Closer – Him and Her


Closer – Him and HerCloser – Him and HerShe had a small pillow under her firm bottom. Her slender legs were spread incredibly wide. The tiny amount of soft red hair that had existed at her pussy that morning had been removed. He had been very careful and gentle while shaving her. She now looked pristine. He was her first love; they were in the beginning of their love affair, the beginning of joy and bliss.Things were so new; she was wonderfully shy. A pink blush was spreading across her body showing her sweet shame. She so wanted this to happen; she struggled to open her legs wider but couldn’t. Her slender legs were as gaped open as they could be. Her belly was gently rounded with a warm tan above the pale white area of her pussy. There was a heavenly scent wafting toward his nose. Her fragrance was one of passion and arousal mixed with that of young sweetness.He took his two index fingers and softly opened the outer lips of her pussy. These outer lips were small but the inner lips were even smaller… more like tiny raised ridges. Everything inside her was in miniature. The color was a light coral pink coated with a watery liquid. Everything glistened. He could feel a gentle heat on his face from between her legs. His nose opened as he breathed in deeply; drinking in her aroma. His eyes devoured the sight of her pinkness which pulsed in time to her slow heartbeat. Her tiny pee hole was perfection. He dreamed of it opening and sending forth warm golden sweet love just for him. Just above that was her special little jewel. So tiny, so precious, so perfect. He gently blew his warm breath over her clitty and watched it throb and pulse. He blew again and again… seemingly never tiring of the sight. As he blew, the liquid flowed away from his breath, creating ripples across her pink landscape. He shifted his fingertips slightly and opened her special love hole… peering deeply into her. It was a narrow wet tunnel leading to heaven. Her tunnel walls rippled and jerked with pleasure.After gazing for a while, he placed a tiny gentle kiss on her clit. It throbbed and stiffened. He put a kiss on her pee hole. She shivered. He then kissed as deeply inside her pussy as he could reach with his lips. She moaned. He slid his tongue tip along the bottom of her opening. He formed his tongue into the shape of a ladle and scooped up some of her warm liquid honey. He brought his tongue inside his mouth and flattened it. Her love juice spilled into mouth. He closed his eyes and savored her essence. His mind stopped working. It was like floating in a cloud… a cloud of her.He slid his tongue lower and searched for her anal star. When he found it, he flicked his tongue tip across it lightly… up and down, then back and forth. After a while, he circled her star with his tongue, coating her pretty tail hole with salvia. He raised his head and blew slowly across her wet rectum, watching it pulse in and out. It looked like a sweet silent battle between opening and closing. Both knew which one they wanted to win. Finally there tuzla escort appeared a tiny opening at her star; his tongue poked slightly inside and wiggled. Her star opened more, feeling his tongue tip enter it. Her ass relaxed further allowing it to open wider. His tongue slid in further. He started making circles inside her with the tip of his tongue. She widened and he went deeper. She was so hot inside that she felt like an oven. Her sexy ass was baking his stiff tongue. He thrust all the way inside slowly and then withdrew just as slowly. Then another deep thrust but a bit faster. Then another even faster. He continued in this way until he was power tonguing her anus as fast as he could. She tried to capture his tongue with her ass muscles. But each time she gripped, he slid out and quickly powered back inside, re-opening her anal pleasure hole. It was such a sexy, wonderful, amazing tongue dance. They were both panting. He pulled out and paused to silently gaze at her two most precious possessions. He examined the two holes closely. His face was so near them that his gentle breath made them both quiver and twitch. They were so beautiful. Everything about her was exquisite.They reversed positions. Soon she was looking between his legs in wonder, in awe, even in worship. Her eyes were liquid with love.He was shaven at his crotch except for a tuft of hair just above his cock. However, his belly and legs remained covered in dark brown curly hair, thickly matted together. She thought of him as the most handsome man in the world — her wooly lover.His balls were large. Each was larger than a duck egg. The skin of his nut sack was stretched tightly around his balls. The sack covered them so tightly that there were no wrinkles, just smooth, warm, soft skin. She used her small hands to lift them, to weigh them, to caress them. She leaned forward and put a tiny kiss on each one. More kisses followed, small, dainty, tender kisses. His sack was so sensitive, it felt like butterflies were gently landing and fluttering there. It was like being tortured with tiny feathers. She was wonderful.She held his balls high and kissed down to his tight brown hole. She planted tiny kiss after tiny kiss right on his hole opening. He clinched it and made it pucker up like a tiny mouth to return her kisses. He was feeling shock waves up his back. He gritted his teeth in order to maintain control. He almost lost it a few minutes later when her dainty tongue worked its way up his bottom hole. She was just awesome. After a few minutes, she pulled her tongue out and looked upward. Her eyes traveled once again over his big balls until her gaze reached the base of his cock. His shaft was huge, seemingly as thick as an axe handle. Her wide eyes continued upward, following the road map of large veins that bulged outward from the surface of his shaft. Her eyes eventually saw the huge cock head at the very top. It was massive, much thicker than the shaft. She wondered once again how such a massive, beautiful love-cock ever tuzla escort bayan came into being. It might be attached to him… but it belonged to her! She