Close Calls After the Changing Room


Footsteps outside Talulah’s door made Dean Chambers hold his breath and listen.‘It’s okay, sir,’ the pretty brunette said without lifting her head from his chest. ‘I locked my door. No one is coming in.’Dean nodded. ‘Good, but I am going to have to go soon,’ he replied. He knew he’d have to decide what would be the best time to leave – too early and he would run the risk of being seen by one of the other girls in Talulah’s dormitory block, but too late and he wouldn’t have a suitable excuse as to why he was leaving the building of his students.‘Can’t you stay a little longer? Talulah cooed. ‘I thought we could do it again.’Dean closed his eyes. ‘I don’t know if I can, Talulah. We’ve done it twice today, I think I might be done.’‘Really, sir?’ she whispered into his neck, her fingernails trailing up the inside of his thigh. ‘I could put you in my mouth again. And you could put it between my boobs.’Dean groaned at the sensation and despite how tired he was he felt his balls tighten at her touch.‘Then you could make love to me again,’ his student continued.‘Talulah, I don’t think we should do that again without protection. We were lucky I was able to pull out when I did. I might not be able to next time.’Talulah huffed. ‘But it felt so nice. You were really hard and deep inside me.’ She paused. ‘And I know you couldn’t cum inside me, but technically you did – because you came in my mouth.’‘How did you feel about that?’ Dean asked.‘I really liked it. I wasn’t sure how it would be because sperm is quite thick, but I enjoyed it and I even swallowed some.’‘I’m glad you didn’t find it horrible,’ Dean said.‘Why? Because you want me to do it again?’ she asked.Dean looked down at her. ‘No, because I wouldn’t want you to have not liked it.’Talulah pouted. ‘Oh poo, I was hoping I’d get to do it again.’Dean smiled. ‘If you want to do it again, I’m not going to stop you.’Goody,’ she replied, her fingers sliding up over his balls before wrapping around his soft shaft, and despite his fatigue, he started to stiffen. She sat up, moving to face him, re-tying the knickers in her hair.‘This little chap looks like he might be getting ready to play again,’ she said, lifting Dean’s semi-hard penis.‘Talulah, wait,’ Dean said, sitting up. His student looked at him. ‘You really are beautiful, do you know that?’ he said. ‘And your breasts are amazing.’‘Thank you, sir,’ she replied. ‘I’m glad you like my boobs. I do sometimes catch the other male teachers looking at them, but I suppose that’s because they’re bigger than the other girls’ boobs.’‘They’re amazing,’ Dean said. ‘I still want to go down on you.’She smiled but then twisted her mouth. ‘I don’t know. I’ve been really wet and I’m worried I won’t taste nice. It’s embarrassing.’‘You’ll taste wonderful,’ Dean said, reaching for his student’s breasts, and stroking her nipples.‘I don’t know, sir.’ She paused. ‘What if -,’ she stopped again, enjoying to feel of her teacher’s touch. ‘What if I do a taste test,’ she said. ‘Let me go into the bathroom.’‘Do it here,’ Dean said, his other hand stroking her other nipple. Talulah looked at him, her eyes fluttering at his touch, and then she slipped her hand between her thighs, her middle finger dipping into her vagina. When she removed her finger it glistened with her wetness and Dean watched as she brought it to her mouth, sucking it. She licked her lips and smiled at Dean.‘I think we’re okay,’ she said.Dean smiled back at her, pulling gerçek porno her to him, kissing her mouth, and moving to her breasts as he laid her down on the bed. She reached behind her head, removing the knickers from her hair, allowing her ebony tresses to splay out across her pillows. Dean started to move down over her body and she sucked in her already flat stomach as his lips found the delicate skin. Her breathing increased as he moved lower. She felt Dean move between her legs and she watched as his mouth hovered over her vagina.The knocking on the door made them both jump. Dean looked up at Talulah who had frozen, listening.‘Talulah? Are you in there?’ a voice called from outside the door.‘Goodness!’ Talulah whispered, sitting up. ‘It’s Miss Stokes!’•••Stephanie flicked the light switch, illuminating her small bathroom. She pulled the hoodie over her head, the t-shirt beneath coming with it, leaving her in her bra and shorts. She turned the shower knob, letting the water run over her hand until it warmed up before pulling down her shorts and underwear and stepping into the bath.