Coaching My Son


After my wife and I split, she took our son, Levi, and moved to the next county. By the terms of our divorce, she could not move more than 1 county away, but I rarely got to see my boy. Birthdays, Christmas, that’s all. By the time I finished my second tour in Iraq, Levi wasn’t that interested in hanging out with his old man anyway.

To my surprise, when Levi turned 18, he asked if he could stay with me for the summer. I warned him my little house in Leander, Texas had no AC. What I did have was a pool with a diving board – a rarity in these parts. Diving boards were only found in the older houses.

That June, I heard a knock on the door and I welcomed Levi in. He was no longer the skinny, scrawny little kid who was always crying for his momma. No, what stood before me was a 6 foot tall, lean, mean young man with dirty blonde hair, a burnt orange t-shirt, blue shorts, and burnt orange flipflops. Like most young men in the Austin area, he was hoping to get accepted into the University of Texas. He was a runner and cyclist. He rowed for his high school. I know because I paid for all of his sports equipment even though I didn’t get the chance to watch him compete.

He flashed a big toothy smile and hugged me with hearty back slaps.

“Come in, boy, come in!” I showed him to his little room. I still wondered why he didn’t prefer to stay with his mother and stepfather in their fancy house by the lake.

“Thank you, sir.”

I swelled with pride that he was so good mannered. When I was 18, I was a high school drop-out. As a matter of fact, when I was 18, that’s when we made him!

“So tell me, son. Why do you want to stay with me this summer?”

“Well sir, it’s on account of my girlfriend, Heather. Momma doesn’t approve of her. I figured…” he paused, “Well, I hope you’re fine with her visiting and all.”

I had a smile on my face, “Are you serious with her, son?”

“No, sir. She’s my girlfriend. That’s all. It’s not like we plan to get married. I’m too young for that.”

“So your momma just doesn’t like her.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, seeing that she’s not serious, I don’t see anything wrong with you having a girlfriend. Especially for the summer before you start university. Have some fun!”

“Thank you, sir!” My boy smiled at me and slapped me on the shoulder again.

That night, I opened the door and immediately realized why my ex-wife didn’t like Heather. Standing before me was a big-titted blonde with Daisy Duke shorts, red heel sandals, and a burnt orange t-shirt that she tied off at the waist to show off her tummy and her tattoos.

Good for you, son, I thought. Get your rocks off with a trashy type.

I welcomed Heather and she went straight Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort to Levi’s room.

I must confess, I had not had a woman in almost a year. I sat in the living room and listened to my son and his girl fuck. They moaned and swore at each other. I listened to the steady rhythm of the creaking bed. It occurred to me that each squeak of the box spring was the sound of my son’s dick proudly ramming his skanky Heather. I became rock hard at the thought and soon had my own dick out. I muted the TV and nutted in seconds wiping myself off with the end of my t-shirt, and then sat there to listen to them finish.

A few minutes later, I saw Heather leave the room and run for the bathroom. Then I heard the shower.

Levi walked out casually, sweaty with a towel around his waist. He walked out to the living room and blushed, “Um, sir, where should I dispose of.. you know, things?”

“You’ve got good manners, son. Your momma raised you well. What kind of things do you need disposed of?”

My good-looking kid blushed again, and from behind his back, he presented his used condom. “There’s no garbage container in the bathroom or bedroom.

“Oh, well, don’t flush it. You can tie it off and put it in the kitchen garbage. I’ll get you something for your room.”

“Thank you, sir.” He headed to the kitchen.

Every night it was like this. Heather would come over. They would fuck, she would shower, then Levi would shower. He drove her home and when he got back to the house, he would sit and watch TV with his old man.

Finally, their routine changed one Saturday night. It was late, maybe 3 in the morning when I was awaken by the flickering light of the swimming pool. I heard suppressed giggles and then splashing. My bedroom had a door that opened to the backyard. I stood and watched Levi and Heather skinnydip. My eyes must have bugged out when I saw Heather jump out of the pool to get to the diving board. A big-titted girl bouncing on a diving board? She was like a trucker’s dream. She had big natural floppy tits with huge nipples. She had tattoos on her arms, her thighs and stomach. She was shaved hairless as the young people like to do. They made an attempt to be quiet but their laughter carried over the pool. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard them.

I also watched Levi jumping in and out of the pool. He had the lanky build of a runner. Thin long legs, no tattoos on his body – his mom would have killed him. And he was flopping around with a good lengthed dick that looked bigger because he too was shaved hairless down there. He reminded me of myself at that age – the build, the enthusiasm, the confidence.

