Claire’s ‘Big’ Bad Boy


Claire had been sexually frustrated in her marriage for quite some time. At the time that the events of the previous summer transpired, she and Greg had been married for five years. After an initial ‘honeymoon’ period of one or two years, the lustre had faded considerably. From the perspective of her girlfriends, however, she had it all: a caring, doting husband who was not only handsome but rich as well. Yet behind the picture perfect facade was a marriage that yielded neither passion nor excitement. It was a case of the sum was not equal to the parts: individually both Claire and Greg were lovely people; as a couple, however, their union lacked that essential spark, both emotionally and physically.

For Claire, the fact that her marriage was also emotionally flat only exacerbated the lack of sexual shortcomings of the relationship. She found her husband far too accommodating, too passive, and too lacking in ego to ever cause her heart to go pitter-patter, or her panties to dampen like they had in the beginning. Though her husband was physically beautiful, the brutal truth of the situation was that his “appointment” left her wanting. She was a highly sexed woman, and her frustrations were twofold: sex was not only uninspired and repetitive, but Greg’s size was such that intercourse was unfulfilling. She knew from having had past lovers with larger erections that the loose, ‘un-stretched’ sensation she experienced with her husband was not all there was for her to experience. His length was such that he failed to touch her in places that she needed to be touched. To be sure, her feelings of frustration and lack of fulfillment caused her a significant amount of guilt — it was no one’s fault. Yet she could not ignore those feelings.

Though an unfortunate match in many ways, the two of them were equal in terms of their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Claire’s body was an expression of her personality: sensual, voluptuous, alluring. Fairly petite and small-framed in most respects, her breasts were conspicuously large. Her girlfriends often noted that, other than a curvy and aesthetically-pleasing derriere, the view from behind gave no warning of her formidable profile or full frontal. She was, in a word, busty, as in, ‘size 32DDD bra’ busty.

Her face was strangely at odds with her figure: her long, jet black hair, porcelain complexion, and fine features, somehow belied her exaggerated endowments and fecund curves. Indeed, she was a combination of a Tatler face, and a Penthouse body. At the age of thirty-one, she was still a shameless flirt, and more sexually voracious with each passing year.

The course-altering events of last summer began in mid June, when Claire and Greg’s next door neighbours sold and moved away. Their street was set high in the hills; the two properties shared a high fence and a tony, panoramic view of the city skyline below and, further off in the distance, the Pacific ocean.

The new occupant of the house next door turned out to be a bachelor in his mid thirties, quite good-looking, and apparently extremely social — for in a matter of a few short weeks, invitations to his frequent and gourmet-catered pool parties became coveted items. On several occasions Claire had laid awake in bed listening to the muted sounds of chatter and laughter emanating from the backyard next door.

One morning, Lisa, a friend of Claire’s from down the street stopped by for a coffee. As it happened, Lisa had been among the lucky invitees to her new neighbou’s — his name was Jim — most recent pool party. She seemed eager to tell her friend all about it.

Apparently after a few rounds of cocktails and appys inside, a number of people had changed into their swimsuits and had encouraged the party to move outdoors. In the wee hours of the morning, less than a dozen people remained; most in the large, concrete pool and a few in the adjacent hot tub. According to Lisa, someone — either a brave soul, or an exhibitionist, or both — suggested they all go skinny-dipping. With a little encouragement and the benefit of more than a few martinis all around, everyone agreed. Swimsuits were tossed into a collective heap. Lisa had only just managed the nerve to strip off her own bikini, and was reaching for her martini when she heard the woman sitting next to her in the hot tub gasp audibly. She turned just in time to get a glimpse of Jim stepping down into the bubbling waters next to them.

“Oh my god, Claire!” gushed Lisa. “He had the biggest penis I have EVER SEEN!!!”

The two of them dissolved into a gale of giggles, but Claire couldn”t deny to herself the fact that her curiosity had been piqued.

“Well maybe you just haven”t seen that many,” teased Claire. “Maybe the biggest YOU”VE ever seen isn”t all that spectacular.”

“I’m serious! It was SCARY big, Claire,” she replied. “He’s definitely ENDOWED! It was, like, so thick and long, and was half way down his thigh, I”m not kidding!”

