Covered in Cum


Covered in cum

My day started out like most of my days, with me covered with several layers of cum. Although surprisingly I only was drenched from the tits up. Looking down past my DD breasts I saw the reason why. Perched on top of my cocks was the girl I brought home from the bar last night. I let my gaze travel downwards, taking in the sights I was too drunk to see the previous evening.

Blond hair, decent face, a bit on the pale side, her breasts were a decent C cup and shaped nicely. Moving past that her stomach bulged like she was smuggling a beach ball, I’m guessing she passed out while we were fucking the previous night and in that position she caught all my night loads. Looking further down I could see the reason for my drenched state, a nine inch cock dribbled precum in the midst of a morning wood. I wondered if I should continue from where we passed out the previous evening and continue fucking but I decided that if I pumped any more cum into her she would burst. Also the combined weight of her and all the cum was decidedly uncomfortable on my hips. So I managed to get her onto her side where after removing my cocks a stream of cum started streaming out of both orifices. The barfly remained oblivious in sleep but removing my cocks caused her to orgasm and cover herself in a layer of cum.

“That will have to be cleaned up later” I said to myself referring to both the cum and girl, smirking a bit that I wasn’t the only one covered in cum. I decided a shower would be the best place to clean and take care of my still very hard cocks.

Passing by a full length mirror in the hall I paused for a minute to admire myself. A delicious sight greeted my eyes, black hair (currently dyed white with cum), a satisfied smile on my lips, breasts that were double D but still perky, slim stomach, wide hips, with two cocks one above the other at my crotch, each of them 10 inches long and two inches thick. Overall it was the body of a healthy futa with an extra cock.

Seeing my nude body was getting me even more horny so I started moving towards the showers. Idly jerking off as I walked down the hall, drops of precum splashing in the hall, I felt a familiar sensation. I looked down to see an extra dick, this one was not mine, it was around six inches across and stretched around 18 inches long. I also felt the warmth of two G cup breasts against my back.

“Good morning mom, you’re up already?” I said while rubbing her dick against one of mine.

“Yep” she replied, “I’m up in more ways than one! So how about a quickie before work?” My mother asked while leaning her head on my shoulder.

Glancing down the hall I saw the result of our last quickie. A nude girl who looked about 18, with D cup breasts, a slim ass, double cocks like me but my mothers contribution was the size of the cocks, they were currently brushing against her knees as she walked down the hall. She was covered in cum like both of us were, although the cum on her was probably from some wet dreams, whether it was her wet dreams or one of her sisters I couldn’t say.

“All right but wait until we are in the shower, I want to be on time for work at least once.” I said with mild annoyance.

“Why do I have to wait that long!? When we can just have fun here!”

I felt her pulling back and just as she was about to ram me with her rod I slipped from her grasp and skipped down the hall. Cocks swaying merrily and tossing pre everywhere.

“Now you have to miss out on me all together. Küçükçekmece Escort Go find someone else to take care of that” I gave a quick tug on my mothers cock then kept walking down the hall. Finally I reached the showers and found a semi occupied stall, only 2 of my cousins were in the stall, Tammy and Amy, and they were both occupied with each other. Grabbing the soap I got to work cleaning myself off, I enjoyed the show and when I was done watching and washing I got behind the one doing the fucking and joined in the fun. Her eyes went wide and she blew her load but kept going.

“No good morning or anything, just ram both dicks in without warning.” Tammy cried out. The cousin I was fucking in both the ass and pussy was around five and a half feet tall, deep black skin, D cup breasts, with a fourteen inch cock still going balls deep in her sister who had similar proportions but with a thirteen inch cock currently spraying cum all over the shower wall.

“Didn’t you do the same thing to me earlier? One minute I’m washing my hair, the next I’m washing my hair with you letting loose inside me!” Amy retorted.

