Country Store Ch. 05


(This is a continuing story and will make much more sense if you read the first 4 chapters.)


Ken took my hand and led me back towards the stage. The other girls gathered at the front and each was being lifted up. The guys scrambled up the steps. In a moment we were all in a line on the stage.

“Morons, please line up for the next event,” I heard the President say..

The guys all moved to the front of the stage. I noticed six other guys also moving to the front. The President started talking again.

“This is the time when we find out how dedicated our pledges are and how supportive their “partners” are. Guys, please turn around and assume the position. Girls, please move to your moron,” he directed.

I saw the guys turn around and bend over with their hands on their knees. I moved over to the front of Ken. The other six guys each moved to the back of the pledges and I just noticed each had a large paddle in their hand. Each had a big XN painted on it.

“Ken, what is going on?” I whispered.

“Nothing, you don’t have to do anything for this part,” he whispered back.

“Ok, let us begin! Each moron will have to endure 10 punishments. Each punishment they take subtracts a point from their totals. Begin!” the President said.

I watched as the six guys with paddles each swung hard and hit each of the guys across the ass. The sound echoed through the room. I saw Ken move forward a bit and close his eyes. That had to hurt, I thought.

“Oh, I forgot to mention one important thing. Ladies, you can try your best to convince your punisher to NOT apply his punishment. You cannot touch him in any way but you may use all other forms of persuasion,” the President announced.

I looked around and saw a few of the girls talking to the guys with paddles. All of a sudden I heard the President scream something and the guys were hit again with the paddles. I heard a whimper escape from Ken’s lips but he didn’t move. I wanted to stop this but I didn’t know what to do.

I noticed movement and looked over to see the skinny girl named Carol all of a sudden pull her shirt off and hand it to the guy with the paddle. Her breasts were tiny with big nipples. She was jumping up and down and the crowd was cheering. The paddle guy behind her guy held up two fingers towards the President.

“The lovely Carol has just saved pledge Anderson from two punishments,” the President announced. The crowd cheered and Carol was still jumping, her tiny breasts bouncing around. I looked down at Ken. I whispered to him and he looked up at me. He was shaking his head no but I noticed he had tears brimming in his eyes. I decided I had to do something immediately so I pulled my halter up over my head and handed it to they guy behind Ken.

My nipples were not completely hard but hard enough to show easily through the thin camisole. I noticed the paddle guy staring at my chest. I reached down and pushed my breasts together, forcing more skin to appear over the top of the camisole. His eyes got bigger as he stared. His hand shot up with three fingers. The crowd went wild.

“Pledge Jones has just been spared three punishments,” exclaimed the President.

Ken looked up at me and I smiled at him. He was still shaking his head back and forth. I looked over at the other girls. No one else was doing anything. Samantha was staring at me again with daggers in her eyes. I heard the President’s voice and then the paddles moved again on everyone except Ken and the Anderson guy.

The crowd was going wild but no girl did anything else and the guys were hit again. I noticed every time they swung there was a guy at the banner marking something. I saw Ken only had two marks next to his name.

The guys with the paddles started to pull back again but I noticed the skinny Carol girl bending down. She stood back up and she had her panties in her hand. She handed them to the paddle guy. His hand again shot up with four fingers this time. The crowd exploded.

I saw Samantha roll her eyes and shift her weight again. The other girls were staring as Carol was again jumping and her little breasts bouncing. The paddles flew again on everyone else. Ken’s three were up and he was going to get the next one. I panicked, I could not let him get hit again. I made a quick decision and reached down under my skirt and slid my panties down my long legs. I held them up and the crowd roared. I walked over and held them out to the paddle guy. He reached for them but I put them right under his nose and held them there. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The crowd noise was deafening. I held them under his nose until he reached up and took them. He smiled at me and held up his hand with all five fingers. I moved to the front of the stage and proudly raised my arms to the crowd. I noticed a big scramble below me and I realized my skirt had pulled up a little and I knew my pussy was on display to the front row. But I was in a zone now and didn’t care; the crowd was energizing me görükle escort and I jumped up and down a few times, my loose breasts moving beneath the little camisole. The crowd was going nuts!.

