Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 20


Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 20Part 20We stepped out of the car and inside. Such an old yet classy place. Noah came with the suitcase. Lauren was talking to the receptionist and was handed 2 keycards. She turned around and gave me one.“Here, Caroline. The room number is on the card. Do what you like. I need to go with Jonas and Noah to their tuning factory to check up on some things. It’s very important that this racing deal goes smoothly. So don’t wait up for me!”I nodded “Ok miss. What about your suitcase?”“Take it into your room. I’ll get it tomorrow morning. Bye!”Jonas and Noah waved and walked off with Lauren. I grabbed the suitcase and headed up these massive wooden stairs, and further up another set of stairs. I was on the top floor in a corner suite, 202. I slid the keycard in and the door opened. I walked into a huge living room with a little bar – it had everything! Big velvet red curtains with all glass window sides. A big balcony with a hot tub. A nice stone table and nice wooden chairs. It was all covered in snow and looked beautiful.I flicked my heels and felt the black fluffy carpet feeling so nice against my pantyhose feet. I placed the suitcase by the wall and explored the room. A big-screen TV with a fireplace under it. There were 3 doors, and the first door was the bathroom with a big bathtub, a toilet that sprays water in a nice black and white theme. I opened the next door and walked into another room. It looked like my room’s living room – this had more a marine blue silver theme to it. This must be Lauren’s room, so I put her suitcase in there and closed the double door. I was surprised it wasn’t even locked. I then walked into the last room where I saw a huge heart-shaped bed. There were rose paddles all over the bed and on the floor. I walked up 2 steps of stairs and stood in front of the bed. In the middle of the bed was a box with a note on it. I opened the note and it the same handwriting and a gold-edged paper that I’d got in my gift. I knew that this note was from my lord.Dear Caroline.I hope you arrived safely at your destination. I booked an appointment with a hairdresser, and she will be coming to do your hair and makeup. I’ve given her instructions on what to do, and will be there around 10 o’clock in the morning.I looked at a clock on the wall and it was now 9:38 I read the rest of the note.She will also have a dress for you to wear. I got it custom sewn by a dressmaker here in Germany. But in the box on the bed is a present for you. Not from me, it’s from your biggest fan, and for that reason you need to be on your best behaviour when you go out with him.Yeah, that’s right, he bought you for 10 hours straight with full privacy. So since you do all the work, I’ve send your money to your bank account. 50/50. Have a nice eveningCaroline.I sat down on the edge of the heart-shaped bed and was kinda stunned that my lord had tracked me down all the way here. He’d just sold me like a hooker to a fan! I didn’t know I had fans! I grabbed my phone and got on Chrome to search for ‘’. But the url address showed nothing. My lord said to check it, so I didn’t understand why nothing was there.I opened the app for my bank account and checked my balance. What!!! 100 thousand dollars!? Who in their right mind would do something like this?Then it hit me! He must have been paid 200 thousand! I was so confused about the whole thing. I was a bit nervous if my fan was a huge fat creep. But on the other hand, he had paid very handsomely for me. Then I heard a knock on the door. I walked out of the bedroom and the living room to open the front door.“Hi, I’m Katy! Guess you’re the one who needs your hair fixing?”In front of me stood a nice-looking Goth girl, with a nice pair of opaque black pantyhose legs and some high-heeled ankle boots. Then a nice little frill skirt. A see-through lace top with long sleeves, and a black corset on top. I just had to go with it.“Yes. Please come inside!”She had a suitcase with her and a white dress bag under her arm. She put her suitcase on the glass dinner table, opened it, and picked out a bottle and started shaking it. She turned around towards me and looked me up and down.“I like your pantyhose!”“Oh…! Thanks! I’m Caroline, by the way!”“Cool. You got a beer or something? And please, let your hair loose!”I went to the bar and took a cold beer from the fridge. I put it on the table and undid my ponytail.“Good…shake your hair!”I did as she told me to. I ran my fingers through my light pink hair and shook it.“Ok, thanks. Not my kind of colour, but not the worst I’ve seen! You’ve got nice long hair though and nice natural curls!”She stopped shaking the bottle, opened her beer and downed half of it and let out a huge burp. I giggled like the little girl I was. And she laughed.“Oh, you liked that? Ha-ha. Now be a darling and take a shower and wash your hair good!”She came over to me and was half a head taller than me.