Lisa went on to describe ataköy escort how the atmosphere at the party changed once Jim had been “unveiled”. According to her, the men who were present all became a little quiet, and generally seemed vaguely chastened or humbled by the revelation of their host’s manhood. The women who were there with their spouses or boyfriends — no doubt wishing to avoid further hits to their men’s ego — tried to divert the topic of discussion to other things. However, and no doubt much to their chagrin, a few of the women who were there unaccompanied kept pressing the issue.

One woman blurted out, “My god, Jim, do you need a permit for that thing???!!!” said Lisa, laughing.

Another woman seemed especially curious, and quite unabashed about quizzing Jim on the practical realities of possessing such a big dick. Much to the obvious discomfort of a number of the men present, she persisted in asking one brazen question after another; everything from, “How big is it when it’s hard (to which his response of “10 plus inches long and 7 plus inches around” prompted further jaw drops and guffaws)?” to “Has a woman ever refused to have sex with you after seeing how big you are (apparently several times)?” to “Has a woman ever been able to accommodate every one of those ten and a quarter inches (sadly, for him, no)?”

“I swear to god, Claire, something that big would tear me in two, but I could NOT take my eyes off his penis for the rest of the night!” she giggled with embarrassment. “Every time he climbed out of the hot tub or walked around, my eyes went straight for that huge, fleshy prong of his — he must know how YOU feel with all the stares at your big boobs!”

They spent the remainder of their time talking about other things, but after Lisa left, Claire’s thoughts kept drifting back to the discussion of Jim’s body, which, penis size notwithstanding, was apparently quite yummy in general. She also found Lisa’s take on his personality quite intriguing: personable and extremely self-confident, but with that subtle hint of danger in his smile; the kind of man who enjoyed the dominant role; a kind of reformed bad boy that some women were drawn to like magnets.

Although she”d slept with a few guys who’d possessed bigger than average size erections, she’d never once experienced anything quite like what Lisa described. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to make love to a man so generously appointed. Thoughts turned into lusty daydreams. But accompanying those daydreams were feelings of guilt that were difficult to dismiss. Greg’s size was a factor, no matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise. It was a fact: her husband had a small penis, and she craved more. The kind of ‘more’ that someone like Jim possessed, she didn”t know. But to a degree at least, for her bigger than what she had was definitely better.

That night at dinner, Greg noticed that his wife seemed more distracted than usual, but thought little of it. He was so much less sensitive to the distance that had developed between them over the years.

About two weeks later, Claire was awoken to the now somewhat familiar sound of party noises coming from next door; Greg was asleep next to her in bed. After lying there thinking about it for awhile, she quietly slipped out from under the sheets and crept off to an adjacent room; one with a view of her neighbour’s backyard. She approached the window dressed as she was in a form-fitting t- shirt and a pair of silky panties; the soft blue moonlight from above fell across her large, firm bosom undulating inside the stretchy confines of her shirt.

She immediately spotted a man and a woman scurrying from the hot tub to the pool. They were naked, and before she realized that the man was clearly not Jim, her heart skipped a beat. She had an unobstructed view of the pool (there were several people in it) but could not see the hot tub from where she was standing.

Suddenly a man with a very beautiful body emerged from inside the house and walked slowly to the edge of the pool. It was him. She felt a lump form in her throat. Still standing with his back to her, she could see that Lisa’s observations about his physique were well-founded. Just feasting her eyes on his beautiful, naked ass and strong back made her slightly wet.

She watched as several of the partygoers in the pool caught what was obviously their first glimpse of their host in the nude. One man tried conspicuously not to notice, while two young women suppressed shock-induced giggles by covering their mouths.

“Oh my god!!!,” yelled another woman. “Look at the size of his cock!!!” This was followed by laughter and expressions of disbelief.

Mercifully, Claire’s patience was not to be tested for long. Only a few seconds passed before Jim turned and provided her with a glorious profile.

Claire gasped and stood transfixed.