I stopped and moved back in front of Ken. He looked up at me and I put my hand on his head and rubbed it softly. He lowered his head. I heard the other guys getting hit again but I was looking at my poor friend who I knew was going through horrible guilt for everything he had done to me. I knelt down and pulled his head up to face me. I kissed him softly on the lips.

“I am fine. I could not bear to see you hit again. Everything will be ok,” I said and kissed him again.

I stood up to see the guys getting hit again. I noticed some movement and saw the cute girl in the sundress holding out her yellow bra. Her breasts were beautiful as you could almost see them completely through the sundress. The crowd rewarded her with a roar. I looked over at the banner and saw they had eight marks next to most of the guys. There must only be two left.

Another one hit and one of the guys screamed in pain. I felt really bad but it was the guy with Samantha and she was not moving. In fact, she was looking down at him with a look of disgust. I held onto Ken’s head as the guys were hit for the last time. They all fell to their knees after the last blow. Ken stood up and hugged me hard. I hugged him back.

“Kim, I am so sorry I brought you here and put you through all this. I am sorry,” he repeated in my ear.

I hugged him and told him it would be alright.

“Ok, it is time for the final event. While we prepare, we will go over the current scores,” the President said.

I saw him walk over to the banner and look. He talked to a couple of guys standing next to the banner and then turned back to the crowd.

“The final event is open to only four contestants. The two left out will be eliminated. The way this will work is that the top two scores will be automatically in the last round. The other two will be chosen at random. The leader and first to advance with a score of 74 is Pledge Jones!” the President bellowed out to the crowd.

The crowd exploded and I was walked to the front of the stage with Ken. Everyone was cheering and hooting. I looked down and noticed my nipples were hard now and easily poking out of the camisole. I was obviously a favorite of the crowd. I felt strange warmth spread through my legs and into my bare pussy. I could feel my little pussy getting moist. I raised my arms to the crowd and shook my breasts back and forth and I’m sure my short skirt hiked up even further on my thighs. There was another roar and you could not hear a thing. The President was trying to talk but you could not hear him. He just waited until the noise died down a little and tried again.

“And in second place with a score of 66 is Pledge Anderson!” the President said.

The skinny girl jumped out of the group and ran to the front of the stage, dragging the tall, skinny Pledge Anderson behind her. She was still topless and her little breasts bounced around as she celebrated. I noticed some movement and looked to see the tall good-looking guy holding back Samantha. The tall brunette was furious and was trying to get out of the group towards us. I saw her screaming and he was trying to calm her down.

“Ok, now for the fun part. We will select the next two finalists,” the President said and someone handed him a small bowl.

“Miss Kim, would you reach in and select a piece of paper?” the President asked while he stared at my chest.

I reached in and drew out a paper and handed it to him. He opened it and spoke to the crowd.

“The first extra finalist will be Pledge Smith!” he announced and another guy jumped out of the group and moved to the front. He was dragging the cute brunette in the sundress behind him. I noticed again how pretty she was and how her perfect breasts nestled under the sundress.

I looked back at the group and saw Samantha. Her face was red and she was steaming. She had stopped trying to move but I could tell she was pissed off. The President moved over to the skinny girl and held out the bowl. She reached in and then handed him a paper.

“The next and last finalist will be……Pledge Johnson!” he announced after a short pause.

Samantha exploded out of the group and moved quickly to the front of the stage, dragging her poor guy behind her. She reached the front and pushed me hard on the shoulder. I was pushed towards the front of the stage and lost my balance. I tried to regain my balance but I fell off of the stage into the crowd. I screamed as I saw the floor rushing up but I was stopped quickly as many hands caught me. I felt hands all over my body. They were holding me up but taking advantage of the situation. I felt hands on my lower legs, some on my thighs, others on my back and stomach, and others on my upper back and sides caressing the sides of my breasts. I was lowered to the floor.

Ken bursa escort bayan jumped off of the stage and grabbed me, holding me tight.

“We will be ready to proceed in 15 minutes! I will need the four finalists back here at that time,” the President said.