“Lift your arms!”She got ahold of my dress and pulled it off me, over my head. I was standing in front of her in only my white Wolford nylon pantyhose. My face blushed instantly and I looked down. She just placed my dress over a chair, and drank the rest of her beer. I quickly ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Did she just see my tiny dick? I don’t know, but it was so embarrassing! I pulled myself together and pulled my pantyhose off. Then took a quick shower and washed my hair. I quickly dried myself and I put my white pantyhose on again. Then wrapped a towel around my hair and walked back out again. I saw her eyes over me -and she saw it – my little dick poking the nylon fabric! Oh, I felt ashamed, but she didn’t seem to care that much!“Come sit here and let me start on your hair!”I sat down on a chair she had placed in the middle of the room. Katy took the towel off my head and dried my hair as much she could. Then she grabbed the bottle and put on some plastic cloves and started rubbing it in my hair. She rubbed it in my hair good and gave me like a head massage. Oh, that felt so good. After 5 minutes of rubbing, she stopped and threw the plastic cloves in the trash.“Now we just wait 15 minutes, then I’m going to wash your hair. Can I take another beer?”I nodded “Yeah, sure. Go ahead!”She went over to the bar, “Thanks! Can I get you anything?”“A glass of red wine maybe?”I saw her looking. “Ehmm red wine. Red wine…!There. Coming right up! So, you going on a special event or date?”She walked over to me and handed me a glass of red wine, then took a chair and put it over for mine.“Kinda a date!”“What do you mean, kind of a date? So you don’t have a boyfriend yet? That’s hard to believe!”She put her pretty black pantyhose leg over the other and she didn’t cross it. She just rested her ankle over her thigh and I could see straight up her skirt. And as she sat with her legs spread a little, the opaque fabric got stretched so you could see through them. I stared so much and she didn’t have any panties on and I saw a nicely trimmed bush.“Well, he paid for me!”“Oh, so you’re like a fancy whore?”My face turned red. “What? No! I…Am not a hooker…”I thought to myself for a second and she was kinda right.“I mean, I don’t usually take money. It’s a long story!”Her hand was caressing her own rested leg and her hand moved to her heel and took it off. Her heel dropped on the floor. Holy fuck, she has the cutest little toes, and perfectly shaped foot, and you could see her black nail polish on her toes, and then in black opaque pantyhose. I felt my tiny dick throbbing and was just staring at them as her hand kept on rubbing her pantyhosed feet. I quickly drank my wine to think of something else.“Well if you like sex, it’s not a bad deal to get paid too! Though I have never seen a trans girl like you before. I mean, I’m a lesbian, and I even find you attractive!”Again, I totally blushed and smiled from ear to ear. I was about to drink the rest of my red wine and was halfway finished when she said “I fucking love your tits! They are so hot!” Her statement about my breasts caught me by surprise and I choked on the red wine. She laughed and drank her beer. She kicked off her other heel, stood up, and took my wine glass out my hand and put it on the table. Katy took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.She bent me over so my hair was over the bathtub and started rinsing it. It took a while to rinse the rest of the colour out and the water looked like red wine. She put a towel around my hair and told me to ‘go and sit’. She quickly washed the colour off the bathtub and came back into the living room. My glass of red wine was filled up again and she handed it to me. I was starting to feel the wine, and became very giggly.“So let’s remove the towel and check your hair!” She had placed a nice mirror on the table and I saw my new colour. It almost looked black, but you could see a little red. She walked around me and checked my hair. “Oh that looks good. And no colour on your scalp, so perfect timing!”I liked my pink hair, but it was getting pretty worn out. I just need to get used to it. Then she took a hairbrush and plugged in the blow-dryer on full speed and just went to work on my hair. She moved from side to side and her black pantyhose feet bumped into my white nylon feet a couple of times. And every time she did, her eyes always looked down at my feet when she bumped them.“Sorry…”For maybe 10 minutes, she worked on my hair. All wavy on top and with a little curl on the bottom of my hair. The colour looked so good. Rich dark red colour and if the light hit my hair, it lit all up. I was so amazed and didn’t realise it would look this stunning.Katy looked at me. “Yeah, that suits you so good! Way better than that worn out light pink colour. Cheers!”She downed the rest of her beer. She looked at my hair, but I saw her eyes wander over my body – and she looked at my tits – and down at my pantyhose legs. Our eyes met and she blushed.“Ehh…! Let us start with the makeup now!”