Costco Experience Ch. 03


I was out in my shop, not really able to concentrate on one particular project and was starting on one thing then going to another. My mind was filled with the day I had just spent with CeCe. My cock twitched as I thought of our last orgasm together on her couch. Remembering the feeling as my sperm gushed deep into CeCe’s pussy. Wait, sperm! Pussy? Shit, I had never asked CeCe about birth control and whether or not she was on the pill. We hadn’t used any protection as I hadn’t worried about it since my wife went through menopause over 20 years ago. Just then I received a text from CeCe.

Opening my phone I read her message. ‘Michael’, it read, ‘I really loved our breakfast and I really savored the feeling of you cumming in my mouth. That was so erotic and tasty {heh heh}. I’m looking forward our next meeting and I can only hope you feel the same way.’

Making sure my wife was still in the house, I called CeCe.

“Hello Michael, I was hoping you’d call. I was thinking of sending you another video of me. Would you like that? I just watched the video I sent you for the first time and realized how sexy it was to watch myself cumming. Did you like that video?”

“CeCe, yes, I would love another video of your beautiful body orgasming. I was afraid that my wife might find the first one and deleted all the pictures you sent me including that video. I wish I had sent them to my computer. CeCe, I have a serious question, are you on birth control?”

“Now’s a fine time to worry about that Michael, after you have pumped several big loads of cum deep in my pussy. Isn’t it?”

“CeCe, you still didn’t answer my question and I was wondering if I should bring condoms to our next meeting?”

“That’s sweet of you to worry but there’s no need for concern. My son’s father told me that I was not pretty or cute enough to have a baby with and he said that we’d probably have one ugly kid. I was so devastated by him telling that to me, that I asked the woman obstetrician that delivered my baby to tie my tubes when he was born. I told her I never wanted another child. Michael, being with you has made me regret that decision and honestly, I wouldn’t mind having your child. I’ve been thinking about having the procedure reversed. How would you feel about it? Would you consider being my baby’s father?

I almost dropped the phone. I couldn’t talk. My mind was racing. Was CeCe serious? I had great-grandkids. I couldn’t be a father at my age.

“Yoo hoo, Michael. Are you still there?”

I managed a grunt, more of a cough really as my mouth had suddenly gone dry.

“I’m sorry Michael, I didn’t mean to frighten you. You’re just so kind, loving and tender that I thought I would like something to remember you by for the rest of my life.”

“Well, a baby would certainly do that!” I managed to get out. “How about we talk about this later when we see where we’re headed, ok?” I was thinking more along the lines of a puppy, not a child.

“Ok,” CeCe gleefully said, “Now back to the video, would you like me to send this one back to you and make you a new one tonight?”

Trying to compose myself after my near heart attack, I said, “Sweetthing, I would love any videos of your loveliness. Especially ones where you are orgasming. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to be able to get you to orgasm. I have really missed that in the past few years. I hope you can realize what a gift you are to me and how much I do appreciate you. You are a very beautiful, sexy woman that any man worth his salt should worship until his dying day.”

“Ok, Michael,” CeCe said, “look for my email. I’ll resend this one and get busy making you a new one. By the way, I’ve been watching some new training videos and have a couple of tricks I want to use on you on Wednesday. I think you’ll like them . . . a lot!”

Just then my wife sent me a text, ‘Dinner’s ready.’ I told CeCe I had to go and to have a good night. Her reply worried me, she said, “Good night my love. I’ll see you in my dreams.” Then she blew me a kiss.

While eating dinner, my wife was talking about our son and his wife. She had been talking about them buying a new house or some such thing but my mind kept going back to CeCe talking about wanting a baby. After dinner, we washed and dried the dishes and after we were finished, Vickie asked, “Dearest, why don’t you get us each a glass of wine? Some Sangria will be fine. I’ll wait for you in the family room.”

I brought out our wines and handed one to my wife. As I turned to leave, my wife said rather forcefully, “Michael, sit!” It was like she was ordering our dog but I sat on the couch across from her. She took a rather large sip of her wine and said, “Ok, Michael, spill it.”

“What?” I asked.

My wife sat there looking at me with this half smile. I swear that woman could read my mind and that frightened me. Scooting out towards the end of her recliner to face me, she said, “I know something’s bothering you. I’m your wife, remember? avcılar grup yapan escort Now would you like to share it with me or do I have to pester you all night long.”

