Coffee and Cravings


AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first time publishing, and I wrote this story some time ago, so I’m not sure how it stands up, but I’m eager to hear any constructive criticism.

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Charlotte didn’t expect to be spending her work break masturbating in the bathroom of Cuppa Joe’s coffee house, but here she sat; skirt pulled up around her waist, pink polka-dotted panties around one of her ankles, ass perched on the edge of the toilet seat, with three fingers of her right hand vigorously massaging her now heavily swollen clitoris.

She suffered from heavy moisture build-up; her pussy dripping from the beating it was taking, dripping sweet liquid on the toilet seat, down the side of the bowl, creating a small, viscous puddle on the floor. Her mouth was also lubricated, with spit and slobber, sliding all over the meaty palm of her left hand, shoved between her teeth to muffle the sound of what would most certainly be alarming, orgasmic screams. She didn’t want the entire coffee shop to know what she was doing and hoped that nobody was standing just outside the door because they would have no doubt to the state of things inside.

This wasn’t the first time Charlotte had masturbated in the bathroom of her workplace, but it definitely was the most intense. Circumstances being what the were, she doubted anyone would blame her for this much needed release.

“How on earth had I not seen that side of him before,” she thought to herself, and another wave of the orgasm shook her to the core. The discovery seemed too inexplicable to her because the “him” in question was Jacob, the shop manager; a man to be nothing special until now. Jacob was a regular guy with at least fifteen or more years on her. He was atypically handsome, rugged; and far from some of the pretty boys she normally hung out with, but Jacob was a bit too gray in the temples for her to normally consider a potential mate. Right now, he had lots of potential to her, as another orgasm quivered within her.

Charlotte liked Jacob as a friend, but they never hung out together. He is a sweet guy, treats his employees with respect, but for the most part, he has different interests than her. He likes camping, and woodworking, while she likes nightclubs and shopping. They do enjoy some of the same music, and she is constantly turning him onto new artists; while he’s shared a lot of classics that she’d not known about. Charlotte respects his tastes, but at the same time, it reminds her of how much older he is, and she never had much of a “daddy” fetish. That was right up until the moment they collided behind the counter moments ago.

It wasn’t a big collision; more like an accidental bump, with inexplicable timing and placement. Charlotte was bending over to pull some paper cups out of a cabinet, while at the same time, Jacob turned around without looking. Jacob’s blind pivot spun his pelvis right into Charlotte’s round, protruding butt, pushing her forward with enough force to make Charlotte gasp. The contact lasted less than a second, but just enough pressure for Charlotte to feel what could only be described as a warm cucumber encased in a thick, tube sock; firm, but spongy enough to flex against her tailbone. Was this protrusion really Jacob’s cock wedged between her plump cheeks?

Incidental touches happen all the time in the workplace. Combine small spaces with fast moving bodies, and people are eventually going to try and take up the same space, at the same time. 93% of the time, the body mashing is harmless. 4% of the time, it’s playful, in the form of slaps on the arms, high fives, and hugs. 2% of the time, it goes into the files as harassment, which usually ends in disciplinary action. And then there is that 1% of the time where it’s of a different nature; spontaneous and overwhelmingly carnal in nature.

Because this collision happened so quickly, Charlotte wasn’t certain she felt what she thought she felt, but the accidental gesture intrigued her immediately, and she knew she needed to investigate further. Perhaps it was just an odd placement of something in his pants; perhaps it really was a cucumber, but the likelihood of that was slim. More likely, it was Jacob’s big dick that tried to bluntly cut her in two. How had she not noticed this tremendous asset of his until just now?

Despite her previous ambivalence to his sexuality; she was immediately obsessed with the thought of his concealed weaponry, and now it needed further investigation. Charlotte schemed and plotted; planting herself into random positions adjacent to Jacob, in hopes of getting a better look at his package. Unfortunately, the poly-blend work shorts he wore made it tough to see any protrusions. After thirty minutes of trying to catch the tiger by the tail with no luck, she almost gave up, but then something magical happened.