“Ok, sure!” I drank of my red wine and put it on the table.She put a layer of foundation on me and powdered my face to match my skin tone. She halkalı escort glued on some eyelash extensions and then proceeded to colour my eyes with some black eyeshadow first. But she couldn’t stand properly, and then she pulled her little frilly skirt up and just sat on top of my white pantyhose nylon thighs, with her legs spread apart over my lap. Oh my god, her beautiful black opaque tights I felt on my lap. And in an instant, my little dick was throbbing. She bounced herself even further up my thighs and I’m sure I could feel her pantyhose gusset poking my now fully erect dick. I closed my eyes automatically in pleasure.“Ohh good, keep it like that, than I can apply the red!”I could feel her gusset grind my dick as she applied my dark red eyeshadow from one side to the other. After she was done with that, she got up and stared at my erect dick poking my nylon pantyhose so hard.“Sorry, but I really need to use the bathroom…give me 5 minutes!” and she quickly ran and closed the door behind her.I instantly took my red wine and drank over half a glass in one go. I pulled my erect dick out and started jerking like crazy. As I whispered to myself. “Ah…Ah…I wanna sniff her pretty…AH…Pantyhose feet!” I was so close to cumming, but I stopped – I would make such a mess. I know she has seen me naked and all, but she a lesbian and it would be so inappropriate. I heard the toilet flush, and quickly hid my dick under my pantyhose again. I took one last sip of my wine before putting it back on the table. The bathroom door openedand she walked in with no skirt on. My eyes got so big and just followed her pantyhose hips as she walked back to me. Wow, what a sight. She held an eyeliner in her hand and a scissor…“Now please close your eyes and keep them closed!” I closed my eyes and waited. She paused, but I kept my eyes closed what if she was about to apply eyeliner. “And let that femmi dick get some air!” I felt her pulling my pantyhose out by my dick head and heard a little snip. I could feel my dick going through a little tight hole in the pantyhose.“Ahh…! What…Are you…”I felt her seat herself on my lap again.“Ohh stop it. We are just 2 girls here, right?”Same as before, she bounced herself further up my lap. But this time I felt no gusset and my erect dick felt a little bush grinding my dick head. I then feel the eyeliner getting applied, and also felt something cold under her bush.“Ah…! What are you doing, Katy?”“Shhh…and sit fucking still. Like I said, I don’t wanna do it over!”She bounced further up. And then I felt something wet. Oh fuck…I’m touching her moist clitoris with my little erect dick! And the cold thing touching my dick head was a clitoris piercing! It felt so fucking good! Her moist pussy was dripping down my dick and she made little thrusting moves with her hips. Just grinding her piercing and clitoris against my little penis.“Why are you…AHH…! Doing this…Ah!?”“Ah…your moans sound fucking cute. Mmmm, Caroline!”My hands grabbed around her hips and pushed her away. But she instantly bounced back up my thighs and kept on rubbing.“I thought you are a lesbian!? Mmm…Stop!”“Sit still, Caroline. I need this to be perfect…I’m done soon. Anyway, you are a girl, right?”I didn’t say anymore. Her hips were still moving and thrusting, but she applied the eyeliner. After that, she put mascara on my eyelashes, and at lastly, she did my lips. She got up and held the mirror in front of me. I have never seen such pretty makeup on my face before. Smokey dark eyeshadow with a glossy dark red on top and a matt dark red lipstick. The eyeliner lines were perfect and really extended the looks of my eyes – and with those big eyelashes – wow! Everything about it was perfect.“Oh my god, Katy…this is amazing! Thank you!”She smiled at me and put the mirror on the table again. I looked at her pretty legs again and those opaque pantyhose feet. I then looked down at my cock, and right enough, my cock was sticking out through a hole she cut in my pantyhose and my pantyhose was so moist of her sitting on my lap.“You’re welcome! Do I have something on my pantyhose? You keep looking at my feet!”I blushed. “Ehhh no…they are just pretty. I’ve got a fetish for girls like you in pantyhose!”She laughed. “Ha-ha. Well thanks…never heard that before. And your tits are so fucking hot! We’ve still got some time before your date comes! Wanna make a deal?”I looked at her with a confused look on my face. “What do you mean?”She stood on one leg and stretched the other in the air wiggling her opaque feet. “You want this, right?”I stared at her feet wiggling and just nodded.“And since you are a girl with a dick, and you’re really attractive! Love your tits, and I usually hate cock. They are dirty and nasty bad! But you my dear, have got a perfectly sized little girly cock!”I totally blushed, but liked every word she was saying.“Well it really turns me on. I guess you know since I’ve been grinding my crotch on your dick. I don’t often get wet like that!” She took her top off and revealed some nicely-shaped banana tits.