Subject: Cousin Awakens Me This is my first attempt. Feedback and comments are welcome in my email at ail It was a winter day in the northern United States. Sledding is a common winter activity in this region and I was excited to learn that me, my kid brother and sister were going to visit our aunt’s house to sled with our cousin Davis who was just a couple of years older than me. I was around 9 years old at the time. I was the 2nd shortest kid in my class about 4’1″ and weighed about 60 pounds. I always remember my aunts telling me to “put some meat on those bones” but it seemed like I could eat anything and not gain an ounce. My mom always liked having me and my younger brother grow our hair long. I had almost shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. So we dressed warm but also packed some clothes for our over night stay. Our aunt şişli travesti lived about 30 minutes away but as a young boy it felt like an eternity. When we finally arrived we were greeted by our aunt and Davis. Davis, being a bit older than me at age 11 was also bigger than me but average height and weight for his age. He had short brown hair, buck teeth and big ears that stuck out maybe a little further than then they should. He had a high voice that made me think he might be gay. I didn’t know a lot about sexuality but I did know there were gay people and that my mom thinks they’re weird or gross. Once our mom had left we headed to their backyard where there was a snow bank. I would slide down the hill with my sister and Davis with my brother. The fun came to an end though when we tumbled out of our sled at the bottom of the beylikdüzü travesti hill and my sister caught the sharp plastic edge of a sled across the brow of her eye. We went in doors and got her cleaned up and ordered some pizza. I love pizza but I was disappointed with what they ordered, ham and pineapple? Gross! But i choked down some pizza and then it was time for a bath. I changed into my gray sweat pants, white briefs, white socks which I wore high and ninja turtle t shirt. Davis invited me to his room where he had a really cool rug that we could play matchbox cars on. A while after playing cars he invited me onto his bed to play under the covers. From there the memory is vague but somehow he convinced me to put his hard boy cock in my mouth. During the course of this action I recall wondering how long this was going istanbul travesti to take. That and the distinct taste of his boyhood. At some point he told me I could stop and that it was my turn. So we changed positions and he had my sweat pants and briefs around my knees. I felt the hot wetness of his mouth engulf my small but hard erection. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t like this but I was very much enjoying it. My breathing was picking up when I wasn’t holding my breath as my feelings intensified. My legs stiffened as I pointed my toes forward. Oh God this feels so good. Should I put my hands on his head? No, I shouldn’t. I grasped at the sheets instead but suddenly the door swung open and I ducked under the covers. Oh shit! It was his mom. Had we been caught? Does she know? I peeped my head out of the covers. She asked about what we were doing but I told her that we were hiding from my brother and she bought it! Whew that was a close one. We didn’t continue after she left the room and I was left wondering what would have happened if I just pushed his head back into my lap.

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