Staring intently at the oblivious Jacob, she wished to herself for him to show some evidence of the pork loin hidden under the tan canvas of his shorts. At güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that moment, as if fairy princesses were real, Jacob squatted down on his haunches, to stretch his tired legs after being on his feet for several hours. She peered down at him in that squatted position—there was the sign she anticipated.

Most people, even if looking dead at his groin, might not see what Charlotte’s widening eyes saw. The slight rise of the fabric along his inner, right thigh caused a shift of a shadow; something larger than just ripple in the fabric. Her eyes corneas tightened, focused at that moment, as she tried to calculate the dimensions in her mind. He had to be at least 7-inches, flaccid, which meant at least 9 or 10-inches hard; perhaps more. The girth was a bit more difficult to discern, because of the fabric, but she guessed he had to be at 2-inches in diameter.

An instantaneous and curious thought hit her—how would she ever get her mouth around something like that. That thought both excited and terrified her at the same time. “Wait, back up.” she thought to herself. Did she really just think about what it would be like to suck the cock of a guy she only thought of as a work friend? Being a bit of a size queen, she’d seen her fair share of big dicks, but this might be the biggest, and her mind gripped that thought with both hands. She tried to shake it off, but suddenly it was the only thing in her world. In an ironic twist, it was the cock that was now consuming her, instead of the other way around.

“Earth to Charlotte,” toyed Jacob.

“I’m sorry, what?” She shook her head and acted as she’d just come back into the room.

“You were just staring at me.” Jacob laughed, “Well, not really at me. More like into me.”

“I wish you could be putting something into me.” She thought devilishly, and then shrunk in embarrassment, “Fuck, what the hell is happening to me?”

Jacob scoffed, “Hitting the pipe in the alley out back when I’m not looking, or something?”

She laughed it off, “Nah, I just had some weird shit pop in my head…personal stuff. My mind was in a different place.”

“Yeah, it was. Well, come back to us, because we got a bunch of stuff to do before we close this joint tonight, and I want to get home early.”

“Yeah, totally.” She agreed and turned away to head to the back. “Hey, I’m going to do the dishes, and then take my break, if that’s cool with you.

“Sure thing. We’re gonna be dead the rest of the night, so have at it.”

Now here she was, on her break, cumming harder than she had in a long time, at her own hand. Charlotte was finally coming down from her high when someone outside jostled the bathroom door handle; startling her, and bringing her back to Earth again.

She grabbed some tissue, wiped the saliva off her face, and from her left hand. She looked down and saw the edge of the toilet seat, and the floor in front of her was covered in her pussy juice, as well as the pink, bikini panties at her ankle.

“There was no way those panties would be comfortable again tonight,” Charlotte mused. She kicked the panties off feet, and onto the floor. Grabbing more tissue, she wiped from her sodden pussy, down to the crack of her ass, cleaning as much as she could, but with the thought of dick still on her brain, she might be good and moist for a while.

Standing up, she shuffled her form-fitting, black skirt back down her hips, grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser, and mopped up the toilet along with floor beneath it. The surprisingly large amount of wetness on the floor had made a temporary moisture stain on the porous granite tile. Whoever might be waiting outside the door, if they looked down at the floor, might wonder how it got so wet. Perhaps they would think she peed a little too much, and somehow missed the bowl. How that happens to a woman, who knows. Also, the fact that Charlotte would prefer any strangers who enter think that about her pissing the floor, rather than that she had masturbated so much, she wet the floor.

Finishing the cleanup, she washed her hands in the sink and checked her face in the mirror. Then she unlocked the door, only to be standing face to face with a female customer who had a peculiar smirk on her face. A sudden look of terror crossed Char’s face as she slammed the door on the customer, then turned to look at the panties she kicked to the side, lying on the floor where she left them. Snatching them up, and wadding them into a tight ball in her hand, she composed herself again and opened the door a second time. Sheepishly, she smiled at the customer, who looked puzzled, but nonplussed at Charlotte, who headed in a trot back behind the safety of the shop counter.

Jacob teased over his shoulder, “Everything come out alright?”

She playfully slapped his arm, “Shut up, you turd.”

He leaned away in mock fear and laughed at his tasteless joke, unknowing of what transpired in the restroom, and why she was subdued güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for so long.

