Cold Warm Nights


“Guess what?” my daughter said with a wide grin. “Chris is coming over for a trial.” Chris is my cousin’s son and the trial is an audition with the local theater group. Both 19, Chris and my daughter Carla get along very well since they were kids.

“Good, that’s very good. I hope he gets the part.” I was excited to see a relative. It’s been quite a while since we last visited our native place down south. “Now there’s a good reason to have the heater fixed,” I diverted the topic. The heater was not functioning since the start of spring and winter is fast coming in.

“Oh, yes,” Carla said as she went to her room. Our 2-room apartment is small but with a spacious living room. “Do you think we have to buy some beddings for Chris?” I shouted. Carla’s face appeared in the gap of the door. “Yeah, what do you think? And he can probably stay in your room so we have to move your bed in mine.” Carla earns the money so she decides.

Chris arrived and the audition was not to take place until 2 days. We gave him a tour of the city and the taste of a little nightlife, not to mention the tons of steak and lamb chops that crowded our freezer. Our only problem is having only one car that Carla uses in going to work. But Carla has her way. She had moved to the swing shift.

The audition results was taking some time and Chris was having a hard time with the cold weather. When at home he normally sits beside the heater’s vent. As for Carla’s room where I was temporarily staying, there’s a portable heater to warm me up after a bath so I decided to lend it to Chris to augment the centralized in his room.

It was one late afternoon and I was preparing pot roast in the oven when Chris entered the kitchen shivering. “Don’t you think the heater is not working, eh?” he asked me. I gave out a sigh. Indeed it was getting cold but I didn’t notice. I asked Chris to get the portable heater and placed it on the table. We stayed in the kitchen until after dinner, watching the TV from afar.

Things were running smoothly until bedtime. There’s only one heater and there’s the 2 of us. And what if Carla comes in at 1 am? Since I decided on matters when Carla is not around, I offered Carla’s bed to Chris so we can share the portable heater in Carla’s room.

And there we were, I on my bed and Chris was on Carla’s. The heat emitted by the portable was enough for me but not for Chris who’s not used to the cold weather. I was afraid he might get sick especially so if he got the part in the theater play. And what would my cousin say? That I didn’t take care of his son?

“Chris, come over here and join me so you won’t feel cold.” He was kind of shy but he feels at home with us. I focused the heater on my bed and he lay on my bed with his back on me. I did the same. He was still shivering and it worried me a bit. I touched his cheek but he felt okay. “Maybe you shouldn’t have taken a bath,” I admonished. “But I couldn’t sleep without a bath,” he replied with a quivering voice.

“Come, I’ll make you warm,” I said as I embraced him under the comforter. “Thanks,” he said in return. I could feel his body warmth and I knew that he was feeling the same thing. My night dress is of a thick woolen material and he had his pajamas on. We remained in that position for sometime until I fell asleep.

I was awakened when Chris moved to face me. It seemed that I myself had moved because my back was on him. His hand reached for my side and embraced me lightly. In a short while his hand went limp, presumably into a slumber again. The warmth coming from both our bodies gave me comfort and contentment. But I happened to look at the luminous clock. It was already 11 pm. and Carla was due to come home at 1 am. What would she think if she finds us in this uncompromising position? That’s regardless if the heater was down.

With much care, I moved to sit on the bed, thinking deeply of what to do. It is a fact that we cannot sleep in a room temperature of less than 15 degrees. Just then Chris moved again, his hand groping poker oyna so I went back to the same position but this time facing the ceiling. His hand moved on my abdomen and his leg on mine. I was locked and the feeling was nice.

I had been separated for a long time and raising Carla occupied most of my spare time. When Carla got a job she made me quit my job at the factory. With my good physique, there were guys looking at me but not serious enough so I just ignored them. Close friends normally rib me for blind dates, saying that I’m still young. Yeah, I agree that 40 is still young.

I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep. Perhaps because there’s a man’s hand on top of my abdomen, just below my breast. And a man’s leg is on top of my thigh just below my mound. It tickled me with that idea. Slowly, I placed my hand under Chris’ hand and slightly pushed it upwards, hitting my nipple. Ah, it was nice so I nudged his hand in a rhythm as if he was caressing my breast.

I was quite content with what I was doing when Chris moved. It was his volition this time to hold on to my breast. But he was just holding on and his hands went limp again. I gave out a loud sigh knowing that my panties were already moistened. With much care my knee moved to feel his crotch. His weapon was wilted and so he was really sleeping.