We kept up the banter for a bit and after washing each other’s backs and cumming a couple gallons each we all felt drained enough to go get breakfast without hard ons. Wrapping a towel around me, not for decency but to indicate I didn’t want to get fucked, I left the showers to get dressed. Feeling like today would be a long day I donned a black strapless tube top and a miniskirt of the same color. Seeing the barfly still passed out on the bed I contemplated a quick fuck but decided breakfast would be better.

The kitchen table was full of family and fuckbuddies as always, and I don’t mean that every spot around the table was taken, but that my family and others were fucking and passed out (some were fucking the passed out) all over the table. After buttering some toast I checked for an empty seat, not seeing one I looked for my sister Mary. Once spotted, I quickly made my way over to her and parked myself on her lap.

“Is this seat taken?” I could already feel her cock begin to harden as I munched my toast. My sister Mary appears around 25 with triple D breasts, currently leaking milk through her white tank top, her waist was a bit swollen either from cum or pregnancy, unlike me she only had one dick but at eight inches thick and ten inches long it felt like two dicks inside. What marked Mary as my sister is that she had something extra, a total of three breasts struggled for freedom out of her tank top, making her one of the few people who could give me a really good boob job.

“How was the bar last night Emma, were the girls able to handle you?”Mary squirmed a bit and wormed her still hardening dick inside me,

“I’m guessing the bar was alright, I can’t remember most of the night but since the girl is still passed out upstairs I’d say it was a good one.” Dodging an errant jet stream of spunk from one of my aunts, the sudden movement caused Mary to spurt a quart of pre in me and milk started leaking more quickly from all three breasts. I moaned and took another bite of my toast. “I don’t suppose you can clean up my bed for me like a good big sister?” I asked, trying to put on a cute face while her really thick cock was still leaking in me.

“I’ve got to clean up after my night and my kids’ beds too, and since you are hands off for your kids I’ll end up cleaning Maltepe Escort up after them too, so clean your own damn bed!!” With that she stood up with me still impaled on her cock and since she was a bit taller than me, my feet left the floor. With that sudden stimulation I added my cum to the fountain coming from the table, and Mary let her load out in my quivering pussy where it caused my waist to swell like a volleyball was inside my stomach, the excess went down my legs.

“I get you’re mad but not so suddenly!” I cried in ecstasy, “can you let me down already? I still need to walk into work.”

My sister suddenly pulled out and aimed her continuing stream of cum at me.

“You will be able to walk but I’m still going to leave you drenched!” Mary cried maliciously.

I had to dodge quickly to avoid being covered again.

“I’m out! I’m sure you can get the barfly cleaned up and out by tonight!” Retreating unceremoniously from the firehose my sister still directed at me. I’ve gone to work while covered in drying cum before and it is very uncomfortable, sticky, and smelly.

“Made it!” I cried slamming the door on the ongoing jizz cannon, now with a swollen belly and cum dripping down my legs I started the walk to work, only now realizing I forgot to put on shoes, fortunately the sidewalk was smooth and pleasantly warmed by the sun. Passing by other blocks of apartments I saw my neighbors exit in similar states as me, not everyone was clothed or had limited the amount of cum they were covered in. One neighbor managed to get out their door both clothed and free from spunk, until a cry of orgasm was heard from one of the upper story windows and firehose of thick baby batter came out of the window and directly hit the previously spotless neighbor.

“Dammit Taylor! When I get home I’m revoking your wifi privileges! No more porn if you are just going to do it out the window!”

The only response from the window was another jet blast that drenched another passerby. Chuckling to myself I continued down the road to work. Now you might be wondering what job has a dress code where clothes are optional, as soon as I find out I’ll tell you. My current employment as a customer support rep requires at least one piece of clothing in the office, for both the top and bottom, but fortunately they don’t care what goes on under your desk. A lot of my time as an intern was spent under those desks, I still spend time under the desks but that’s during my lunch hour.

