Coach Seduction


It was the end of yet another long day. I was the gym teacher and coach at an all girls school, and we had just finished a late practice. The school was quiet as I finished up some paperwork in my office. By now, the girls should have finished showering and all gone home. As I shut off the light and locked my office behind me, the empty and silent school permitted me to hear the faint sound of a shower still running.

I strolled down the hall towards the locker rooms. I tended to always make absolute certain the rooms were vacant before entering, since a male coach entering a girl’s locker room inappropriately could spell bad news. This time, though, my mind was elsewhere. For some reason I assumed one of the girls had just accidentally left the shower running, which was typically the case.

As I stepped in the locker room, I saw an open locker and gym bag. I quickly realized one of the girls was still there, but before I could react, the shower shut off and Ashley walked out with only a towel, barely covering her naked body.

Ashley was a stunning, 18 year old blond beauty. Her bright, blue eyed smile expressed an innocence that belied her otherwise sexy appearance. In a school full of attractive young women all wearing the same uniform, Ashley always managed to stand out. I’ll admit that I’m no saint, and from time to time I had certainly imagined how her perky little tits might feel in my hands, and how her tight little ass might react to a playful spanking.

As she walked out and saw me, she didn’t scream, or even seem shocked. Only a few feet away from me, she just smiled and casually said, “Sorry coach, I guess I’m running a little late.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t take my eyes off her incredible body, still damp from the shower. I knew I shouldn’t be there. I knew I should have turned and quickly left. I knew there could be dire consequences if I didn’t run out immediately. But I didn’t move. I stood there transfixed, staring into her pretty eyes.

I realized she was staring intently back at me. Neither of us seemed to want to look away. With a slight, almost devious smile, she slowly and teasingly began lowering her towel. She never broke eye contact, and for some reason, neither did I. Even after her soft, supple breasts were on show, I kept starring into her. Soon her sexy stomach was revealed, and still she persisted. She then unwrapped the towel completely, revealing every inch of her naked body to me. Her creamy, delicious skin on show for me, driving me wild. Even with only my peripheral vision, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I could see her perfectly smooth, hairless pussy.

The eye contact persisted. It was now a contest… who would flinch first? This sexy little temptress sure didn’t seem like she wanted to give up.

I realized how hard I had gotten, no doubt visible through my pants. I realized she could probably see it, even with her eyes so intensely focused on mine.

She slowly closed the distance between us. Her shorter stature causing her head to tilt up to maintain the lock of our eyes. Her hands reached out and she started undoing my belt. My belt.. not my fly. I was very aware of this and what it meant. A look on her face as though she was silently asking and hoping that I would permit it.

With my pants now fully undone, she lowered them as she knelt down in front of me. I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head. Still the eye contact continued. Still we starred deeply into each other as her small hands wrapped around my rock hard cock, and even as she opened her mouth and slid me between her soft lips.

I have no idea how many other cocks she had had in her mouth, if any, but she was good. Very good. The way she was not shy about getting me dripping wet with her spit, and sliding her left hand up and down my shaft. The way she would alternate between licking, sucking, and taking me as deep as she could. The way she seemed so hungry and desperate for it.

I could see her right hand between her legs, her fingers working her clit. Every few seconds I could see the light reflecting off the wetness evident on her fingers.

I gently stroked her hair, and broke the silence, “Mmm, that’s a good girl Ashley. Keep going. You are so good. Now how about we try with it with no hands…”

And with that, she moved her left hand, still soaking with spit, from my cock to her tits. With both of my hands, I gripped her head and began face fucking her. After a few more deep strokes, I held her head firmly and pushed even deeper down her throat. I held it there until her eyes widened and started to water. I then slid out of her mouth entirely, my one hand still holding her head, my other hand gripping my shaft. I lightly slapped it on her soft, pretty lips as she caught her breath. Between gasps, she managed to utter a desperate, “More!”.

I repeated the process with my insatiable young partner, each time testing her throat and gag reflex. I noticed both of her hands were now furiously working her pussy. After the third güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri time of having my cock forcefully stuffed down her throat, I saw her body start to shake. Again I withdrew from her mouth, and she blurted, “I’m cummi..!”, but before she could finished I stuffed my cock back in her mouth. She continued to spasm and shudder through her orgasm in forced silence, all while sucking me even harder. I have no idea how I was able to hold off my own orgasm, but I was happy I did. I needed her pussy. I needed to feel what it was like to be buried so deep inside this sexy little girl.

