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I think I’m a typical guy. I found myself feeling lost in my 50s adrift in a sexless marriage. I was still attracted to my wife and we still had sex a few times per year, but I my thoughts wandered. I refused to get myself trapped in an affair with another woman. I started having thoughts about having sex with another married man on the “down low.” I was watching more she-male and crossdresser porn and my curiosity kept building. I secretly signed up on a few gay hook up sites and chatted with a few guys, but when it came right down to it, I’d always chicken out. Eventually I gave up and deleted all the accounts and tried to put it out of my mind. Once or twice a year I went to conferences for my company. I would build up scenarios in my mind of a hotel hook up. That always ended the same way. Alone in my hotel room I’d watch some porn on my phone and jerk off.

I was at another one of these conferences that was a two-day event with a one-night stay in a run-of-the-mill hotel about two hours away from my house. The hotel stay was mandated by the company because in addition to the key note speakers and breakout sessions, they scheduled a motivational speaker as part of the evening schedule.

When the evening meeting broke up, I followed the crowd through the hallways into the small bar. As more members of the group spilled into the room, they started form groups at the tables and a group six teamed up around the pool table. I hopped into a seat at the bar and and scanned the bank of TVs as I waited for the bartender to come over. I saw one of the sports talking heads talking about the football game that was about to start. I forgot it was Thursday night and that there was a game. The sound wasn’t turned up but I could tell the sportscaster was trying to hype up the quarterback competition.

The bartender stepped over and took my order with silent indifference. I settled in to watch the game and made quick work of the beer. I knew trying to ease the social awkwardness with alcohol was a bad idea. As I started on my second beer, the noise behind me kept rising and the pool game was getting hotly contested and raucous.

“Any score yet?” the guy named Ray asked as he hopped up on the stool to my left and raising his hand, index finger extended to call the bartender over.

“No, both offenses three and outs so far,” I said. I knew his name was Ray because we were in the same afternoon breakout group and he made a few comments that I thought were pretty smart and on point.

“You’re Jeff, right? he said. He stuck out his hand offering a handshake. ” I told him my name was Ray and shook his hand. “Yes, Ray, right. I remember from the group this afternoon,” he said. As he reached out to take his beer I noticed his watch and mentally completed the trifecta. When I guy has an expensive haircut, an expensive watch and expensive shoes, I figure he’s the real deal, actually making more money than most. These company trainings try to homogenize everyone with the standard uniform of business casual- jeans, a button down shirt and a fleece vest, but this this guy Ray stood out. He was at least five years younger than me maybe more. Just under six feet tall he had an athletic build and his movements were fluid and easy.

We spent the rest of the first quarter of the game watching together and making small talk about work trying to make connections with different people we knew. Eventually, he steered the conversation to how much he hates these company retreats and being cooped up in a hotel with people from work for two days. As we talked, the group behind us got louder and we watched the one poor waitress scrambling from the service bar trying to keep up with their over consumption. This also meant that the one bartender spent most of his time down the end of the bar dealing with her orders and Ray was getting frustrated trying to order another beer.

“This sucks,” he blurted out. He slipped down the the stool and flipped a twenty dollar bill on the bar. He started to say goodnight and walk away but then he leaned in closer to be heard over the din of the crowd. “Listen, I figured that this would be the usual shit-show here tonight. I set up a bucket of beers on ice in my room to relax and enjoy the game. You’re more than welcome to swing by my room and watch the game up there. You know, actually hear the game without all of this.” he waived his hand at the group by the pool table just as one of them knocked a beer off a table with the butt of the pool cue. “Anyway, up to you. I’m in 327. Drop by after you finish your beer.”