“Wow…I like those!”She looked down at her own tits and squeezed her nipples real hard. “Mmmm…thanks dear!” She slowly walked over to me. “If I let you play with my pantyhose feet, will you be my first dick experience?”I thought about saying no, But I guess once more that the alcohol had hit me and I was so horny after her hosed feet. “Yes I will. Let’s go to the bedroom!”I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I closed the door after us and she ran over to the bed. She looked pretty excited and eager.“Wow…a heart-shaped bed. That’s a first! What is this?” She held the marine blue velvet box in her hand. I had totally forgotten about that.“I haven’t had time to check it yet. But it’s from the guy I’m going on a date with!”She opened the box and her eyes instantly got huge. “Oh my god, I’ve seen this before!”I walked over to her. “What…? What is it?” I saw the box in Katy’s hands.“This is a necklace similar to the one we had at the ballet theatre for a play once. It had its own bodyguard…but this can not be it!”I saw a huge necklace with 25 red rubies of the inside of the necklace that were attached to each ruby with a little chain leading down to 24 white diamonds going from small to big in the middle. And from each of those diamonds went another chain leading to the last outside row, again with 23 red rubies, with a big red ruby in the middle. Even the chains where covered in small diamonds. I have never seen any necklace so beautiful before.“I don’t know if this is the same one! If it is, there is one man insanely crazy about you! Turn around!”I did. Then I felt the necklace around my neck. It had some weight to it, and felt cold going against my upper chest. My nipples perked up and got so hard. She stood in front of me. Her soft hand slides down from my shoulders and down my arms.“You should only wear that…the necklace and your white pantyhose! He would faint. You’re so pretty, Caroline!”She leaned in and kissed me. I put my arms around her and kissed her back. I feel the taste of beer and her soft tongue playing with mine. Mmmm, her breasts were resting against mine – they felt so soft and warm. She stopped kissing me and pushed me onto the bed. Her black opaque pantyhose feet touched mine as she stood in front of me. I slid 2 fingers slowly into her pussy and she was still very wet. I pulled my fingers out. She looked down at me and I up at her. I stuck my 2 fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean.“Oh…Caroline, you naughty naughty girl. Mmmm!” She jumped me and I fell backwards with her on top of me. She licked my rockhard nipples and squeezed my tits.“AHH…Mmmm, Katy! Not too AH…Fast. Please…Mmm!”But she kept on sucking them. I could feel her lover legs grinding up my nylon thighs. Ohh it felt freaking hot. I grabbed her nice hips and just enjoyed it.“God, I fucking love your tits, Caroline. But now it’s your turn!”She got up and sat down on the bed against the bed rest. I turned around in bed and she laid her black pantyhose feet towards me. I finally get those pretty hosed feet to play with! I was so horny; I just wanted them in my mouth and started sucking them.“Argh…HA-HA…It tickles! Ha-ha!”Oh, that turned me on so much more! I felt her hosed feet wiggle in my mouth as I sucked them. “Ohh god, they taste amazing. Ahh…Mmmm!”I put that foot down and started sucking the other. She seemed more relaxed now and enjoyed it. I felt the pantyhose foot that I just sucked, and stuck her toes under my pantyhose waistline on my back and pulled my pantyhose down my ass cheeks. I still sucked her tasty pantyhose foot as her wet hosed foot was going in between my ass cheeks. I looked at her and we locked eyes. Her with a dirty smile upon her pretty face. Then her toes started poking my hole.“AH…Don’t do…Mmmm, That…Please!” I blushed and I felt my hole open for her wet pantyhose foot. I sucked her toes harder. And I heard a little moan from her, “Mmm…Ah!”She grabbed my white nylon ankle and was now tickling my foot. It felt so good! I stretched my other nylon leg in the air, and pointed my toes real pretty. To my big surprise, I felt her push her black pantyhose foot further inside my pussy.“ARGH! Oh my god!! Mmmm!”I could feel her toes slowly wiggle inside of me and my body started twitching like crazy. Her pantyhose foot was fucking my pussy and it felt amazing.“Mmmm…! Look at those cute tits shaking like jelly. You’re making my so fucking horny, girl!”“AH! Stop! I’m going to cum AHH!”She stopped and pulled her foot out. I was lying in bed catching my breath after all my moaning. “Let’s do the starfish? Then you can play with my feet as I fuck you!”I didn’t know what that was! “Ehmm, I like to. But you need to show me what to do!”She spread my legs and put her ass between my legs. “You don’t have to do anything, darling. Just lay there and look sexy with your pretty necklace!” Her legs were laying on my tits and her hosed feet were really close to my face. She lifted her ass by lifting taksim escort herself by herarms and slowly rubbed against my little penis. Her pantyhose toes were right on top of my nose and I could smell them. I stuck my tongue out and licked her soles. She rubbed harder.