Charlotte looked at Jacob, and then down to the wad of cotton underpants in her hands. For a brief, naughty second, she thought about shoving them into his pocket but thought better of it. Instead, she stooped down below the counter to grab her handbag, and deposited the soiled cotton into the main pocket, hoping he hadn’t caught a glance, while quietly wishing he had seen them.

What would Jacob do if he had seen? Would he say anything? He did have a tendency to tease and play, but topics revolving around panties and vaginas were a bit out of the normal conversation. Jacob wasn’t afraid of to flirt, but usually in an awkward, big brother sort of way. Would he make a bigger innuendo if he knew she was going commando? Probably not, but the idea of him putting some pressure on her made her shiver a bit, causing her face to go a little flush. Hopefully, her maple colored skin hid most of that. Shaking it off, she stood up, straightened her skirt, and bounced off to finish the closing duties.

The rest of the night went quick, as they treated the remaining customers, and knocked out the rest of their closing duties. They were about five minutes from finishing, but Charlotte still hadn’t resolved any issues in her head. Jacob’s cock was still at the forefront of her thoughts, but she didn’t know what to do about it if anything. This was very confusing territory, because she wanted to make something happen, but she also didn’t want to fuck things up with Jacob, because he really was the genuine article, as it goes with men of his caliber. In a moment of bravery, Char did the most ambitious thing she could muster—asked Jacob for a ride home.

“Hey Jake, do you think I could catch a ride home with you? If not, I can call an Uber.”

“What, of course. Char, you should know I’d give you a ride home anytime you need it. I’d feel better about it, than letting you stand in the cold, waiting for some strange dude to pick you up in his old, busted Corolla.”

“Ha, yeah, that’s not always fun after work. That’d be great, thanks, man. You’re the biggest…erm… help.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll be done here in a bit, and we can take off.”

Her heart was pounding in her chest, both because she was excited, but also because she had leaped into a possible situation, and had no real plan. What would be the best way to coax him into her home without him getting freaked out.

She ran it down in her head, “Oh, hey Jacob. I couldn’t help but notice earlier that you have a massive cock, and I was wondering if you’d like to come upstairs and fuck me until I pass out?” That might work for some of the clowns she met at the clubs, but would that scare him off? It’s not like he was shy or intimidated by her, but she had absolutely no gauge on his sexual proclivities.

“Ok, let’s do it!” Jake said.

“What?” She was startled. Did she say that out loud? Did he read her thoughts? Was this guy more magic than he let on?

“I’m all done, let’s get out of here.”

“Oh, right. Yeah, ok.”

The turned out the lights, set the alarm, and left out the back door. Jacob locked up behind them, and then he walked her out to his truck; a classic Ford that looked good, but always seemed like it might not run. He opened the door for her, and as she brushed past him, she shivered as a chill went down her spine.

“It’s cold out here, isn’t it?” He said before closing the door.

She watched him walk around the front of the truck, opened the driver side door, and hopped in. She smiled as he rubbed his hands together quickly, and blew warm air into them.

“Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up as soon as possible.”

“God, I hope so.” Now THAT one she said out loud but didn’t realize it until it was out of her mouth. Looking at him for an immediate response, he just laughed and turned the key on the ignition. The starter rattled for a few long seconds, but the engine finally kicked over and roared to life.

Reaching behind the seat, Jacob pulled out a Mexican style blanket and gave it to her. She smiled at his kindness, and that triggered a chain reaction of memories about Jacob that she never considered much until now. He was a very generous guy, always going out of his way to help some of the others at work. He was her favorite manager to work with because he was funny, kind, and when the owner was being a dick, Jacob often stood in the way of the blast. He really did his best to look out for others, and the thought made him even more endearing to her just then.

As she processed those thoughts, she started to second guess her plan to bed him tonight, because did he deserve to be used as a human dildo machine? Sure, he’d probably love it, but how would it affect their working relationship or friendship? She almost talked herself out of it, until she caught a glimpse of him moving his hand to his inner thigh, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri as they passed under a street lamp, she could see the pronounced outline in his pants as he readjusted himself not-so-discreetly.

With her brain and her libido battling, she asked, “Jacob, can I ask you a very forward question?”