I watched him go. He almost seemed to glide out to the main lobby and over to the elevators. I spent about 10 minutes Ataşehir Escort finishing the beer and mulling his invitation over in my head. As I pushed the stool back and pushed my empty glass forward I completely convinced myself that I was just going to go up to my own room and go to bed. Facing the panel of round numbered buttons in the elevator, I reached for number four but then I hit three by mistake. I started to jab my finger at the four button, but then stopped myself. My stomach felt nervous as the elevator doors opened on three and I started following the pattern of room numbers. The voice in my head convincing me that it would be fine to watch the game a have a few beers with a new friend. As I reached up to knock, I almost turned and walked away. I exhaled and then I heard myself knocking on this door before I realized I was doing it.

After a brief pause, Ray opened the door while staying mostly hidden behind it. I caught a glimpse of his bare legs, feet and arms. “Jeff, I’m so glad you decided to come up. I hate watching the game alone. That’s kind of sad isn’t it?.” He waved me into the room which was similar to mine. The bathroom to the left as you first enter, then a closet. Then the room opens up with a bed, a desk and chair one one side and a small sofa, chair, and coffee table off to the other side. I saw he had the game on and the TV was swiveled on it’s base to face the sofa area. As I walked deeper into the room I could see he was wrapped in a towel and there was a cloud of steam roiling along the ceiling by the bathroom door. “Come on in. I was just catching a quick shower. Go have a seat and help yourself to a beer I’ll be right out.” With that he slipped inside the bathroom and closed the door. My stomach really started to do figure eights as I settled into the sofa and grabbed one of the long-neck beers from the ice bucket. I caught myself chugging it and forced myself to slow down. I reoriented to the game and actually got caught up in it as the home team strung together three spectacular plays in a row to score a touchdown.

Ray, still with the towel wrapped around his waist, rushed in just in time to watch the replay of the touchdown. “Wow, that’s crazy,” he said. He continued walking across the space to the ice bucket still facing the TV crossing in front of me. He grabbed a beer, opened it and dropped the cap back into the bucket, taking a long pull from the bottle. He turned away from the TV and toward me as he crossed back over to chair. “Looks like it’s going to be a close game. Glad I didn’t miss too much.” he paused as he took another long drink from the bottle, raising it high and leaning back a little as he gulped it down. With his next step the towel let loose and fell to his feet. He had to stop in his tracks to keep from tripping over it. He was standing right in front of me and his cock was at my eye level. I froze. he was right there. Directly in front of me was his cock, circumcised with a perfect helmet shaped head.I knew I should look away and I forced myself to tilt my head, but I still kept his cock in view. It looked amazing. He didn’t have an erection, but he wasn’t completely flaccid either. The unsettled feeling in my stomach returned with a vengeance.

“Oh shit, man, I am so sorry!” he said. He snatched the towel up off the floors and re-wrapped deftly and plunked down into the chair. “Really, my bad,” he said.

“No problem,” I said, “Don’t worry about it.” I waved my hand signally it was nothing. He protested and apologized again and I blurted out, “Seriously, no problem. I don’t mind.” Those last three words were out of my mouth and hung in the air in a long awkward silence.

Then Ray suddenly reacted a vicious tackle in the game. “Oh damn, that guy got lit up,” he said. I added a comment about that play and the the awkwardness dissolved into watching the game. I felt my breathing return to normal. After a few minutes Ray cleared his throat and said, “So, you don’t mind, really?”

“Not a big deal at all,” I said. I took another sip of beer and pretended to find something interesting on the label. “I mean, the reason why I ask is,” his voice trailed off. “I think one of the perks of going to these retreats and having a hotel room to myself is I can walk around naked if I want to. I can’t ever really do that at home you know. So when I stay in a hotel on business, I usually watch TV and stuff naked.”

I laughed and shrugged. “Makes sense I guess. You really can’t walk around the house naked. I leaned forward a bit trying to appear nonchalant and more interested in the game.

“You really don’t mind?” he asked.

“Nah, it’s cool. After all it’s your room and Anadolu Yakası Escort I wouldn’t want to ruin your hotel…perk.” My mind raced. I really didn’t know where this was heading. I did know that I wanted to see his cock again and I was already thinking about ways to look at it without staring.

