Collar Me Please


I’d been fucking this guy John for the last two months. I’ve known him a few years, dated him briefly until he broke up with me to get back together with an ex, Ella, that he ended up marrying. He cheated on her with me less than six months after they got married, and we’d fuck a couple times a year, when she was out of town for work. They were divorced within five years, and she never found out about us, which made me a little sad because imagining myself being referred to as a homewrecking slut was kind of a turn on for me. I settled for using it as a bio in my porn profile. So we’d never get caught by her fucking in their marital bed – on to the next adventure.

Our lockdown sex was super hot, and because nobody was supposed to be in close physical contact with anyone they didn’t live with, felt as dirty as it did when he was cheating on his wife. It was still just vanilla though until one day he was boldly nosing through my bedside table and pulled out my toybox. Thick black collar, ballgag, silicone handcuffs. Mmmmm, my Pinterest is nothing like Ella’s, I’m sure.

“Oh my god, who do you use these with?” he asked, sounding shocked but also envious.

I stared into his eyes. “Guys online, except the handcuffs, because i can’t really take pictures while wearing them.”

“What guys online? Like Tinder?”

“No, not Tinder, like sex chat sites. I get kinda dirty on the internet, its fun.”

I was feeling a little judged, but that made me bolder. I thought about how many times I’d been flooded with messages about how sexy my tits were, about how many sexting frenzies I’d gone on where I was tied to the bed and arched my hips to invite dick after dick inside me. So yes I’m a kinky slut, why do you think I fucked you when you were married? It wasn’t like we were still dating. There were no sandwiches involved.

“That’s so fucking hot. Can I put these on you?”

We had just fucked long and hard. Normally I’d be ready to put my clothes back on and hang out and watch some TV, but the idea of getting to finally play with my toys with someone in my bed Kadıköy Anal Escort was making my cunt throb again.

I nodded. “Put the collar on me.”

I sat up and held my hair up, watching him intently as he sat in front of me on the bed, naked, and put this powerful little control device on my neck.

“Make it a little bit tight, please,” I asked politely.

He pulled the strap until the collar was firm but not constricting. As the leather cinched down and he fastened it in place I let out a couple of breaths I’d been holding. My breathing got quick and shallow.

“Wow, that feels good, like I feel kinda owned suddenly,” I said.

Nobody else had collared me before. Having him do it was like getting my cherry popped. I’d wanted it for so long, and finally it happened. He gave me a kiss, very gently. I’d seen his cock throbbing up to rock hard while he put the collar on me. He smiled into the kiss as he absorbed a rush. I dont think Ella ever let him do kinky things.

“You’re in charge here, I’m just a slut now. I’d like to suck your cock with my hands cuffed behind my back, but I’d also like to be ballgagged. It’s up to you,” I said into his breath.

He pulled away slightly, his face almost imperceptibly hardening. I looked down at his cock and breathed in deeply.

“Get on the floor, on your knees,” he ordered.

I did as he said, and he climbed out of the bed, crouched behind me and put the cuffs on me. They’re not super hot like real pig cuffs, but this was our first time so it was fine. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and put the ballgag on me. He didn’t need to be told twice. He cinched that fucker tight. I reflexively moaned as I tried to push the ball out, but there wasn’t enough give to get it to pop over my lip. My tongue was trapped under it. It felt really humiliating to wear these things in front of him, much more than I’d imagined. I felt my face flush, but that feeling was also like a direct line to my clit, which wanted all the sensations. I looked up at him and whimpered quietly as he held his cock, Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort gently stroked it, precum sliding around under his thumb. I wanted it so bad. I wanted to be throated with it. He pulled my head towards it, not so gently now, pushing it into my cheek, my nostrils, rubbing my face on it.

“Sniff it,” he ordered, rubbing my nose across it as I inhaled in deep peppery breaths.

“Yeah! You want that cock, don’t you, you slut.”

I nodded meekly, nuzzling it. The tight gag was making spit pool in my mouth. I rubbed the ball on his cock and drool fell out the corner of my mouth. I tried spreading it on his cock. He grabbed one of the rings on the gag strap and pulled my face sideways, laughing. He had all the power.

“Whatchya doing? Are you being a little cock slut? Are you?”

I nodded, drool still spilling out. I loved this path of oral domination. He pulled the gag down off my mouth, onto my neck. I gasped deep for air as he thrust his cock into my mouth. He held the back of my head and pulsed in deeper until I gagged. He pulled my head off, then pushed it back down on his cock, getting those last couple inches in, then moaning loudly as he pulled my head back off. Drool ran freely out of my mouth. I was gasping for air, my face suddenly a sloppy wet mess.

“Spit on it,” he said.

I spit, getting his flat stomach. He put his hand on my cheek, and the electricity that passed between us almost knocked me out as I eagerly anticipated his slap.

“Do it right,” he said, and gave me a quick, firm slap. I spit, but missed again. He gave me another slap. It felt so sharp on my wet cheek. I squealed, my big wet tits heaving, drool running into my pussy lips, lighting up my clit like a live show. My carpet would never be the same, obviously.

“Take it, bitch,” he said, pushing it back into my mouth.

I moaned deeply as it engulged my throat and he groaned, squeezing his hands in my hair, using my mouth as a fuck hole, dominating me orally. He was giving me what I wanted, craved, needed so badly. He Kadıköy Zenci Escort fucked my face continuously, throbbing rock hard with this newfound power. Over and over he smashed my head down on his cock so it pushed into my throat, telling me to take it bitch, take it deeper, swallow it. Finally he pulled my face up and off him, stroking my hair as I panted.

“Suck my balls.”

Fuck, I loved these commands. He pushed my face down. I sucked in his wet ballsack skin and inhaled a ball, then licked, then sucked, like a good little slut.

He pulled my head off him. “Sit still,” he said.

It felt too good and he wasn’t ready to cum. I let out a deep breath, and he pulled me up onto the bed, on my back, my arms still behind me. He kneeled over my thighs and put a hand to my left tit, paused, and slapped it, rubbed it, slapped it, rubbed it, pausing to get deep into my eyes, did it again, harder. Then the right one, slapping and rubbing, back and forth, methodically. He grabbed them and kneaded them, roughed them up, slapped them some more. they were his to play with all he wanted. My squeals only egged him on.

He shoved the ballgag back into my mouth, then pulled the cuff off one wrist and put my arms over my head and looped the cuffs through a bar in the headboard and recuffed me. He yanked my body down a bit so my arms were stretched tight. I couldn’t get the cuffs off this way. This really intensified his dominance, and my pussy flooded out. He returned to my tits, laying on me and squeezing them, sucking them, putting little bruises on them, marking me up. He slapped one and I cried out. He twisted my nipples, pinched them until I was bright red in the face. They were getting very tenderized now, and he finally slowed down and gently rubbed them, which felt so nice.

“Such a good little slut,” he whispered, then kissed me over my ballgag, which was so fucking hot. My pussy was like a slip-n-slide. I was moaning, grinding under him. He was so strong. His black eyes were lit up with sex again and he pushed my legs wide open with his knees, paused to put a condom on, shoved that cock deep and rode me hard. I came and came as he fucked me, collared and ballgagged and cuffed to the bed like the filthy little slut I was. Finally he groaned loud and deep. He pulled out, ripped the condom off, and came on my slut face. We were on a new level now.

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