After getting in the building I saw the elevator closed with a sticky note saying “Open if you dare.” Thinking it was a prank by one of my coworkers I hit the up button. To my horror the doors opened and a wall of cum appeared, causing a tsunami instantly soaking me and everyone else in the hall. Evidently someone had gotten frisky on the long trip up. Wiping the jizz from my eyes I got off my ass and made my way onto the elevator before it closed again. I hit my floor button and the instant wash button, apparently this happened enough that all the elevators in the building had water nozzles with high pressure to clean off anyone who wanted it. Taking off my top with no regard for the others in the elevator I began wringing it out, behind me someone made a grab at my breast and someone beside me squeezed my ass. Fortunately I was on a lower floor so the horny techs had to get busy with each other.

With wet hair and slick body I slipped Mecidiyeköy Escort out of the elevator and into the prep area. This area was on every floor to make sure that the computers stayed dry, because cum and computers do not mix well. In that area there were towels for employees to dry off and condoms of every size, shape, and make. Grudgingly I found two medium size condoms and slid them on, the main floor matched the description of every cubicle farm in the world, although the floor beneath the desks were hollowed out to give space to various sizes of cocks and also the interns.

I ran through the day as normal, trained a newbie who could only take care of one dick at a time keeping me forever on edge but never finished. After 8 agonizing hours where my only relief was in the bathroom work was finished. Sighing in relief I freed my cocks from their condom cages, then disposed of the couple gallons of precum in the designated tubes, and headed to the nearest bar. Like everyone else in the office my dicks were rock hard and not wanting to fuck or get fucked in the elevator I headed towards the stairs.

“Too slow!!” The next thing I knew I had a twenty-five inch cock rammed up my pussy, with the suddenness both cocks immediately let loose on 2 unlucky coworkers.

“Couldn’t you have waited until I was in the elevator Tara?” I asked.

“I saw you heading towards the stairs and decided to get the party started early. You are partying at the bars again tonight? Last night was epic!” Tara exclaimed while continuing to fuck me. Tara is a secretary from the other side of the building so she must have run to catch me. She’s around four and a half feet, Asian, with B cup breast, and the aforementioned twenty five inch dick that swung around her ankles while flaccid.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! The bars and girls are waiting!” Tara cried.

“I can’t while you are fucking me,” I said dryly. Tara’s response was to jump up and wrap her arms around my neck and just kept fucking me like a rabbit in spring. I grabbed her legs so they wouldn’t dangle behind me and started towards the elevator again. Once in the elevator people began relieving each other, mostly with handjobs, I appeared to be the only one getting fucked. By the time the elevator reached the bottom I was ankle deep in cum and decided to skip the bars and just take Tara home instead. Tara didn’t notice she just kept going, occasionally letting another load loose, fortunately due to her small size she also had a small load so we both could keep going towards my home. Along the way offices were disgorging people who were in similar horny states and made their various ways home with coworkers, friends or family, locking lips and throwing clothes aside. On Fridays before a 3 day weekend I’ve seen more clothes on the streets than in a goodwill, but since mine usually joined the piles I didn’t care.

Finally reaching home I saw my sister Mary on the couch idly jerking off and checking her phone, getting in front of her I dumped Tara on her thick dick.

“What the fuck!?” They both cried in surprise.

“Relax I just wanted to get comfortable” I calmly said while ditching my skirt and top, letting my tits free. “That’s better!” I stretched and let every part of me breathe freely, turning back to my sister. I saw she was taking full advantage of Tara’s small and tight pussy. Tara had somehow gotten undressed on the trip home while on my back so the bulge caused by Mary’s cock was clearly visible.

“You guys have fun for a minute, I’m going to cook up dinner” I went through the motions of making dinner and I got back I heard “Get her!” The next thing I knew I was coated with Mary’s, Tara’s, Amy’s, Tammy’s and my mother’s cum. Apparently they had joined in the orgy in the living room, and so I ended my day as I started it. Covered in Cum.

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