“Cool.” He put his beer down on the table and stood up, turning to face the chair. He unwrapped the towel and folded it into a neat square. From this angle I couldn’t see his cock but I noticed how muscular his legs were and that he had a nice round, smooth hairless ass. I shifted my glance back to the TV quickly. He placed the towel on the seat of the chair and sat down.

I have no idea how much time went by as we sat there drinking and watching the game in casual conversation. I kept stealing glances over at him when I could. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then I realized he was getting an erection. With each sideways glance, I saw the angle of his rod point up more and more into a full hard on. His cock was perfect. a full 7″ but not too thick. Well manscaped with clean shaven balls.

“I need another beer,” he said. He stood up and side stepped in front of me grabbing another beer from the bucket. His cock waged as he moved. He didn’t linger in front of me but we were both aware of his cock being in front of my face again. He sat back down in his chair and said, “I’m glad you don’t mind. I do enjoy being able to just be naked sometimes.”

“I do have a question, though.” I couldn’t take it any more. I felt suddenly emboldened. “When you enjoy naked time in a hotel room, do you always have a hard-on, or is that because you have an audience.” I smiled and laughed trying to make a joke of it after hearing how my words sounded.

After a long pause he smiled and said, “Well, I almost always get a hard-on at some point, I guess. But you’re not wrong. Noticing you looking over at my cock did make me hard. Because of the audience. Final answer.” He laughed too just like I did. He reached down and gave his cock a quick down stroke and let it spring up. “Does it bother you that I’m hard?”

“Nah, it’s cool.” I said keeping my eyes glued to the game. I finished my beer, tipping my head back to drain the dregs of the long-neck. When I leaned forward to place the bottle on the table, Ray was standing directly in front of me again, his hard cock right there at eye level. I stared at his cock for a minute and then looked up at him.

“Let me ask you, you ever mess around with another guy…or think about it?” he asked

“No.” I answered too quickly. “Well, I think the totally honest answer would be what guy hasn’t wondered about it in some way sometime,” I said. He just kept looking down at me and I felt the silence building up so I started talking blurting things out without taking a breath. “When I was like a young pre-teen, there was a group of guys hanging out at one guy’s house and a game of truth or dare got out of hand. It morphed into a I’ll show you mine if you show me yours kind of thing and the next thing I knew we all had our pants down looking at each other’s butts and cocks. And then I got the next dare which was to hold another guy’s dick in my hand.”

“And did you?” he asked, “Take his dick in your hand?” I nodded yes. “And then what?” I explained how just at that moment his mom came home and we all scrambled to pull our pants up and ran outside to play in the yard. I told him we never spoke of it or did anything else ever again. “But you’ve thought about that, haven’t you. The thought of holding a dick in your hand keeps coming back doesn’t it?” He took one step closer to me as he spoke. I paused and silently nodded again. “It’s ok, I don’t mind,” he said using my own words. “I don’t mind at all. You can touch my cock.” He took another step closer his cock almost in my face.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft. At first I just held it like that, looking at his rock hard cock in my hand. Then I started to stroke it pulling my circled fingers up toward the head and then pushing back down to the base. He shuffled his feet both getting closer and widening his stance.

I stared straight ahead and worked his cock, feeling the heft of it in my hand. I heard his voice above me. “yesss, that’s it,” he said, “you can suck it if you want. Take it in your mouth.” I slid forward to the edge of my seat getting even closer. I closed my eyes. Controlling his cock by holding it at the base, I rubbed the smooth cock head on my face. I rubbed it on my cheek and against the side of my nose, breathing him in. I rubbed it down over my chin to my throat and then back up over Kartal Escort my jaw line. I pursed my lips and dragged the head back and forth over them getting my first taste.

