Cleaning Crew


Thanks to Angel Love for her editing.

I was at the office working late, again. This was starting to become the norm, not leaving for home until 7:00 P.M. or later. The long hours were interfering with my so-called life but I’m in the mortgage business and with rates down as low as they are, the number of refinances are at an all time high. You have to make hay while the sun shines.

The relationship between my boyfriend and I was feeling the strain of the long work hours. We weren’t getting to see much of each other and when we did, we weren’t having as much fun as we had been before. We had been very sexually active but now it had been several weeks since we’d made love. I missed being held, I missed the passionate kisses and I missed the sex.

I hadn’t noticed the girl that came into my office every night about 6:30 to empty the trash cans and vacuum the floor until I overheard some of the guys in the office talking about how hot she was. She looked to be about 18 or 19, a Hispanic girl, very cute with a nice firm body. Now that it was summer she wore light blouses that were low cut, not the kind of thing normally associated with a janitor or even a maid. The guys in the office were going on and on about how when she bends over to empty the trash cans, ‘you could see all the way to Mexico.’

Those guys could really be crude sometimes. When I walked around the corner the discussion stopped and a few faces turned red. A few times I’ve caught the tail end of a conversation where, based on their reaction when they saw me, they were talking about me in that same context. I prided myself on keeping in shape. Even with the long hours I’ve been working lately I’m still getting to the gym every morning at 5:30. None of those guys have a chance of ever getting into my knickers but it’s kind of flattering they talk about me like that rather than referring to me as the ice maiden or a bitch.

When she came into my office tonight, I couldn’t help but watch her. She seldom made eye contact with anyone but when she did she would smile and say hello. She made it all the way to my desk before she looked and saw that I was looking at her. What a pretty smile. I said hello in return and as she looked down my eyes fell to her chest. She was wearing a white blouse that was low cut and made of a very open weave material. Her dark colored bra appeared to be a little too small as her breasts were bulging out the top. She wasn’t that big, I’d guess a B cup but she was bigger than my little A cups. If there was one thing I wish I could change about myself it would be to have larger boobs. I can’t see myself having implants and even if I did I wouldn’t go for those big DD monsters, this girl’s were just about the right size.

I found myself anticipating her bending over for my trash can so I could get a better look at her boobs. This was just not something ardahan escort I do. Oh sure I did a little experimenting with a girl friend of mine in college but it was more drunk fun than really sexual. I couldn’t say that I had been turned on by it. Well, maybe just a little. But since those nights I had never had a desire to be with another woman. Is that what this was? A desire to be with a woman? This woman? Maybe I was just overly horny since I hadn’t had any sex in a couple of weeks. Whatever it was, when she bent over and I saw the firm, smooth brown skin of her boobs I let out a gasp. Without raising up she turned her head toward me and asked if I was OK.

I didn’t know what to say but I didn’t want her to move. As I continued to stare down her blouse I said, “The guys out there in the office would kill for the view I have right now. And to be honest, I’m enjoying it myself.”

This brought a smile to her face and for some reason I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed to be staring at another woman’s boobs. She stood up slowly, emptied my trash can into her cart and then started for the door. Now I found myself looking at her blue jean-covered ass. It was a nice one, a lot like mine. Not having the big breasts that most men like, it’s a good thing I have the butt and legs that will attract their attention. This girl has it all. I was disappointed to see her leaving but I knew there wasn’t anything we could have done to relieve the sexual tension building in-between my legs.

I went back to work but had a hard time concentrating. About an hour later everyone else had gone and I was shutting down my PC to leave as well. I heard my door start to creak and looked up to see the girl from the clean up crew closing the door. As soon as the door was closed, she walked toward me and asked if she could talk to me for a minute.

I smiled and said, “Of course. What is it you want to talk about?”

She told me she wanted to ask me about the comment I had made earlier, about the view. I blushed a little and said I was sorry for being so rude. Not seeming to need an apology she asked me if it was true that all the guys in the office liked to look at her. I told her that I thought that was true of everyone. She was a very attractive girl and I was sure that fact hadn’t escaped anyone’s attention.

She started to cry softly and said she was tired of men always looking at her and wanting, even expecting sex from her. She had several boyfriends that just wanted sex and once they had gotten all they wanted they moved on and left her. Every one of them just took and took. She gave them her love and they never gave back. Many times they had been almost brutal in the way they had used her body. I tried to tell her that all men weren’t like that, but sometimes it took a long time before you found one that loved back, but ardahan escort bayan she wasn’t so sure.

After a few minutes of quiet crying she looked at me and asked, “What about you? You said you enjoyed the view too.”

