Corporate Affairs Ch. 01


Her name was Diane White. In a company and field where the glass ceiling had rarely been broken she was the highest ranking female executive. Her title was Director of Sales and Marketing. She changed my life forever.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.

My name is Samuel Hendricks Allen and everyone calls me Sam. Well, my mother calls me Samuel and sometimes even Samuel Hendricks Allen, when I’m in trouble. Even now she will shake her head and say, “Samuel Hendricks Allen, what am I to do with you?”

My story starts in the second semester of my senior year in college. Barring catastrophe, in a few short months I would graduate with a degree in Business with a Minor in Marketing and a Concentration in Business Psychology. All well and good as things go but since I was graduating from a small Liberal Arts college in the Northeast many potential employers considered my degree only marginally better than an English or History degree. This fact was attested to by the multitude of rejection letters I had stuck to the wall of my dorm room. Maybe the fact that I wasn’t Dean’s List during my tenure had something to do with those rejections. I had decent GPA around 3.0, but in my major my grades were good enough I would have been Cum Laude, a fact I tried to emphasize whenever possible.

That a company of the size and reputation of Amalgamated Manufacturing, LLC would even come to our campus to conduct interviews was unfathomable. Typically they hired MBAs from Dartmouth, Chicago and MIT. Apparently, AM was looking for a new approach and so someone had the bright idea of recruiting from smaller schools. AM was so highly thought of as an employer that out of my class of 685 students, 312 applied for an interview. 300 were shot down. For no reason known to me I was one of the twelve. From that dozen, three were flown to Atlanta, the corporate headquarters, for a day of interviews.

If Amalgamated was ‘interested’ you were invited to dinner with some first year employees and a few executives. I didn’t see the other two from my school among the eight invited to dinner that night. Three days later I found a letter in my campus mailbox offering me a job, contingent upon my graduation. I accepted.

Following graduation I basically fucked around for the summer. I hit the beach, went to bars, picked up girls and generally relaxed. At the end of August I flew to Omaha to move into an apartment the company had arranged for me. The Tuesday after Labor Day I began the one year training program. There were 32 of us in the class. They told us flat out that only 20 would remain with the company at the end of a year. Of the group it was pretty well split between MBAs (17) and Bachelor’s Degrees (15). The class was diverse and about 50/50 men and women.

A month into the program I was questioning whether I wanted to be the first drop out from the group. Boring, tedious, dull do not begin to describe the experience. Seven hours a day in a classroom with dull instructors covering mundane and even arcane subjects like filling out HR forms, proper telephone conduct and dress code. I mean, the safety instructions before an airplane takes off are more exciting. Plus Omaha wasn’t exactly New York or LA. I mean a very nice town, people exceptionally pleasant but not exactly excitement central.

The only thing that was making it the least bit bearable was that there were a lot of no strings attached or friends with benefits liaisons happening among the group. I had already slept with four of the women and had repeat performances with three of them. They were bored out of their skulls as well. In the fifth week of the program a storm whipped into that boring classroom and fired a lightening bolt through the room.

That storm was Diane White. She was our guest speaker for the day and would be having lunch with the class. There was a palpable rise in the energy level of the room the moment she walked in. She was not announced beforehand, she wasn’t on the schedule or the syllabus but most everyone of us knew who she was the moment she walked, no, she strode, in that morning.

My guess is that she was about 5′ 5″, but in the platform spike heels she wore her legs looked about four feet long. Her legs weren’t the first thing you noticed. She had a figure like a bikini model. Her tailored suit, a jacket and a pencil skirt, fit her like a glove without being cheap or lewd. Those long stems rose to a perfect set of hips, flared enough to be feminine but in no way wide. Her thighs and ass could only be described as sculpted. They were firm and the muscles flexed noticeably with each step. The button of her suit jacket left no doubt her stomach was flat and allowed her breasts to swell above nicely. Not massive, her chest was noticeable without being distracting. Her auburn hair fell in long waves to between her shoulder blades. It was thick, shiny and soft. She appeared to wear very little makeup, perhaps some eyeshadow and light lipstick. Her brown eyes were sharp, serious and alive reflecting the intelligence in her head and the energy throughout. illegal bahis

“I can take it from here, Henry,” were her first words, delivered with a smile as one of the course leaders was stepping forward, about to introduce her. He sat down. Turning to the class she introduced herself.

