Consorting with Romance Ch. 05


This is a novella length romance story. There will be plenty of sex, but it may not appear in every chapter.

(Warning: contains elements of prostitution and violence)

Copyright 2019


Jesse grinned broadly at me while he dumped the sheets into the hamper. As he passed the shower on his way out, he leaned in and slapped my wet ass playfully. While we had done a good job of keeping things professional at the office since we returned from our time at his family’s farm, once in a while, little intimacies like that would slip out. I loved it. His family had taken the news of our engagement joyously; fully accepting me into their family, and excitedly offering suggestions for the big day as we celebrated the Holiday together. When we returned to our lives in the city the next day, everything was the same as it had been previously, yet somehow, everything had changed. Jesse would be graduating in a few months, and we found ourselves savoring the fact we got to spend so much time together before he moved onto an internship and I had to find a new assistant. We both knew we’d have to start the search soon, but for the most part, we avoided the topic; delaying his departure as long as possible.

He leaned against the glass wall, making a show of looking me over, clearly enjoying himself.

“Your new guy is the biggest dude I’ve ever seen.” He said humorously.

I just chuckled and flipped wet hair in his direction, splashing him. “You’ve seen you right?”

He rolled his eyes. “How am I supposed to know what his dick looks like while he’s in a waiting room? I mean the rest of him. He has to be 6’7′ and 300 lbs. How do you even work with someone like that? He’s going to crush you.”

I laughed. “He’s not going to crush me. I’m sure he can handle himself just fine.”

Jesse jokingly shrugged. “If you say so. But, if you get crushed, can’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

“Duly noted.” I laughed again as he turned and made his way to get the room ready for my appointment with a man who was apparently a giant.

When I entered the waiting room a few moments later, I was shocked to realize he hadn’t been joking. The man was truly huge.

I offered my hand as he stood. “Jake?”

He simply nodded shook my hand nervously.

I let my smile soften further and motioned to the open bedroom door. “Shall we?”

He smiled awkwardly once more and started toward the bedroom. When we entered, I gestured to the pair of wingbacks and small table that held water and tea as I shut the doors behind us. He took the seat closest to the doors, and I settled in opposite him.

“So,” I smiled courteously, “Do you use consorts often?”

He finally spoke. “This is my first time actually.”

I nodded. “Well, I like to think you’re in good hands. You were referred by Mike Jensen correct?”

He simply nodded.

“I’ve known Mike for years, and we have a very good professional relationship. How do you know each other?” Mike was a long-time client, but as I only took new clients by referral, I always liked to know a bit more about how they came to me.

“We’ve worked together for about four years now. Been friends for two or three.” He was soft spoken, and succinct.

“Great.” I said pleasantly, trying to put him at ease. Many people were nervous their first time with a professional. “Is there something in particular that brings you here today?”

“Not really I guess.” He shook his head. “I have a hard time meeting people that want what I want I suppose.”

“And what is it that you want?” I questioned.

“I’d like to ride you. I want to bottom, but I want to be on top.” He hesitated a bit. “If that makes sense.”

I just smiled gently, it was unusual for someone to seem so nervous and yet be forthright about their desires, but it was refreshing. “We can absolutely do that.” Some part of me laughed internally at what Jesse would think of that arrangement. I might actually end up crushed.

I stood and slipped out of the black robe, giving him plenty of time to look me over. I could see him hardening though his pants. Good. This should go well. I offered him a hand, but instead of taking it he leaned down to get something out of his small bag. That was common. Many people brought their own drinks or lingerie; sometimes even toys. When he stood however, he was holding a pair of solid metal handcuffs. They were certainly not the fuzzy toy kind.

I furrowed my brow and spoke firmly. “I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding. I don’t do bondage. It’s clearly stated in the contract you signed, and my assistant always makes sure to mention it on the phone during scheduling as well. If you’d like, I know a couple of good consorts that do work with those needs and I’d be happy to give you their information.”

He looked a bit surprised, but instantly set the cuffs down on the chair he had vacated. “I’m sorry. It’s not something I need, I just thought maybe…” He trailed off a bit. “But I’m completely good without it. Mike said you’re really great at what you do.”

I nodded and offered my hand once more. He made his way to me and I leaned up to brush my lips over his gently. He moaned and his body shuddered. He was incredibly responsive. I slipped my fingers under the hem of his shirt, only parting our kiss to pull it over his head. His huge chest was clean shaven and Sakarya Escort well defined. Our lips played softly as I undid his pants. He was losing some of his nervousness, and his need quickly became apparent. As I slid his pants and briefs to the ground, I wrapped my fingers around his swollen member. He wasn’t very long, but he was incredibly thick and large veins ran his length under silken skin. He moaned and trembled at my touch. Hesitantly, his fingertips reached out to lightly brush along my length and he pulled back from my kiss to watch as he stroked me.