“AHH…Mmmm, Caroline. I want you to fuck me! Be my first sexy dick I feel inside me!”I felt her legs started shaking and the nice pantyhose fabric was rubbing my nipples. I was lost for words. “AHH…Ahh…I love your…AH…! Pantyhose toes…! Mmmm!” I felt her one hand guide my tiny erect dick inside of her. Oh my god, she was tight. Even for my little girly dick.“ARGH…!! Caroline! Oh god…AH yes!”She curled her toes and I opened my mouth and sucked them so good.“Mmmm, Ah!”She had a good rhythm going, fucking me. Her pussy was getting so wet that I feel it soaking my nylon pantyhose. Her feet hosed feet tasted so good and the thought of her foot being in my pussy turned me on. My nipples being rubbed by her lower pantyhose legs. And feeling her soaking wet pussy dripping all over my tiny erect dick. It all came together and just felt amazing. She kept on fucking me harder and harder. I pointed my white nylon feet and the telling sign that I was close to cumming. She was moaning so loudly, but whispered something in between that I didn’t get at first…“AAHH! Argh! Fuck…! Breed meee…Arghh!” I was so close to cum now. But she beat me to it. “AH…Ahh…ARGH MMMMM!”Her whole body was shaking like crazy almost into a spasm. Then came a sensation I’d never felt before. Her pussy contracted itself so hard in pulses. It felt like her soaking wet pussy was milking my dick. After the second contraction, my dick sprayed my load inside that wet dripping pussy.“AHH…Fuck…I’m cumming, Katy…! Argh!! Ahh Mmmm!”Her body was still shaking like crazy “YES…! Fill my pussy, Caroline…AH!”Her pussy had such a good hold on my tiny dick that it hurt when I moved.“I need your sperm, Caroline! Stay!”Her body slowly stopped her orgasm. I felt her pussy slowly losing her grip of my dick, and as she did, a last stream of cum shot out. “AHH…!” She put her feet on each side of my face and looked at me with a smirky smile on her pretty face. I felt a somewhat used. “Thanks, Caroline. I needed that cum!”I pushed her away. My own cum had soaked my white nylon mixed with her wet pussy. I walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. I took my white Wolford nylon pantyhose off and cleaned myself with a wet towel. I looked at myself in the mirror. The necklace was so amazing – and ‘who in their right mind would give something like that to me?’ I thought. I saw my amazing looking makeup with my lipstick smeared a little from sucking her pretty black pantyhose feet. I was so fine that I couldn’t really blame her. I was such a pretty girl that a lesbian wanted to fuck me! I would definitely take that as a compliment. I walked into the living room where Katy was cleaning her pussy with paper towels.“That was fucking sexy, Caroline! Mmmm”I poured myself a glass of water. Of course she already had opened a new beer.“I have a girlfriend, who dared me to fuck a man just once. She asking me all the time for a 3 some. But I couldn’t get myself to fuck any man. Cock makes my vomit and feel sick! Then you came like an angel sent from above. I didn’t know at first, and just found you freaking hot. But seeing you walk in from the bathroom in only pantyhose shocked me. Seeing that femmi penis, and you were so pretty, I knew right away I needed to take this change. Lucky for me I wore pantyhose today!”I blushed when she said that. “You knew you had my attention, Katy. He-he!”We both laughed.“Anyway… now i can tell her i found someone for a 3some”It was all so trippy, but I felt good. “I’m not ready right now to meet for a 3some. But if I can help you with that, maybe some other time I will!”She made a little dance as she walked over to me. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. She came close and hugged me. “Thanks, Caroline. You don’t have to be involved in anything unless you really want to. Now let’s get you smoking hot for your date. Wait till you see the dress…absolutely gorgeous!”She opened the dress bag and it was a beautiful red dress. The skirt part was in many layers of red see-through lace pattern. With each layer was a nice red silk border. Long in the back, almost touching the ground and short just above the knees in the front. The top of the red dress was almost a corset in the red same silk with a layer on that with the same lace pattern, getting see-through above the tits going into long tight sleeves. I loved that dress. Then she pulled a black corset out.“We start with this first. Put your arms in the air for me!”So I did, and I stepped in it as she pulled it up my body. I saw there were garter belt in it too, but no bra in them. Stopping just under my breasts, them getting lifted by the soft see-through material that held my breasts softly and nicely in place in the corset. I always loved the feeling of a corset, but most of them I’d tried seemed more annoying than nice. But this one felt really good. She began tightening the red laces on the back of the corset, and pretty tight too. But it gave me this hourglass figure and my breasts looked bigger – and I could breathe, so it was worth it – seeing the black corset with the black leather sides and see-through fabric on my stomach and back with little red dots. It was so pretty, and each of the stocking straps had a little red bow on them – 2 straps in the back and 2 in front.After she was done tying the red laces on the back of my corset, she walked around me and looked. “Take some deep breaths for me!”I did as she told me, and it felt pretty tight. She grabbed my breasts and lifted them and let them fall down.