I noticed that my wife’s glass was almost empty so I stood up and said, “Darling, let me refill your glass first.” She downed what was left and held her glass out for me. I refilled it and returned, handing the glass to her first before sitting back down on the couch.

I asked my wife, “Am I that easy to read?” She nodded; her lips pursed. I continued, “I’m sorry if my pensive behavior has caused you suspicion or issues. It was just that today it dawned on me that I didn’t know if CeCe was on birth control and called to ask her if she was.”

My wife glared at me and she said rather loudly, “You just today thought of that? Isn’t that kind of late?”

“Calm down, dear,” I told her, “she’s had her tubes tied. She has had a rough life. She became pregnant at 18 and her father kicked her out of the house. Her brother threatened the baby’s father so he let her move in with him but the asshole came home drunk and beat her so badly she ended up in the hospital. He told her that she was ugly and the baby would be ugly too so she convinced the doctor to tie her tubes when the baby was born. She gave up her son without ever seeing him.”

My wife was shaking her head and said, “That poor girl.”

“Sweetheart, what had me in such a disoriented state was that CeCe said that she was thinking of having the procedure reversed and wanted to know if I would be her baby’s father.”

A spray of wine shot across our carpet as my wife coughed, eyes glaring at me. “What! You’re kidding. Please tell me you’re not thinking of knocking her up, are you?” my wife said, now almost shouting at me.

“I don’t think so,” I said. Apparently that wasn’t the correct answer as she stomped out of the room to return with some paper towels and Shout to clean the carpet. I tried to help but she told me to get away. I could tell she was pissed so I retreated to my den and my computer.

I watched the video that CeCe had resent me then figured I’d better go make amends with my wife. Walking out of the den, I found all the lights in the family room and kitchen were off. Thankfully there were nightlights in the hallway but when I entered our bedroom, Vickie was in bed and appeared to be asleep. I undressed in the dark and somehow managed to find a pair of pajamas. Crawling under the covers, I reached out to try to take her hand but she pulled away, turning her back to me.

After trying to get to sleep for over three hours, I got out of bed and put on my robe and slippers. Our dog followed me, thinking it was time to get up so I let him out. When he came back in, I locked the door and went into the den and opened my computer. CeCe had indeed sent me a new video and she had somehow set her phone close to her pussy while she gently drew her fingers over her pubic mound and across her clit and down her slit, slowly drawing her fingers back towards the top. After repeating this several times, she dipped her fingers into her pussy and I heard her moan. Then her left hand appeared and she held her labia open and the fingers of her right began to slide next to her clit. God I wanted to lick the screen.

CeCe’s two fingers slid back and forth, teasing her clit and I watched it extending as her pleasure grew. I could hear her breathing getting heavy and she seemed to be close to orgasming. Then things got out of focus as she arched her butt off the bed and I heard her scream out, “OH GOD Michael, I wish you were here to fuck me. OH FUCK, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. OHHHHHHHHH.” I had to imagine because her phone had fallen over and all I was seeing was her leg, shaking and I closed my eyes and just listened. God my cock was hard and I was leaking precum like crazy.

I thought about taking care of my erection myself but looking at the time, 3:15, I figured I’d better try to get some sleep and made my way back to the bedroom. I quickly fell asleep, only to be woken up at 5:30 by Joe, our dog, who needed to go out. I think he was a little confused as when he came back in, I ushered him back into the bedroom where I crawled into bed and spooned with my wife.

I woke at 9:15 to an empty bed, and an empty house. Vickie had left a note saying she was going over to see her friend Rebecca. I dressed and went out to the shop. It wasn’t until almost 5:00 when my phone rang with my wife’s ringtone. I answered, “Hello my love. How has your day with Rebecca been?”

My wife coldly said, “Call Papa Murphy’s and order what you want. I’ll pick it up on my way home and don’t forget to turn the oven on to 425°.” Then hung up. I called in her favorite, Creamy garlic chicken, turned on the oven and poured her a glass of wine, placing it in the freezer. When I heard her pulling into the garage and got out her glass of wine.

