Coming Back Home Pt. 05


On Saturday morning I woke up next to a naked pizza delivery girl. She still looked gorgeous. I cured my morning wood while watching at her boobs. It felt great. But she woke up. She saw what I was doing. She got really angry. She told me to stop: “Wake me up the next time I sleep next to you. It is my duty to cure your urges.”

A few seconds later my dick was down her throat. She took me balls deep. Some tears were running down her cheeks. She even gagged on my rock hard dick. But she kept on going. She even tried to swallow my balls too. Unfortunately she failed. So she squeezed them with her hands. Her doing felt nothing but awesome.

I was close to an orgasm pretty fast. She kept on going. My moaning was filling my bedroom. My body trembled. My balls emptied themselves down her throat. She tried to squeeze every last drop of cum out of my balls. She swallowed every last drop of my load. Then she whispered in my ear: “We are not done here.”

A few seconds later her lips wrapped themselves around my half limb dick. Her hands were playing with my balls again. It felt great. Horny came back. I got hard again. When she achieved her goal, getting me hard again, she took me by her hand and led me into the bathroom.

There she turned on the shower and placed her naked body beneath the warm stream of water. She signaled me to join her in. I went in the shower too. Then she bent over. Exposed her pussy and her asshole. While bending over she told me to fuck her up the ass.

I went hunting down some lube. Luckily I found Maltepe Escort some well known creme on the shelf next to the sink. I hurried back in the shower. I lubed up my dick. And I slid him up her ass. A loud moan escaped her throat. Her asshole swallowed my rock hard dick. It felt great.

In the beginning I fucked her slow and gentle. To make her get used to the feeling. Then I went in faster, harder and balls deep. Our moaning was filling the bathroom. More and more tension was building up. My dick was sliding in and out of her damn hot ass. I came closer to an orgasm with every thrust. She was playing with her clit to enhance her pleasure.

Just a few more thrusts. My dick was ready to explode. My balls were aching. I was in heaven. Her body began to tremble. She let out one last intense moan. My balls emptied themselves inside her ass. Her legs began to tremble. We came together. Two fireworks went off in two brains.

After I pulled out, the warm water quickly washed all the nasty things away. We hugged and kissed for some time. Enjoying ourselves. Washing each others bodies. After we were clean, we both left the shower.

We talked next to nothing through the whole morning. After we left the bathroom, she went to the living room to collect her clothes. Then she hugged me, gave me a kiss on my cheek. She thanked me for the awesome night and the even better morning, then she left. No exchanging of contact information, no setting up of a follow up date. By the looks of it, I had some casual sex with someone Ümraniye Escort from my small hometown for the fourth time this week. I felt like the luckiest man on Earth. But I slowly but steadily was getting suspicious too.

But on that day, I had no time to think. My sister texted me in the morning, she invited me to lunch in her place. I gladly accepted. It was a nice 30 minutes walk over to her place. My sister and her family were glad to see me. Lunch was great, my brother in law knows how to cook. Our conversation was nice too. And my nieces, they clearly wanted my attention. The showed me all of their toys, they wanted me to play with them. I asked my sister if it was okay when I stay at her place, to spent some time with my nieces. She said no worries.

So I spent the whole afternoon running through the house, through the backyard, playing hide and seek, building a pillow castle and having tea with my two nieces and their stuffed animals. I totally lost track of time. So my sister totally took me by surprise when she asked me, if want some dinner too. It would be ready in a few minutes. I gladly accepted her offer. Again, my brother in law prepared some excellent food. And once more, I was wondering: Why is the food in town that fucking delicious?

After dinner my sister brought my nieces to bed. I hugged them goodnight. It was the first time that I was alone in a room with my brother in law. We had some chit chat, then I asked him one question that somehow was burning on my soul: “Where are all the İstanbul Escort men?”

He shrugged his shoulders: “They mostly died in unfortunate accidents, or they just got sick and passed away. Sometimes I think that the town is cursed. But don’t ask too many questions, the guy that once owned the grocery store did that. And he didn’t grew old.”

After he finished his sentence my sister came back in the room. The kids were in bed, I stopped asking my brother in law anymore questions. We kept on talking about our parents. And how they clearly weren’t getting any younger.

When my sister left the room again, I thanked my brother in law for the information or better said the warning he gave me. He once more told me to be careful. Very careful. I promised him to not do anything stupid. A relieved smile appeared on his face.

When sis came back, we kept on talking for some time. But I got more and more tired with every minute. I told my sister and her husband about it. Smiles appeared on their faces: “Yes, hanging out with our two children is a very exhausting thing to do.”

Then sis guided me to the door. She hugged me goodbye: “See you tomorrow in church. Our priest already asked about you. You are coming too, don’t you?”

I hated, and I hate, going to church. But it was, and is, a very important thing to do in my small town. So I promised my sister to show up too. I even asked her when the service starts. She let out a deep sigh, then she told me the time. Luckily service didn’t began as early as I feared.

Then I hugged her once more before I put in my headphones to walk home. It was a very nice night walk. Back at home I went to the bathroom, then I went to sleep: Hanging out with your nieces for the better part of the day is a very demanding thing to do.

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