“Can I?” He asked, as he took my wrist to move my hand away and replace it with his own, wrapping both of our hard, leaking cocks in his massive fingers.

“Whatever you’d like.”

He groaned and tightened his grasp, crushing our cocks together and stroking them hard and fast. His head fell back, and I felt his knees weaken a bit as he lost himself in the sensation. I let my fingers trail along his hips and ribs as he stroked us. Only when he finally slowed did I lean in and brush my lips along his collarbone before stepping back toward the bed. He released his hold and followed me as I made my way onto my back. His eyes were glassy, and his body trembled with need as he crawled up to kneel over my hips. I slid a condom on and covered myself with lube quickly. He clearly wanted to be in control, but I didn’t know when he’d last done this, and I didn’t want to hurt him.

He seemed to have little interest in kissing or touching, which happened quite often with new clients; they had needs they wanted met but weren’t necessarily ready for that type of affection with a stranger. He moved fast, lost in his desire as he reached between us to hold me up, settling my swollen head against his twitching hole. He remained upright on his knees, placed his hands on my chest, and began slowly sinking down. I settled my hands on his thighs, letting my fingers dig gently into his skin. I didn’t want to distract him from the sensation he was so clearly enjoying, but I wanted him to know I was here, and I was engaging with him. His eyes closed and his head fell back as he slowly lowered himself onto my ridged shaft. His eyes never opened, and when his ass finally met my hips he groaned deeply and began to rock. He kept me buried inside him as he writhed, punctuating his movements with loud moans each time my head pressed against his prostate. I rocked with him, matching his movements, keeping my fingers tight on his thighs. He rode me for a long time, paying little attention to anything other than his slowly building pleasure. We had to be nearing the end of his hour by the time he started moving faster and more erratically. I thrust up harder to meet his movements and he cried out. He was nearly there.

Without warning, one of his hands slid from my chest and closed tightly around the base of my neck.

I clutched at it. “No. This is not something you can do here.” I said, almost in a panic.

He didn’t listen, I’m not sure he even heard. His other hand came up to join it and they both tightened their grasp.

I grabbed frantically at his hands, trying to pull them away, struggling to roll him off of me; to get out from under him, but he was heavy, and solid muscle. Even at 225lbs of muscle myself, I was unable to dislodge him. I gasped for breath and tried to scream at the same time, knowing it was useless in the soundproof room. His hips rocked harder as the pressure around my throat increased. With one final effort I pressed my feet into the bed and launched myself toward the headboard, reaching for the emergency button on the side of the bed. My fingertips brushed it lightly, but I didn’t feel it depress as darkness closed in.

A sharp pounding resonated through my skull. I forced my eyes open anyway. Jesse’s face swam into view. He looked relieved, and terrified. What had happened? Fuck. That fucking giant had tried to kill me. I sat up quickly as my adrenaline surged once more. Jesse’s hand rest in the center of my chest and he held me down gently.

“Shh…it’s ok love. You’re ok.” Though his voice was calm, his eyes were anything but.

I looked around, taking stock of where I was. I was on the couch in the waiting room, naked, save a blanket wrapped around my hips. I was startled to see my long-time client Casey standing not far being Jess. Right; his appointment had been after the giant’s. As our eyes caught, he appeared just as concerned as Jesse.

“Where is he?” I asked, startled at the sound of my own voice. It was harsh and gravelly, and it hurt when I spoke. I brought my fingertips up to my throat. Tender. He’d done some damage. I was furious.

“It’s ok.” Jesse spoke gently. “We’ve got the fucker tied up with his own cuffs and locked in the bedroom.”

I jumped. Startled by a knock at the front door. Jesse increased his hand’s pressure on my chest and Casey moved toward the front door.

“It’s ok.” Jesse spoke gently, “It’s just the authorities.”

I shifted to a seated position, pulling the blanket tighter around my hips as I heard Casey leading them over to the seating area we occupied. Two officials came to stand facing me, and Jesse moved to sit at my side on the couch with his hand resting on my knee. They looked concerned, and compassionate.

“What happened here?” The elder of the two, a serious Adapazarı Escort looking woman, asked kindly. Her gaze and question directed at me.

