

I have always been glad that I am pretty well endowed. The usually unflappable Amazon’s cool demeanor vanished as my naked maleness inched closer to her. With one hand I forced her against my erect cock, with the other I wielded the cuffs and fetters and forced my unwilling toy to straddle my shaft.

Her arms and legs were held tight by the restraints. I gazed with delight as every millimeter of the front of the Amazon’s exquisite body was lashed tight to my phallus, like a sailor lashed to the mast of his ship during a severe storm. I doubt any sailor in that situation created as sexy a tableau as I now beheld. Her nose and lips were just a hairsbreadth above the eye of my snake. She was too stunned and appalled now to do anything other than scream “NO!” over and over again. Gently I stroked the woman’s sumptuously beautiful tiny body, then with a laugh. My right hand gently wrapped around both her and my penis. The most wonderful session of masturbation I ever enjoyed was the high light of that first night.

As I lovingly stroked the two of us, I recalled the many times I had fantasized about this very moment. I recalled the movies I had seen, the Sindbad pictures, the “I Dream Of Jeanie” episodes where Major Nelson’s slave was in her tiny form, the “Attack of the Puppet People” and “Doctor Cyclops, if it had a tiny female in it I had seen it, many, many times.

Sometimes famous people recall a single moment that altered their lives; maybe they saw “King Kong” or “War of the Worlds” and decided to become a filmmaker. I can’t point to one precise moment but I do know that all of those tiny women set me on my life’s work to create a device that would make my fantasy become a reality. All of the hard work had given me the most perfect woman on the planet as my prize. As always, there is nothing like your first time. I was so focused on enjoying this moment that I almost forgot to watch as my spunk issued forth.

I’m glad that I did not miss the moment however, She tried to force her head back, but that made no difference, a veritable tidal wave of my spunk drenched the Amazon in pure male essence; she coughed and gasped as it seeped into her eyes, nose, and mouth. Her steady stream of invective ceased. I smiled as I loosed my tiny toy’s bonds before I became flaccid. I placed my living Barbie on the desk. As she tried to wipe my man juice off of her alabaster flesh I stated very calmly and very evenly,

“IF you are a good and obedient little girl, I will give you a bath before bedtime. Cop an attitude and I will take you on another ride of the “ejaculation express.” Now look at me!”

Defiantly, the reduced woman gazed up at me, her blue eyes flashing hatred like a pair of tiny lasers.

“Since I control your life from now on, you will refer to me ALWAYS as Master. You will be my slave to use for as long as I see fit. Perhaps, if I grow bored of you, after a few years I will restore you to your former stature. Your life as a costumed super hero is at an end. Your ONLY purpose in life now is pleasing me. I adore your current dimensions but I can make you tinier if I so desire. Imagine yourself the size of ant! What I want primarily is a sexually compliant living doll. You shall reside from now on with me. Behave yourself and you shall receive housing, food, and protection from predators like cats, dogs, owls and other birds of prey. Escape is impossible. However were you to make it to the outside world just about every carnivorous animal would see you as just another tasty morsel, a mere flightless bird or less agile bunny. If you are compliant I will take excellent care of you and be a most benevolent master”

“I would rather DIE!” stated the Amazon defiantly.

“Ah but, as long as you live, my little slave, there is a chance, no matter how infinitesimal, that you will be restored to your former glory. I have also done my reading; I know how Amazons feel about suicide. Dying valiantly in battle is one thing, killing yourself to avoid internet casino unpleasantness, on the other hand will deny you a place on Mount Olympus.”

“People are looking for me!” raged the tiny naked Amazon.

I stroked my cheek, relishing my response. “I really don’t think so. No one knows that you are here. You did not inform the police that you were staking out the museum. Your mistrust of men has been your downfall. When you do not turn up in a few days NO ONE will conclude that you met with foul play! In your former size, NO ONE could have opposed or bested you. Everyone knows this. When you do not turn up after a few days everyone, the cops, the feds, the media, the press, will conclude that you had to return to Paradise Island for one reason or another. Only after you have been gone for a very long time will someone think to start looking for you. By that time, every clue will be stone cold and not a single person on the planet will have any idea of where to look!”

With utter delight I witnessed the dark haired Amazon’s shoulders sag and head droop upon the realization that my last speech was utterly factual. With overwhelming dread, the former crime fighter realized that I held every card in the deck. I could tell that the feeling of helplessness was very new and very distasteful to her.

“I think I’ve made my point.” I said, battling to keep smugness out of my voice. “Let me show you your living quarters.”

After I stood and hiked up my pants, she made no protest as I gently hoisted her and carried her across the room to the large doll house, which had been constructed to my specifications. The hinged roof opened and I set the tiny woman down in her new bedroom. I knew the decor would piss her off. The entire room was fitted out with every “Hello Kitty” design I could purchase. Hello Kitty sheets on the canopy bed, Hello Kitty drapes, even Hello Kitty wall paper!

“Because you are now little in stature, I thought you might like a little companion.” I smirked. She gave me the stink eye in response.

“Through the door on the right is a bathroom with a toilet, bidet and sink. There is no shower or tub, because henceforth I shall be responsible for bathing you. The door to the left leads to a library. The selection of books is rather eclectic. Down the stairs in the hall is a gymnasium where you will be expected to keep yourself in shape. You won’t be getting fat on my watch. There IS a small kitchen. I control access to it and whether or not the appliances have any power. Most times you will be dining with me. I expect to be given sexual release three times a day EVERY day. We can either continue with the method I just demonstrated or you can learn to manipulate my organ yourself. I figure that a woman with your physical strength can easily learn how to jerk off an organ nearly as tall and massive as her own person. I also expect you to avail yourself of the sex toys in the upper right dresser drawer. Very soon I am also going to see how your succulent little pussy tastes when my huge tongue enters it. I will keep you so occupied, little one, that you will not have a moment to contemplate your old life. We will also pick out a new name for you. Your alliterative moniker is rather wordy when used repeatedly. And while I DO like the sound of “Princess”, you are no longer royalty, you are a slave. Unless you have a name that you would prefer, I am leaning towards Mary. Mary Robinson was the dark haired physicist shrunk by Doctor Thorkel, in a favorite movie of mine. However, now it is very late and both of us are tired. It is time for your bath, Mary. You can have either a bath in soapy warm water or I can bathe you again in my cum. You do NOT have a third option. You need to ask for a bath of water and soap in contrition and full submission, using my proper title. Insincerity, condescension and haughtiness in making the request result in you getting another dose of male seed all over your body. I can coat you time and again with my sperm, until you behave properly. The very first thing you must learn, little miss, is that your days of female superiority is at an end. I rule in your universe now, and I am an absolute monarch!”

Enraptured, I watched my new possession go into deep thought as she performed the mental arithmetic of the consequences of behavior versus rebellion. I gazed at her tiny disheveled form. Her ordinarily silky black hair was, in spots, stuck to her face and body by great crusts of dried semen. Elsewhere on her spectacular ivory body, my male essence caked her skin like a film of dry glue. Suddenly I realized that I had tapped into one of the great Amazon primal fears. Collectively, Amazons had an innate abhorrence of male dominion. They were trained to preserve their fiery independence from earliest girlhood. No man could ever be considered the superior of a woman, but that was in a world of essentially equal statured beings. Now I was almost; the literal great phallic god they mocked and rejected. I realized that my new plaything could harden her resolve to virtually anything, save being turned into a giant’s cum dumpster. I saw the gears revolve as her body went from a defensive position to a guarded one. Like all Amazon’s, she is a very intelligent woman. As galling as it must have been I knew that there was only one answer possible to her.

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