cleaning and benefits.


cleaning and benefits.after marriage ended I moved into 2nd floor apartment. One of the 1st floor neighbors did cleaning. She introduced her self and offered a free cleaning. few weeks later I accepted and offered her the key. Mr bill I have one already. I work night shift and wake up at 10 or so. In my underwear my sleep stif cock I walk to the bathroom. as I turn the corner and women is wrapped around the toilet. I saw you sleeping mr bill and just started cleaning. come on in here, I did and while I empty the tank she stands there looking. That’s a big one mr bill. I smile and finish. put it away and pass her by. Mr bill go back to sleep and I will be quiet. I lay there and she sticks her head in my bedroom door. me bill you have trouble sleeping in day time? some the light is a problem. She puts a huge towel over the window and pins it there. that will help you me bill. She walks over and fluffs my pillow for me. I lay down and she starts rubbing my shoulders. mr bill that’s big shoulders, and that’s a big tool you got too. sure bet you give a lot of loving with that. I smile and say thanks.She walks out and leaves the door open. 20 min later comes by and looks in, mr bill you can not go back to sleep can you? I will get there, me bill can I help you? I know I can. What can you do? she comes to the bed bahis siteleri and pulls the covers back. she pulls out my cock and starts sucking the head. I like this and turn over for better access. She sits up and dumps her tits out. Dark tan tit and black nipples. She is a black woman in her mid 40’s and I am 24. Shortly she is sucking my cock and I have nice tits to play with. She finishes and not a drop hits the sheets. She pulls out a cloth and wipes me down. Now mr bill you relax and I think you will sleep well. Mr bill some time you want to let me try that out? Sure will be nice. That’s gone be fun for me, I watch you move in. I roll over and very satisfied from a great blow job. I start thinking of the plump tits and fall to sleep. wake and smell good food and hear her singing softly. Walk out and, mr bill you slept pretty good. now I have you some food cooked. Want me to set your place at the table? sure I could eat something. She serves me like I am paying her. she sits with me and talks. stories of her life and how her ex husband died working for the city. She had lived in this apartment for years. Her church and how she just loves cooking and serving a man.Now mr bill I am not asking you for anything other than some loving some time. Don’t have ot do it today. but you can, any time I can be canlı bahis ready for you. Dinner is done and she cleans everything up. I walk it no the living room and she is on the floor bent over. a nice and plump ass shakes under her cotton dress. she has taken good care of her self and was blessed with nice looks. Mr bill I am about finished for today, next time you want me to clean just tell me. I can cook and just do anything you like. The second you want to let me try that tool you got just tell me. I sure want to try that one. I sit there while she gathers her things. thinking of the blow job and how nice her tits are. I ma thinking I want to see her nude. You going some where else right now? just down stairs and be alone. I take her hand and sit her in my lap. I kiss her neck. she stands up and we go in the bed room. She unzips and dress hits the floor followed by her undies and covered by her bra. She has a nice body and tits are extra nice. firm and plump is not usual for black women. at this size most sag and get jingly. She positions the pillows and the covers. she assumes the missionary position and legs spread. Mr bill come on over here. I start to kiss the clit, NO mr bill I don’t want that. just come up here and love me some. I do as she ask, I pass over a thick curly pussy patch and thick black güvenilir bahis lips. I see a dark red inner color and its wet. I ask is she is ready or she needs to be warmed up? mr bill I been thinking bout this all day. I am ready right now. I rub my cock over her and its getting harder. its not long before its hard as a rock. I push it in her. oh oh and the sounds start. mr bill oh mr billllll she works her hips and I feel her muscles working. I got a good one and I know it. I work the head right at the opening, in and out slowly. She is starting to cum and I feel it. ooohhhh mr mr billllll and sounds I have not heard before start. She is orgasms and tells me its ok now. I can finsh. starts telling me thank you and how good it is. I ask, Don’t you want to cum again? no I already had mine. you get yours. I pull her tight and tell her to get another one. No mr bill I only do it once. I strok her faster and harder. I want you to cum again, oh no mr mr oh mr and harder with a slapping sound as I hit bottom. Oh oh mr bill, and I got her she is cumming again. its longer and harder. I think her heart is stopping when she insist I finish. that was so good. I kiss her and get some passion in it. with her lips tied up she just lays there taking the pumping. and the third one starts. She cums and the sounds are shocking. I know she is enjoying it and just as she finishes I hold my breath and trigger my self. I finish with slow stokes and stopping full stroke with each splash of cum in her. Sorry will finsh this later. I must go.

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