Come Home to Me


I step out of the shower and reach for the towel. The water trickles down my legs so I bend to dry myself off. I step out of the towel and think about the text I sent him.

“I want you. When I get home from work, I’ll shower and wait naked by the door for you. You can do whatever you like to me.”

I love giving myself to him, being under his control. I smile and admire myself in the mirror, my perky, ample breasts. My full round ass and shapely hips. I jiggle myself a bit and smile. Will he rush home to me? Or will he make me wait – getting off on my obedience?

I hold the wooden banister and walk down the stairs. It’s quarter past, he’s normally back by half past. I saunter toward the front door and gentle fold my legs underneath me, so I’m kneeling. I bow my head and I wait.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sat there, I know the rules, when I say I’m waiting I wait. I gently flex my feet, my calves and shift my hips, making sure I’m ready when he arrives. I hear footsteps coming up the path and my heart starts to beat fast. I shift from side to side, ever so slightly, aware of the heat growing inside me and the key turns in the lock.

He steps into the house and closes the door behind him. I look up at him and lift my hands from my thighs. I undo his belt and slide it from around his waist. I rub my hand on his crotch for a moment, feeling him get hard under my massaging movements. I slip a finger behind the waist band of his trousers and flick the button undone, pulling the zip down. I move my hands to grip the top of his trousers and his boxers and pull down, past his cock, his ass, his thighs until they are on the floor. He steps out of them and slowly rubs himself. I lick my lips and feel the saliva pool in my mouth in anticipation. I take his bell end in my mouth, slowly rolling his fore skin back and forward, sucking güvenilir bahis firmly, making him nice and wet.

I take him a little deeper in my mouth, half way, lathering his cock so it’s wet and warm. My tongue plays around his shaft as I suck him off. One hand holds his hip and the other gently massages his balls. As I push my mouth down this time I slow down and take him deeper, making my way to the base of his cock until I can feel him at the back of my throat. I choke, his cock is thick and hard. I pull back and slowly lower my mouth over his cock until I reach the base. I keep doing this slowly, warming my throat up. I feel his hand stroke my head and weave his fingers into my hair. He puts gentle pressure into his hold, so I can’t come back more than half way. I gently bounce there deep throating drooling slightly.

With only a slight increase in the pressure of his hands as warning he thrusts deep into my throat. And again. He doesn’t do it slow like me he fucks my throat hard and deep three more times. I’m gagging slightly but I grab his ass with both hands willing him to keep fucking me. He rewards my eagerness with two deep hard thrusts and then pulls away.

I take a moment to catch my breath and wipe my mouth. I stand up and press my naked body against him, unbuttoning his shirt. As I do his hand wanders to my nipples and he pinches them, hard. I twitch at the sudden pain but keep going, taking his shirt off of him. I kiss his neck and take his cock in my hand, up and down. I kiss him roughly and whisper in his ear.

“Before you decide where you want to cum – perhaps you should try my pussy and ass?” I smile.

He purrs his appreciation and drags me to the sofa, he sits down and I sit on top of him, hovering above his cock. I arch my back so that my breasts are within sucking distance of his mouth. I lower türkçe bahis myself so that his bell end kisses my lips, I lower myself further and the tip of him enters me. He takes my nipple in his mouth and pinches the other. I lower myself a little further and bounce just on the tip. He bites my nipple hard and I sit on his cock fully, quickly so that he hits me deep and he feels my pussy tighten around him.

I wiggle comfortably so that his cock is fully inside me and my hips press on him. Then I bounce up and down slowly, quicker, just up and down. I slow down again and this time as I come up I push my ass out, riding his cock, grinding as I bounce up and down. He moans and slaps my ass hard, urging me on. I keep going, deep, smooth movements, getting faster. My breath quickens. I’m so wet he glides in and out of me and I grip him with my pussy. He places his hands on my hips and tilts his head back.

The sight of him enjoying himself spurs me on and I go harder. Thrusting down onto him, pushing back and grinding back down. He shuts his eyes. I slow down and without a word step off of him. I stand in front of him and smile cheekily before turning round, bending over, so that my back is at a right angle to my legs. I bring my hands behind me, grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart, welcoming him in.

He stands and I hear him spit, making my ass wet. He spits again. He places a hand between my legs and plays with my lips. I’m dripping wet, I can feel it all over my inner thighs. He uses my wetness to lube my ass. He stands behind me, places his hands either side of my hips and I feel the tip of his cock press against my ass hole.

He’s gentle, pushing his cock in slowly, I feel his bell end enter me completely and I let out a low moan. He keeps going, pushing deeper and deeper. Before he’s all the way in, he pulls out slowly. Fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri that feels good. Then he pushes back in again, slightly deeper than before, I know that he’s about half way in. He does this a few more times until I feel that extra tremor of pleasure over my body as he enters me completely. He pulls out about half way and then back in deep. Out and in, his thrusts get quicker and he’s fucking me more and more. I groan as I feel that unique pleasure as my ass grips him and I move my hands from ass and place one hand between my legs, rubbing my throbbing clit.

“Don’t you cum yet bitch” he says firmly. I keep stroking my clit but softer. I can feel him getting closer as his thrusts get more urgent. He stop suddenly, while he is still deep inside me and smacks my ass hard, I let out a yelp. He pulls out slightly and as he smacks my ass again pushes himself all the way inside me. He pulls his cock out of my ass and grabs my arm, pushing me onto the floor. He sits on top of me and I can see the hungry glint in his eyes. He pushes my legs apart and thrusts himself into me, he grabs my tits and uses them to steady himself as he fucks me. He’s so hard and big it almost hurts, but he keeps going. I wrap my legs around his and grind my hips in time with him. Feeling him fuck me deep.

He lets go of my tits and places his hands around my neck, firmly gripping me. Fucking me. Tightening his grip. He tells me to touch myself. I place my hand on my stomach and stroke down. Finding my clit, on that sweet spot. My body shakes as he pounds me and tightens his grip. I gasp and start rubbing my clit harder. I feel my orgasm build. He starts to get short of breath and his pace quickens – he’s close. As he cums his grip tightens still and I choke. I press hard on my clit rubbing vigorously pushing myself over the edge – I try to moan out but I don’t have enough breath. He lets go and I gasp and feel the oxygen flood my body as I climax. He keeps thrusting in me slowly, waiting for me to finish. Then collapses on top of me. His head on my chest, he playfully flicks my nipple.

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