“Good. That’s better. Mmmm, those tits, Caroline…! Well let’s get that dress on you!”She unzipped the side of the dress and put it over my head. I stuck my arms in the red patterned lace sleeves. I felt the silk sliding over my nipples and they quickly got poky. It was now all on my body. She adjusted the dress and put all the lace layers of the skirt nice and neat. She zipped the dress in the side – the dress just hugged my body so good. I gotthat perfect hourglass figure again, and it made the dress look so much better. I don’t think I could be in the dress without the corset! The dress exposed my neck and my big diamond ruby necklace. The red necklace fit so perfect to my dress. The big red ruby went in-between the start of my cleavage.“You look absolutely gorgeous. Wow! Every man is gonna drop dead seeing the lady in the red dress tonight. Oh…I almost forgot your favourite thing!” She took out a package with ‘Wolford’ printed on it. Out of the box, she pulled a black thong, all see-through, with little red dots. She got on her knees and I put my feet through the holes of the thong. “Stand up for me!”I did, and she pulled the thong up over my corset, and my tiny penis and tiny balls fitted so good in them.“Turn around, Caroline!” She got down on her knees again with her head under my skirt. Slipping the thong in-between my ass cheeks. Thongs were not really my style, but it fit well to this outfit. She turned me around with her head still under my skirt and adjusted it all. “That’s it. Smooth…Mmmm. Please sit down again!”I saw her walk over, finished her beer, and reached into the box again, pulling out some stockings. She got down in front of my feet, and rolled one the stockings up and started putting them on my toes. I thought they were just black, but as she pulled them up my leg, I saw they also had tiny red dots on them and a red seam going from the sole and all the way up the backside of my leg, ending in a beautiful red lace border on the stocking. She strapped the stockings in front and pulled the other stocking up my leg. I was fully poking my thong seeing Katy putting those amazing black nylon stockings with red dots on me. She strapped the other stocking in the front.“Look at those sexy burgundy toes through the nylons!”I smiled at her. “Mmm…! Stop saying that, Katy. You’ll make me so horny again!”She laughed “He-he…you love this, don’t ya?”I nodded.Then she said “Oh Caroline, if we just had more time, I would love fucking you again!”I blushed. She slid her hands up my stockings legs, pulling them nice and tight up my leg so the red lace border was almost touching my butt cheeks. Then she strapped the stockings in the back with the 2 straps and tightened them all to perfection.“Almost done, darling. Put your heels on, and sit back down!”I walked over to my heels and stepped into them. My burgundy Louis Vuitton heels, my new dark red hair with the ruby’s in almost dark red colour – all of them matched so good with my beautiful red dress with all the lace layers, puffy in the back, almost hugging my pretty black stockings, and the little red dots was such a nice touch. I think this is the prettiest I have ever felt. I was feeling so classy and elegant.Katy walked over to me with her phone, still standing in just her black opaque pantyhose. She stood beside me and took a selfie. “One more, and strike a pose!”I stood with my hands on my hips, swaying my back and made a ‘kiss mouth’. She took a couple of pictures.“He-he…nice! Then I can show my girlfriend how good you look!”“I really don’t wanna come between you guys. So maybe hold it a bit on the downlow? For me?”Katy smiled and put her clothes on. “I will. Sorry that I used you! but I just had to!”Yeah, she did use me, but I was just glad to suck those pretty black pantyhose feet of hers! I couldn’t stay mad at her. She packed her stuff and laid a powder case and lipstick on the table.“It’s all good, and thanks for the help of dressing me up for my date!”I saw her put her shoes on and she grabbed her jacket. “No problem, darling. I have to hurry to the ballet theatre. Good luck with the date. Bye!”“Bye Katy!” and she left.Why and how did I always end up in these sex situations? I hardly know people and I end up fucking them! I felt like people couldn’t resist me. Ha-ha…but that’s just şişli escort dumb thinking! I was a first date fucker. Or I wasn’t even on dates and still fuck them! Maybe I should be a little more careful?! I hope there is more to me than just being a slut.