College-Bound Ch. 01


I woke up to the light of the sun, beaming through the window right onto my eyes. My eyes twitched at first, before covering them with my hands. Always hated how the sun can creep through my blinds. I sat up in bed, letting the blanket slide down my body. I rubbed my eyes, waiting for my morning wood to calm down so I can take my shower.

Today is the first day of my senior year in high school. Summer break just ended, with mostly me just being inside playing video games and sleeping. I didn’t have many friends to really hang with outside my house, besides Marie, who I just play with on online games instead. In fact, most of my life I have spent inside my house. I don’t really like going outside or socializing. Too many bullies. I get enough of that from my sister, Sarah. Plus, my mom, Mary, doesn’t bother me much despite her working from home.

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Samuel Mason, eighteen, 5’8, and completely average looking. I’m not a twig, but also not overly muscular. I don’t really have any defining features besides my dorky clothing educated guessing for the win. Her face has always been quite cute to me as well. She wears glasses and has freckles covering her cheeks. She usually wore a baggy hoodie with headphones like me, except hers were red. She has been my best friend for years, always wanting to play video games with me, hang out, or just read together.

“Morning Marie. How are you?” Marie sighs and leans against the locker. “Tired. I got caught up playing an MMO for most of the night. The rest of the time I spent reading this new novel I picked up from the library.” I nodded in agreement and closed my locker. “Yeah, I had trouble sleeping last night too.” Except my troubles with sleep has nothing to do with video games. My problem stems from my new growing friend who doesn’t seem to have any control over himself. It really got worse over the summer, now happening multiple times a day! It’s embarrassing and I wish I could just mind control my dick to not get hard randomly!

Almost on cue, my bully Mikayla Hayes pushes me, making me fall into Marie’s breasts face first. “Haha! Fucking nerd!” She yells at me as she walks down the hall, her jock boyfriend Brad in tow behind her. I quickly got up, face flushed. “I-I’m sorry, Marie!” Marie shook her head at me. “Don’t worry about it, I am just worried about you.” She touched my forehead with her tiny hands on her tippy toes, making me look down at her slightly rosey cheeks and soft lips. Looking back on it, I barely felt the fall cause of her pillow-like tits. I blushed crazily just thinking about it.

I stepped back quickly and adjusted myself best I could. Marie looked at me confused, quickly glancing down. “Let’s just go to class. Don’t want to be late on the first day. I will see you later.” I walk away quickly after fixing myself, hoping she didn’t notice it. The rest of the day went by quickly with not much hazzle. Mikayla kaçak iddaa said sly comments or tripped me in the halls. Teachers were depressed per usual. Me trying to keep my erection as hidden as possible throughout it all. The final bell rang, which in a way is music to my ears. I got up and left class, only to see Brad and his crew chasing down the other nerds. I slipped past them and hide inside the locker room, which oddly smells really good. There is also no sweat or random towels on the floor. Also, the lockers are a different color than what I am used to.


I accidentally blurted out to myself, causing a familiar female voice to respond back. “Sam?” I turn around to see Marie, my best friend, dripping wet and in nothing but a towel. My eyes lit up at the sight of her. “I-I-I…” My erection grew to full mast in my pants, creating an obvious tent alongside worsening my current blue balls. Marie’s cheeks were fully red, her towel being held up by her tits. Her thick thighs were in full view as the towel covered very little. “Sam, why are you in here?” Her voice was slightly shaky, making me feel bad. She probably thinks i’m some pervert now or something even worse!

“M-Marie, I swear on my mother, I didn’t come in here on purpose!” I raised my hands in the air. Marie looked me up and down, taking a moment longer at my crotch. “Sam. Why. Are. You. In. Here?” I breathed in and out slowly, looking Marie in her eyes. “Brad and his annoying goons were picking on the nerds again. I tried to get away by sneaking in here. But I forgot where I was, realizing a little too late that this was not the men’s locker rooms.” Marie sighed and rubbed her face, which inadvertantly caused her boobs to squeeze together. “You got lucky, Sam. What if it was some other girl in here? One who wouldn’t be so calm and… Nice…” Her voice trailed off while she stared at the tent in my pants. “M-Marie?” Marie shakes her head and looks at me.

“You can stay in here for now. I need to finish my shower so… Just wait on the bench for me. We can walk home together. That is, if you want to?” She twirled her hair with one finger, her feet cutely moving about in the same place. I nodded back at her, too on edge to really speak much at this point. Sitting on the bench, I watched Marie go into the shower room, throwing her towel out once she got inside it. My mind kept replaying the incident that just occured. She looked so cute and sexy in a towel. Her thighs and tits looked so squishy. I smiled to myself, loving the thoughts that came to my mind in mass. “Hey, Sam?” I snapped back to reality and quickly looked over to the direction of the shower room. “Y-Yes, Marie?” Silence filled the room for what felt like minutes.