“My name is Diane White and I am the Director of Marketing and Sales for Amalgamated Manufacturing. Today I’m going to spend some time telling you a little about our company, about what we do and about how you might fit into the future of this enterprise.” Everyone was sitting straight up and alert in their seats. For the next two hours, with out notes or aids of any kind she held us captivated. At lunch people almost physically hurt one another to get a seat at her table. I didn’t even try. I let the toadies scamper in her wake on the way to the lunchroom, taking my time leaving the classroom. By the time I had grabbed my food the near melee to sit with her was over and I easily found an open seat at one of the other tables.

“Hey Jennifer, you want to take a study break for some stress relief (the euphemism for hooking up) tonight?” I asked leaning over to the petite brunette to my left. We had already had two very enjoyable ‘study breaks’ together.

“I’d like that. Haven’t had any good stress relief since our last study break.”

We made our plans for the night, ate, and then headed back to the classroom. Diane was leaving after lunch and so she stood at the door of the lunchroom and shook hands with each one of us as we filtered out.

Extending my hand I introduced myself, “Sam Allen. A pleasure to meet you Ms. White.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Samuel,” she replied, looking me in the eye and clasping my hand in both of hers. Perhaps because of her power or perhaps because she was even more attractive up close I felt a tingle in my loins as she lay her left hand over our joined right hands. She looked me straight in the eye but I caught a flicker of a downward glance allowing her to take in the whole of me. Her long nails, perfectly manicured with a light red polish, drew across the back of my hand as we separated and I moved on.

I didn’t see her again for three months. That night, after an initial frenzied coupling, as Jennifer and I were relaxing before a longer, more gentle second helping we talked.

“What did you think of Diane White?” she asked her tone and inflection indicating just how impressive she thought Ms. White was.

“Quite the force of nature, wouldn’t you say? Plus, pardon my cave man thinking, hot as hell,” I laughed.

“Definitely hot. I’d fuck her and I’m not even into women.” She laughed as she said it.

“Well, I am into women, lucky for both of us.” I pulled her face to mine and kissed her

with need as my hand found her breast and toyed with her nipple.


In January the class flew to Atlanta for a week. The plan was for us to meet in small groups with the division heads and learn about their part of the company. Each day four groups of six and one group of five, we were down to 29 people, spent the day in one division. Thursday my group had Marketing and Sales.

First thing that morning Ms. White met us in a conference room and spoke to us. She introduced us to her headquarters team, four women and one man, all under thirty and each very attractive. (I later learned that Ms. White’s cadre of female staffers were referred to as “Whities’ Tighties”. They were considered some of the most primo pussy at headquarters and rumor was over the years several had slept with key executives and members of the Board of Directors.)

Diane addressed each one of us by our first names, though we wore no name tags and she had no paper in front of her. Very impressive. She lead us through a fast paced and exciting discussion for about 45 minutes and then said her good byes, leaving us in the hands of her subordinates for the rest of the day. It was a whirlwind day as Diane’s energy seemed to permeate her department. She affected us as well as both Jennifer and another woman in our little group asked me about a study break for that night.

I hooked up with Alex that night, only because she asked me first. Alex was a tall, lean woman with long dark hair, deep, dark eyes and the smoothest skin I’ve ever felt. She had her MBA from the Tuck school at Dartmouth and was four years older than me but that didn’t matter to either of us. What did matter was she loved sex and study breaks with her could last all night. During the day she seemed like a prude between the way she dressed and her general demeanor. At night she was close to insatiable but always seemed to find a way to revive a limp dick for one more go. The greatest thing about Alex was she took it in the ass and requested being fucked in her bunghole at least once every time we got together.

In March we were back in Atlanta for a week. We had a ‘class project’ that involved all 25 (four more had dropped out or been asked to leave) of us working as a team by interacting with all of the departments illegal bahis siteleri throughout the company. Many in the group must have been intimidated by Diane White because no one was jumping up to take the responsibility of working with Marketing and Sales. (It turns out that of the seven people who had departed the group, five had been at the table with Diane at that lunch back in the fifth week.)