I shook my head a bit trying to remember as I started, “He was a new client. Everything was going well, and as we neared the end, he just started…” My hand moved to my throat automatically. “He’s huge. I couldn’t get him off me. I guess I was able to reach the panic button before I passed out.” I said half questioningly as I turned to look at Jesse.

He nodded and started talking. “I was at the desk when it went off and,”

She interrupted him. “And you are?”

Jesse and I spoke at the same time.

“My partner.”

“I’m his assistant.”

She looked at each of us once more.

I caught Jesse’s gaze and smiled lovingly. “He’s both. We just don’t usually reveal our relationship at work.”

We turned back to her and she simply nodded.

Jesse continued. “When I got the doors open, Ash was just laying there. That huge…thing…had his hands around his neck.” His voice was hard and quiet. “I thought he…” He trailed off and cleared his throat before continuing. “He panicked when he saw me, jumped off Ash, and charged toward me. I wasn’t even thinking and took a swing when he got close enough. It just pissed him off, but Casey was right behind me. He swung a lamp over his head, and he went down. His handcuffs were on the chair. They must be his, we don’t have anything like that here. Once he went down, I checked on Ash, by the time I looked back, Casey had the cuffs on him, and had used the bathrobe belt to tie him to a chair. Ash was still breathing, so we got him cleaned up a bit, brought him out here, locked that fucker in the bedroom, and called you.”

I’d watched him closely as he spoke. While he tried to convey his story professionally, the amount of emotion on his face was startling.

The older official turned to Casey. “And your role here sir?”

“I’m a client.” Casey spoke. “I’ve been working with Ash for eight years now. We’ve a very good professional relationship, and,” He glanced at me as he continued. “I consider him a friend.”

I was touched. I nodded softly and smiled as our gaze met.

He turned back to the official and continued. “Clearly something was wrong when Jesse jumped up and ran to the doors, so I followed. I was a few steps behind and the guy was already rushing at Jesse when I got to the door. Ash was on the bed; not moving. I just grabbed the closest thing and swung it at him without thinking. He went down, thank god. I don’t know that the two of us could have taken him otherwise. Jesse went to check Ash, and I cuffed him and tied him up before I joined them.”

She nodded shortly. “That should really be everything we need for now. We’ll get him out of here for you. Assault on a consort isn’t taken lightly. We may need additional statements from all of you at some point when he’s sentenced. Do you need us to get a physician here?”

I shook my head. “No, thank you. Jesse is a medical student and I feel fine.”

She looked doubtful. “You’re sure?”

I nodded once more. “Yes, I’m fine thank you.”

“Then we’ll get him out of here and be in touch.”

We all simply nodded, still in shock.

Both officials made their way to the bedroom. As they brought him out, Jesse stood. I couldn’t look at him, so I watched as Casey and Jesse glared while he was led out. Casey followed and I heard him shut and lock the door behind them.

As they left, Jesse shifted to kneel on the floor in front of me, taking my hands in his. We’d gotten into the habit of him wearing both of our rings while we worked, and as tears fell silently down his cheeks, he reverently took mine from his finger and slid it back onto my hand. He brought it up to his trembling lips and kissed it tenderly. From the corner of my eye, I saw Casey behind him watching the exchange before he moved off in the direction of the kitchen.

I took his hands in mine and smiled gently down at him. “I’m ok sweetheart. We’re ok.” My voice still sounded strange.

He dropped his forehead to rest on our hands. I slid one away to trace it along his neck and shoulder.

“I thought I lost you.” His voice was shaky; heavy with pain and fear.

“Shhh. I know you did. But I’m here. I’m just fine.”

His body shuddered as tears continued to fall. I glanced up as Casey made his way back in, holding a tray with a pot of tea and two mugs. His eyes wore only concern as his gaze held mine across Jesse’s back. Casey poured tea and held a mug out in our direction with a raised questioning eyebrow.

I urged gently. “Come on Hun. Casey made tea. Why don’t you have some? It’ll help I think.”

Jesse nodded against my lap and pulled himself together enough to turn and take the mug from Casey with a quiet, mumbled thank you before settling back on the floor with his back against my legs.

Casey smiled gently as I took the other mug from him with one hand and let my fingertips play across Jesse’s shoulder with the other.

“So, the two of you huh?” He asked curiously, trying to lighten the mood just a bit.

I couldn’t have stopped the wide smile that crossed my face in response if I’d have wanted to.

“Seems pretty serious.” He indicated our rings with a nod. “How long?”

I simply Serdivan Escort continued to grin. “Just over a year now.”