She tossed the pizza on the counter avcılar masöz escort and took the glass of wine and headed out to the family room, turning on the TV. I unwrapped the pizza and put it in the oven and fifteen minutes later, I called her in to join me. She hollered back, “I’m not hungry!” I guess I was still in the dog house.

By 10:30 I was ready for bed but my wife said she wasn’t sleepy and she’d be to bed later. Since I hadn’t slept much the night before, I figured I’d let her stay up by herself. I missed holding her hand. Several times I reached over to see if she was in bed yet but it was still empty on her side.

At 3:00 I had to pee and after relieving myself, I went out to see where my wife was. The TV was on but the sound was muted. She was curled up in her recliner snoring, a bunch of used tissues had missed the trash can next to her chair. Joe was curled up next to her in the chair and when he saw me, he wanted out. When he came back, I locked the door and went to my wife and let her recliner down, which woke her up.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m taking the love of my life to bed with me,” I told her as I pulled her out of the chair and led her to our bed. She put on her C-pap but at least she held my hand as we fell asleep together. I woke to the smell of bacon cooking. I guess she wasn’t still too mad at me. She made us French toast with bacon. Joe loves bacon and was driving me nuts for some.

After we finishing cleaning up the kitchen, Vickie turned to me and said, “Honey, where are the other numbers?”

“What other numbers?” I asked.

Shaking her head at me she said, “You know, the other two women from Costco, Jackie and what’s her name, Liza?”

“Lissa,” I said, correcting her. “What do you want with those numbers? I asked.

I could see my wife’s lips trembling a bit as she said, “Michael, I think you should give one of them a call. I think you’re getting too attached to CeCe. Maybe getting your ashes hauled by one of those two will get you settled back down.” A tear ran down her cheek and I used my dishcloth to wipe it away.

My wife led me into the family room where we sat side by side on the couch and she took my hand and said, “I told Rebecca about you and CeCe yesterday.” I started to protest but she put her fingers to my lips. “Michael, at first she told me that I should divorce you, then I told her that I had given you my permission. I think that really shocked her. I explained to her how I had no desire for sex any more and hadn’t had for years, then I told her what had happened at Costco. Then I told her about the changes I was seeing in you once you had the chance to play with CeCe.”

I tried to tell my wife that I only loved her but she stopped me before any words could escape my lips saying, “Michael, please let me finish. Rebecca and I commiserated over several bottles of wine and she blurted out, ‘Friend, maybe he should call one of the other two. I think he needs to learn how to fuck.’ You know honey, I think that’s when I realized that you really did need to learn to fuck and maybe one of the other two ladies could help teach you what you needed to know.”

I must have looked like a guppy, my mouth gaping wide but I didn’t know what to say. Trying to get an idea of what my wife was saying, I asked, “And just what do you think we were doing for the first 45 years of our marriage. We sure tore up our share of sheets when we were younger.”

My wife pulled me close to her and pressed her lips to mine, holding herself there for a long, very sensuous kiss. She backed her face away from mine and softly stroked my head then said, “Dearest Michael, in all our married life, you’ve never fucked me, you’ve always made love. Sweet, sweet love but I’m afraid that now you are doing the same thing with CeCe. I know you have needs but you have to learn how to fuck a woman and not make love to them.” She paused then muttered, “Oh, God, am I making any sense?”

I don’t know why but I asked her, “Have you ever wished I had fucked you? Do you think there’d be a difference?”

My lovely wife held me tightly, her head tight to my chest and she said, “You’re going to make me tell you, aren’t you?” Before I could say anything, she continued, “It was when you were working out of state and only coming home every other weekend. Cynthia had just gone off to college and I was going to the gym trying to get rid of those extra pounds I had put on over the holidays. Remember, you teased me that my pants were getting tight.”

“Well I was having trouble and one of the young trainers, Tom, was nice enough to begin to help me occasionally. Then he asked if I would like to get some personal training tips from him. It cost a bit more but I figured you’d appreciate it when you got back home. Tom worked me hard, squats, crunches, leg lifts, weights, sit-ups, the whole nine yards.”

“They had to shut down the gym for a while because avcılar otele gelen escort the sewer was being worked on by the city and Tom asked if he could come over and work with me here. I didn’t think anything of it and said it would be fine. I was cleaning up the kitchen waiting for him to arrive and when running the garbage disposal, I accidentally dropped a bone into the disposal, jamming it. Just then the doorbell rang and it was Tom, he was early. I let him in and apologized for not being dressed for my workout as I had jammed the darned garbage disposal. He volunteered to take a look at it.”

