Cinema Trip


My husband and I regularly go to the cinema and, a couple of months ago, I sucked him off in a quiet screening of Geostorm.

For a while now I’ve been fantasising about doing it to a stranger. I keep wondering if there’ll ever be a time when I go on my own and there’s just me and a man on his own in the whole auditorium. If that ever happens, I’m going to have to go for it. In my fantasy, I see him with his wife and child in the lobby before the film, then she’d take the kid in to see whatever they’re into while he gets to go into a grown-up film. I’d wait until the staff have just been in to check on us, then I’ll go sit next to him and say in his ear, “I’ve been fantasising about sucking a stranger off in the cinema… would you mind terribly?” And he’ll indicate that he doesn’t mind at all.

I don’t think I’ve ever given a blowjob to someone who didn’t then immediately tell me that it the best they’ve ever had. It always feels great to be told that so I always erenköy escort try to make sure that I don’t do a half hearted job, and this would be no exception. I’d have taken a coffee in with me so I can get my mouth nice and warm before I start, and allow the saliva to collect for a while so it’s good and wet for him when I take it all in there. And I want to pull his foreskin all the way back and swirl my tongue around under the head so I can appreciate all the taste that’s been building up throughout the day. My cunt will be so wet as I’ll have been thinking about it for ages by now, and I’ll reach down and get some wetness all over my fingers, then I’ll reach up and put them in his mouth, making sure he can taste me while I’m tasting him. And when I feel him starting to cum, I’m going to tighten my lips around his shaft and make sure I don’t lose a drop. Then I’ll sit by him with my hand on his knee for most of the rest of the gebze escort film, before excusing myself to “go to the bathroom” but never come back.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty much always there with my husband. The last time I went on my own, there were only two other people in the film: both men, but they were friends there together. I thought about it for a while but there was no way I could go through with it as I don’t think either would have said yes while sat next to their friend.

So, anyway, we went to see Geostorm. There were two other couples in the screening, both sat closer to the screen than us, so I stroked his leg throughout the first half of the film, getting further up until I was rubbing his cock, feeling him get hard. I waited for the regular staff check to go by and, as soon as they left, I got down on my knees between his legs, unzipped him, carefully took it out and took him into my mouth. Thank god for göztepe escort the great legroom at our local Cineworld!

The angle wasn’t all that forgiving though, and after a short while I realised I was going to need a change of position. I got up on the row of seats to his right and lay on my front. This way I was hidden behind the row of seats in front, and I could comfortably take his whole cock in my mouth and into my throat.

He came quicker than he has done in years, since the time we let ourselves into our local pub’s beer cellar when we saw someone leave it unlocked, and I sucked him off behind the door, risking being caught by the staff should a barrel run out.

I’ve always loved swallowing cum. It reminds me of when I was a virgin and I first started to feel sexual desires. I think time goes much slower when you’re young, but it seems like years went by when I was sucking my boyfriend off before the first time we had sex, and every time I think about that first blowjob and the first load I swallowed, it still gets me going to this day.

So I swallowed my husband’s load right there in the cinema, cleaned up the mess as much as I could with just my mouth, then sat back down and watched the rest of Geostorm.

Just a pity it was my husband.

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