I pulled his cock upward and licked up and down the underside of his cock thoroughly wetting it. I worked my mouth all the way down the shaft to where it met his balls. I kissed and licked the underside of his shaft right there feeling his sac brushing against my chin. The scent and taste of his manhood was intoxicating. I worked my parted lips up and down his cock more vigorously, slurping loudly and soaking it with my spit. I started stroking it again my hand sliding on his spit-slick shaft. I paused to gather my nerve and then took him in my mouth. The sensation of having cock in my mouth was everything I thought it would be and more. I quickly found a motion that worked and took more of him into my mouth over and over feeling his tip press at the back of my mouth to my throat.

“Hold on,” he said gently pushing me off his cock. He grabbed the towel off the chair walked over to the bed. He draped the towel over the foot of the bed. He leaned back against the edge of the bed half sitting on it with his feet still flat on the floor. “Take off your clothes and get naked with me.” I stood up and stripped. I stepped over the pile of my clothes and walked over to the bed with my own hard cock wagging. Ray watched me strip and kept checking me out as I approached the bed. I wondered if he was disappointed that my cock was smaller than his. He put his hands on my shoulders and pressed down. “I think you’ll find it easier and more enjoyable if you suck my cock on your knees.”

I sank down, grabbed his shaft and instantly started to suck his cock with total abandon. I tried to do everything I could remember from the blow job pornos I’d watched. I faulted a few time and I knew I got too much teeth on him once or twice. I finally settled into a smooth motion with my mouth and hands working together. I loved the sensation of his cock in my mouth and pushing into my throat. I heard him release a few throaty moans and felt him started to pump his hips. There was an increase in the salty taste and I knew he must be getting close and leaking pre cum. I took a tighter grip around the base of his cock to prevent it from pushing too deep in my mouth. I didn’t want his cum to shoot right down my throat when he came. I wanted to experience feeling his cum in my mouth and savor it.

Ray made some grunting and hissing sounds but before he could warn me that he was about to cum, I redoubled my cock sucking. Instantly spurt after spurt of hot thick cum exploded in my mouth. I pumped his shaft with my hand letting my mouth fill up with his load. The taste so much better then I imagined. I swallowed and swirled my tongue all around his cock head in my mouth. I finished him off and licked his cock making sure to collect every drop of cum. My head was swimming with the sensations.

“That was great,” he said pulling me up. “Let me get you off. It’s only fair.” He turned me around to face the bed and started stroking my cock. I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to shoot my load into the towel he put down. As he jerked me off he stepped around until he was behind me. I felt his spit-soaked slackening cock start to rub against my ass. My knees were shaking so I reached down and put both hands on the bed bracing myself as he continued to stroke my cock rubbing my own pre-cum all over it as he stroked it.

When I leaned on the bed his cock slipped between my cheeks and rubbed between them. As my orgasm started to rise I found myself pushing back against his slick cock loving the feel of his cock on my ass and rubbing down over my puckered star. My cum spewed out in long ropes all over the towel. He kept stroking me and shook my cock to ensure my balls were completely drained.

I was still leaning on the bed trying to catch my breath when I heard the bottles clicking together as he walked back toward me. He handed me a beer and turned back to the TV. “The game is a blow out,” he said pointing his beer at the screen. I didn’t want to drink the beer because I wanted to keep savoring the taste of his cock and cum lingering in my mouth. I wondered how long I’d be able to taste his cock on my lips. Eventually I took long drinks from the cold refreshing beer. We talked nonchalantly about the game as we finished the beers.

I put the empty bottle down and got dressed. He checked his watch as he walked me toward the door. “Almost time for the good night call from the wife,” he said. I nodded and mumbled something about the meetings in the morning. I stepped out into the hall and heard his cell phone chirp as he clicked the door shut behind me. I replayed the whole encounter over in my mind as the elevator lurched up to my floor. I replayed it in my head over and over as I tried to get to sleep. I knew now that I had finally given a blow job I would have to do it again.

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