Coming Home

Female Ejaculation

The wipers slap back and forth in a fluster, trying to stem the tide crashing over us. I find I can relate to the contraptions of metal and rubber as your hand strokes the bulge of my jeans and you give me that wicked grin. I swell and ache in the confines of my jeans as you lick your lips and stroke me again.

“Come here, you.” I growl as I take your chin in my hand and pull you in for a hungry kiss. You press harder on my trapped groin and our kiss deepens. My hand travels into your hair, pulling you close and making you feel my desperation. The sound of crunching gravel makes me jerk away and quickly pull the truck back onto the road. I growl my frustration as I give the road its due attention.

“Keep your eyes on the road, baby.” You tease. I sneer, not appreciating your attitude. The click of your belt buckle and the whir of the belt ravelling back into place makes me shift with excitement. You reach over and pull my belt loose. Your fingers chase my zipper down, then squeeze my button free. Your delicate hand reaches into the prison of my jeans and my angry cock jerks at your first light touch. With exaggerated care you free my tortured member to the climbing heat of the truck. I lift my hips and help you pull my jeans lower.

“Thank you. Now, eyes on the road.” You chastise. I growl and you kiss my swollen tip. You shift down onto your knees and with one small hand wrapped around my girth you kiss my tip over and over, gradually slipping more and more of the crown between your warm lips. I squirm beneath you, craving more, flexing forward ever so slightly. You press your free hand down on my thigh and take those velvet lips away. “Stay.” Is all you say.

I force myself still and focus on the road. You smile to yourself before drawing your tongue up my length. Over and over you lick me like a throbbing, aching lollipop. My hands tighten on the wheel my frustration growing. Finally you take me in your mouth. I moan and you mimic me with a full mouth, sending vibrations rolling through me. You swirl your tongue around my tip and pull me in and out, in and out, over and over. The truck slows down to a crawl as I’m swept up in the pleasure.

“Eyes on the road, baby.” You remind me before taking me in again. My arousal continues to climb and all I can think about is getting you home. The truck speeds and slows over and over as I try to get us home while your cunning mouth committing sweet torture to me. With an ungraceful halt that drives my cock deep into your throat I slam the truck into park and let my hands fall. You hum around my cock and take me deep again, my hips involuntarily rise up to meet you. You choke and laugh as you pull away.

“Come on, you.” I growl as I swing my door open. I zip myself back up and come around to your door just as you’re stepping out. I pull you against me and kiss you with unbridled hunger. My heart hammers beneath your hand, lain against my chest. I take your hand in mine and pull you to the front door. I trap you against it and fumble with the lock while I continue to kiss you, run my free hand down your side and grind against you. With a much needed click, the bolt slides free and I push the two of us inside.

You laugh as I catch you from falling. I kiss and nuzzle your neck as I throw my hat to the floor and kick my boots off who knows where. I drop to my knee, gripping your hips and pulling you close, lifting your shirt to trail kisses along your soft belly. One hand reaches down to pull at your sexy little heels and toss them away. I stand and push you against the wall, pinning your hands above you, running one hand along your hip bone and kissing your lips, neck and anything else I can reach. You squirm and your breathing becomes as heavy as my own. You buck against me, freeing yourself, and push me up against the opposite wall, bedava bahis kissing me and grabbing on me like my little vixen.

I reach down clumsily, pulling off my socks and dropping them to the floor as you run your hands along my back. I stand back up and slide my hands up your hips, under your shirt, and keep lifting. Your hair tumbles down your back as it falls free of the shirt that I toss away. Your breasts look amazing in that lacy little pink bra. I leer at you and push you toward the stairs. You slip on the third step, and I lower you down, facing me, and crowd in.

You begin to flush as I bury my face in the soft hills of your bosom. My hands massaging hard along the curve of your back, pulling you up to me. With one knee on the stair between your legs I have you trapped as you arch your body against mine and my kisses continue to explore your sweet curves. You swing your free leg around my hips and roll us over. Leaning back on the stairs with you straddling me like a queen, I stare transfixed as you reach behind you and release the clasp of your bra. You drop it on the stairs and the weight of your breasts settle into their inviting position, begging me to hold them for you. I sit up and run my hands up your sleek naked back, massaging out from your spine, just beneath your shoulder blades. You moan gently and roll your head back, offering me the heaven of your curves. My cock flexes desperately under you as I take your first nipple in my mouth and suck.