I volunteered to handle it and Alex said she’d join me. We worked with the five people we met back in January for the entire week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights I had sex with with a different one of Whities’ Tighties each night. Frankly, both Jennifer and Alex were better but each one of the women was pretty damn good. Alex had sex with the one guy all three nights.

Fortunately, for me way back in high school, shortly after I lost my virginity in a less than two minute event with Mary Ellen Scanlon in the backseat of a car, I encountered a woman who taught me how to really please a woman orally. Two things came from that tutelage. First, I genuinely loved to eat pussy. I loved going down on a woman, tasting her, feeling her, teasing her, building her up, making her need and then bringing her over the top to sweet release. Second, women tended to enjoy their time with me because I spent the time between their thighs to make them feel good.

On Friday morning I received a call from an Ellen in the Corporate Travel office. Ellen told me that my flight to Omaha had been rescheduled to Saturday from Friday night and that my room was reserved for one more night in the hotel. She was matter of fact and had no more information other than the basic details before she hung up. I was curious as to whether anyone else in the group had their travel changed but I kept my mouth shut. Better to wait and see what it meant than to start yapping about it.

Just after lunch one of the Tighties (the one from Wednesday night) said that I was to meet Ms. White in her office at 4:30 that afternoon. “Don’t be late,” she advised.

This meeting could be either a really good thing or a really bad thing. Whatever it was I had no power to alter it between now and 4:30 so I just worked on finishing my contribution to the project. At 4:15 I headed up to the 31st floor and made my way to her office. It was good that I was early as her Personal Assistant was in the process of shutting down her work station and getting ready to leave as I arrived.

The company had a longstanding practice of ending the workweek at 4:30 on Friday.

At 4:29 the door to Ms. White’s office opened and she stepped out. “Mmm, early, good. Follow me,” she instructed as she turned and walked back into her office. She held the door for me and then closed it behind us.

“Have a seat,” she said indicating the two chairs facing her desk as she walked behind it and sat in her chair.

“Do you have any idea why I’ve asked you here?”

“Honestly, Ms. White, no, I don’t,” I answered calmly.

She steepled her index fingers and placed her beautiful long nails against her lower lip. She appraised me for a good minute before she spoke. “Hmm, direct answer but didn’t volunteer or guess at anything. Didn’t ask why you’re here and didn’t start babbling to fill the silence. Good start.”

I just nodded my head slightly as a thank you.

“You may or may not know I’ve axed four of the members of your class. Two others were cut by two other senior executives and one left of their own accord. After this week six more will be gone.” Her voice and her face were impassive as she disseminated this information. She wasn’t gloating or threatening, just informing. If this was a prelude to telling me I was one of the six it seemed a funny way to go about it. I doubted that she would get her hands dirty with telling trainees they were being let go.

A smile worked at the corners of her mouth. “Hmmm, not nervous, are you.” It was a statement, not a question.

I kept my mouth shut.

“Interesting, still not tipping your hand. This little experiment with selecting people who only have a Bachelor’s Degree was my idea. This place is getting too homogenized and we need fresh thinking to get us through the next few decades. The old ways aren’t going to cut it anymore. So far I think my idea is working. Of the 19 people left on Monday there will be eight MBAs and eleven non-MBAs.”

“Alex will be with the group on Monday. She has performed well and my staff think highly of her. My staff has a very interesting set of opinions on you, young Samuel. All three women you slept with this week had no objections when I asked them to do so.” Her smile was a little bigger this time. I tried not to give anything away though I did cock an eyebrow at the news that I was an assignment.

Placing her elbows on the desk she leaned forward. As much as I wanted to take a quick check of her chest I kept my eyes locked on hers. “Do you think I’m attractive, Mr. Allen?”


“Care to expound on your monosyllabic response?” she asked, the smile disappearing canlı bahis siteleri and her eyebrows knitting just a bit this time.

