Couples Mixed Wrestling


Couples Championship Wrestling League

Only married couples or family members.

One fall – win by 10-count or opponents orgasm.

Own orgasms achieved in dominating position allowed.

No submissions.

Hair pulling allowed.

No punching with closed fists.

No attacks to pussy or penis except for stimulation.

No double-teaming in the ring except for 30 seconds at each tag.

Challengers – Angela and Gus Hansson.

Married for 3 years and have been in 32 tag-matches so far.

Angela is 26 years with long red hair.

She is 1,70 meter high, weighs 125 pounds, pale white skin, C-cup breasts and a stunning, sexy ass. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

She is clad in orange/red bikini with thong.

Gus is 32 years with short black hair.

He is 1,82 meter, weighs 186 pound and may look a bit skinny, but is all muscle.

He wears matching red tights.

The Champions – Susan and Fred Samson

They have participated in 103 matches until today. 24 have been title-defences.

They have been married for 12 years.

Susan is 36 years old, has brown hair. It hangs down to her shoulders.

She is 1,63 meter, weighs 134 pounds, D-cup breasts and a firm, round arse.

She wears blue bikini with thong.

Fred is 39. He has brown, curly hair.

He is 1,75 meter, weighs 195 pounds and has a perfect body.

He has very brown skin from sunbathing. He wears matching blue tights.

The referee calls both teams to the middle of the ring. He explains the rules and asks them to shake hands, which they do before returning to their corners.


Angela starts for the challengers and Susan comes out of the champion corner to meet her.

They slowly circle each other.

Angela speaks:

“We are going to destroy both of you and send you off to retirement – and then we take the titles home where they belong. I’m going to shine as the new queen of this league.”

They lock up in the middle of the ring, and Angela is able to use her height to push Susan back into the ropes. The referee tells them to separate and Angela backs up. They circle and again lock up in the middle of the ring, but this time Susan sends a knee into Angela’s stomach, which bends her over. The champ follows up with a double hand axe to the back, which sends Angela to the mat. Susan grabs her by her hair and forces her up, shoves her back into the ropes, pushes her chin back and deliver four quick knees to the stomach. Angela grunts. Susan grabs the left arm of Angela, goes under it and applies an Arm-twist. Angela grunts and is bending over, before Susan sends a knee into her breasts, which sends her back into the ropes. Susan follows her and chops her on the throat. Angela struggles for air and quickly tags her husband.

Gus enters the ring and circles Susan. They lock up in the middle of the ring and the challenger pushes the female champ back into the ropes. When the referee order them to break, he rams his shoulder into her midsection. He grabs her hair and pulls her back over the top rope, before sending his elbow into her left breast. Susan screams, but Gus continues to smash elbow after elbow into her left breast. Finally he grabs her hair and hurls her into the middle of the ring. Susan lands on her stomach and tits, but gets no time to recover, because Gus is right behind her. He steps over her, grabs her arms and places them on his thighs before grabbing her chin with both hands. “I love the camel clutch, Susan – how do you feel about it?” Gus laughs as he really puts pressure on his hold. Susan moans and grunts as she figures how to get out of this punishing hold. After 2 minutes Gus puts his right hand into Susan’s bra and mauls her sore left tit. Susan screams and begs Gus to have mercy but that’s not happening tonight.

“I really like your beautiful tits Susan, they’re big, nice and soft and easy to maul.”

After what seems like forever for Gus lets her go. She rolls on to her side and massages her sore breast. Gus raises her to her feet by pulling her hair. He bends her and puts her head between his thighs, grabs her around her stomach and lifts her up. As Susan opens her eyes, she is sitting reversed on Gus’ shoulders with his hands on her thigh. Suddenly he sits down and drives her shoulder and back into the canvas. Susan screams as her back is hurting. Gus gets up, raises his arms and walk confidently around the ring. The champ knows she is in trouble and crawls to her corner and tags Fred.

Angela yells at her husband:

“Damn it, Gus, she got the tag. Take him down and tag me, I want to get my hands on Fred’s big cock.”

Gus does exactly what his wife wants. He locks up, grabs Fred’s arm and twist it for 2-3 minutes and then says:

“How about it, champ, have you been properly introduced you to my wife? I know she eager to get her hands on you!”

Gus tags Angela and holds on to Fred’s arm, until Angela has delivered several blows and kicks ankara escort to his right arm. When Gus gets out of the ring, Fred slumps against the ropes.