You gasp and lean your cheek against the top of my head, your hands leaving my shoulders and tangling in my hair. Your breath quickens and you roll your hips, grinding against me, so close. I grip your ass hard, and lift you against me, my lips regretfully parting from your nipple, but only too happy to renew their fervor against your soft lips. I carry you up most of the stairs, your nipples rasping against my t-shirt, before slamming you against the wall. You gasp.

I grip your ass in your sexy little yoga pants, pulling you hard against me and grinding our sex together. You moan softly against my lips. Your hands slide down my back, grab the bottom of my shirt, and begin to trail your hands up my naked stomach. We reluctantly break apart as you pull the shirt over my head and drop it on the stairs below us. Your hands trace across my chest, and down my stomach. You grip my hips and pull us together, you look up at me with electricity in your eyes and take my nipple in your mouth.

I growl, reaching around to draw my hands hard and heavy along your back while crushing your hips between mine and the wall. Your hands press into the centre of my back and you moan again as you switch to my other nipple. You break away, biting your lower lip, and duck under my arm. You take my hand and lead me up the last few stairs and start down the hall.

I’m too impatient. I pull you back against me and back you up against the wall again. You don’t seem to mind overly much as our hands desperately search for more and more skin to touch and our lips find each other’s, only to wander off and find new places to taste, only to come back again. Our breathing is heavy, our blood is boiling. I begin kissing down your chest, taking each nipple into my hot mouth in turn. My kisses continue south, down your belly, to play with your naval. Along one hip bone, and then the other. And then I trail kisses just above your waistband. Your fingers curl in my hair with anticipation as I slowly pull those hot little pants down. I slowly drag them to your ankles, stealing kisses along the way. Your hands clutch at the wall behind you as I make you step out of the pants, and focus my attention on the cute little pink thong you chose to match the bra.

I lean in and kiss your hot mound through the skimpy fabric of the underwear. casino siteleri Your hands gratefully twine into my hair again as your little panties grow moist with my breath and your own dripping juices. My hands stroke your thighs and ass, opening you, trapping you between me and the wall. My lips travel every little inch of those panties, and my tongue traces the edges, tormenting the sensitive skin without giving you that which you crave most. You pull my hair and squirm in my strong grip until finally, with a drawn out whimper, “Please?”

I grab your thong in both hands and pull it to the ground, where you tremble as you step out of it. I groan with lust at the site of your swollen, smooth, glistening pussy. You gasp when my tongue first strikes your tormented little clit. Your knees sag, and the only thing that stops you from sliding to the floor is my grip on your thighs and the way your dripping pussy rests on my chin. I reach down, massaging your leg. I lift it up, opening you to me, and drape it over my shoulder. My one hand grips your ass cheek of your lifted leg, the other presses firmly into the small of your back, holding you tight in place as my tongue dives into your folds over and over. Your hands turn to fists in my hair and you buck and gasp as my tongue torments your sensitive clit, then thrusts into you, then begins the dance a new.

You shutter in my grasp, then I feel your leg slide off my shoulder and you plant your feet side by side, pulling my hair back till I look up at you. You pull my hair lightly until I stand in front of you, then you pull my lips to yours and taste your sex on my tongue. You kiss me deep and hard, slowly backing me up until my naked back hits the far wall of the hall. With reluctance, you pull your lips away, and begin to travel them down my neck, my chest, my torso. You continue to kiss down until you’re kneeling in front of me. You look up at me and bite your lip. I smile and lick my own in anticipation. You reach out and pull my belt around, pulling hard until the clasp can be released, then pulling the slack through and letting it hang from either hip. Your small hands deftly push my button free, and slowly slide the zipper down. My cock strains against the denim, begging for your attention. You open my jeans and kiss from the base of my cock, slowly down toward the swollen head. You pull my jeans to the floor and my length leaps up, thick, throbbing and leaking slightly.