‘What’s the best way to do this?’ she thought. She was starting to feel tired so lying down in the bath seemed to be the best option. Taking the shower head from its holder she lay back, playing the water over her tight body.The spray was quite powerful, the setting she used to wake herself up in the mornings. Stephanie twisted the shower head, changing the flow of water until she found one which gave a thicker, softer spray. The setting felt kinder to her skin and she played the spray over her nipples, making them harder, and she sighed at the sensation before turning the head and moving it down over her taught stomach until it reached her soft labia, directing it at her clitoris. At first, it felt strange, intense, but as she became used to the feeling she let her head rest back and she opened her slender legs wider. A moan escaped her mouth as the sensation between her thighs ebbed and flowed and she lifted one leg over the side of the bath.The pretty teenager was enjoying the sensation, but it wasn’t how she usually masturbated and she wondered if it was going to work, if it was going to be as good as Lilly had said. But she decided to relax and let the water play over her. She lifted her free hand to stroke over her breast, her fingers scissoring her nipple. As she lay under the shower spray the sensation around her clitoris made her eyes flutter, but the water wasn’t as intense as her finger usually was, keeping her on the edge of pleasure until the tingle started to grow. Her breathing quickened but the approach of her climax was inexorable, creeping slowly over her, sometimes intensifying and other times dropping away until the sensitivity of her clitoris built and Stephanie felt her orgasm approaching like clouds rolling in from the sea. Her stomach started to tense and heave and her deep breaths turned into pants and then whimpers as she started to cum. Her thighs trembled and she started to picture the couple from the porn film she’d seen on her cousin’s laptop; the large-breasted blonde being pounded by the well-endowed, good-looking young man, and then it was the sound of Mr. Chambers cumming as Talulah stroked his erection, shooting his cum onto her big breasts.The water playing over her kept Stephanie cumming longer than she normally did. Her whole body started to tremble until gay porno the intensity became too much and she dropped the shower head between her legs, the warm water spraying onto her bottom and mixing with the wetness that ran from her slick vagina.With her head spinning Stephanie lay in the bath, her breathing still laboured, enjoying the feel of the water on her bottom.•••‘Shit!’ Dean said, moving off the bed as quietly as he could.‘Talulah?’ Jess Stokes called again.‘You’d better answer her,’ Dean whispered, she’ll be able to see the light under the door.‘Yes Miss Stokes,’ the teenager called. ‘I’m here, I’m just getting in the shower. Is everything okay?’‘Yes, I just have the revision material we talked about yesterday. I want to make sure you’re ready to start revising next week.’‘She’s going to want to come in,’ Dean said, pulling on his trousers and T-shirt, picking up his shoes and socks. ‘I need to hide somewhere.’‘My wardrobe,’ Talulah said. ‘It’s big.’Dean nodded, but stopped, looking at his beautiful, naked student. ‘I still need to taste you,’ he said, dropping to his knees in front of her, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, one hand on a pert buttock to pull her closer to him, steadying her. His other hand grabbed for her breast and he pushed his mouth onto her vagina, his tongue pushing between her lips, glistening with her wetness and his.Talulah looked at him in surprise, and then her head dropped back as she felt his tongue enter her before sliding out and up over her sensitive clitoris. She gasped but then he was gone, standing up and walking toward the large wardrobe.Dean Chambers stepped into the wardrobe, pulling the door closed, surrounding himself in darkness. Outside Talulah pulled on her dressing gown, tying the cord around her narrow waist, before opening her door.‘Hello Miss Stokes,’ she said, smiling at her teacher. ‘Please come in. How is your ankle?’‘Thank you, Talulah. My ankle feels much better thank you,’ the pretty teacher replied. ‘I’ve had some quite strong painkillers, but Mr. Chambers was right, it wasn’t broken.’‘That’s good to hear,’ Talulah said. ‘Are those the revision notes?’‘Yes,’ Jess replied handing her a folder. ‘Because I don’t teach any of the subjects in the exams you’ll be sitting I will be one of the invigilators. I think Mr. Chambers will also be one. Shall we sit down and go through the reading material?’Talulah froze – Mr. Chambers was in her wardrobe and she didn’t know how long Miss. Stokes would stay. What if he coughed or sneezed? She had to find a way for him to leave.