clinic visit

clinic visitI love going to the doctor. Not many women do, mind you, but mine is special. Every time I go in for an examination, I come out from a treatment!It starts out like any other office visit, but then when we get into the examination room, its a whole other world. As he sits down at the table, he tells me to go behind the screen and undress. I put on the paper gown and come out from behind the screen and sit on the table. As he gets up to begin gümüşhane escort the exam, I notice an ever increasing bulge in his pants.He comes over to me, removes the paper gown and starts to suck my tits. First he lightly licks the nipples, then he takes them in his mouth and starts to suck them. As he sucks my tits I reach over and undo his pants. I reach in and take hold of his now rock hard cock. As I begin to rub his cock, he reaches gümüşhane escort bayan down and starts to run a finger up and down my slit.Naturally at this point I’m dripping wet and can’t stand it any more. I get down off the table and I start to suck on his cock. First I lightly flick my tongue around the tip. Then I start to move down the underside very slowly. This drives him absolutely wild! As I get down to his balls, I escort gümüşhane start to suck on them while I rub his hard cock. Just as he is about to explode, he grabs me, throws me on the table, opens my legs wide to expose my wet steamy cunt, and rams into me. Right about now I’m starting to quiver and shake and he begins to match my rythym.He starts to pump faster and harder while at the same time I reach around and grab his balls. I grab both his balls and squeeze as hard as I can. Just as I squeeze for the third time, he gives one final hard jam and cums. Mind you, we both cum good and hard, but we can’t make any noise because of the other patients.But let me tell you…I sure as hell love going to the doctor!

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