I step out of my pants and you lick the salty precum from my tip, drawing your tongue in circles, and then along my length. You lay me against my belly and duck down, gently sucking on my balls. My hips roll and my shaft twitches violently in your hand. “Oh, come on.” I nearly whimper. You grin but keep tormenting my tightening scrotum. My hands clench and release over and over at my sides, desperately trying to not reach out for you. Once you feel you’ve tormented me enough, you switch your grip on my cock to hold it steady and then part your lips over my glistening head. With one fast, hard motion you drive me to the back of your throat and hold me there. I stand ridged against the wall, stunned by the overwhelming pleasure. Before I can regroup you grip my hips, pull back and slam me all the way back again. This time, you pull on my hips, trying to pull me even deeper. My head spins and I reach out for you, only to catch myself and clench my hands into tight fists as you do this over and over.

Suddenly you grip me hard in one hand and use it to stroke me hard, twisting as you go with your mouth wrapped around the rest of me, sucking hard. A shiver of ecstasy wracks my body and I slump against the wall. You show no signs of stopping as you continue to suck me hard and fast with that incredible grip. “Wow wow, are you trying to finish me here?” I pant. bahis siteleri I grab your chin and make you look at me. I smile at the little she-devil grinning up at me in your eyes. I reluctantly pull myself out of your mouth and bend down and kiss you deeply, slowly pulling you to your feet.

Our kiss is hot and heavy as I wrap you in my arms, trying to touch every inch of your amazing body at once. My cock continues to throb between us as I press you up against one wall and then the other, slowly making our way to the bedroom. I back you up against the door, grinding our bodies together. My cock leaks against us, your pussy is so wet your thighs glisten, our backs are already red and scratched. Fumbling while I kiss your neck and your hands tangle in my hair, I throw the door open and the two of us stumble inside. I pick you up and carry you to the bed, you pull in close and nibble my neck.

I lay you down on the covers and you quickly pull them back, before cupping my face and pulling me down on top of you. “I can’t wait any more.” You whisper against my lips. I reach down between us and grip myself in one hand guiding myself to your moist heaven. You’re so ready for me that I’m nearly pulled in. With one slow, deep roll of my hips I bury myself to the hilt inside you. We both groan and pull each other tight. I pull myself back with agonizing reluctance, then thrust deep inside you again. A few more times and I moan again, “This is where I belong.” I whisper in your ear. You moan your agreement as I begin thrusting again, faster.

I press my weight into you, needing to feel as much of you against as much of me as I can as I piston into you over and over. I wrap you in my arms, kissing your face, your hair, groaning my bliss into your ear, all the while your moans and whimpers sing through me while your fingernails record every detail in the flesh of my back. We clutch each other desperately, gasping our pleasure unbridled, a sheen of sweat begins to cover me, the sheets are soaked beneath you where your pussy has gushed its pleasure everywhere. The room grows hotter by the minute. I cup your cheek with one hand and make you kiss me as we gasp for breath.

My cock pounds into you relentlessly. Your nails scour my back. My weight crushes into you. The two of us can barely breath. Your hand cups my opposite cheek and you deepen the kiss. My head spins. You open your legs wide and roll your hips, taking every brutal inch of me deep inside. I lose control! You keep the kiss deep as I slam into you with savage need. The two of us gasp around each other’s tongues, your nails bite into me and your pussy soaks us and the bed as I force every inch of myself deep inside you, over and over, faster and harder.

With a particularly vicious thrust I slam myself as deep into your gorgeous body as I can and deepen the kiss, driving my tongue as deep as my cock inside you and you feel my hot load fill your sopping pussy. I pull you tight against me, crushing my lips to yours and grinding our sex together with blissfully painful force as my orgasm wracks my body and I empty myself inside your warm body, pulse after pulse, after heavy pulse.

My shaft continues to flex and twitch inside you even after my orgasm abates, and you clench around me possessively. Our kiss turns gentle, and loving, but my arms won’t let you go for a second, and my pelvis still crushes against you, keeping me deep inside the woman I love, and keeping our sex trapped where it belongs.

“That was amazing. You’re amazing.” I whisper against your cheek. You hug me tight. “That was amazing.” My cock begins to slowly become more docile inside you. I relive just a bit of the pressure trapping us together. You moan contently and kiss me. Our kiss is slow, soft and loving. The calm after the storm.

You touch my face and deepen the kiss. My cock jerks inside you. You wrap your legs around me and squeeze me tight, taking the kiss deeper again. My cock swells and my hips roll in response, stroking some of those lovely places inside you. You moan into my mouth and grip my back, “Again?”

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