He chuckled a bit and nodded. “That makes sense.”

I raised an eyebrow in question.

He looked like he was trying not to offend as he started speaking. “You’ve been,” He contemplated his words carefully, “Different this past year.”

My brow furrowed.

“Not bad different.” He quickly continued. “For years you’ve been,” He hesitated, trying to come up with the phasing he wanted. “Sexual, and confident, and everything your clients need you to be. Recently you’ve been, calmer, I suppose. It’s as if you’re content instead of overly confident; like you simply know who you are and what you offer and that’s enough.” He continued, “As a friend?” The term was clearly a question. I smiled and nodded before he continued. “It’s been nice to see. I just wasn’t sure why the change.”

Even though he said it wasn’t a bad thing, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about the fact I had apparently changed when I was with my clients. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about anything in that moment. All I could manage was a weak half-smile. “Well, I’m glad it wasn’t a bad change.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond, and we sat in silence for a few moments.

Eventually Casey spoke. “I don’t have a ride until Kim gets here to pick me up from my appointment, but if you want, I can wait in the café.”

“Don’t be absurd. You’re more than welcome here. In fact, go get a cup and join us.” Jesse responded before I could get a word out.

Casey looked slightly more at ease and nodded briefly before following the suggestion. As he left the room, Jess leaned his head over onto my lap and I let my fingers play in his hair. We sat together, the three of us, quietly drinking tea, trying to process what had happened that afternoon until Kim arrived. When she joined us, we explained what happened. She expressed her concern and support, hugged each of us, and Jesse walked them out, locking the door behind them.

Our eyes caught as Jesse came back to me. He looked tired. Tired and scared. I smiled gently as I stood, letting the blanket around my hips fall to the floor. I pulled him tightly into my arms, crushing him in my embrace. He returned the gesture; his arms holding me so tightly I could barely breath. I didn’t care. We stood there, each thankful for the other, for a long moment.

“Shower with me before we go home?” I whispered into the bend of his neck.

I heard him sniff quietly before he answered. “Of course.”

Fingers tightly intertwined, we made our way to the bathroom. The bedroom was a mess. The sheets had torn in the altercation, and the broken lamp Casey had used lay on the floor.

“Later.” I said and lead the way to the bathroom when Jesse paused to look around.

I turned on the water and stepped in as Jesse stripped. I wanted all traces of the giant off me. I had already scrubbed myself down once before Jesse stepped in. I repeated the process a second time. As I rinsed off, he joined me under the almost too hot water, his fingers tracing along my collarbone, eyes deeply furrowed in anger at the bruises already darkening on my neck. I’d caught a glimpse of them in the mirror as we entered the room. Eventually he backed away and gestured to the marble seat on one side of the shower. I sat without hesitation and leaned my head back against his belly as he stepped behind me to work mint scented shampoo through my pale tresses. He had taken to doing this for me occasionally and it was always an intense and intimate experience. I closed my eyes and found nothing else in the world existed. I made no attempt to hold myself up as he stepped backward, knowing he’d support my weight as I rinsed the suds away. He moved in close once more and worked a cream through my hair, untangling the mess it had become during the struggle. Finally, clean, we dried off and dressed quietly. Neither had much to say. We made our way to the train station and home with our fingers tightly interlaced the entire journey.

We had barely stepped through the door before I took his jaw in my hand and crushed his mouth to mine. Deep. Deeper. I thrust my tongue in to the warmth to dance with his. I needed him. I needed to be his. Without a word I pulled away and led him to the bedroom, stripped us both, and fell onto my back, pulling his strong, warm body over mine. There were no words; none were needed. His mouth possessed mine, grateful I was still here. His body did everything it could do to show me how much he needed me. I stroked his silken shaft briefly as my knees tightened around his hips and I guided him to my entrance. His lips left mine and glowing, golden orbs hovered so close they were all I could see as he pressed forward. He inched his way into me gently as our gaze held. I fought my head as it tried to fall back amidst the ecstasy I always felt as his body became a part of mine. My arms wrapped tightly around his back, fingers digging into his shoulders, clutching him to me as if he might disappear. As his hips settled against mine, our lips met once more in a kiss that was as loving and intense as any I’d known. We moved together rhythmically. When his hips pulled back, mine would follow as the waves follow the pull of the moon. He was everything. We writhed together, bodies slick with sweat. Taking pleasure in every inch of connected skin; in the scent and warmth and strength of the other. By the time my body found release, I was long lost to reality. The sudden explosion of heat deep inside as he joined me was all it took for the last remnants of the world to fall away.

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