Angela works his right arm over for 2-3 minutes with twists and several elbow shots and finishes off with 10 elbows to his already bruised left arm. She is now absolutely sure, both arms are numb. She hurls him up by his hair, grabs his arm and sends him into the opposite ropes. When he rebounds, she meets him in the middle of the ring and applies an abdominal stretch. Fred screams loud as his muscles are stretched to their limit, but can’t escape Angela’s hold. His arms hang limply down the side of his sweating body.

Angela looks at Susan and taunts:

“I think your husband likes my company. He sure doesn’t seem eager to tag you.”

A mad looking Susan yells her support to her husband, who by now has stopped screaming and is begging Angela to have mercy. Angela eases up on the stretch and gently twists Fred’s nipples. Next she runs her hand down his abs and into his tights. She quickly strokes him to full erection.

“I can feel that you really like my touch, sweetie – I’m a lot more woman compared to that saggy old bitch you brought along tonight,” she tells him with a girlish tone.

Fred grunts, but his member reacts. Angela releases the abdominal stretch, but holds on to Fred’s penis and pushes him into the ropes.

I only takes Angela 2 minutes before she has Fred’s penis all hard and ready to cum.

He moans softly: “Please, no, don’t, I’m going to cum.”

Angela looks into his eyes and smile: “Oh no sweetie, you don’t get to cum that easy. We will be the next champions, and I want to win big. We have much more fun and a lot of punishment to come for you tonight.”

Fred moans: “Please, no more, please.”

She pulls his tights off, and softly grabs Fred’s rock hard penis again. Angela gives it four slow strokes while French kissing Fred and tags Gus. Her husband knows what Angela has planned.

He grabs Fred’s legs, while Angela grabs his arms. They carry him – face down – into the middle of the ring. They swing him up and down 2 times, and when he is in the air the third time, they both sit down on their knees and pull Fred down with them.

This causes Fred to land straight on his stiff cock, and he almost passes out from the intense pain. One very loud and several silent screams escape his mouth before he curls up in the middle of the ring.

Angela tags back in, kicks his head giggles: “Oh, poor thing, did that hurt?”

Susan yells: “That’s an illegal move, referee, they attacked his penis.”

The referee steps in and warns the challengers:

“direct attack on penis – not allowed.”

In addition, he allows the champ 5 minutes to recover.

Gus protests without success.

Susan uses the time to talk some sense and strategy back into her husband and massage his sore body. She knows they were close to losing their titles.

The challengers stretch and celebrate their working strategy, which was to punish and weaken Fred.

5 minutes later Angela and Fred face off again…

They circle each other.

Angela smiles at Fred: “So, honey, have you missed the touch of my hand, huh? Why don’t you just give it up, lay down on your back and I promise you will get to lick my sweet pussy before we take the titles?”

“Fucking cunt – I will show you,” is Fred’s answer as he raises his hands and invites Angela to a test of strength!

Angela cannot believe her luck, because she knows Fred’s arms cannot be back at 100%. She happily accepts, but as soon as her hands touches his, he shots a knee into her stomach. As she doubles over, he grabs her by her hair and tosses her into the blue corner, where an eager Susan is waiting.

“Rookie mistake, young lady,” he tells her.

“Welcome in our corner, cutie,” Susan says, as she puts her arm around Angela’s neck and chokes her.

Fred deliver 5 knees to Angela’s stretched stomach. Angela grunts with each blow and collapses to the mat, when Susan lets her go.

Fred grabs Angela by her hair and raises her. He twists her right arm and tags Susan, who has already climbed up onto their corner post. She flies off and lands an elbow on Angela’s twisted arm, which curses her to scream out and go down on one knee. Fred maintains the twist and Susan deliver 14 more elbows to the same spot, before the referee tells Fred to leave the ring.

“work her over darling,” he says to Susan and slips through the ropes.

Susan takes hold off Angela’s right arm and pushes her back against the ropes. She puts Angela’s right arm around the top rope and pulls hard, before slamming her own foot into the rope right by Angela’s shoulder. Angela screams, as her shoulder is being torn in different directions. Susan repeats this move two times, before sending Angela across the ring and into the opposite ropes. When she rebounds, she is meet by Susan’s knee to her stomach. The female challenger lands escort ankara hard on her back in the middle of the ring. The champ follows up with an elbow drop to Angela’s breasts. Susan crawls behind Angela, sits her up, positions her own body tight against Angela’s and applies a chokehold. Her breasts rest against Angela’s shoulder, and she is not having problems controlling Angela, because her only worry is Angela’s left arm. Her right only taps on her thigh due to the pummelling, it received minutes ago. After 1 minute of struggling, the female challenger is sweating, but seem to accept, that she is at the mercy of Susan and will not get out until her opponent decides to let her.