Ken pulled me through the crowd back to the kitchen. He took me to a quiet corner and I grabbed a couple more cups of punch on the way by. I handed one to Ken and took a big drink from mine.

“Kim, really, we don’t have to go through with this,” he said in a panicked voice.

I looked at him closely. He truly looked worried.

“Ken, what is the matter?” I asked.

“Kim, the last stage will probably be really hard. You don’t have to do it,” he said almost pleading now.

“Ken, how hard can it be? I’m a pretty tough girl and I have been through a lot since we left school last year. I think I am pretty much ready to handle anything they can throw at us,” I boldly stated and to prove my point I quickly downed another large gulp of punch.

Ken just shook his head and hugged me again. I almost spilled my punch as he grabbed me but I saved it. He held onto me for at least a minute. I pulled away from him and kissed him hard on the lips. My tongue shot into his mouth and he kissed me back. I could feel electricity shoot through me. This was the first time I had ever kissed Ken romantically and I felt my body start to respond. We broke apart and looked at each other. I saw Ken in a different light. I saw my old friend again, but now an old friend I wanted to fuck badly.

We heard a noise from the other room and realized we had to get back. I downed the last of my punch and we hurried into the other room. As we entered the room I noticed there was something set up in front of the stage and everyone was gathered around it. I felt something touch my arm and turned to see the President standing next to me. Ken stopped. The President stuck his hand out and shook Ken’s hand.

“Congratulations, Pledge Jones, on making the finals,” he said and pumped Ken’s hand up and down.

I saw Ken’s face light up with a big smile and I decided everything had been worth it. I watched my friend continue to talk to the President, all the while his huge smile remained. I looked over towards the stage and noticed now there was an inflatable pool in front of the stage and there were several guys pouring some sort of liquid into it. I was staring, trying to figure out what it was when I felt warm air on my left ear.

“Baby girl, I am pulling for you in this last part. I will try my best to help you any way I can,” I heard the President whisper in my ear.

I tried to process what he had said when I felt him take my earlobe in his mouth and kiss it gently. He then bit it softly and blew in my ear again as he withdrew. The warmth I had felt earlier was now flowing freely through my trembling body. I felt a surge of energy rip through me. I was ready for anything.

“Kim, you don’t have to do this,” I heard behind me and snapped out of my trance.

“Ken, what is it going to be?” I asked.

“I am sure it is going to be some sort of wrestling and it will be for you guys. No one wants to see guys wrestle,” he said with an impish smile.

“Wrestling?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is a favorite of the house,” he responded.

“Really? It sounds like fun. What are they pouring in the pool?” I asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but it looks like oil to me,” he answered.

“Ooh, that’s going to be interesting,” I muttered.

Just as I finished my thought I heard the President’s voice carrying over the crowd. He was asking for the finalists to go to the stage. Ken scrambled up the steps and I was whisked to the front of the stage for my traditional lift. I flew up again and landed on the stage. The four guys were already there and each girl was lifted to the side of her guy.

“Now, we draw for the matches,” the President announced.

I saw someone walk up to him with a bowl and he reached in and drew out a piece of paper. He read it and turned to the crowd.

“The first contestant in the first match will be Samantha!” he announced.

I saw the tall brunette walk forward to the edge of the stage. She looked down at the crowd with a scowl as they cheered.

“And her opponent in the first match will be…Katherine,” the President said.

The cute girl in the sundress walked to the front of the stage and the crowd went nuts. The cheering and hooting was deafening. I looked over at Samantha and she was not pleased. I saw a guy escort both girls down the stairs. They each stood at opposite ends of the pool. I looked down to see it filled about halfway with oil.

Their pledges were standing next to them. A guy grabbed each girl and led them into the pool. I saw the oil come up over their ankles. I figured it had to be at least six inches deep. The girls were standing at each end, facing each other.

“Ok, ladies, here are the rules. We will fight bursa escort until one of you pins the other one’s shoulders to the bottom of the pool for three seconds. If you fall out of the pool you will be tossed back in. We will have a referee to make sure no one gets hurt,” the President said and motioned to a guy wearing a black striped shirt.

“Do you understand the rules?” he asked the girls.