After a couple laps of giggling and swimming, Heather waved for Levi to lie down on beach towel she had spread on the diving board. He dutifully did so, and I was impressed that he was already sporting a semi. Then, I was shocked. Here in the very well lit swimming pool, outdoors under the night sky, in my backyard with all my neighbors potentially watching, Heather took my boy’s penis and began sucking him like a lollypop.

A girl sucking dick is a beautiful sight to behold. Not such a great sound to listen to though. She slurped and chocked and gargled as she hungrily ate from my boy’s loins. His feet were on either side of the diving board, firmly on the pool deck. He had his hands behind his head as he closed his eyes and whispered directions to her. “Lick around the head. Lick that big middle vein. Suck my balls. Kiss them. Put your finger in my ass.”

But she stopped to admire his erection, all glistening from her mouth. “My turn!” she declared. They changed places. She laid down on her stomach and then she began wriggling her big butt at Levi. He laughed and pulled at his boner, positioned himself behind her and then slickly entered her doggy style.

I was staring from my bedroom window, transfixed. Occasionally worried that my neighbors could see or hear them. I watched with awe at the athletic form of my son thrusting his way from behind as Heather moaned and cried out and panted like a dog in heat.

I needed a better view. It was insane, but I wanted to see. I snuck out of the house and crept toward the deep end of the pool so I could see the young couple better. But I stupidly stepped on some dried leaves and they stopped immediately.

Heather laughed, “Wow! Look, Levi! Your dad wants to watch us!”

Levi looked embarrassed. He had stopped his motions, but still held her ass to his groin so that his erection didn’t show. “Sorry, sir. Did we wake you?”

I shook my head, “No, son. That’s fine. I was just admiring you two, that’s all.”

Levi blushed, “Sorry, sir. We can go to my room, if you prefer.”

“No, that’s fine. Keep going son, don’t be embarrassed. I used to bathe you when you were a baby.”

At that, he laughed, “Well, sir, things have changed a bit since then.”

Heather twerked against my son, “Oooh, Levi, keep going. Let’s give him a show.” She twerked until Levi resumed his pumping.

I was standing less than 3 feet away watching the young couple go at it. Levi seemed fine with me as I walked around and admired his ass muscles contract as he thrust into her. Heather moaned loudly but changed her cries to, “Fuck me, Levi! Fuck me in front of your daddy! Your daddy wants to watch us fuck!” That definitely thrilled my boy, who, at one point, looked around to fist-bump me.

Finally, I stood beside Levi, arm around his shoulder, looking down at the family dick plunging and pumping into Heather. He was huffing and puffing like the time he ran the half-marathon.

“Is this how you did it, sir? Is this how you and mom made me?” Levi said between breaths as he worked his body into her.

“Well, son, I will tell you, we only did it missionary style. Not as adventurous as you young folks are today.”

At that he pulled out with a plop. He gestured for Heather to roll over on her back. The diving board was narrow, so she carefully centered herself, while my son stood over her, his legs on either side of the board. After kissing and suckling her nipples, he reached between them to fiddle about. Then he looked back at me, “Sir, could you help me?”

“Help you?”

“Yes, sir. Could you do me the honor of guiding me in?”

I gulped, stepped forward, and to the mewing moans of Heather’s trembling lower body, I reached for my son’s erection and guided him into her spread lips. Good lord, he was as thick as a flashlight, my boy. Once his head was in, I withdrew my hand so that he could push in.

“Thank you, sir.” He gave me a smile and started fucking.

I stood there with a tightening bulge in my shorts as I watched my son fuck. I felt like the proudest man in Texas at that very moment.

Heather writhed and moaned like a cat in heat. She raked my son’s chest and abs with her nails. She stared into my eyes and whispered with delight, “Your son is fucking me! Your son is fucking me!”

I could not stop watching Levi’s veiny organ push in and out of her vaginal lips. I’ve seen porn, but I’ve never watched another man fuck. Definitely not my own son, my own flesh and blood as he worked her until their genitals were slick and wet with their juices. After a few meaty minutes, Levi’s breathing became coarse, “Stay back, sir!”

Heather knew what was coming. She squeezed her thighs together to hold my son’s cock more tightly. Then with a loud yell, he pulled out of her and sprayed cum on her stomach and tits. I couldn’t believe how much cum he had, squirt and squirt until she was well-frosted with the juice from the loins of my loins.

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t have a condom.” He stood there panting, still positioned between her legs.

“Son, pulling out is not that effective. You need to use a condom.”

“Yes, sir.” He shook his dripping dick a couple times so that sticky droplets splashed her mound. “Could you take me condom-shopping tomorrow?”

I nodded.

Heather got up and pulled the towel off the diving board. She leaned toward me, and for some reason, I took a step back, not watching to be slimed by the cum all over her body. Not wanted her lips near me, the lips that had heartily sucked off my son. But she smiled and took a step closer, “You can watch us fuck anytime!”

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