Susan senses this. She puts her head into Angela’s red mane and starts to kiss and bite her opponent’s neck and ear.

She whispers: “You loved dominating my husband, sweetie? I understand that. Did it arouse you? How about being dominated by another woman – do you like that as well? You should have closed the match when you had your chance. Now, we will beat you and your husband very hard tonight.”

Susan loosens her choke a bit, so that she can free her left arm, which she slides into Angela’s top. She caresses the nipple, which hardens quickly. She continues to kiss her ear. Angela body stiffens and she moans. After 2-3 minutes, Susan stands up and pulls Angela with her.

She grabs her sore right arm and sends her back into the ropes with a forearm to her chin.

“Time for some wrestling, sweetie, we can’t have fun all night.”

The champ sends Angela racing across the ring, into the opposite ropes, and then meets her in the middle of the ring with a clothesline. Angela lands hard on her back. Susan grabs her by her red ponytail and hurls her up. She pushes her back into the ropes and shoots her across the ring, but instead of rebounding from the opposite ropes, Angela is held from the outside by Gus, who has moved into position to safe his wife from further punishment. He quickly helps his beaten wife into their corner and tags her.

Susan complains to the referee, who gives Gus a warning for interfering. Susan motions for Gus to come get her. He advances slowly. When he is in reach, she dives for his legs. He hadn’t expected this move, and Susan is able to grab his right leg, send him onto his back and apply a step over toe. As soon as she has the hold secured, she adds a toe-twist to Gus’s torment.

“How nice of you to join me again – I didn’t have that much fun with you until now – but that’s about to change. And you will pay for my sore tits.”

Susan blows a kiss at Gus while she keeps the step over toe hold on for about two minutes.

Then she stands on his left leg while holding his right up. She slams her heel into Gus’ knee and thigh for several minutes. Gus screams through the entire “stomping-session”, as Susan works his left leg over with stomp after stomp. When she tires, she flips him over on to his stomach and applies a single legged Boston crab. There is no way Gus can escape this hold, as long as he has no feeling in his free left leg, which has gone completely numb. Susan is really enjoying Gus’s grunting and futile efforts to escape, and she puts her left hand into his tights and massages his balls. Gus doesn’t know how to react. His body keeps sending different signals all time. When Susan is massaging his balls and penis, he relaxes, only to scream out in pain, when she serves him intense pain shortly after by putting pressure on the single legged Boston crab. Susan keeps this up for several minutes, before dragging Gus into her corner, where Fred is waiting to dish out some payback..

Susan grabs both his legs and gets ready for a real Boston crap before tagging Fred, who rushes into the ring, sits down on Gus’s back and wraps his legs around his neck in a reverse figure 4 head scissor. Susan leans back and puts a lot of brutal force into the Boston crap. During the 30 seconds of double teaming. Gus air-supply is cut of, his neck is twisted, and his back is torn in Susan’s Boston Crab.

Susan leans back against Fred – they are now back to back with Gus underneath them in a helpless position:

“We must prolong the match to teach them a lesson. We have to make them doubt themselves – we have to get both body and mind really good fucked up tonight. Let us concentrate on Gus. We will make sure they won’t challenge us again.”

Fred nods and answers: “Let us turn this into a brutal sex-fight – that should give us an extra advantage for sure.”

Susan lets go of Gus’ legs and steps outside. She blows a kiss towards a furious Angela. Fred keeps the figure 4 head scissors on for 3 more minutes. As he lets go of Gus’ head, he grabs his legs, turns him over onto his back, pull him into the middle of the ring and applies the figure 4 leg lock. Gus screams out loud, as Fred increase the pressure.

Fred looks at Angela and taunts: “How do you like your wimp of a husband now?”

“Let him tag me and I will show you,” Angela spits back.

“Oh ankara escort bayan no, little redhead, I have a lot of pain in store for him now,” the tanned champion retorts.

Fred keeps the Figure 4 leg lock on for more than 5 minutes. Gus has lost all feeling in his legs and has stopped screaming. He has submitted 4 times but this match has no submissions. Tears are running down his cheeks and his arm flail around in the air.

