College A’s-Chapter 3


CHAPTER 3 The next morning both girls woke up late and wanted to enjoy each other’s body again but didn’t have enough time. Megan had to get home and finish packing for college, as they both were leaving that afternoon. The whole time Megan was packing she kept thinking about last night and her first lesbian experience. She could not forget how Shelly’s pussy had tasted and how Shelly had treated her like a slut, she loved every bid of it. She also wondered if Shelly would now try to get her into the club, and if so when. All these questions rolled through Megan’s mind over the next few hours. By the time her and her mom had made it to the freshman dorms Megan was soaking wet. She couldn’t wait for her mom to help her unpack and leave so she could finger herself to a well needed orgasm. As Megan and her mom finished unpacking all of Megan’s stuff in her dorm room, Megan’s mom asked, “I wonder when your roommate is getting here?” Megan had completely forgotten that she had a roommate and the first thought that popped into her head was how was she going to play with herself with someone sleeping only feet away from her. Megan looked at her mom blankly and said, “I’m not sure when she will get here but you don’t have to wait for her, I’m a big girl now.” Darlene, Megan’s mom smiled and kissed her daughter on the cheek and said goodbye, wanting to let her little girl start her college life. As Megan looked around her small dorm room at the half unpacked boxes throughout the room she wondered if she had enough time to get herself off before her roommate showed up. She laid down on her bed and unbuttoned her shorts and ran her hand down to her soaking wet cunt. She was just about to start playing with herself when there was a knock at the door. Megan quickly pulled her hand from her panties and buttoned up her shorts so she could answer the door. When she opened the door there was a short red headed girl standing there. “Hi, I’m Erin, I think I’m your new roommate.” Megan bahis siteleri took a second to respond, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Megan and yes I think we are roommates.” Over the next couple of hours Megan and Erin unpacked each other’s things and set the dorm room up the way they wanted it. The whole time Megan kept looking at Erin and wondering what she was like? Was she smart, did she party, what would she look like naked? Megan was ashamed of herself for thinking the last question. Ever since she realized that she wanted to join Shelly’s club and be treated like a fuck toy, she kept picturing people naked. Wondering what they would be like in bed, were the boys rough and nasty like in her fantasies? Did the girls want to be treated like sluts like she did? And now she couldn’t help but wonder about her new red headed roommate Erin, and what she would be like in bed. Later that night Shelly stopped by Megan’s dorm room to see how she was doing. After being introduced to Erin and getting the tour of the small room Megan and Shelly invited Erin to join them for dinner, but Erin had already made plans to eat with someone else, so Megan and Shelly headed out alone. As soon as they got in the car Megan asked, “So, did you talk to the people at the club about me?” “God Megan, you really can’t wait to join the club can you?” Shelly said with a smile. Megan responded, “I know, but I really want to get in, so have you talked to them yet?” “Yes, I talked to the person today and she said you will at least get an interview, but she isn’t making any promises past that.” Megan was so excited to hear the news she literally jumped in her seat. Once Megan knew she was getting an interview her thoughts immediately went to what would happen at the interview. “Shelly, what will the interview be like?” Shelly looked at Megan and said, “Well, each interview is different. But for the most part they will ask you questions about yourself and make you do some sexual things.” Now that the pressure canlı bahis siteleri of getting the interview was gone Megan was now worried that she might not do well in her interview, “Well what did they make you do in your interview?” Shelly knew this question was coming and she also knew that Megan wasn’t going to like the answer, “I can’t tell you about my interview, that’s the rules. You just have to go and see for yourself.” Shelly was right about Megan not liking the answer to her question. Megan sat in the passenger seat for 5 minutes without saying a word. Shelly didn’t say anything, leaving Megan to her thoughts about what she was going to have to do in her interview. Finally Shelly asked, “So how do you like your roommate?” “She seems cool but I haven’t been able to play with myself all day and now that I share a tiny room with someone I don’t know, I have no idea when I’ll be able to masturbate again.” Shelly laughed at this comment, “Yeah, now you know the downfall of having a roommate.” Megan looked over to Shelly and said, “You know we could find a place and I can practice my pussy eating skills some more.” Shelly looked at Megan and said, “Well, if I were to find us a private spot, what would you do for me?” Megan knew that Shelly was playing with her and she was more than willing to play along, “Well, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I mean I am trying to join a club that would make me random people’s fuck puppet.” “Well in that case let me find a spot to pull over.” Megan gave a shocked look, “You mean in the car, out in the open? Can’t we go to your room or something?” Shelly had pulled the car over into a parking lot of a bank that was closed for the night and said, “I hope you don’t have a problem hooking up in public or letting people see you, because if you do then you better rethink the club. There will be people who will want you to suck their cock’s as they drive and pull up beside cars to show people and that’s just for starters.” canlı bahis Megan said, “No its no problem, its just a little cramped in here is all.” “Don’t worry, I can make it work. Now get in the back seat you little want to be slut.” Megan looked at her friend and realized that she wasn’t joking. For an instance she was scared and then realized this is what she wanted, to be used like a whore. She climbed over the seat in sat in the middle of the back seat. Shelly got out of the car and came around to the back door and got in. “So, you haven’t been able to play with that sweet little pussy of yours all day, it must be really wet?” “God yes it’s wet. I have wanted to finger myself all day.” “Well, take those cloths off and let me see how wet your cunt is.” Megan lifted her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. She then undid her bra letting her tits spring free. Her nipples were already hard as she brushed her fingers over them. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs. She was about to remove her panties when Shelly said, “No, leave those on. Sit back against the door and spread your legs and rub your cunt. I want to see your juices soak through those slutty little panties.” Megan started rubbing her pussy through her panties, she never knew being told to do slutty things could be such a turn on. She leaned back against the car door and continued to rub her now soaking cunt through her black thong. Megan never took her eyes off Shelly and Shelly gave her a wicked smile as she watched her best friend play with herself. Shelly leaned back against the opposite door continuing to watch Megan rub her cunt. Shelly looked at Megan and lifted her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties. Megan couldn’t take her eyes off her best friend’s shaven pussy. Shelly said, “Stop playing with yourself and come lick my cunt.” Megan was so close to cumming that she didn’t want to stop, but being told to stop made it all the more exciting. Megan crawled over to Shelly in the cramped back seat and inhaled her best friend’s sent. Shelly grabbed Megan by the back of the head and forced her face in between her legs. Megan got the hint and started licking her friend’s pussy with vigor.

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