“Well, Ms. White, I said yes for several reasons. I like the way you carry yourself. Extreme confidence without being rude or haughty. Obviously, very intelligent and capable, no one makes it to the level you’re at and stays there for long without those two traits, man or woman. And, speaking frankly, you’ve made your accomplishments without sacrificing your femininity.” I drew a breath while continuing to meet her stare.

“Well played, Mr. Allen. Nothing overtly sexual or over the line but just enough to let me know what you really think. Alright, this time, off the record. No jeopardy to your future, whether here or somewhere else. This time answer the question. Do you find me attractive?” Her face and demeanor had not changed. She was professional and one could say, detached. She could have been asking me if I liked the Braves or the Falcons in an office that had the team’s logo all over it.

“Off the record, absolutely Ms. White. I find you an extremely attractive woman.” This time I let my eyes take a look at her chest. Her blouse was buttoned normally, no heaving cleavage exposed but her breasts did sit just above the desktop and they looked lovely. More than a handful and nicely shaped within the bra she was no doubt wearing.

“Stand up Mr. Allen and come around the desk. Stand there.” She had rotated her chair 90 degrees and pointed right in front of her. Her legs were crossed, one shiny, navy blue stiletto planted firmly on the chair mat, the other sticking out toward where I now stood. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs enough to reveal just the hint of a lacy stocking top on each thigh. She had unbuttoned her jacket and her flat stomach and curved chest were revealed by the clinging silk (most likely) blouse.

“The three women you bedded this week each had very nice things to say about you, about both your performance inside the office as well as outside. Had it been only the latter that received praise you would not be here.” She licked her lips quickly and I noticed just how sexy they looked. Full without being too big or puffed, just the right shade of light pink lipstick. I could imagine kissing them for a good while.

She stood and moved to within inches of me. She unbuttoned my suit jacket and reached up to slip it from my shoulders. I let it fall behind me. Her hands roamed over my shoulders and upper arms.

“Play sports?” she inquired.

“Soccer and hockey in high school. Just intramurals in college.”

“Still workout though?”

“Three to four times a week. Nothing too crazy.”

She grasped the tip of my tie between two fingers and then slid the fingers of her other hand up the tie. She played with the buttons of my collar, traced a fingernail along the line of my jaw. I could smell her hair. I couldn’t place the fragrance, a fruit or a flower, but it was light and worked very well on her. She was a few inches shorter than me so her lips were below my chin. I could feel her breath on my neck as she looked up and spoke to me.

“I don’t add someone to my staff every year. My last hire was Beth, three years ago.” (Beth was the only one I hadn’t slept with.) “I am thorough in vetting those I do add. I only hire people that interest me, people I feel have something to offer me,” she explained.

My cock was straining against my boxers. Her breasts were less than an inch from my chest. If she moved forward that inch we’d make contact at three distinct points. I wanted badly to reached out and hold her hips, to draw her to me, to feel her lips on mine.

“I took note of you that day I visited Omaha months ago, Samuel. I liked how you carried yourself.”

My swell of pride directly increased the swelling between my thighs. I wanted just to kiss her and feel her body against mine so desperately now. Her fingers danced lightly over my chest, down my center, over my abs, out to my ribs and back up to my chest. She used the nails on her pinky fingers to teasingly scratch over my nipples sending pleasure waves through me and eliciting a restrained grunt from deep inside. She smiled with the knowledge that she had me in her spell. She stepped back and sat down in her chair.

“Well, let’s see what we’re working with,” she directed, flicking an index finger down.

I figured there was a slim chance this was a test so I decided to go for it. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and lowered the zipper. I then hooked my thumbs in the waistbands of my boxers and pants and pushed them both to my knees. I stood straight and let gravity take them to my ankles. My cock, freed from its fabric confines rose to stick out between the two tails on the front of my button down shirt.

Diane leaned forward in her chair and began to run her fingertips and nails up and down the length of my dick. The contrast between the soft pads of her fingers and the hard edge of her nails was extra stimulating and I fought the urge to moan from the sensations. Every few seconds she would let all the nails of one hand glide from the base to the tip with the nails closing together as they slid over the head. In addition to the regular throbbing, my penis would jump each time she did this maneuver.

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