“I realized that all my cleaning supplies were under the sink and went to move them. I had a robe on, over my work-out bra and panties but what I didn’t realize was my robe had slipped off to one side, exposing my butt and crotch to him while I moved the things out of his way. When he crawled under the sink, I could see this huge bulge in his shorts. I mean it was like an electric flash hit my pussy. His stomach was so flat, his legs were taught, his chest . . . Oh, Michael, I’m so sorry. I dropped my robe and pulled off my bra and panties.”

“Tom asked me if you had any allen wrenches then looked to see me standing there in all my glory. He slid out from under the sink, pulled off his shirt and pulled me to him, kissing me forcefully. I managed to pull down his shorts and jock strap, letting loose that monster he had between his legs. I reached for it and couldn’t even get my hand around it. I had never seen a cock that big or fat in person. Maybe on a porno we watched, but holding it there in our kitchen, him kissing my neck and his one hand on my ass and his other playing with my breast, I wasn’t thinking, I only wanted him to fuck me.”

“He grabbed me and set me up on the kitchen table and placing my legs over his shoulders, he began to eat me. He had the longest tongue and after he got me to orgasm, he pushed my legs higher and stuck his tongue in my ass. I had another orgasm from that. Then he released my legs and aimed his thick cock at my pussy and started to guide it in. It was stretching me and I asked him to go easy but he grabbed my hips and thrust in as deep as he could go. He bottomed out, filling me, stretching me, it was almost painful but it also sparked one of the largest orgasms I think I’d ever had. I know I squirted because when we were finished, the table and kitchen floor needed to be cleaned up.”

“Honey, I know from talking to my girlfriends that you are pretty big, but not as long and not nearly as thick as Tom was. He fucked me through three or four more wonderful orgasms before pulling me up and moving us to our bedroom. He crawled up into the center of our bed and for some reason, I had to taste him. I know I didn’t like giving you head but this was different. I felt I needed to show him he was special to me. I could barely get his head in my mouth and my hands were stroking his thick shaft as my tongue circled his large purple head. I could feel him getting ready to cum and I wanted to feel it inside of me so I straddled him and started rocking furiously. He had ahold of my hips and was moving my body to best pleasure himself. I was soaking his cock and balls, not to mention our bedding and mattress. That’s why we had a new one when you came home that one time.”

“When he came, it was like someone had shoved a Roman candle up my pussy and lit the fuse. Every nerve in my body exploded. I could feel him getting bigger and felt his seed rising in his steel-like shaft. His cum was hot and filled me to overflowing. I laid on top of him as he lay there smiling then said, ‘I think we’d better shower, don’t you?’ As we washed each other off, his cock was again at attention and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his young hard body. He lowered me, forcing his cock deep into my already sore pussy and bounced me to another mind blowing orgasm. He filled me yet again with a large load. Michael, I’m so sorry?”

I looked down at my wife’s face, tears were on her cheeks, the front of my shirt was wet. I asked, “Was it just that one time?”

Squeezing me tighter, she said, “No, we were lovers for over eight months. Even after you had come home to work.”

Fuck, I thought we had a wonderful sex life and never even considered that my wife had had an affair. I said, “Why did you end it?”

She continued, “Tom had come over while you were up hunting with your friends. We were in the family room and he was fucking me doggy style. He had already had me in the kitchen on our table, where he had me lying face down, my tits pressed against the hard surface and him plowing me to several intense orgasms. Doggy was his favorite. Anyway, I was orgasming and our juices were running down my inner thighs when all of a sudden, Cynthia screamed, ‘MOTHER! What the fuck are you doing?’ I didn’t know she was coming over to do some laundry. She usually calls first. Tom pulled out and sat down and Cynthia stared at his equipment. She began to yell at me and threatened to call your cell. Tom got dressed and left while we argued. Our daughter eventually agreed not to tell you as long as I broke it off with him and promised never to see him again and I never did. I had hoped to hide this from you. Please don’t hate me. I really do love you, with him it was just sex. Hard fucking sex.”

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