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Subject: Confessions of a Sinner (10) Disclaimer – this story is fiction, with some elements of non-fiction. Written by a Latino author with an neverending flow of sleazy fantasies. You can contact me by email and I have Wickr. Into voice-notes too! I believe that exploring our nasty fantasies makes us better humans. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and consenting youth under 18 years old. If that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. If not, please enjoy! Get your poppers ready, read this chapter and goon! Author retains all rights to the story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by Nifty to which it has been posted only, without the consent of the author. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ___________________________________________ –pervy incest story about a nasty black dad with his 14yo black son, and lewd Priest who invites them into his depraved world– Adult males: Priest John Male youth: Tyrone (curious negro boy, 11) Topics: piss, heavy blasphemy, Satanic worship, rimming, felching, breeding, Jesus dildo, cursing. ============================================================ Confessions of a Sinner (10) –pervy story about a nasty dad with his lewd friends– -Tyrone- Priest John was freaky horny again. Because of the new friends he made in the last few days, he felt assured that he could convert more guys to worship his true master, Lucifer. It was morning and he woke up from an erotic dream. In that dream his lips were glued to a young boyhole and was unable to detach. He had to swallow everything that flowed from the young boyhole. His massive niggercock was occasionally licked by a young twin brother, who swallowed his loads of precum and piss. It was a strange dream, but his massive 9″ monstercock was rockhard when he opened his eyes. He looked into the beautiful eyes of a young boy, ten, eleven. He thought he was still dreaming — a dream within a dream. But he was not dreaming, was he? The boy got closer and grabbed his massive cuntwrecker with his hand. He jerked his forskin back and that hurt a bit — was this real? “Hey, young fella, what’s your name, how old are you and what the hell are you doing here? You are welcome here, boy!”, the lewd priest said. “Hello, I am Tyrone and I am eleven years old. I had to pee and though that the church must have toilets. I pissed and heared loud moaning and then I found you. Is the door always open? Is that not dangerous?”, the black boy asked. “Hello Tyrone. No, it’s not dangerous to leave the doors open as no person would dare to steal anything. The doors are always open. My master will protect this church and me. Did you piss good?”, the priest asked. “Yes, thank you. I also found this Bible and I wanted to read it, but the şişli travesti pages are all glued together. Why is that?”, Tyrone asked and held that Bible in his hands. “Well…..uhm…..ehhh….you really really wanna know, boy? It’s pretty adult stuff!”, “Tell me!”, the boy begged. “Uhmm, well, I use it to catch my cum when I am masturbating my hard cock. I love filling the Bible with my own loveseed. Am I too freaky?”, priest John confessed. Tyrone loved it all and said ‘no’ and confessed he sniffed his dad’s and brothers’ dirty underwear, older and younger. “Come lay next to me on the bed, Tyrone. Want to have some fun with my massive cock? Do you wanna be a good cocksucker?”, the priest asked in an authoritarian tone. Tyronne nodded. He climbed on the bed. In the beginning, most of what the priest did was having Tyrone nurse on his erect nipples, while the priest stroked his ass — a massive jelly black ass. After he’d nurse for a little bit, he’d pull him off his nipple, and put his mouth on the tip of John’s oozing monstercock. Since his niggercock was already drooling with white demon precum, Tyrone thought it was similar as milk from his mother when he was a newborn, and continued sucking/nursing on the hard nipples. He also swallowed a massive load of piss and swallowed it all. At eleven years old, he had those big puffy nigger lips that are perfect for cock sucking, and John locked those nigger lips around his cockhead and let him SUCK!! Not only feeling his little nigger mouth and lips nursing on his demon cock, but also the sight of a young black nigger boy sucking his phat demon cock drove priest John into a twisted, pervy, demonic, taboo sex frenzy!! It was SO fucking intense that he had to be careful not to shoot niggercum too quickly, as he wanted to fill his greedy nigger boymouth with huge demonic loads of niggercum later on. Priest John was on his back and Tyrone got into position 69. The eleven year young sucked his adult negrocock and played with his balls, while the evil priest sucked his nigger boycock. In that position, John started also licking and tonguing his smooth tight little nigger boy pussy. Tyrone craved the feeling of his twisted demon tongue working on his boy hole, and when priest John was working on it, he could feel Tyrone start sucking faster and harder on his niggercock! John started finger-fucking his nigger boy pussy. By this time, Tyrone could get the entire dickhead and half of the shaft of the priest’s phat sinner cock in his mouth, and when he finger massaged inside his boybutt, Tyrone rolled his eyes sucked desparately on the cock! Priest John obtained the phat Jesus dildo once again and showed Tyrone the massive dildo. “What the fuck is that, priest John?!”, Tyrone asked, expectantly. “This is a Jesus dildo and I am going beylikdüzü travesti to push it inside your smooth butthole. You up for it, boy?”, the sinner priest asked. “Yes, please push