couldn’t wait for it to open her and fill her. She wanted it to penetrate as deeply as possible. She craved to have it become part of her. She pressed her lips at the spot where his balls met the shaft. She raised her lips and placed another tiny kiss slightly higher. She worked her way slowly higher and higher working upwards along the bottom surface of the cock. His cock trembled and quaked. When she reached the ring of skin that circled the head, she licked and kissed right there for a few minutes. He moaned in pleasure. She took the skin into her mouth and gently chewed on it. He seemed to hold his breath while he experienced the pleasure and the agony of the experience! Would she bite him, he wondered? Would he get real pain mixed with the pleasure of her wonderful mouth?She kissed the massive cock head. She licked it all over and then took it into her mouth. Or, at least tried to. She could only get the very top part in her mouth. She sucked it gently. He groaned. She sucked until her mouth was tired and he had run out of moans. His cock head was so sensitive; the final kiss on it sent shivers up his belly.She opened her mouth as wide as possible and placed it as far down over the head as she could. She began pressing her small teeth in a tighter and tighter ring around the warm love shaft. As she bit down, she d**g her teeth up the head, closing the ring to maintain the pressure of the scrapping sensation. Pleasure-pain erupted in his brain. She opened her mouth again and repeated the torture-love with her teeth. And again… And again… He nearly passed out.Finally, she extended her wet tongue and placed it where she had been chewing earlier. She slid it left and right slowly as she moved her tongue downward, tracing a zig-zag pattern to the base of his shaft. His balls got another kiss each and then bounced gently as she slowly got to her feet on the bed. She centered herself over his hips. He gave her one of his hands and she gripped his strong fingers with both of her delicate hands. He took his other hand and steadied his cock holding it just a few inches below head. They were ready!She squatted slowly, gripping his strong hand to keep herself centered. Her dripping pussy approached his warm cock head. When she reached it, he rubbed the head back and forth across her, making her pussy even wetter and even making her nearby ass hole tingle. She closed her eyes and became her holes. She WAS her pussy. She WAS her ass hole. She was mindless; she was sensation; she was pure DESIRE. She HUNGERED for COCK! She needed it; she had to have it; she ached; she yearned; she wanted to be OPENED WIDE and FILLED!Once her hole touched his cock head, she pressed her pussy firmly downward. Her hungry little hole started to open. It started to stretch. It began to feel pain. It stretched more. It ached more. Her hole reached its limit. It opened further. escort tuzla Tears fell from her pretty eyes. They slowly ran down her cheeks, ran past her smile, and dripped from her chin. She was in a purgatory… almost heaven but not quite out of hell. With a small wet “pop” the cock head entered her red, throbbing, gaping pussy. She released his hand and he released his rock-hard shaft. She was balanced and supported by nothing but his cock. He steadied her hips with his gentle loving hands allowing her to push downward. She pulled her legs and feet upward so her whole body weight was working to accept more of him. It entered her… pushing her insides out of the way. She took him deeper… and deeper… and deeper still…Small salty tears continued to stream downward, dropping from her chin to her chest, flowing down her belly and joining the juice oozing from around her pussy lips. He was truly proud of her; she was his princess, his love, his addiction. His cock head swelled bigger inside of her. Her sweet smile showed traces of a grimace. After what seemed like hours, his head was so deep in her that it became wedged tight. They both tried to move it. She kicked her feet and tried bouncing her whole body but to no avail. It was stuck in her. It was like it was super-glued tightly, deeply inside. The cock became a part of her. It was almost as if she had a penis extending out from her legs and entering him. She was fucking him while he was fucking her. They were riding each other’s cocks. A huge shared cock. It was beyond anything either had ever experienced before. They looked into the other’s eyes and shared the moment. They both smiled. It was wonderful to share so much with the person you loved.He took her in his arms and lowered her to his torso. She laid her ear on his chest and listened to his heart pounding. Her insides were still gripping his cock head so tightly they could not move it. Since he couldn’t cum, he couldn’t get soft. They realized that only time would allow them to uncouple. They were in no hurry. Time had stopped for both lovers.He cupped her beautiful butt cheeks and spread them. He wormed one of his big fingers into her sexy rectum and slowly finger-fucked her tail. Her pussy throbbed in rhythm to his fingering. He soon realized that the throbbing in her pussy was inching him closer and closer to climaxing. He slid his finger as deep as possible into her ass and started to make tiny circles in her bottom hole. Her pussy throbbed harder. He rushed closer to a climax. She throbbed again and again. He could not control himself… even if he wanted to. He squirted what seemed to him to be a quart of cream into her. It was so much, her belly bulged. It seemed to her as if some had made it all the way to the back of her throat. She imagined tasting him. When the cream filled her, the pressure made her panic. The panic made her pussy clinch. The clinch caused her join him in climaxing. Her eyes rolled back and she drooled onto his chest. His empty cock slowly relaxed. Before it softened enough to slide back out of her, she was asleep. Her sweet breath caressed his body. Her warmth relaxed him.He held her tenderly and joined her in a wonderful dream of love. They had never been closer.

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