Again I remembered the clock. It’s more thaa an hour before Carla would come so there’s time for me to play. I placed my hand on top of Chris’ hand and pressed on my breast. It was a nice feeling but there was discontent. I raised the hem of my night dress but it was heavy so I decided to pull a sleeve down my side to expose a beast. I got his hand again and pressed it on my bare breast. I had almost reached orgasm.

Then Chris moved again, pulling his hand down. I felt embarrassed and decided to go to the bathroom. I started touching myself but the elusive orgasm did not come. This made me think deeper. And then the thought of Carla came to my mind. What if she comes? How could I explain? To think that I am an epitome of a decent and morally upright mother.

I woke up Chris and told him of the problem. “Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed as he stood up and went for his room. I followed him with the portable. “You use this, don’t worry about me,” I said in haste. After a soft thank you, he closed the bedroom door and left me standing there, thinking deeply again.

Carla was angry about the heater. She reprimanded me for not reporting it to the apartment manager. I did not argue with her, not because it was 2 am. but because my mind was wandering. “Tomorrow I’ll be on the graveyard shift,” she announced, “so that you can drive for Chris. I’m sure he will get the part.” Excitement hit my spines and I didn’t know why.

Carla was sleeping when we left the house for the studio. We were ecstatic when Chris was awarded the supporting role. On our way home, I called up Carla on the cellphone, risking her ire for waking her up. It was only half past noon. But she was ecstatic too with the good news. That night we had a classy dinner for a celebration. Carla dropped us at home and she proceeded for work.

The heater was fixed all right and the wine made me feel relaxed. I headed for the bedroom, threw off my clothes and went to the bathroom. The bedroom door was unlocked so I wasn’t surprised when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Sorry to disturb you,” it was Chris. “It seems that the heater in my room is not working.” I could have opened the door but just said, “Let me finish my bath.”

There’s something wrong indeed with the heater’s vent so what can a poor aunt do? I called up Carla to inform her of the problem. What luck. She suggested that Chris take her bed. And so like the previous night, I was on my bed and Chris was on Carla’s. We were ready to sleep but still felt euphoric over the forthcoming rehearsals. Just then, Chris stood up and sat on my bed. “I just want to thank you, Auntie, for all the things you did for me. On my first pay check, canlı poker oyna we’ll spend it all, I’ll buy you a dress, and a…” his words faded in my ears. I was overwhelmed by flattery.

And then he kissed me on the cheek with another “thank you.” But there was something he said before that thank you. “What about last night?” I asked for a repeat because I only caught the words “last night.” Chris smiled, “I said it was so nice of you to give me comfort last night. I really had a good night’s sleep until you woke me.”

I grabbed his nape and returned a kiss on his cheek. “It is all right if you want to sleep beside me. Do you?” I asked haltingly as I flicked off the bed lamp. “I would love it,” he said smiling. So, okay, I said and motioned him to come over. He did and just like before, his back was on me but he explicitly wanted me to embrace him. And so I did with gusto. My imagination was sauntering the deep bliss.

My reverie was interrupted when Chris moved so I gave way by facing the ceiling. His hand landed on my breast. I was trying to catch my breath, feeling so excited because a grip was evident. His hand was lightly squeezing my breast. “Chris, Chris,” I said. But he only gave out a moan. He’s really a good actor but I knew for certain that he was awake. My hand moved inside the comforter and into his crotch. There, clear as daylight. He had a hard on.

I unbuttoned my night dress. His hand kept on squeezing but it was my bare breast now. My hand groped for his weapon. It was hard as steel. I rubbed it slightly and it went harder to my touch. “Chris, wake up,” I said, still holding his stiffness in my hand. “What?” he opened his eyes playing innocent. “You cannot fool me, Chris, you’re a good actor, I know.” He smiled and retreated his hand but I restrained it. “You can do it awake, can’t you?”

It was a challenge that he dared take. He completely unbuttoned my dress, exposing my two healthy breasts. In an instant, his hand grabbed one and his mouth the other while his other hand was caressing the bottom of my panties. My long lost desire for sex was immediately resuscitated. It was as if all the juice in me exploded in my crack. At once my panty was very, very wet with the 2 successive orgasms.

I lay there like a statue with Chris doing everything he knew to make a woman more than satisfied. And fully satisfied I was, so much that I reached orgasm the third time. I was still panting and gasping for breath when Chris pulled down my panties. That’s when I remembered his hard on so I reached inside his pajamas, way in to his briefs, pulled them down a bit and held his stiff weapon in my fist.