it in my hungry boypussy. Wreck my boyhole with that Jesus dildo, master!”, Tyrone exclaimed. Over the next few minutes, the priest kept opening up his nigger boy pussy more and more with that massive Jesus-dildo, until the boy took it balls deep inside his eleven year young butthole. Thick loads of anal juice creamed the Jesus-dildo and the devilish priest felt the boy was loose enough to get fucked. Lord Lucifer commanded to take his virgin nigger boy pussy with his phat veiny demonic niggercock. After tongue-fucking his preteen boyhole, plowing it deep with the Jesus-dildo and lubing it up, the priest positioned Tyrone on his cock, while facing him. Tyrone started to lower himself, his loose nigger incest boyhole attracted to the tip of the lewd phat throbbing drooling priest cock. When John felt the loose butthole touch the tip of his cock, a jolt of electricity raced through him and almost made him cum right then! But fortunately, priest John was able to hold back, and gradually, his nigger boy pussy relaxed more and opened up, and he was able to push the throbbing head of the veiny niggercock inside that young velvet nigger boyhole pussy. This time, the priest wasn’t able to hold back, and when the head of his cock POPPED inside, and he felt his ass muscles clamp down on his cock head, HE ALMOST EXPLODED! But again, the lewd unholy priest was able to hold back, barely. He plowed deep inside this eleven year young loose butthole and they kissed like an incestuous dad and son. Once the boy had all nine inches of niggerock inside his boyguts, he could feel the throbbing veins touching the walls of his sensitive boywomb. The priest continued to plow and fuck and stretch his virgin niggerhole, until he screamed: “My asshole and cock is yours, my Supreme God Satan, please let me fill this young ass pussy with my demonic cock and flood him in your unholy seed. He needs to feel your powerful, demonic, mutant cocks inside him or I’ll never be whole, and I’ll never know happiness. Impregnate my soul with your godly cum, flood my whole body in your sticky demonic cream! Please Lord Satan! Defile my body! I want to make this boy preggo and give birth to your demon babies! Smother my soul in your beautiful darkness! I want to give in to you completely, use my niggercock to breed your dark offspring! Turn me into your demon nigger faggot who lives only to serve your command, so you can use my cock and impregnate boyholes with your evil seed! Let me drink Tyrone his eleven year young cum, let me be nourished by his supreme virgin fertile seed! Hail Satan! Hail Satan Forevermore! He needs to be impregnated istanbul travesti Lord Satan, PLEASE!!! I can feel the pulse of darkness exploding in my balls, my Almighty Supreme God Satan. My niggercock is ready to breed for you Satan, unload my demonic cum inside his sloppy hole, so that I might be devourered by ectasy and ultimate evil. I give in completely Lord Satan, I give you my body and sould and everything forever and ever! Let me breed him now!” Priest John didn’t know how much demon niggercum he shot into his eleven year old hole, but he just kept cumming and cumming! When he finally finished pumping demon cum deep inside the boywomb, he just held his phat cock inside him for several minutes. It was SO fucking hot and freaky, his cock continued to throb. At this point, the priest started to push deeper into his beautiful nigger boy pussy, and was able to get enough leftover seed inside him to be able to start in-and-out fuck motions, while still being inside his hole. His niggercum was making his cock shaft super slick, so he was able to fuck fairly easily deeper inside. This time, priest John was able to last about 5 minutes, before he blasted off another big load of demon cum in that tight nigger boy hole. When he finished pumping this 2nd time, he pulled his demon niggercock out of Tyrone’s used hole. Again, in 69 so that Tyrone could clean the cum off of his cuntwrecker, while the Roman Catholic priest could tongue his cum out of Tyrone’s dripping ass. While they were 69ing, cum from Tyrone’s black incest cock landed on John’s face and in his mouth, while he was plugging the Jesus-dildo deep inside his sloppy butthole. Looking at that white unholy young niggercum on that black skin it looked so twisted and pervy AND beautiful. Tyrone could not get enough of his niggerseed, so he started sucking his sensitive cock again. This time, the still warm Jesus-dildo was plugged inside John’s unholy faggot niggercunt and priest John blasted his seed for a third time deep inside Tyrone’s mouth and could only imagine how much it was for Tyrone to swallow. Tyrone loved feeling cum in his mouth and started swallowing, but there would be too much demon cum for him to swallow it all. Priest John joined him and licked his own cum dribbling out of Tyrone’s mouth and collected more down the pulsing shaft of John’s phat throbbing niggercock! After his demon balls were drained of demon seed, the lewd priest lift Tyrone up to his mouth and lick his own demoncum off his face and chin where it had dribbled out. The priest really loved sucking Tyrone his already phat niggercock and smooth ball sac, so he took it all inside his mouth. The little nigger boy loved that, and would coo and giggle while the lewd priest worshiped his cock and balls. Tyrone came for a second time and the Lucifer loving lewd priest swallowed it all. They showered together and Tyrone ordered Priest John to plug his massive niggercock inside his hole with water and then unplug it to clean it. The lewd priest lifted the young boy up and continued fucking in the shower…..

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