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cross friends trick 2It was probably a fortnight before the call arrived. Jimmy and I had just gone back to being the best of mates, and nothing had been mentioned about what we had done that night. The phone rang in the hall and I went to answer. Jimmy had never needed to call me before, if we weren’t already together somewhere, we would have already planned what we were going to do so it was a shock when the call came.“Hello, two one, double five,” I said, and the voice at the other end whispered to me, “Would you like to come and see me tonight? I’ve missed you.” My legs turned wobbly. The tone was so seductive that my cock twitched in my pants, and my mouth dried. “Jenna” I whispered, “Is that you?”I felt a little silly I must confess, as I knew who was really on the phone, but this was more than just a bit of k**ding around, especially at our age, and it being the 90’s. My heart was trying to climb out of my mouth and I felt quite faint.“You haven’t been to see me” she said, “did you not like my surprise?”“Oh my god yes” I whispered “But I didn’t know what to say to you. I was scared that you might have regretted it all. I really enjoyed what we did, and yes I want to see you again” but not really knowing how to finish my reply, I whispered…. “ Jenna!”“Come to mine around Nine O’clock then, I have some surprises for you too, that I would like to try out. There’s nobody else home so just come up and shout when you arrive. Then make yourself comfortable.”The line went dead and I just stood holding the phone. “Who was that then?” asked mum walking up behind me and catching me off balance, “Just J, Je, Just Jimmy” I recovered, he’s asked me to go round tonight for a film fest” I lied, still holding the phone and staring at the wall. “Well that’s nice then. You can probably sleep over as his parents are away, aren’t they?” said mum, turning and seeing me facing the wall. “Are you ok “she asked, “You haven’t hung up the phone” I looked over my shoulder at her “Yeah I’m fine” and I hung up the phone, “That’s OK then. You had better go and get yourself ready” she continued as she headed out of the room, “but no booze and no girls,” she shouted behind her, as she left me, facing the wall, with a raging hard on, and pre-cum seeping through my shorts. I showered and changed and arrived at the house precisely at nine O’clock. The room was darkened and the telly was already showing porn, there was a beer on the table and the lights were all turned down low. “Hi there Ji..” I shouted and corrected with an overloud “Jenna”“Hiya” she shouted in an elevated falsetto voice. “Sit yourself down, there’s a beer in there, and I will be in shortly, I’ve got some lovely toys and tricks for us.”I could hear music playing in the bathroom and I sat on the sofa to take a glug of the beer. My heart was pounding and I turned to see a fantasy enter the room. Jenna was dressed in what was basically a Japanese schoolgirl kaçak iddaa uniform. The red wig was on, covering Jenna’s eyes, her face all made up. She was dressed in a short tartan mini skirt, long white thigh length socks, and a white blouse tied up to show her flat tummy, below a pair of? breasts? She swayed across the room and knelt across my lap, looking down at me through hooded eyes. This was Jenna again and she could easily have been Katey herself. My mind was swirling with the mixed emotions, as Jenna settled herself on my lap and asked, “Have you missed me? I hope you liked it last time? I was so happy to be able to do that, for you and for me. This is the real me inside, and I’ve wanted to share it with you for so long. Is that alright with you?” she asked and I think I nodded but my eye’s never left Jenna’s.I don’t know why but things then turned awkward. Jenna leant forward and started to kiss me, but I pulled my mouth away. A bit ridiculously, I feel now, considering what had gone on, it just didn’t feel right. Not wrong, but it felt like kissing your sister or your mom. Jenna pulled away too, I think she realised the same, and she grinned and giggled, “That wasn’t right was it?” She said and we both laughed breaking the tension. “Here try these out” she said taking my hands and holding them against what I could only describe as breasts. They felt fantastic, just like real tits and I squeezed and rubbed them around. “I wish they were real for you” she said and squashed herself down against my rising cock, and her ass squirmed against me. “Something feels real and right down here though.” She said, “Would you like me to see what it is?” I looked up at her and replied thickly, “Oh yes please Jenna that would be very nice.”Jenna slid off me and down onto the floor, pushing my legs wide apart so that she could kneel between them. Un-buttoning my jeans and pulling my zipper down with her left hand, her right hand fished into my boxers and hooked out my almost erect cock. “It’s so much bigger than mine” she said and gently pulled the skin back down from the head. I was already leaking pre-cum and Jenna smiled a wicked smile. “It seems that this thing knows more about us than we do” she said.There was no guile needed or disguise this time. We both knew what we wanted; we just needed to experiment with the ingredients to make it right. Jenna leaned forward, and her tongue slid out, to lick up what was left of the pre-cum, rolling it around the head of my cock and making me moan. She fully pulled down on my foreskin to make sure the head was uncovered, before her mouth enveloped as much cock as she could swallow. I felt like I was having my brains smashed out with a feather, whilst having my cock peeled with a cheese grater. The pleasure being so great it was almost like a pain. “Holy fuck, Jenna” I said, “you need to be careful, or I’m going to cum too soon.” She lifted her head enough kaçak bahis to release my cock, still tonguing the bottom of the vee, whilst making eye contact. “That’s alright, we have all night. Mom and Dad are out of town and Katey is on a sleepover. You’ll have lots of time to recover” and with that she reached under my ass and started to pull off my jeans and boxers. I lifted up to help, and seeing those magnificent tits again I asked “How come you’ve got tit’s Jenna?” Sitting up she proudly cupped them, like a porn queen. “These” she said, “They’re very realistic, aren’t they? They’re made from the same silicon as implants but a bit stronger. They’re also sticky so they stay in place. There’s a shop in town that does ’toys and other items!’ I saw it in a magazine and they do mail order too. I have bought us a couple of presents to have fun with” and she went back to removing my jeans.Everything had happened so fast, and was all so full on that I had forgotten that I was still holding my can of beer. Jenna reached up and took the can from me and asked me to slide down the sofa so my ass was just on the edge, which I did without really considering what was to come. She then poured a little beer on the head of my cock and stared to lick up and down the length, sliding down around my ball sack too. My cock was throbbing and Jenna’s tongue was wreaking havoc, I was in uncharted territory even if Jenna had taken control. Continuing to pour slowly, the beer ran down around the crack of my ass and Jenna’s tongue followed it down. She pushed my legs up and apart as I lay back like a ten dollar whore. Jenna went to work on my ass, teasing and tonguing my asshole, flicking in and around with her tongue. The feelings were odd but incredible, and I understood for a second what Jenna had felt when we had fucked, and why she wanted my cock in her. Jenna came back up to the head of my bouncing cock and slid her mouth over it, sliding right down as far as she could, swallowing most of me up, and I felt it touching the back of her throat. From a jar stashed under the sofa, she took a finger full of Vaseline and she started smoothing it around my hole. I tensed as she pushed with her finger against me. Jenna’s head lifted again, “You’re ok honey” she said “I’m a taker not a giver. You’re safe here.” and she rolled her finger around enough to enter and lube my ass. “I think it might be nice for you to try something though?” she said, and I felt something press against my hole. I just tensed up and waited, unsure. “Relax” she whispered, and as I did the pressure changed, and my ass opened to receive Jenna’s toy. The butt plug that she had bought for me slid all the way in, with the gentlest of pressures and I finally felt the Tee bar rest against me, showing it was fully in and touching my prostate. I never knew that it would feel that incredible, and when Jenna knelt up to change her angle and swallowed illegal bahis my cock down fully into her throat, I could have burst a blood vessel. The sensation was incredible. With a butt plug up my ass and Jenna deep throating me, it didn’t take long until I was holding her head on my cock, and forcing her to swallow me down. Quickly and explosively I shot my cum deep down into her throat. It was frantic minute, and I had never cum like that before. It was more than just a simple jerking and burning in my cock, it was an all over orgasm, quite unbelievable. Jenna lifted off, releasing my cock and she stood up, the red wig had stuck to her sweaty face and she grinned at me. “Wow, that was intense” she said and spun around on the spot. I lay there on the edge of the sofa, as my hard on subsided and we just took in the afterglow. I looked up at my best friend and realised the changes that Jimmy had made to become Jenna. Apart from the now obvious breasts, Jimmy had transformed. There were the full lips, with their red lipstick, eyelashes and rouged cheeks, she looked as pretty as Katey and because of the family similarity you would be hard pushed to tell them apart, although I may have been a little biased at that moment in time. I don’t know if Jenna caught on to my thoughts but turning around slowly she asked “What do you think of me then? Will I pass as a gurl?” and she squeezed the falsies together with her arms and teasingly lifted the front of the short, short dress. “Oh my god yes” I said “What has happened to your cock?”“That was another treat I bought for you” she said and she turned showing me her panties. They were like a thong, and they pulled tightly back to hold Jimmy’s cock out of sight, so Jenna could wear short dresses and tight jeans, without the bulge. Then she came and straddled me again, which made my softening cock come back to life, “would you like to fuck me like before?” she asked and leant her arm back to rub my cock against her ass cheeks as she gently teased up and down. “Absolutely” I replied thickly, and Jenna moved across to kneel over the sofa back. I stood up awkwardly aware of the butt plug still in my ass and stepped out of my jeans as Jenna spread some lube around her ass readying herself for me. “You don’t need to be gentle” she said, looking back at me over her shoulder “I am ready for you. I’ve been toying all afternoon” I moved into position behind Jenna resting my knees on the edge of the sofa as she spread herself for me. Once again she held her panties aside whilst reaching back to guide my cock head to her entrance. A little pressure from me, and my cock slipped into her already moist and lubed up hole. “Don’t stop to think” she said “Just fuck me” and I thrust all that I had into her, feeling and loving the heat around my cock as I slapped against her ass.Fully in, I waited for a couple of seconds before I started the rocking motion and Jenna let out a low moan, low and soulful from way down inside. Suddenly the door burst open, and a dishevelled Katey crashed into the room, loudly saying, “You will never believe what has happened tonight at Alex’s Party?”

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