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I am very aware of her breathing now, as I run my small hands softly down her body. I am aware of her bare chest rising slowly, falling hesitantly, her lips partially open and her cat eyes closed gently. My memory unintentionally records the angle at which her head is thrown back on the pillow, the way her arms are bent, the look of her fingers twining meaningfully into mine as one hand traces up the veins toward her wrist. I feel her pulse as I lean into her neck and begin to kiss it softly, feel her free hand reach around and let out a breath as her fingertips graze my upper back, the nape of my neck.

The dorm has been empty for days now, and suddenly I feel I have a lot more reason to give thanks on Thanksgiving. Our usual interruptions have ceased, there is no concern of her roommate’s entrance, and despite the dim room I can appreciate all of the beauty this girl offers me in a greater light, the sun seeping through the window blinds.

I begin to move down her body, kissing her collarbone, holding her side, smooth skin perfect beneath my grasp. I venture to her heart, kiss the plate in her chest, thinking that I will have to be careful because I know that she is guarding my own heart with hers. Her breaths become deeper and I squeeze her waist, urging her body to tilt up to me, sliding my hand around her back and kissing down to her hipbone, artvin escort nibbling softly, her parted lips emitting a soft, high-pitched sigh. I look up to her face, radiantly glowing in the dark, and am suddenly annoyed at a bright red, 1997 Camaro parallel parked outside. From the third floor I can see no one is in it, and I realize that if there was, no one could see us anyway; yet the distraction is there, and I push it angrily from my mind and move my back toward the window.

She does not notice, and as I lean into her stomach, kissing her still, I fall in love with her soft sighs. I run one hand up her leg, to her inner thigh, massaging her. My tongue moves into her navel, nibbling it as I pull away and begin to kiss lower. My hand now moves up a bit more, and I begin rubbing soft circles into her labia, avoiding her more sensitive pink area. I can see her glistening with moisture and I want to taste it, but resolve to wait a minute more and instead begin kissing her shaved sex, sucking on her outer labia, kissing her inner thigh. I blow softly up her slit and she yelps as her body jumps slightly. “Shh,” I coo her, running my hand down her stomach and then settling it onto her side. “Shh,” I say again, but now I am saying it between her legs, and then I hear her moan sweetly as I push my lips onto her clit. She reaches escort artvin down and leaves her hand at the edge of her stomach, where her hairline would be if she wasn’t groomed.

I place one of my hands on hers, and she moves slightly to grasp it better. With my other hand, I lean closer and closer towards her entrance, moving my mouth back to sucking her lips, then gently place the very tips of two fingers inside of her, moving around in circles. Her hips begin to barely move with me, and I gradually begin to thrust into her, slowly at first, eventually immersing my fingers in her wet kitten. Her moaning is louder now, and she jumps when I place my lips at her clit and begin to nibble carefully.

My hand leaves hers and I place it onto her face, grazing it softly; through her hair, twining my fingers into it. Her hand follows mine and she holds my wrist. She moans my name softly.

I move my fingers around the walls inside of her, teasing her cruelly, before lightly rubbing against her g-spot. She moans loudly, and I am glad the dorm is empty because we have gotten strange looks after some of our more intimate affections have taken place. We can both be rather loud.

Her back arches strongly and I feel my fingers pulled into her tightly. She sits up and leans back on her hands, eventually balancing against artvin escort bayan the wall and petting my hair as I make love to her. She pulls my chin up off of her, begins kissing me passionately, desperately. I am sitting up now, our breasts are rubbing against each other’s; one of her arms is wrapped around me, and the other frantically moves from my face to my hair and back again. I can smell myself, and I realize how much I live just for the scent of us together like this.

She must be able to smell me too, and her moans into my mouth are only serving to turn me on even more. I feel her fingers at my slit, and then she is pinching my clit and my breathing has quickened. She slides a finger into me, and I throw my neck back, away from her kiss, and moan deeply.

We have always turned each other on this way, with our reactions and our sounds, and we are both panting heavily now, moaning and sighing intensely. We are getting more turned on with each second that passes, leading to a beautiful climax.

We come together, lips together, tongues dancing, moaning. I scream her name as I orgasm, and she holds me closer. Her arm is quivering around me, her whole body is shaking with the intensity of the moment.

I reach behind her, grab a pillow and set it up for her. Taking her head in my hand, I gently guide her back and lay her down, pulling the sheet up to cover her shivering body. I kiss her cheek, her other one; her forehead, her nose, her entire face, before gently placing my closed lips on hers. Her eyes are closed and her lips barely move, but she extends her arm and I lay with her, my head on her chest, until we both fall asleep.

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