Finally Fred releases Gus from this punishing hold. He drags him towards Susan, positions him 6 feet from their corner and tags Susan, who climbs the top rope. Fred takes hold of Gus’ arms and secure them above his head and nods to Susan, who flies off the top turnbuckle and lands a frog splash on Gus. Gus’ body lifts of the canvas from the impact and all air vanish from his lungs.

Susan sits down between his legs and pull his tights off.

Fred has shifted his position and is now sitting on Gus in a schoolgirl pin. He uses his cock to slap Gus on his forehead. It doesn’t hurt but it’s humiliating. Susan reaches for Gus’ sack and gently massages and tugs it, while she grabs his cock with the other hand and slowly works it. Susan changes hold and strokes the challengers semi-hard cock with both hands. Long, slow strokes are followed by quick, short strokes. Gus’ is breathing heavily and hasn’t even realised, that Fred has left the ring.

Angela yells at her husband: “Get up and fight, Gus, she’s getting to you.”

Gus reacts to his wife’s voice and tries to get up, but as soon as he sits up, his brown haired opponent hits him right on his jaw with an elbow-swing. This sends him back to the mat and he forgets all about Angela. Susan grabs Gus’ hair and forces him to stand. She backs him up against the ropes and continues to masturbate his cock.

Gus seem ready to give up on the match, but suddenly Susan put him in a full nelson and walk him into the middle of the ring.

She whispers into his ear: “Can you feel my soft and big tits against your back, honey? My nipples are all hard, can you feel that? I bet you would love to touch and kiss them.”

The champ moves her hands down to his chest and is now applying a Bear hug from behind. Suddenly and without warning she lifts him of the canvas and sits down with him, smashing his nuts against the canvas. Gus scream out loud. Susan wrap her legs around his and reapply the full nelson.

“Oh honey, did I hurt your balls, let us give them some fresh air, shall we?”

She leans back and lifts Gus with her and slams him down onto his arse and balls again in a Keister bounce three times. Gus offers no resistance after the second blow to his balls, he only scream out in pain every time his balls are smashed into the mat.

Susan unwrap her legs from his and put the soles of her foot on each side of his penis. She strokes him back to an erection with her feet and Gus can’t move away because of her full nelson. Not in his condition anyway. When Susan has his member all hard and ready, she inverts her legs with his again and Keister Bounces him 3 more times. When they “land” the third time, Susan’s full nelson slip and Gus rolls forward, holding his sore balls.

Susan grabs Gus by his hair and march him into their corner, where Fred is waiting.

Susan tags Fred and step up onto the bottom rope, lean in against Gus, pulling his head into her breasts and cleavage, smothering him while Fred enter the ring. Fred steps up behind his wife, reach in between her legs and grabs Gus’ balls. He massages them carefully and shortly after Susan can feel Gus’ erection against her pelvis.

“We got him. Gus’ mind is dazzled. We got into his head. He has no idea his in a wrestling match – let’s keep him dazed and really give him the grand tour of punishment. Work him over hard and tag me back in to finish him off,” Susan tells her husband before leaving the ring.

Gus’ head is very red from the lack of oxygen when his female opponent leaves the ring. His eyes are closed and he is moaning. Fred wastes no time. He reaches between Gus’ legs and put an arm over his shoulder, lifts him and slams him into the canvas. Just before slamming Gus down he closes his right hand around Gus’ nuts.

Gus screams but the referee can’t see what Fred is doing. He repeats this move 3 times. Then he picks Gus up by his ears, lift him again and instead of slamming him down to the canvas, he slams him onto his outstretched knee in an over the knee backbreaker. Gus’ back is already red and very sore and Fred puts one hand under his chin and the other on his thigh to increase the pressure. Gus grunts and tries to get free, but Fred has him in a good and solid position across his knee. When Gus stops screaming, Fred grabs hold of Gus balls again, but this time fondle them gently. Gus’ penis begins to harden against his will. Fred keeps up on the massage of Gus balls and without touching the cock, he has gotten it all hard again.

The champ pushes Gus off his knee, grabs him by his hair and guides him over to the ropes near by his wife – next to their corner. He pushes the challenger into the ropes, facing out of the ring and applies a half nelson with one hand and Gus’ balls with the other. Gus is moaning from Fred’s expert massage.

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