Clown Tickle Pt. 02


So I was hired to do a bachelorette party as a clown. The bride to be didn’t want a stripper because it was against her beliefs, so the woman who set it up, who I later found out was my mom, Jackie, called the company I worked for and ordered a clown.

I didn’t known the bride to be, but did recognize Stacy and Gina, my mom’s closest friends. There were about 10 women all together and we were at the bride’s parents house. The father of the bride was out of town, but her mom was their with a couple of friends and then about five of the bride’s friends, including her maid of honor.

Once again the night didn’t work out as planned. My magic tricks only worked half the time and no one liked my jokes.

“Boo!” Rachel, the bride shouted.

“Rachel, that’s not nice,” Julie, her mom said.

“But Mom, he sucks!”

“He reminds me of that clown we hired for our daughters party, remember, Stacy? Gina asked.

‘Oh. Shit!’ I thought.

“Yes! Exactly, Gina exclaimed.

“He even told the same stupid jokes.”

“I sent my son to do that party. Eric is that you?” Jackie asked.

Fuck! “Hi Mom,” I replied. If I hadn’t been wearing makeup all the women would have seen my face turn beet red.

“Eric! You’ve totally embarrassed me. You said he did a good job,” Jackie said looking at Gina and Stacy.

“We didn’t want to hurt your feelings,” Gina said.

“But as punishment we did tickle him,” Stacy said.

“Maybe later, right now he’s getting a spanking.”

“Mom, no!” Eric pleaded.

“Oh, yes,” she said grabbing Eric and pulling him across her lap.

“I think since it’s my daught who is getting married she should get to administer the punishment,” Julie said.

“Fair enough, but how about we all get 10 smacks and we just pass him down the line?” Jackie countered.

“Fine with me,” Julie said after getting a nod from her daughter.

The women lined up their folding chairs in a semi circle and soon they were ready, with Rachel sitting Betturkey in the first chair.

“Take off your pants, Eric,” Jackie said to her son.

“I can’t, Mom, it’s one outfit.”

“Well then I guess it’ll all come off.”

Soon I was standing in a room full of 10 women, one of them my mother, in just my underwear. Several women took the opportunity to snap a picture of me. I must have looked ridiculous with white gloves, clown makeup, in nothing but my underwear.

“The underwear too,” my Mom said.

I knew better than to argue, so off came my Hanes. Once again the cameras came out.

Suddenly I was pulled across Rachel’s lap and she started spanking while everyone else counted.some women spanked hard, but most were not too hard. About halfway down was my mom. She rubbed my ass, then ran her nails across my butt, then spanked me before passing me down the line.

Gina and Stacy were last and decided to spank me together.

“Now we’re going to pass he back down the line and everyone gets to tickle him for two minutes, I’ll time everyone with my phone,” Gina said.

Gina and Stacy tickled my legs, feet, balls, and my butt, paying close attention to my asshole.

I was laughing, bucking and squirming. I was also hard as a rock.

By the time I got to my mom, everyone had forgotten about the timer and anyone who could reach me was tickling me.

Then I felt my butt cheeks being spread open and someone slipped their finger in my asshole. Some precum leaked out of my cock and one of the women squealed.

I was then flipped over and everyone saw my huge erection. Soon I had as many hands tickling every part of my body that could be reached.

Rachel and Julie were tickling my legs and feet, someone else my stomach and armpits, Gina and Stacy were trying to hold my arms, but I was thrashing around quite a bit. My cock kept hitting some woman in her big tits, where more precum leaked out and got on her blouse.

After Betturkey Giriş that it was decided to tie me to the coffee table.

“So getting spanked and tickled turns you on huh?” My mom asked, running her fingers up and down my hard cock and tickling the head with her fingernails.

My cock twitched and I shivered. “I guess so,” she said.

Some of the women took more pictures of their friends tickling me, with my hard cock in every shot. I saw Gina and Stacy talking to Rachel and soon Rachel and her friends dissapeared.

“So how does my son taste?” My mom asked rhetorically, then stuck out her tongue and licked up the precum that was once again leaking out of my cock. Then she saw the woman who had my precum on her blouse and licked it off too, which was right smack dab in the middle of her big breasts. The woman then took off her blouse and was wearing just her bra.

“Good idea, it is rather hot in here,” my mom said and took her shirt off too. While she did that the other woman, named Betty, started sucking my cock. Soon my cock was being sucked by five milfs, one of them my own mother, who by now had shed their bras too. Then someone started to tickle me, while someone else put their boobs in my mouth and a third woman sucked my cock and tickled my balls.

Rachel walked in to see her mom topless and sucking my cock, while Gina, Stacy and Betty tickled me and I sucked my mom’s big boobs.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Rachel asked shocked.

“Oh, calm down. Sex with your father is so boring. You’ll find out soon enough. Take advantage while you can,” Julie said, taking my cock back in her mouth.

“And where did you go?” My mom asked.

“To get tickling supplies!” Rachel said setting down a big box with everything from a feather duster to electronic toothbrushes and even several forks.

Before the gang of women started tickling me, the younger ones wanted to catch up on what they had missed, so they removed their tops Betturkey Güncel Giriş and bras, they had varying boob sizes, from a b cup to what looked like an f cup, but I wasn’t sure. Then the younger ones did the same as the older ones did, tickling me, making me suck their boobs while someone sucked my cock.

By now I was dying to come. I begged and pleaded. When my mom saw how full my balls were she said it was time, but it would be with a twist.

10 feather were pulled from the duster and passed out. Gina and Stacy got to tickle my nipples, the rest of the girls tickled my inner thighs, butt, balls and cock. My mom paid attention to the area just underneath the head and it didn’t take long for me to shoot a ton of come. Then all 10 of then licked the come off my body.

After resting for a few minutes the tickle torture started in earnest. Hand lotion was applied to my feet and hair brushes were used on them. Electric toothbrushes were used on everything from my armpits to my nipples to my butt and cock and balls.

I was in hysterics laughing so much.

The women didn’t seem to think I’d been punished enough, so the untied me and made me kneel on the floor with my head down and my butt sticking out.

“Well, I tasted your cock and your come, I wonder how your asshole tastes?” My mom asked, then to my surprise I felt her tongue in my asshole. She licked from my balls to my asshole, while stroking my cock. Soon all 10 women had licked my asshole and stroked my cock. Then they stuck various objects in my ass and took pictures. Unbeknownst to me, they had all removed their pants and underwear while this was being done.

Then it was my turn. I had to lick everyone’s asshole and pussy after they had knelt on their chairs. By the end of it I was rock hard again.

I was then laid on my back and had to make 2 women come twice, one from my mouth and one from my cock, then starting over they would switch. My mother was the last to ride my cock and when I told her I was going to come she said to fill her up, so I did, shooting my jizz right inside my mom’s pussy.

Julie and Rachel cleaned my cock while Betty licked my come out of my mom’s pussy.

This time the women paid me five hundred dollars and I went home happy and satisfied.

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