My panty was also pulled down with my thighs open. Chris was moaning to the rubbing I was applying on his hard member. His hand was exploring my wet crack. Once in a while his fingers slide inside and out that made me reach orgasm after orgasm. He was moaning and I felt his hand apply pressure on my slippery hole. His weapon was directed at my belly where he jerked off a full load.

“Twas nice,” he said panting. “Yeah, so nice,” I replied while groping for the tissue holder beside the bed. I turned on the bed lamp. He got a piece of tissue paper and wiped off the end of his weapon where a drop of his sperm was still resting. I cleaned the rest of his load on my belly then gave out a loud sigh. “Such a long time, never thought it was that good,” I remarked.

It was the best sleep I had in years, seeming that worries left me at last. I woke up in time for Carla’s arrival and nudged Chris to move to the other bed. Carla didn’t suspect of anything because it was her idea that Chris share the room with me. Besides, there’s no malice in the family ever since.

I drove Chris to the rehearsals. There he learned that he was to appear in the matinee of the stage play in 2 weeks time so he brought home the script. Carla was up early and was cooking lunch when we arrived. Everything looked normal and Carla had even suggested that Chris use her bed until internet casino after the heater vent in the other room was fixed. The apartment manager had already scheduled an overhaul of the centralized. That I remember about the portable heater. Why did Chris moved in with me then?

I took a bath right after Carla had left and planned to retire early to bed. Chris was watching TV in the living room but he was inside the bedroom when I got out of the bathroom. The towel was in his hands, waiting for me to finish. I chose a summer night dress, one with a nice color and a flimsy one. I was acting as if I was newly married.

There was no ceremony whatsoever. Chris lay down beside me and embraced me. I was tickled pink when he kissed my neck. I don’t know why but we both avoided kissing the mouth. There was that unmistakable electricity when his his hands travelled from the neck down my breasts. He was cupping my breast as if he could prevent it from sagging. My nipple was caught between his fingers and his incessant kissing and licking on my neck gave me enough reason to breath heavier.

My panty couldn’t be wet because I wasn’t wearing one. Chris easily discovered that fact when his hands entered the bottom of my night dress. To return the compliment, my hand moved to his crotch and I carefully rubbed his hard on. This made him so excited that his mouth groped for my nipple. The heavy blanket was giving him difficulty so I took it off, unmindful of the low room temperature.

Both my breasts were outside of my dress, giving him the leverage to suck my nipple and squeeze my breast. His other hand was fully exploring the length of my dripping crevice down there. My hand moved faster in consonance with the pace of his mouth on my nipple. I was already on the verge of orgasm when Chris stopped. He pulled down his lower pajamas and aimed his stiff rod on my crack.

“No,” I protested as my thighs closed a bit. Chris lay on top of me with his mouth attached to my nipple. His hand was wending my pubic hair and down the line of my crack. “Open up,” he said excitedly. “You cannot and you should not, Chris,” I meekly said. But his hand was so insistent and his hard on was sticking on top of my thigh.

“This is my first time,” he said in a quivering tone, “haven’t tasted a pussy in my life.” His words pumped more excitement in me. I was to taste a virgin boy! But it was wrong, I am his aunt, I said. “But I want more, please,” his words were reverberating in my ears. “Penetrating is out of the question,” I explained. “I would give you anything but that.”

He stopped to look at me then he let out a mischievous smile before his head went down on my abdomen and down the bottom. His tongue toched the lining of my crack then he positioned himself in the opposite direction such that his weapon was just above my head. I understood what he wanted, a double-blow job. But unfortunately, he was too tall and my mouth couldn’t reach his rod so with painstaking effort, I held his weapon in my fist and rubbed it for him.

I couldn’t keep track of the numbers but my orgasms surely exhausted me. What with his tongue, not only licking but it seemed like he was sipping my hole. Both his hands were on my thighs and his butt was helping my hand with his rhythmic movement. With a long moan he shot off his load right on my pillow.

“Whew, that was close,” I said. “Sorry, Auntie, I’m really sorry,” he apologized. “I seemed to have lost my senses because of the…”

I butted in, “Lust, that’s lust, Chris. But don’t worry, that’s all right, it’s okay, I understand.”

I could have said a long litany of explanations but Chris smiled and kissed me on the cheek then whispered, “Thanks, that’s wonderful of you.”

The following nights gave me a regular dose of bliss. Chris was indeed a good boy, understanding that he should reserve the best for his future wife. He never attempted with the penetration anymore and sufficed himself with jerking off by sucking my breasts and licking my crack. He really should be a good boy considering that he would be staying with us for long. As for me, orgasm got to be a habit and I’m still proud to say that we are not being immoral. It’s just a better way of venting out our body heat. Right?

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