The reactions of the women in the pool had been more bakırköy escort than justified — Jim was HUGELY endowed! In profile, his flat tummy accentuated the incredibly long, thick wad that hung heavily between his legs. Even from a distance it looked truly awe-inspiring; so much larger in its current state than her husband’s erection. Another man walked past, quite average in size, and provided her with a little visual perspective — Jim’s flaccid penis absolutely dwarfed the other man’s by comparison.

Like her friend Lisa, Claire had never seen a penis anywhere near that large before. In addition to the incredible length, it appeared quite fat and fleshy and vascular, and tapered down a good six or seven inches to a bulbous, circumcised tip.

She drank in his Adonis-like form: the tapered waist, the thin smattering of chest hair across his strong chest, and of course, that long, fat pendulum swinging between his thighs waiting to ravage some woman’s tender pussy. She imagined it could be her.

Her face was flush with heat.

She suddenly became aware of the gentle ache between her legs. As she continued to watch, her fingers made their way down to the warm, wet spot at the base of her silk panties; the fingers of her other hand gently squeezed one of her huge, fleshy orbs inside her t-shirt. With her eyes glued to the masculine object of her desire, Claire silently and slowly pleasured herself. Her fingers gently explored the soft folds of her labia and; her tender nub became swollen and incredibly sensitive. Her panties were soon soaked.

She momentarily closed her eyes when the tingling began to build deep in her tummy. She imagined Jim watching her and very soon an orgasm flushed through her like a hot wave. Pressing harder against her clitoris, she was gripped by another one moments later.

Opening her eyes, she saw that Jim was no longer in view. Still unsated, she climbed inside the cool, marble expanse of their stand-up shower stall. With the heavy, hand-held shower head, she directed the pulsing, warm water between her legs. The jets of water soon yielded yet another orgasm.

She groaned quietly to herself in the night.

Several days passed before she finally had the opportunity to meet Jim. It happened one day when she was watering her plants at the side of the house. She heard someone with a deep, sexy voice utter a “hello”.

Turning she saw that it was her neighbour. She immediately felt flustered but did her best to appear non-plussed. As Lisa had described, he was very outgoing and had an air of self-confidence, almost cockiness, which she found quite sexy. He was also even better looking up close than he had been from a distance: wavy, dark brown hair, rugged good looks, a lovely tan, and “dishy” bedroom eyes. He definitely had the smile of a charming bad boy — simmering sexuality and a hint of danger. Ooh la la, she though to herself.

Claire did consulting work from her home, and as it turned out, Jim worked nights at a local television station. Consequently, they were both home during the day most of the time, while her husband was usually downtown at his office.

Given Claire’s flirtatiousness — not to mention her only thinly-veiled lust for him — and Jim’s outgoing personality, the two of them developed quite a rapport in very short order. Before long, the two of them had become afternoon coffee mates; one day at his place, the next day at hers.

One particularly hot summer afternoon, she decided to provide Jim with a bit of a show. When he rang the door bell, she opened the door wearing only a very skimpy white bikini. Claire’s is the kind of body that, in a bikini, quite literally stops traffic: shapely and curvy in all the right places, and with a bustline so formidable that even ‘non-breast men’ are prone to double takes. Clearly, Jim liked what he saw. The overtaxed top looked ready to burst; the small patch of material covering her pussy barely up to the task.

The two of them were enjoying their lattes when the subject turned, as it often did, to sex. Jim had been asking her if it was difficult finding bras in her size that weren”t made for old ladies, and that she was unusual for being slim and petite and yet so busty. Claire found herself glancing down several times at the crotch of Jim’s pants, knowing full well the size of its now legendary contents. With convincing innocence she brought up the subject of penis size. He asked her if she thought it was important, and smiled at her with his bedroom eyes when she answered somewhat sheepishly in the affirmative.

Coyly, she asked if it was possible to tell how big a man’s penis was just by the shape of his body, etc.

“I’ve heard you can tell by the size of a man’s hands,” she said. She reached over, took his hand in hers and placed their palms together.

“Wow, you have really long fingers!,” she observed with a wry wink.

“So, is your husband well endowed?” asked Jim.

“No,” she replied with a sigh. “Never tell him I told you this, but he actually has a fairly small penis.”