I pulled my dripping cock from her mouth, and let her catch her breath. I quickly pulled off my shoes and socks, and removed my pants from around my ankles. I led her into the showers, and turned on the water. I wanted to find out just how loud this girl could be, and hoped the shower would help drown out her screams.

I turned her so she was facing the wall, and had her bend over for me. Her hands and forearms against the tile, her back arched and her perfect ass sticking out.. waiting for me. At that moment I felt like her pussy was made for me. I didn’t know if this girl was still a virgin, but if she was, she wouldn’t be for long.

I would have loved to taste her. I would have loved to slide my tongue all over her tight little asshole, and dripping pussy lips. But there was too much urgency in both of us. We both needed the same thing, but I wanted to hear her say it…

“This is what you wanted all along, wasn’t it?” I asked.


“Tell me. Tell me what you were hoping for!”

“For you to fuck me. Please! Please fuck me, coach!”, she begged.

She wiggled her ass for me invitingly as she said the words. She looked over her shoulder at me, her pretty eyes showing a desperate lust in her.

I slid the swollen head of my cock up and down her slit. I loved feeling how wet and ready she was. I wanted to tease her. I wanted to make her beg. But I just couldn’t resist any longer myself.

Slowly I pushed inside her bare, unprotected little pussy, forcing her delicate lips open to accept my invading cock. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I could imagine how it was probably hurting her, but she held firm and even pushed back to meet my stroke. We both let out a slight grunt when I bottomed out inside her. I slowly withdrew, and felt the walls of her cunt tightly gripping me, like it didn’t want me to leave. I pushed in again, starting into a rhythm. My little Ashley meeting güvenilir bahis şirketleri every stroke, her pussy getting wetter all the while.

I alternated gripping my hands on her hips, and her tits. I’d lightly pinch and tweak her perfect pink nipples, evoking a sexy, high pitched squeak from her every time.

I loved gripping her ass cheeks and looking down to see her little hole. That tight ring opening ever so slightly during each stroke, my cock causing it to stretch. I spit down on her tight pink hole, with some of the spit dripping down and lubricating my already soaked cock. With one hand, I gently rubbed my thumb over her now slippery ass, and with the other I took firm hold of her hair. This is when I was glad that the shower was running, as her moans started getting louder. I increased the pace and ferocity of my assault on her vulnerable pussy, my balls slapping hard against her clit. Her moans grew into screams.

Between those screams, she managed to keep yelping out encouragement for me to fuck her harder. I was amazed by how hard this little slut was taking it, and still begging for more. When my thumb started pushing inside her ass, her body movement slowed, nearly stopping, and then she started to shake.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming so fucking hard! Fuck meee, fuck meee!” she begged.

I slammed into her in short, explosive strokes, grinding each time when I was all the way inside. I felt like I was destroying her precious little pussy, and I loved every second. I wanted her to feel this and remember. I wanted her to lay in bed that night and run her fingers over her sore, swollen, and abused little snatch, smiling about what we had done.

I couldn’t take anymore myself. This amazing girl’s screams, her sexy body shaking and shuddering on my cock, her pussy spasming and trying to milk the cum out of my balls. I was about to shoot the biggest load of cum in my life…

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum you little slut!” I growled.

With that she quickly turned around, kneeling in front of me again. Instantly taking me in her mouth, she started sucking just as I felt that familiar tingle.

“Yes! Yes, Here it comes! Take it, Ashley, that’s a good girl, yes!” I shouted.

Without stopping, she expertly sucked my cock as I exploded down her throat. It felt like she was sucking the cum directly from my balls. She moaned as a massive load flowed down into her stomach. She swallowed every drop, and continued to try to draw out every last bit she could. Then she seemed to enjoy cleaning my cock of every drop of her own juices too, savouring the taste.

Having completed her task, she stood up, and with a big prideful smile she uttered a gracious, “Thank you!”, leaving me in the shower, completely drained and exhausted.


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