Confessions of an anal addict 2


Confessions of an anal addict 2Ever since my first anal encounter with the man I met online, my anal addiction has steadily grown to full blown obsession. I no longer simply crave for cock in my ass, I need it. I cant function unless I get my ass fucked on a regular basis. Luckily the man I first met is as keen about fucking my ass as I am about reieving his hard cock up my back passage. I now carry with me my anal kit at all times. It consists of an anal douche, lube, and a buttplug. So whenever my man gives me a call I can be ready to get my ass filled as soon as possible, whether thats on his lunch break or any time of day. However, I still want more. I want more cocks and more hot cum filling up my ass. I want two cocks in my ass with one in my mouth and I want them all to cum at once. I want a long line of cocks to fill my ass up with cum, one after another. If I could I would have cock in my ass 24/7. I decided to do something about it and went looking on various forums for suitable cocks to fill me up in my proposed anal gangbang. I had each suitor post pics of their erect cocks. I want only the best. I picked the three most spectular cocks I found and arranged a date at a nearby hotel for my monster anal fucking session. As with my previous suitor I made one firm rule and that was my cock was not to be touched. I only want to get fucked in my ass and to suck cock. Finally the time came and we all met at the hotel and mde our way to the bedroom. I was prepared. I had douched and my ass felt completly empty and I had shaved the area to expose my little brown star in all its glory. I wore a buttplug to the hotel to loosen up my ass. It had been a week since I was last fucked so I was gagging for cock. queenbet yeni giriş We all immediatly undressed and the three men sat in a row on the side of the bed. I dropped and got on all fours and went to each one in turn sampling each of their juicy cocks with my mouth. I sucked each one for about a minute each when one of them got up and positioned himself at my rear. Gently removing the buttplug my ass started to gape. I winked my little brown star as he looked at it while I was still sucking off the others. As usual my cock was as hard as a rock but I tried to ignore it. I want to focus completely on ass as the sensations it produces. With me on all fours and a cock in my mouth he squated down and readied his cock at my backdoor and slowly pushed forward. As my asshole opened up and swallowed his throbbing penis he surged forward driving all eight or so inches deep in to my sphincter. There is only one other feeling better than getting your ass filled with cock and thats getting gtting your ass filled with cock while you have a cock in your mouth. I found it hard to suck while i was getting pumped in the behind because it felt so good. Eventually I zoned out and concentrated on sucking, trying to force cock down mt throat. Eventually after a few minutes he pulled out and the next guy jumped on and slid his meaty cock up my ass. He must have got worked up watching me getting buttfucked because he starting banging my ass really hard and fast, which I loved. I found it hard to hold the other guys cock in my mouth because my whole body kept getting thrusted forward, I was getting pounded that hard. After A few minutes I looked up at the guy I was sucking off and said, ‘Its your queenbet giriş turn, this cock has been in my mouth long enugh, it needs to be in my ass’. He quickly leapt up and ran to the rear. His cock was not the biggest but it was the longest and I couidnt wait fot it to reach deep down in my colon. He slid it deeper and deeper until his balls hit off my perineum. I then reached around to pull my cheeks apart so he could push it in a little deeper. One of the other guys sat in front of me and so I throat fucked his cock while my back passage was getting reamed. They each took turns like this for about 10 minutes with me taking it in both ends. We then changed positions with all three of moving on to the bed. One of them lay on the bed and I got on top, cowgirl position. I squated on his cock and he started fucking my ass hard while the other two looked on. I then sat down on him and we fucked slowly for a little while. Then I turned to the other two and said, ‘I want another cock in my ass’. One them went behind me and the other stood up on the bed so I started sucking him off. I could feel the other cock at my back door. As I sat still he slowly pushed his cock in. I could feel my asshole expand even more. Eventually it was in and they both started pumping. I felt a rush all over my body. This was amazing. While my ass was being grinded by two cocks while I shoved another throbbing penis as far as I could down my throat. Every few minutes each guy would switch position but a no point did I not have two cocks up my ass. After a while I could feel my ass relax after being stretched. At one point both men pulled out and I could feel my ass gape. It must’ve been a big gape because two of queenbet güvenilirmi them stood behind me admiring it whilst spitting in to it. I could feel their warm saliva roll all the way in to my gaping hole. All three took turns sticking the cocks in and out of my gaping asshole before we got back some serious double anal pounding. I looked down at the guy I was on top and he looked like he struggling not to cum so I decided to get up off him. I then told all three tht it was time to deposit their loads deep in my ass. I then put my knees up on the chair and bent over the side. All three formed a line. The first guy was ready to explode. As soon as he put his cock I could feel it swell. He couldnt hold it and within seconds released his load. The second guy pumped furiously pushing the first guys cum deeper inside,all the while I shouted at him to, ‘ejaculate that dick in my ass, fuck my rear end and fill me up, I want your fucking cum in my fucking asshole’. After a few minutes of hard pounding his cock began to swell and I could feel a surge of hot semen flow deep in to my ass. Yummy. With my ass lubed with two loads the third guy slid his long cock in real easy and slammed my ass as hard as he could for about one minute until he poured his hot cum in to my ass. He pulled out and I could feel bits of cum dribble out of my ass, it was so full. I grabbed a glass and squatted down and let all ths hot juicy semen pour out in to the glass. These three guys must not have had sex in a long time because the glass was nearly full which hot, rich, white creamy cum. I admired it for a second then downed every last drop, rolling it in my mouth before swallowing. For a while I was satisfied. I had two cocks in my ass at once and I had it filled with three creamy loads and it was amazing. My ass can do things i didnt think it was able for. As time went by, however, my obsession got the better of me and I realized that three cocks is not enough. My ass needs more cock and more cum.

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