“Um, sure. I’m a little scared, but go ahead.”

“Why haven’t you ever tried to date any of the girls in the shop?”

“What? I mean, I dunno. I never thought about it too much.”

“Really, why not? We work with a lot of hot girls, and you hadn’t thought about it?”

“Well, I guess it’s because I’m so much older than all of them. What do they want with some crusty, old guy like me? I’d feel like a perv asking them out.”

Her heart was beating harder than ever, “I’d go out with you if you asked.”

“Wha… really? But I thought you only dated…”

“Black guys?”

“Well, yeah, and athletic types.”

He was right. She had never dated a white guy before, and definitely not someone his age, but he was still built. Jacob may not be as chiseled as that guy from the college basketball team, but he was still strong; looking more like a brick wall most guys wouldn’t fuck with. The more she looked at him, the more attractive he got, and now she was completely convinced she was going to get this guy in her bed tonight.

The time seemed to be moving slow, and after that slightly awkward exchange, nothing else was said, but as pulled the truck into her apartment complex, and rolled it into one of the visitor spots, she broke the quiet tension.

“Jacob, look at me.” He did, and she smiled, “Ask me out.”

“This is so left field, Char. I gotta admit, I’m at a loss.”

She pushed the blanket off onto the seat beside her, unbuckled her seat belt, and moved close enough to feel his breath on her. “Allow me to help. Would you like to be with me, Jacob?”

His eyes grew wide, both at the notion of what she asked and the fact that her hand was now moving up his leg from his knee.

“I have a confession, Jake. Earlier today, I saw something that I had never seen before from you. It was always there, but I never paid it much attention until tonight.” She paused her hand just below where she assumed the head of his cock would be if she moved up further. “You’re a good guy, and you always have been. In fact, you might be the nicest guy I’ve ever come across, and I want you to know that I appreciate you. It made me think about all the stupid rules I had in the past about dating, about what type of guys I thought I was into, and how they never work out, because I’m looking for all the wrong things. Meanwhile, one of the best men ever has been right in front of me all along. So, would you do me the honor of going out with me?”

He looked at her in awe, but with a sweet smile on his face, “Yes, I would really like that.”

That was all the permission Charlotte needed as she leaned in and planted what might have been the most anticipated kiss of her entire life. Her soft, full lips pressed against his, and he reached around her with his arm to pull her in close. The kiss was hot, and went on for a solid minute, as they suckled on each other’s lips.

She released him but didn’t let him go far, as she looked deep into his eyes. “I can’t believe I’m doing this right now, but how about we make this our first date. Rather, how about we make our time at work our date, and this is you taking me home?”

“Uh, I don’t understand.”

She kissed him again, “Ok, so something else I saw for the first time was this.” She moved her hand onto his bulge. “This may sound nuts, but I’ve been thinking about your cock all night long. In fact, when I was in the bathroom, I was in there masturbating about you and this monster.”

“Wow, this… you’ve got me on my heels right now. Um, I’m not sure what’s happening.”

“Please don’t be worried or scared. I really do like you, and I really did mean everything I said, but I also am really wanting to feel you inside me. So if you’d be willing to do something crazy, I hope that crazy thing is me.”

Jacob blinked, mouth agape, as Charlotte came in for a more deadly kiss while squeezing his dick with more intention.

“Do you want to come upstairs?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Well, then let’s go. Pull up to the gate, and I’ll let you inside, “She said with a wicked smile and raised her eyebrows suggestively. They both broke out in laughter, and Jacob put the truck in reverse to head for the resident parking.

Charlotte waited on the curb while Jacob tried to maneuver his truck into a spot that was entirely too small; another metaphor that did not escape her. She smiled coyly to herself, as another sparkle of doubt rushed into her brain. Was she absolutely sure this was a good idea? No, not sure at all, but looking over at Jacob as he squeezed himself between the body of his truck and the car parked next to him; she knew that doubt would have to take a back seat. She wanted this man very badly now, and her emotional baggage would have to wait on the curb.

He sidled up next to her on the curb, smiling at her smiling at him.

“Hi,” he said nervously.

“Hi back,” her eyes twinkled back at him, “You ready?”

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