‘Yes, of course, Miss. But could you just look at my shower? It doesn’t seem to be working properly.’Jess looked at her, confused. ‘Well I’m not a plumber, but I suppose I could try to help. What seems to be the problem?’‘Um, well, the little switch that changes the water from the taps to the shower isn’t working. Could you have a look please?’If her teacher noticed that she was talking more loudly she didn’t mention it, stepping into the bathroom. Talulah pulled the light switch and looked over her shoulder. Her wardrobe door inched open and teacher’s face appeared. The pretty brunette nodded, giving him a thumbs up.Dean Chambers slipped from his hiding place, walked quickly across the room, and disappeared out the door, the taste of his beautiful student still on his mouth.‘It seems to be working just fine,’ Jess Stokes said, flicking the evli porno shower from taps to shower head.•••The ticking clock was the only sound in the classroom. Dean Chambers looked up from his desk at the rows of sixth-form girls, heads down over their exam papers. He enjoy invigilating on exams, it was an easy two weeks at the end of the school year – all he had to do was turn up, bring a book to read and make sure no one was cheating.He looked at the clock – ten minutes left. A movement at the back of the classroom caught his attention.Talulah stood and walked towards the front of the room, her completed exam in her hand. He watched as she approached – it didn’t matter how many times he saw her he couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was – 5’5”, masses of dark hair tumbling around her shoulders, bright blue eyes that sparkled and her athletic figure with large, firm breasts and firm thighs made sleep all the more difficult for him. All of that combined with the fact that she was wearing a short plaid skirt that came slightly too far above her knees, a white school blouse that was a little too tight, her school tie, and white knee-length socks with black shoes.His student’s perfume reached him as she walked to his desk.‘My exam, sir. I’ve finished,’ she said in a whisper.‘Thank you, Talulah. How did you find it?’‘It was fine sir. I think I have done well. Although I do have a problem.’Dean looked up at her and she leaned closer to his ear. From across the room, a blonde head raised from her paper; Stephanie looked at them suspiciously.‘It’s my knickers, sir,’ Talulah said into his ear. ‘They’re very wet.’Dean blinked, taking in what she was saying. ‘Do you need to go to the toilet?’ he asked.‘No sir. The reason they’re wet is because I’ve been watching you from my seat and touching myself under the desk. And the fact that the knickers I’m wearing are white cotton I should think they’re almost see-through now. I’m sure you could practically see my silky smooth vagina.’Dean tried to process her words but before he could reply she spoke again.‘So do you think we could make love when everyone leaves?’He looked up at his student. ‘I don’t have any condoms with me,’ he replied.Talulah shook her head, leaning close again. ‘It’s alright, sir, we don’t need them. While we were on revision break I went to my doctor and he put me on the birth control pill.’Dean could feel his penis starting to thicken. He had found it all but impossible not to think about Talulah in the two weeks she had been preparing for exams and now he wanted her again.‘So can we make love?’ Talulah asked again.He looked up at her. ‘No we can’t,’ he said his voice a whisper but authoritative. Talulah’s face dropped. ‘Why not, sir?’‘Because I want to fuck you,’ Dean Chambers replied.The shock Talulah felt was obvious on her face.‘Could you return to your seat, please Talulah,’ Dean said, his voice louder now. ‘And I will see you after the exam.’The student turned, her teacher’s statement ringing in her ears and she started to walk, in a daze, down the row of desks. As she passed Stephanie’s desk her friend looked up.‘Are you okay?’ she asked.Talulah stopped, blinked, computing her friend’s question, then she nodded and walked back to her seat, her heart racing, her underwear damp against her bare skin.‘Pens down ladies’, Dean Chambers said as the second hand passed 12, ‘and turn over your papers.’. The room was suddenly filled with excited conversations about what answers had been given to controversial questions. Talulah watched as her classmates stood, and filed towards the front of the room, dropping their exam papers on the large oak desk, excited that it was the weekend and exams were finally over.

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