Samantha shook her head and so did Katherine. Katherine looked a little scared and tentative but Samantha had an evil grin and looked excited. The President raised his hand and a bell rang loudly. Samantha ran across the pool and tackled Katherine around the waist. Katherine fell backwards onto the edge of the pool and slid down into the oil in a sitting position. Samantha grabbed her head and pulled it forward and then slammed her down into the oil face first. I saw the oil splash. Samantha grabbed Katherine’s hair and pulled her to her feet. Katherine’s hands were around Samantha’s, trying to free her hair. Katherine’s little sundress was soaked in oil and now transparent. I saw her perfect breasts and her little panties. She continued to fight to get out of Samantha’s grasp. Samantha looked out at the crowd and then slammed Katherine face first into the oil again. She held her head under the oil and the referee grabbed her and pulled Katherine up. The referee separated the two girls and forced Samantha to the end of the pool. He stood Katherine up and pushed some of her hair out of her face. I saw him say something to her and she nodded. He jumped out of the pool and made a motion to continue.

Samantha walked slowly over to Katherine and looked her right in the face. I saw her drop down quickly and then slam her fist into Katherine’s stomach. Katherine fell immediately to her knees, holding her stomach. Samantha stood up and looked down at her. I saw her reach down and grab the front of Katherine’s sundress. She pulled up hard and ripped the sundress up and off. Katherine tried to stop her but she didn’t have her breath back so her perfect breasts were now out for everyone to see. The crowd cheered. Samantha grabbed Katherine’s hair and pulled her up to her feet.

Katherine’s breasts were shining with oil and bouncing as she struggled to free her hair from Samantha. Samantha let go of her hair and quickly dropped to her knees behind Katherine. She yanked Katherine’s panties quickly down her legs and pulled them off her feet. Katherine’s feet were pulled out from under her and she fell down into the oil on her hands and knees. I could see her pussy from between her legs as she landed. The crowd noise was now so deafening I could not hear anything.

Samantha jumped on top of Katherine’s back and pulled her arms behind her back. She put her wrist together and tied them together using Katherine’s panties. I saw her tie them in a double knot and then jump up. Katherine remained on her knees but her arms were now tied behind her back and her face fell forward into the oil. I watched as she sat up slowly, her hair soaked and falling over her face. She sat there, trying to get her breath back. I saw her chest rising and falling slowly.

Samantha walked over to the edge of the pool and came back with Katherine’s sundress. She opened it to its full length, pulled Katherine’s hair aside and wrapped it quickly around her head. Katherine tried to move away but Samantha had it wrapped twice around her head before she could move. She wrapped it a couple of more times and then tucked it into itself. It was wrapped across Katherine’s eyes so she could not see anything. She was writhing back and forth and Samantha was pointing and laughing at her.

Samantha grabbed a wad of Katherine’s hair and pulled her to her feet. She held her and turned her slowly around so everyone could see her breasts and pussy covered in oil. Her body was beautiful and the oil made it glisten. I felt so sorry for her as she continued to take Samantha’s abuse. The crowd, however, was enjoying the view and was cheering loudly. Samantha let go of her hair and backed away. Katherine stood in the center of the pool and tried to look around. She was trying to free her hands but her panties held firm.

Samantha knelt down in front of Katherine and stared at her pussy. She slapped it with her open hand and Katherine pulled back. Samantha grabbed her legs and pulled them forward. Katherine fell backward and hit the oil hard, making a huge splash. Samantha pushed Katherine’s legs back towards her head and scooted forward. I saw her pull her own long legs up and place them over Katherine’s. She pushed down and Katherine’s legs were now bent down to the ground. Samantha pulled her own legs apart, forcing Katherine’s to spread a little.

Katherine was now on her back with her legs bent over and her ankles near her head. The crowd was going nuts as Katherine’s pussy was wide open to the crowd. The referee realized that her shoulders were now down and quickly counted to three and jumped in. He pulled Samantha off of her and helped Katherine sit up. He untied the sundress and then tried to get the panties off of her wrist. I saw him struggle and then turn and say something to someone. They ran off and returned with a knife from the kitchen. He cut her panties off to free her wrists.

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