“So do I,” he countered with a grin.

“Oh, really?” she replied, blushing slightly.

Changing the subject, she teased him about never having invited her and her husband to one of his much talked-about summer pool parties. He responded by saying that he would be having one that very weekend, and suggested they both come over.

She brought up the invitation to Greg over dinner that same night. Somewhat surprisingly, and with some gentle persuasion, he agreed to go. Not knowing as she did, of course, that Jim’s pool parties frequently morphed into something quite a bit more risque.

The night of the party, the two of them grabbed their swimsuits and made their way next door. Greg was impressed with what Jim had done with the interior of the house and complimented him on it.

The people at the party all ranged in age from their late twenties to their early forties. The music, ambient lighting and cocktails all contributed to a warm, sensual atmosphere. At one point, while chatting with someone she”d just met, she noticed Jim and Greg talking together on the opposite side of the room. Unbeknownst to her husband, Claire couldn”t stop stealing glances at Jim. Jim’s eyes met hers several times.

Finally, their host invited everyone who was interested to change into their swimsuits and enjoy the pool and hot tub out back. Most took advantage; the nights were still so hot. Claire and Greg both used an upstairs washroom to change. Claire put on her favourite purple bikini. She liked it because it was quite sexy and brief and gave her some very serious cleavage, yet provided her with the kind of support someone with her cup size required.

Greg had become rather accustomed to the reactions his wife’s body received in public. Out back that night was no exception. Approaching the pool, she garnered several admiring glances form the men; not to mention a few jealous glares and/or evaluating glances from some of the women.

While taking a dip, Claire looked up and noticed Jim emerge from the house wearing a very brief men’s bikini swimsuit. Understandably, the front of which appeared to be restraining an anaconda.

Later in the evening, she and Greg were sitting next to each other in the hot tub when Jim sat down on the opposite edge with only his legs below the knee in the water. Facing them as he was, with his thighs slightly parted, the wad in the front of his swimsuit was plain to see.

The three of them chatted amicably for several minutes when suddenly a young woman in the pool — who already seemed fairly intoxicated — said they should all go skinny-dipping like they’d done a few weeks prior.

Without waiting for a collective answer, the woman, who had quite a lovely body, stripped off her bikini and threw it playfully at her girlfriend’s head.

At that point, Jim turned and looked at the two of them.

“What do you say, you two?” he asked. “I will if YOU will.”

Claire felt her heart beating heavily in her chest. The thought of it — the group nudity, seeing Jim revealed to her up close, revealing her own body to Jim — was so exciting to her that she could barely speak. So much so that she thought her enthusiasm might betray her feelings. She didn”t want her husband to know the true source or level of her excitement; the reason her hands and body were trembling.

Looking up into Jim’s eyes, she reached back and unhooked the clasp of her purple bikini top. Her enormous, firm breasts fell free. The pink, saucer-size areolas were already quite puffed-up and enlarged. From their seated positions in the hot tub, both Greg and his wife removed their last restraints: her skimpy bikini bottoms; his surfer trunks. Standing up momentarily to toss his trunks aside, Greg revealed his own comely physique, as well as his rather diminutive manhood.

Wearing a conspicuously neutral expression on his face, Jim raised his hips and deftly peeled off his sexy swimsuit. His super-sized sex organ slapped against his muscular thigh. Claire felt her chest to rise and fall with her breathing. Greg said nothing, but she knew he had seen it; it would have been impossible not to.

Jim leaned back on his hands, still submerged in the bubbly water from the knees down, his legs parted ever so more than before, several thick inches of his penis coming to rest atop the concrete surface he was sitting on. With as much discretion as he could manage considering the circumstances, he drank in Claire’s voluptuous body with his eyes. He loved large breasts, and hers were exquisite. He also knew exactly what kind of affect his nudity and huge endowment had on her; knew that she wanted him; that she lusted after him and was intrigued by a cock as big as his.

There was another woman present that night who longed to be ravaged by him — the young woman who had suggested they take off their clothes, and later that night he would fuck her mercilessly. But it was Claire that he secretly and truly desired. He decided he would have her, and soon.

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