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I’d been watching TV for the past half hour. I was feeling nervous about my date. Who was this man? There was a knock on the door. I got a shock and it jump-scared me a little. My heart was racing which I felt in my whole body. I opened the door. To my surprise, it was a man and a woman. Both stunning looking.“Hello Caroline. Can we come in and check the room?”I didn’t know what they wanted to check, but I nodded and let them in. They walked inside and took out a little scanner. I looked with my back to the front door. He checked various places in the room, like the lamps and under tables, paintings, and the bar. The girl went into the other room and bathroom. Then someone behind me said. “Hello Miss!”I got a huge shock and screamed, “Argh!”I fell back in his arms and looked up at him. He was a very attractive middle-aged man. Long black hair combed back with a nice trimmed full beard. His smell was amazing. Oh, he worked out too because I felt my back leaning against a hard chest. He turned me around and looked into my eyes.“I’m sorry for startling you!”Oh wow, he had the most beautiful grey eyes I’d ever seen. I blushed and giggled. “He-he…! That’s ok. No harm done!”The couple stood in front of the man. “It’s all clear, sir!”“Thank you, Max and Celina. You may go for now!”“Call if you need anything, sir!” Celina said.He nodded and they both left the room. He slowly close the door. He took my hand and led me to the bar. Oh, he looked sharp. In an all-black, almost silk-like suit, and he took his jacket off revealing some nice shaped over arms. His chest was covered in a nice black embroidered snugly fitted vest, and a black tie with red dots on them. You could even see redsocks between his black suit pants and fancy black shoes. His suit was definitely tailor-made. It fit him perfectly. He rolled up his shirtsleeves and he had a Rolex gold watch on.“I see I made the right choice in that dress! You’re beautiful, Caroline!”I had forgotten all my thoughts about this man being a creep and was so intrigued now. I blushed and my fingers reached for my big red ruby in the middle as I giggled again like a little schoolgirl. I haven’t even said thanks! “Thank you so much for the necklace…I absolutely love it. Ehmm…? What’s your name?”He poured me a glass of red wine and took a whiskey for himself. “You’re very welcome. How silly of me. My name is Roger. Come let’s seat on the couch!” He guided me to go first. “After you, miss!”I walked over and sat down, and crossed my black stockinged leg over the other. He opened his vest and sat down; his eyes wandered over my legs, up the dress and then looked me in my eyes. His big strong arm was leaning on the backrest of the couch.“God, you’re so much more beautiful in person, Caroline!”I smiled at him as I blushed. His hand push my long dark red fluffy hair to the side, exposing my neck. I then felt him caressing the back of my neck. It gave me goose bumps and felt so good.“When I saw you live on that website, I knew I had to see you for real! I love that I got to style you. You’re even more beautiful than I imagined you to be!”A stunning-looking and wealthy man wanted me! This all seems too good to be true! What website did he talk about? And if he’d seen me, he most know I was a boy once, right? I drank from my red wine, and didn’t have anything to say. My thoughts just went crazy.“Can I take a selfie with you?”I nodded and he pulled out a gold phone. He moved a little closer to me. “Put your hands over me, and smile!”I leaned up against him and held my hand in-between his open vest and shirt. My hands quickly rubbed over his hard abs. Oh my god, he is so ripped. He took a couple of selfie shots.“You like my stomach?”I quickly pulled my hand to myself and my face turned so red. “I’m so sorry, Roger!”He laughed a little “He-he. That’s ok. I’m glad you like it!”He downed the rest of the whiskey glass. And I drank some more. He got up, buttoned his vest and put on his suit jacket. There was a gold chain going from the vest pocket to the other. He pulled out a gold pocket watch and looked at it. He flipped it close and put it back. He reached out for my hand.“Shall we? Miss?”I put my wine glass down and took his hand. “Where are we going?”There was a knock on the door, and Roger opened it.“Sir. We are ready to move!”I picked up my purse and Roger already stood, ready with his arm. I put my arm through his and we walked out of my room.“These are my 2 bodyguards, Max and Celina!”They didn’t say anything and just led us through the hotel. Celina had a silver sparkly dress long dress on. And Max had on a black suit. They both looked good, and I never would have guessed they were bodyguards when I just saw them walking around.“Are you such an important person? Sorry…I don’t mean like…”“Nahh, not really. Though there has been 2 attempts on my life already. Better to be safe than sorry!”I was getting a bit scared now. Why did he tell me that? I hugged in closer to him.“Don’t worry…you’re safe with me. Besides, I’ve only been attacked in my country!”Max opened and held the door for us, and we walked into very fancy restaurant, with only the staff there. Celina pulled out the chair for me and pushed it in as I sat down.