“Did you… take a shower after gym?” I usually don’t like taking public showers, especially with the people at this school. “No, I kind of wait till I get home. Why do you ask?” Marie’s face came around the corner, kaçak bahis blushing. “If you want, you could take a shower now… with me.” My mind started racing a thousand miles per hour. How the hell am I supposed to say no to that? If I say no, I get the gentleman of the year award, but that makes her sad for declining her offer. If I say yes, I become just like every douchebag guy in this school, while also getting myself in a situation where things could go south in so many ways. It only took one thought to seal the deal. I could get to see Marie fully naked.

“I-I would like that a lot. Thanks for the offer, M-Marie.” I took off my clothes, slapped my face once for multiple reasons I don’t want to explain, and then walked into the steamy shower room. The steam made things look hazy, but luckily not hazy enough. She was under one of the shower heads, letting the water run down her smooth skin. Her tits were big and slightly drooped down, nipples perfectly sized. I never noticed just how big her ass was till now, as it jiggled with every step she took towards me. My cock was at full attention for her, but I tried to cover it as best I could. Marie looked me up and down, taking way too long at my dick before speaking. “How about you wash my back for me? Least you can do for me.” She smiled widely, her cheeks filled with a soft blush.

“O-Of course, Marie. Least I can do for you.”

We showered under the same head, letting the water cover our bodies. I kept glancing at her, cause I could just feel her eyes peering up (and especially down) at me the whole time. I put soap into my hands, to which she turned around in response. I kept a distance while washing her back, hoping my full 11 inch erection would not go up against her as much. Her breathing got heavier as I rubbed in the soap, making me in turn get nervous. That’s when she did something that made me jump in my skin. She backed her ass into my cock, making it press up against her. “M-Maire?” I looked down onto my naked best friend. She looked up into my eyes. “God Sam, I never knew you were so big. All these years, how did you keep it hidden from me? I’ve even seen you in nothing but your boxers before…” She bit her lip, waiting for my response.

“It’s kind of embarrasing, Marie. I-It hurts a lot, even now cause of how often it gets hard. Not to mention its size. Hard to keep under wraps anywhere I am. My f-family even almost caught me multiple times trying to cover it. But I especially wanted to be careful around you.” Marie put my hands to her lower back, sliding it slowly around to her stomach, making me wash her front. “Samuel, why would you want to keep this away from me, your best friend? If you were having such trouble, I…” Marie stopped aprubtly, not moving my hands futher but instead rubbing my hands with hers. “Do you, or more like could you, see me as more than just a friend? Or am I stuck in the friend-zone with you forever?”

“M-Marie, I care illegal bahis deeply about you. You have always been there for me, but why would you want someone like me? You are so much better in everyway, you could get anyone. You’re beautiful, sexy, smart, dorky, and just…” Before I could finish, Marie got on her tiptoes and kissed me deeply, making me go wide eyed. After a moment, I closed my eyes and kissed back, putting my hands around her. Her tits were pressed up against my chest. Marie’s lips were soft on mine. I pulled her closer into me, making my erection go up against her belly. My hands explored her body, finding their way to her ass, giving it a squeeze. She pulled away from the kiss, staring deep into my eyes. Her tiny hands went to my cock, making it jump at the touch. “I don’t know if I am ready just yet, but…” She got onto her knees, my cock inches from her mouth.

She leaned in, giving the tip a kiss. She looked up at me, one hand on my cock, slowly stroking the length. “I’ve seen porn plenty of times, but yours seems bigger. Forgive me if I am not that good…” Marie then took my cock into her mouth, slowly sucking from the tip to half my length. Her tongue slowly swirling around my tip. Her hands rubbed my other half slowly and methodically with the motion of her blowjob. I moan softly at the pleasure, putting my hand on her head instinctively. That seemed to make her happy, as she sucked and rubbed faster with occasional gagging, building up my climax. Her other hand went to balls, rubbing them softly. She definitely had seen a lot of porn, because she knew exactly what to do. After a few minutes of her sucking my cock, I started breathing heavy. “Marie, I am c-close!” Instead of taking her head off, she attempted to deep throat me, taking most of my cock in her warm, wet mouth.


I started to cum shot after shot into her mouth, holding her onto my cock with my hands. She kept swallowing it all, despite a few gags here and there. After a moment, my orgasm subsided, putting my hands off her head. Marie swallowed what was left and stood up. “M-Marie, that was amazing. That was the hardest I think I ever came.” Marie blushed softly and wiggled cutely. “You definitely needed it, you were pent up to all hell. Was kind of hard to swallow it all. Sorry for my gag reflex, you are rather big and I never have done anything before.” She smiled sweetly at me, making my heart skip a beat. I think I am falling in love with my best friend. I mean, I already liked her a lot. But now it’s like I seen a whole new side of her. One I personally love whole heartedly.

We finished our shower together, taking few breaks to make out underneath the shower head. After drying off and putting our clothes on, we started to head out of the locker room. “Hey Sam?” I looked over at Marie, blocking the way out. “Just know, if you ever need to release, don’t be afraid to ask me. I care a lot about you and I would love to help you out whenever I can with your problem.” After a wink, she left the locker room, leaving me with those words to linger in my mind. For the first time in a while…

My life is looking on the upside.

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