I told her, “To be honest, yes I did. But I wouldn’t hurt you.”

She asked me, “Do you know if it’s true that a woman can have sex with another woman? I have heard that they can and I’ve wondered if two women can have sex together. If I did that with another woman would I feel them giving back like I give when I have sex?”

I looked at her and answered, “I’m no expert but I have a little experience. I’d say it depends on the woman you’re with.”

She looked at me with tears still in her eyes and asked, “Before I go home tonight and my boyfriend does things to me I don’t like, will you show me what it’s like to be with a woman?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I felt so sorry for this girl. I wanted to comfort her but at the same time I wanted to do exactly what she was asking of me, I wanted to make love to her. I stood up and walked over, put my arms around her and gave her a hug. She almost melted into me. She was quite a bit shorter than I was so I could feel her firm boobs pressing against my stomach. I held her for a minute and kissed her on top of her head. Slowly I unwrapped my arms from around her and placed them on her hips. I gently separated us so I could kiss her cheeks and then move my lips to her mouth. When my lips reached hers, I slipped my tongue through her lips and searched out her tongue with mine. I took my hands and moved them up her sides, bringing her blouse with them.

When my hands reached under her arms, she raised them over her head. I removed my tongue from her mouth and slipped the blouse over her head. I took her hand and led her to my desk and had her sit on it in front of my chair. I spread her legs and brought my chair as close to my desk as possible. I undid her bra and freed those beautiful boobs. It had been a long time since I had seen another woman’s boobs. These may have been the best looking ones of any I’d seen. I leaned forward and took them in my hands and guided one to my waiting mouth. Her nipples responded immediately to the attention. I fondled one breast with my hand while my tongue ran around the nipple of the other. I heard moans that told me my student was enjoying herself. I wondered if this was the first time she had ever experienced any pleasure from sex. I decided for now, I was just going to tend to her needs.

I moved my mouth to her other breast and lightly pinched the nipple that had just come out of my mouth. She moaned and I could tell heat was building between her legs by the way she was squirming ever so slightly. I gently pushed her back so she could lay her back on my desk and then I stood up and undid escort ardahan the zipper of her jeans. I removed her shoes and then pulled her jeans off and put them in my chair. She was wearing panties that matched her bra and there was a large wet spot right where her pussy lips pushed against the material. I took her panties by the waist band and she raised her hips so I could slip them off.

Once the panties were off, I put my hands on her thighs and moved them farther apart. I helped her slide up on my desk a little more so she could rest her feet on the desk and keep her legs spread apart. I slid my hands up her body until they reached her nice firm boobs. I leaned over a little farther and could smell her womanhood.

Her pubic hair was wet from the anticipation. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue, starting as far down as I could and worked my way up to her clitoris. As soon as I touched her clit with my tongue she let out a moan. I did the same thing again, starting at the bottom and moving up her pussy to her clit. I could tell her clit was getting bigger and harder each time I touched it with my tongue. She was so excited and so quickly I began to think she had never had an orgasm before.

The next time I stopped when my tongue was half way to her clit and I pushed it through her lips and into her. She let out a half scream. I flicked my tongue around the walls of her pussy as she rocked her hips. She started breathing fast and loud and I knew she was about to have her orgasm. I licked up to her clit and this time when I got there I gently sucked it into my mouth. A few flicks of the tongue on her clit and she started screaming and rocking. I kept sucking on her clit and her legs clamped down on my head as her body contracted in a spasm. It felt like she was trying to use her legs to force my entire head inside of her. I could hear her muffled screams as she fucked my face. I stopped sucking and eventually her legs loosened their hold on my head. Her legs fell open and her feet slipped off my desk.

I could see her pretty brown eyes looking at me from just above her breasts. She had a look on her face like she wasn’t sure what to say. I smiled at her and asked her if she had enjoyed the feelings.

She kind of chuckled and said, “Oh yes.” It was good to see her smile again.

I helped her sit up and then stand. She had her own juices running down her legs as well as smeared on her ass from when she slid through a puddle getting off my desk. I handed her clothes to her and she looked at me and asked, “What about you?”

“Tonight was just for you, next time it will be for both of us. If you want there to be a next time. If not, I understand.”

She smiled, and replied, “I want there to be.” I watched as she put her clothes back on. I walked her to the door and gave her a hug before opening it and watched her leave.

As I went back to my desk to straighten it up before leaving I could feel my nipples were as hard as rocks and my own panties were wet. I didn’t know if there would really be a ‘next time’ or not, but one thing I knew for sure, I’d be working late tomorrow night to see if she came back and wanted more.

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