“Thank you!”She smiled at me and nodded. Max came over. “If you need us, sir, we’ll sit right over at the bar!”“It’s ok, Max. Take a couple of drinks or something to eat. Enjoy yourself!”“Thank you, sir!” and off he went.“He-he…he needs to loosen up! Wanna hear something funny?”I smiled “Sure!”A waiter came over with 2 bottles of wine. Roger just pointed at one and the waiter poured us some white wine.“Those 2 love birds. I caught them having sex once…but not like regular sex. Ehmm…! You know that fight scene from Mr & Mrs Smith and they end having sex? Ha-ha. I got in the room and almost everything was destroyed! Their clothes were torn apart, and I walked in when she just hit him in the face while they fucked. Jesus Christ…who does that?”I giggled and drank some of my nicely chilled wine. Mmm…that was good!“Well I guess everything can be a fetish these days. Like your pantyhose fetish, right?”I blushed and didn’t know what to say.The waiter came with our food – a plate with lettuce and a piece of salmon.“You don’t have to say anything…I already know. Seeing you in that live show turned me on like crazy!”I tasted the food and it sure didn’t look like much, but it was really good. “Sorry for asking, Roger, but where did you see those live shows?”He finished chewing and talked. “You know, on!?”I looked a bit surprised. “But…But I checked that website and there is nothing?”“Oh I know. I shut it down! I don’t like the thought of a beautiful young girl like you should earn money by selling yourself like that!”I was flattered that a man thought about how I would be displayed to the world. “Oh my god…Really?? That is so sweet of you!” I laid one hand on the table and reached for his hand. He took it and caressed his thumb over my fingers.“You’re welcome. Aren’t you just perfect?! I like your pretty fingers!”That’s the first time anyone had said anything about my fingers! He was so gentle and soft. “So Roger, what do you do for a living, if I may ask?”He smiled. “Well mostly boring stuff. I flip stocks on the market. I’ve got 3 ‘sc****rs in Dubai where I spent most of my time. I own one of the finest malls too and have a private jet company with over 50 planes. So mostly business I focus on!”It intimidated me somewhat. I could see why he needed some bodyguards.“What about you, Caroline?”I felt kinda small of my achievements after he had done so much. “Well for now I am a maid. It’s good though. She is the best lady boss you could wish for! I surely don’t need money or anything!” Why did I say that?“What are you implying? That I can only use the money to get what I want?”I shook my head. “No…No…that’s not what I meant!”He looked all serious and then he laughed out loud “HA Ha Ha…! I’m so sorry…I’m just messing with you!”I hit him gentle on his shoulder. “My god, you are jerk, Roger. He-he!”He reached inside his inner jacket and pulled out a cigar. “Sorry. If you like being a maid, then who cares what other people think. Should always do things that makes you happy!”He was so right. I might have been pushed around by my lord. Though I found it naughty and sexy, it never really made me happy. I would be so happy if I could be with Lauren. Oh beautiful sexy Lauren and her pretty nylon toes and well-shaped legs. But now I sat here with a middle-aged sexy and amazingly well-dressed man. So gentle and sweet. I didn’t know what to do. Because I want them both right now.“Caroline…Hello?”Again, I had dwelled in my own thoughts, and snapped out of it. “Hmm yes?”He smoked some of his cigar and it smelled really good. “Are you ok?”“Yeah…Mmm…! Just something you said that made me think!”A waiter came over with an ashtray and took our plates away.“Tell me what you think?”…And I just told him. “I’m so confused that someone would pay just to see me? I get this necklace, which I know is kind of a lot of money’s worth. Because the girl who did my hair and makeup had seen it before!”He smiled at me.“You paid 200 thousand just to see me? Is this some kind of prank? I don’t know what your intentions are!”He put his cigar down in the ashtray and held both my hands. “Caroline, easy now. Let me be straight with you, since you told me the truth. I am here because I saw this amazingly beautiful girl, doing a show where everything just fits together. Your pretty light-pink hair. Your perky tits. Fantastic body with hips to die for. And the most wonderful legs and feet I have ever seen in pantyhose. I love how you played with that little dick of yours. I’m getting hard just thinking about it again. But there was something about how you behaved during your masturbating and having sex with that guy. Like you genuinely liked it. And thought, if she is so amazing during her playing with herself or intercourse, she must be genuine in real life too! And that was the reason why I want to know you, Caroline!”My hands got sweaty and I was baffled over what he had just said. I couldn’t say a word.

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